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Chapter One

Naruto Uzumaki was sleeping in the arms of the Third Hokage the old man was still trying to deal with the knowledge that the Fourth had just sacrificed his life to seal away the spirit of the Nine-Tailed Fox demon in his own son.

"Minato I hope you knew what you were doing when you made Naruto the jailer of such a thing."

He was brought out of his thinking by the sound of knocking at his door as his former student Jiraiya of the Sannin walked in followed by Kakashi Hatake, Mito Gai a man with a bowl haircut and green spandex suit with a vest and orange leg warmers, Kurenai Yuhi the genjutsu mistress of Konoha with a red shirt and what appear as a white dress like thing covering her, and his son Asuma Sarutobi with a black shirt and pants as well as a vest like Kakashi, and Gai except his hair looked unkempt and the early stages of a beard on his face.

All four were young Jounin ninja Kakashi being the most renowned as the Copy Ninja thanks to the Sharingan kept hidden by his headband, and the mask he wore that covered all of his face but his eyes and weasel like silver hair. Last to enter the room was Hiashi Hyuga the leader of the Hyuga clan he had long black hair a green kimono that had the Hyuga mark on the back and his eyes were pail, and empty missing an iris just liked every member of his clan with their Byakugan bloodline.

"Thank you all for coming."

"Why are we all here Sensei?" Jiraiya asked his usual happy appearance gone.

The Sarutobi elder stood on his feet as he held up the child before them "This is Naruto Uzumaki the child that the Fourth sealed the spirit of Kyubi better known as the Nine-Tailed Fox into." everyone in the room looked at the child as it turned in its sleep so they could all see the young face as well as the whisker marks that were on it.

Kakashi and Jiraiya recognized the hair and face and almost started to cry when the baby opened his eyes and looked at them with familiar blue eyes.

"He couldn't have…"

Kakashi started to say before Jiraiya interrupted him "That's my Godson alright." everyone turned to look at him in shock as the man now openly wept. The tears started to mix with the red face paint he had on as they dripped down his face onto his red vest and silver clothing his long spiky hair the same color

"Minato why?" He thought as he looked at the small child.

"Hokage-sama I'm afraid I don't understand."

Gai said the Third sighed as he said "This child is the son Minato Namikaze AKA the Yellow Flash AKA the Fourth Hokage, and his secret wife Kushina Uzumaki a survivor of the whirlpool massacre."

Hiashi, Asuma, Gai and Kurenai all turned bug eyed at the statement as they all looked at the young man with new and greater respect.

"Minato wanted his son to be thought of as a hero, but I have a feeling that no one in this village will think that way if they knew about the Fox so I've decided to trust only those of you in this room right now." Everyone in the office nodded their head once letting him know they understood. "As of tomorrow morning I will resume my position as Hokage, however I have yet to decide on what to do with Naruto."

"I'll take him." Everyone turned to Kurenai in surprise "My apartment isn't very large but he'll be comfortable there until he gets bigger."

"I'll help you. We can use my family's estate to give him enough room to grown in." Kakashi said making the genjutsu mistress look at him with gratitude.

"Are the two of you sure neither one of you are over the age of twenty yet?" The old man asked secretly happy that even one of the ninja he had called was willing to help the small child.

"Minato-Sensei was like a father to me and I remember what it's like to lose your family at a young age I wouldn't dream of putting that on anyone." Kakashi said making everyone even Hiashi Hyuga smile at the young man

"I also have lost family though I wasn't as young as either Naruto or Kakashi I wouldn't wish such a thing on anyone." Kurenai said as the Hokage nodded.

"Very well. I'll leave Naruto's care to the two of you and I hope everyone in this room will help watch over him as he grows."

"Hai Hokage!" Jiraiya, Gai, Asuma, and Hiashi yelled conviction completely covering their voices. The elder Sarutobi smiled at the sight this was just evidence to what he had always said about Konoha truly being a place where the ninja of the village looked after each other. "Alright as of right now Naruto Uzumaki no longer exists he is now Naruto Hatake- Yuhi adopted son of Kakashi Hatake and Kurenai Yuhi. Dismissed."

Kurenai walked forward and took the baby from the Hokage's arms and listened to him coo as he shifted and snuggled into Kurenai's body and fell back asleep.

