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By: CSI-Panther

Summary: one day during the summer break, Harry's cooking the Dursley's dinner when his cousin knocks him over, sending the food to the floor. Vernon sees this and punishes Harry and to hide his injury, Hair grows his hair out and pulls it over his face.

A/N: I don't Harry Potter.

Warning: mention of child abuse

Ch. 1

It's the start of summer break for Harry, but unlike his friends, who would be out playing games, going swimming, going places or to see other family, he was stuck with all of the chores his ' loving ' family wanted him do. They didn't offer him any help, he was to do them by himself or he would either get a beating or no food or sometimes both. Right now, he was doing the cooking, he had just finished fixing the bush that Uncle vernon had destoryed last year when his friend Ron and his brothers rescued him. The hot grease popped and cracked as he turned over the chicken and stirred the peppers mixed with them. Every once in awhile the grease would land on his hands, causing him to flinch, but that was minor compared to what was about to happen to him.

Dudley came running down the stairs to join his parents at the table. But he veered to go into the kitchen and went to the fridge to get him something to drink. Once he got his canned soda from the fridge, he walked back towards the table tripping Harry from under his feet and causing him to fall with the food crashing to the floor and all over the kitchen floor.

Hearing the sound, Vernon and Petunia look and see the mess. Only Vernon gets up and he had the face of pure rage and hate in his beady eyes.

" POTTER! " He thundered and stalked to him.

Harry was still on the floor, on his knees was trying to clean up the mess, " I'm sorry Uncle Vernon! I'm sorry! "

" Your going to be sorry you little freak! " Vernon roared as he kicked Harry in the side, causing him to hit the corner of the stove and crack a rib.

" I'll clean it up and try again. " Harry grimaced.

" I think not. It's high time you really learn what happens when you don't do as your told! " Vernon shouted as he kicked Harry again and he landed on his back. Vernon put his foot down on Harry's chest and reached over for the frying pan that still had the cooling grease in it. He put the pan back on the stove and left it there until it started to pop and crack again then pulled it over to Harry's head.

" No! Please don't! " Harry pleaded again.

Petunia seeing what her husband was doing and what he planned to do was shocked and shouted, " Vernon! Don't! They'll come after us! "

" Oh don't worry my dear. I'm only going to hurt him a little. " Vernon said too sweetly and both Harry and his Aunt didn't like that tone of his.

Vernon lifted his foot off of Harry's chest and put his hand down over Harry's face and held open his left eye lid and tipped the pan over.

" Stop it now Vernon! " Petunia shouted but couldn't do anything but watch as the hot grease fell and went into her nephew's eye and part of his face and listen to his pained filled screams as Vernon held his eye shut for what felt like the longest time before he let go of the boy and hauled him up the stairs and into his room where he locked him in and left him.

" Get the keys, Petunia. We're eating out for a while. " Vernon said calmly when he came back down.

Petunia got the keys and gave them to him, but didn't follow after him when he and Dudley went to the door.

" Petunia? "

" I'm...I'm not hungry. I don't feel too well. You two go on without me. " She said in a shocked and uneasy voice. Vernon and Dudley looked at each other, shrugged and left with Dudley saying that they would bring her back something when they came home.

Petunia sat down on her sofa, pale as a ghost, eyes wide, she knew that Vernon would beat Harry and bring him down emotionly, but she never saw him get that violent with the boy before and it scared her, she was never afraid of Vernon, but now she was and even though she didn't like her nephew, she never hated him, she was afraid for him too.

Looking up at the ceiling, she said, " Lily. Please forgive me. "

The next few months was torture for Harry. For he was now scared and blinded. He didn't look at it in the mirror to see how bad the damage was, what good would it do for him? Not only that, but his cousin and his friends were back to Harry hunting and with Harry's eye like it was, he couldn't see them as good as before and couldn't get away. They would kick, punch, and spit on him. He was no longer allowed to take a bath, well once in awhile he would, but that was only when the Dursley's went out and he had found the door unlocked the rare times they did go, his hair was getting longer, oily, and matted. By the time came for him to go back to his school arrived, his hair was down to his shoulders, looked like a bird's and a rat's nest combined, and was so oily and sickly that it looked like if you touched it your hand would be soaked in the oil.

Harry had hoped the night before the door would be unlocked so he could wash his hair at least, but no such luck.

When Harry and Hedwig arrived at the station, he, Vernon, and Dudley were shocked when Petunia said that she would go with him.

Once inside the station, she asked, " What time does that train leave? "

" E-Eleven sharp. " He answered, wondering what had happened to his cruel aunt.

" It's 10: 30. Go into that bathroom and fix your hair. Here. " She said, handing him something and leaving quickly back out.

