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Clopin's POV: I sighed and ran my hand through my hair. I began to tell her what happened or at least a little bit of it. "I was young and foolish." I began.

Unfortunately, Esmeralda chose that moment to run up shouting, "Clopin! Are you okay? The healer told me the girl..." she trailed off as she saw what lay

before her. I dusted off my pants and shirt, shielding Ann-Marie as much as possible. I stretched out my hand and pulled her up. I straightened the veil and

turned around towards Esme putting my best smile on. "Oh it was nothing Esmeralda! Just a lover's spat is all. She couldn't believe her good fortune and ran

off to deal with the news in her own way. Isn't that right, dear?" I elbowed her. She muttered, "Yeah, news and whatever." I could tell Esmeralda didn't believe

me for a second but I put my arm around Ann-Marie's waist leading her back to the camp saying that she needed more rest in order to recover fully.

Ann-Marie's POV: Seriously? It was like a bad play having Esmeralda come in at just that moment (A/N: I'm still not entirely sure about that part...I might

change it) Anyways, I finally went back to the healer lady's tent and she cackled. "So, Clopin, finally found your lucky bride eh?" Clopin just muttered something

about me being a general pain and shoved me onto the healer. "Here, make sure she rests and recuperates. I have other things to do." He walked off and I

was left with the old healer. "Oh, boy..." I thought.

Third Person's POV: The next few days brought mayhem unleashed upon our fair city of Paris. Apparently, a young blind maiden was kidnapped by the gypsies

and whisked away in the middle of the night. For three days and nights, there was no rest for her family or for the new Captain of the Guard, Phoebus. They

scoured everywhere, captured many gypsies, but the answer was always the same. "A blind woman? Never seen her." After a week passed by, a letter came

from Venice, Italy. It said that the young woman in question had run off with a secret lover and gotten married. She was sorry to scare her parents but she

was madly in love and she knew that her parents would not accept the young man. True enough, the moment they got the letter, they packed their bags and

headed off to Venice, saying "We'll bring her back and make sure that she divorces whoever she married. After all, she cannot just marry some random man!"

As for Gaston, he found another young lady to possibly be his bride and followed her back to her hometown. Phoebus always kept an eye out for Ann-Marie as

he had grown fond of her in an older brother sort of way. When Frollo heard the news, he told Quasimodo who oddly enough did not seem that bothered.

Frollo just put it down to the fact that Quasimodo was being selfish about wanting to go to the Festival of Fools again. As the days grew closer, a new gypsy

act was being performed. One that included the dancer Esmeralda and her partner a new beautiful gypsy who never took off a veil.

Ann-Marie's POV: It had been almost two weeks since the whole 'I am now married to the Gypsy King incident'. Since then, my "husband" did not really pay

that much attention to me, leaving me to my own devices. I decided to learn dancing with Esmeralda since she saved my life and all. I heard about the gypsies

getting caught and drilled for information about a BLIND girl who just came in so I decided to act as not blind as possible. I told Esmeralda about my blindness

and she understood. She decided that in order to draw less suspicion, I would have to earn my keep. I made a quick recovery from my "old injury" and began

dancing. At first, I failed really badly but then the goat Djali started jumping in between my legs. Using his hoof beats and feeling his fur against my legs, I

finally began to get good. Really good. So on that fateful morning, I was dancing with Esmeralda on the streets. We had the usual costumers, the pervs, the

moms with the kids, etc... it had been a good morning when I heard a voice I never would have thought to hear again. "Excuse me, ladies. I just have a quick

question for you."


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