"I'll lead you to the place."

"I'll have Neji's old bed sent to you I'm sure Hizashi won't mind helping out a starting family." Hiashi said as he smiled at the new parents

"Thank you." Kurenai said Kakashi nodded his thanks as the two of them were leaving the office the sliver haired Sannin said.

"When the time comes I'd like to help train him. Mainly signing the Toad contract, summoning, and the Rasengan."

Kakashi nodded "I can handle the Rasengan when he's ready but I'll leave the summoning jutsu to you."

Jiraiya smiled as he said "Alright I'll see you two in about thirteen years?"

Kurenai and Kakashi nodded as they left the Hokage's office.

"Do you think they can handle parenthood?"

"I have complete faith in the two of them. Kurenai will make a great mother, and who better to watch over Minato's son then his own student?"

Jiraiya nodded his head he would've taken Naruto in himself except that the road was no place to raise a child, and with his constant traveling as well as keeping up his spy network. Not to mention what it would've done to his "research" time.

The streets of Konoha were empty as the sun's rays starting to illuminate the grounds the only ones seen were two Jounin ninja as they headed towards their new home.

"I don't think it's safe to leave Naruto looking like his biological father at least not completely. At the very least we should change his hair color."

Kakashi was in deep thought as he said "That plus the Hatake family tradition should help keep him hidden."

"Hatake family tradition?"

"From a young age all of us wear these mask my great-grandfather started it as a way to both keep his identity hidden from the world and to make himself appear mysterious. From the time my mother and father took me out into public I had one of these mask on over the years."

Kurenai was surprised to hear that. "So that's why he's always wearing that mask?" She thought as they continued to walk.

"He should have your hair color. Black hair is more common than sliver." Kakashi said as he looked at the baby in her arms

"A little piece of the both of us huh?" Kurenai asked in a teasing voice. Kakashi gave a quite laugh as the two of them continued walking Kakashi was surprised when he heard his laugh he had been sure it would've been years before he heard it again.

The two of them walked until they came to a house it wasn't as large a house as you'd expect from say the Hyuga's or the Uchiha's but it was big enough for a family of six with a large front and back yard. Kakashi hadn't laid eyes on it since his father had committed suicide after he had broken down from his years as the captain of an ANBU team. The White Fang of Konoha was placed on the memorial stone though few knew the real reason behind his death

"I hope this isn't the way you live?"

Kakashi smiled as he said "I haven't been to this house since my father died all those years ago when I was in the Academy."

Kurenai looked like she regretted her words after she heard that "I'm sorry."

"You couldn't have known." Kakashi said as he pulled out a key and unlocked the door. He opened it "Looks like it all mainly exterior damage." he said as he looked at the home of his childhood.

"That's good it'll save us some money on fixing the place up." The kunoichi said as she looked at the white walls of the house. The two were barely into the hallway when there was a knock at the door

"That was fast." Kakashi thought as he opened the door for an identical match of Hiashi Hyuga if it wasn't for the headband across his forehead. "Hello Hizashi thank you for coming by so soon."

"My pleasure Kakashi I've brought a few things with me along with the crib that Neji use to use." The man said as he lifted a backpack "Some dippers, clothing, and what not you might need until you can stop by a store to collect the rest of the materials."

"Thank you very much." Kurenai said as she walked over to them.

"He looks very peaceful. May I?"

"You'd be lucky if you did. Kurenai hasn't let anyone touch him since we've left the Hokage's office." Kakashi said teasing her a little bit the grown woman just scowled at him as she stuck her tongue out at him, and left the new father with the Hyuga member.

"See what I mean. We've barely had him for half a day and already she's over protective."

Hizashi just laughed as the two men walked down the hallway and into the room across from the master bedroom.

"This use to be my room I think it's the best place for him." Kakashi said as he opened the door and started to clean up the room a little for his new son. While he did this Hizashi set up the crib and set the backpack of supplies on the floor next to it

"One tip. Take turns taking care of him at night it helps with the sleep depravity." Hizashi teased as he left the homestead laughing a little.

"I don't think I liked that little jab you made towards me." Kurenai said once she walked into the nursery

"Well it's true ever since we got him I've yet to be able to hold my son because his mother doesn't seem to want to let him go."