Looking into his hand, Harry saw a small bar of soap and quickly took advantage of it and went straight to the bathroom, made sure no one else was there, locked the door and quickly soaped his hair clean as much as he could in the time that he had and dried it with hand dryer. Once he thought that he looked a bit more better, he pulled his hair over the burns, bad eye, and the other half of his glasses and unlocked the door, grabbed Hedwig, his trunk and left for the train.

Once he got on the train and found a compartment, that was occupied by an adult in ragged robes, his friends came in asking,

" Excuse us, but we're looking for Harry Po...Harry?! Is that you? " Hermione questioned seeing the scar on his forehead and rounded glasses, though she only saw one half of them, the other was covered by his long hair.

" Hey Hermione. " He said quietly, pointing to the man on the other side of compartment.

Ron and Hermione looked over and sat down beside Harry.

Harry saw that Hermione had a orange cat with a squashed in face and that Ron's rat Scabbers was nowhere to be seen.

" What's with the hair, mate? " Ron asked quietly as well.

Thinking quickly, Harry simply said, " Trying something new. "

Hermione didn't looked convinced and Harry knew that she would corner him and ask again, Ron however took the lie and left it at that.

On the way to Hogwarts was nothing different other then something called Dementors stopping the train and causing Harry to nearly faint and the man they were sitting with wake up and cast a spell that sent the dementor running. The trio learned after that the man's name was R.J. Lupin and he was going to be their new teacher for defense. Harry thought the man had a shocked look at seeing him but the look was gone before he could blink twice with his good eye and then he left, leaving a bar of chocolate for them to eat, saying that it would help them after being around the dementor.

When Harry and his friends got to their table, Harry knew that he was getting stares because of how he looked, but he didn't want any of them to know about his eye or burns and kept looking down and didn't even look up when Dumbledore began his usual speech or when the food showed up. But he did look up when a sneering voice said,

" Potter. " Snape looked down at him.

" Yes sir? " Harry replied.

" The headmaster wants to see you after the feast. " He replied and turned back to the staff table.

" Yes sir. " Harry replied to Snape's back.

Harry stood outside of the headmaster's door and was wondering whether or not to go inside or just turn back. As he turned to leave, an old voice said,

" Please come in, Harry. "

Decision made for him, Harry went inside the office and noticed that the headmaster was not alone. Snape was there as well, but Harry ignored him and focused his good eye to the headmaster.

" You wanted to see me, sir? " Harry questioned, standing in front of Dumbledore.

" Please sit, Harry. " Dumbledore said, pointing to the chair beside Harry.

" I'd rather stand right now, sir. " Harry replied, knowing that if he did sit down and got back up, his back would protest with the movement and he would winch. He didn't want the two men in front of him to ask questions or mock him.

" Very well. I couldn't help but notice your new hair style this year Harry. " Dumbledore said.

For a moment Harry was scared, what if they wanted him to cut it? Was there a hair length rule that he didn't know about?

" Relax Potter. " Snape said for the first time since Harry arrived. " The headmaster is merely curious as to the sudden change. " His usual sneer in place.

Both Snape and Dumbledore noticed Harry's tense muscles loosen, before Harry answered Dumbledore's question,

" I just wanted to try something new this year sir. I'll probalbly cut it next year if I don't like it. "

Dumbledore stared at Harry for a long time before he nodded and addressed Snape,

" Severus. Please take Harry to his dormitory, as it is after curfew. "

Snape nodded and said, " Let's go Potter. " and walked to the door without looking back.

" Goodnight sir. " Harry quietly said to Dumbledore and left after Snape, closing the door as he left.

" I do hope that is all that it is. " Dumbledore said outloud to himself and his phoenix, Fawkes.

" Luurrr. " The bird hummed in reply.

" I'm sure there's another reason why you decided to let your unruley hair grow out this year, Potter. Seeing as you wouldn't tell the headmaster the truth, so why don't you try to tell me the real reason? " Snape said the moment Harry was beside him.

" It was the truth. Why can't you understand that? " Harry retorted, glaring at the potions master.

" You always have a motive for doing something, now what is it? " Snape growled back, acting like he didn't hear him, watching Harry's face to see if the hair would move so he could see what the boy was trying to hide.

" None of your damn business. " Harry growled back and realized too late that had just given Snape a reason for giving him a detention, which is what he did.

" Language Potter. Detention, my office tomorrow night. 9:00 sharp. If your one second late, your going to have detention the day after. Now get to your dorm. " Snape said, pointing towards the Gryffindor tower and watched as the young teen walked by him and could've sworn he saw a small burn on his forehead above his left eyebrow.

' A little burn has him hiding half of his face? How pathetic. ' Snape thought as he went down to the dungeons, not fully knowing that that 'small' burn went further then what he saw and that Harry's left eye was now a jade colored green then the emerald green of his good eye.

Here's ch. 1! Hope ya'll like it!

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