"I was taking him into the other room to put up the genjutsu around his hair!" The young woman defended herself making Naruto turned in her arms as both parents flinched at the sight afraid that they had woken him up. After he continued to sleep for a few seconds both of them released a breath they hadn't realized they were holding.

"How about we keep the fights to after we close the door?"

"Agreed." Kurenai said in a softer tone as she laid their son in the crib. Kakashi was surprised how much the darker shade of hair seemed to affect his appearance so much so that he lifted his headband to look at the genjutsu with his Sharingan eye.

"Very well placed Kurenai."

"Thank you." She said as he lowered his headband covering his eye again. Once she got over the shock of seeing the Uchiha bloodline she asked him. "Where did you get that?"

"My teammate Obito Uchiha gave it to me when he died. I had lost my left eye and while he lie dying under a rock pile he had our other teammate Rin give me his eye to replace mine. That was the same day that I learned that one that breaks the rules is trash but one that would abandon a comrade is worse than trash."

"It's a good lesion to teach Naruto once he's older."

"I planned it to be lesson number one." Kakashi said as he opened the bag and pulled out a baby blanket and placed it on their new son to keep him warm.

"Let's get some shut eye tonight's battle took a lot out of everyone." Kurenai suggested as they both walked out of the room Kakashi pulled out one of his Ich Ich books "He better not find one of those till he's Nineteen." Kurenai warmed





She said a second time making Kakashi turn to see her red eyes glaring at him he just sighed as he said "Alright Sixteen."

"Thank you…Wait a minute?!"

"Too late sixteen it is." Kakashi said with a small laugh as Kurenai threw a kunai at his head which he ducked without looking up from his book "Alright. Seventeen?" he said in a bored voice thought she knew that was just his normal tone.

"Fine. But if I find out that you've let him read any of that beforehand I'll burn every one of them."

Kakashi's visible eye widened as he looked at her. "You wouldn't?!"

"Try me." Kakashi knew from the tone in her voice that she was absolutely one hundred percent serious so he sighed again this time in defeat as he said

"Alright I'll make sure to keep them hidden from him."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome." He said in a defeated tone as he moved to lie down on the couch.

"Take the master bedroom I'm sleep here."

"This is you're…"

"For the duration of Naruto's life it's our house, and since neither one of us knows each other that well I'll sleep here and you can have the room."

"Alright if you're positive." Kakashi nodded as he went back to his book.

Kurenai woke up a few hours later to the sound of Naruto crying as she walked to his nursery she caught the start of a voice singing to her new son.

"Love is not proud. Love does not boost. Love after all matters the most. Love does not run. Love does not hide. Love does not keep locked inside. Love is a river that flows through, and Love never fails you. Love will sustain. Love will provide. Love will not cease at the end of time. And Love will protect. Love always hopes. And Love still believes when you don't. Love is the arms that are holding you. Love never fails you. When my heart won't make a sound. When it can't turn back around. When the sky is falling down. Nothing is greater than this (greater than this.) Cause love is right here. Love is alive. Love is the way the truths alive. Love is the river that flows through. Love is the arms that are holding you. And love is the place you will fly too. Love never fails you."

Kurenai looked in to see Kakashi cradling Naruto as he sang to him she had never heard something so beautiful heck she was just surprised to hear that Kakashi knew how to sing. Naruto just started to coo as Kakashi laid him down in his crib again coving him with a blue baby blanket "Goodnight my son sleep tight." Kakashi said as he leaned forward and kissed the baby's forehead through his mask. Naruto made a few more sounds as he yawned then closed his eyes.

"You have a beautiful voice."

"Thank you."

"What song was that?"

"I don't know. I heard Minato-sensei sometimes sing it to Naruto when he was still inside the womb. I just thought he'd want to hear something familiar."

Kurenai felt a part of her heart throb at the words "That's very generous of you Kakashi."

"I remembered that the little things that my parents use to do are the things that stuck with me the most when I thought about them."

Kurenai walked over and looked down at the newly dark haired boy. "He sleeps so peacefully it's almost like to him nothing at all has changed in his life."

"He knows that there has been a change. He just doesn't realize it yet." Kakashi said in a solemn voice as the shinobi and kunoichi left the room to allow the young one to sleep in peace.

Song is Love Never Fails by Brandon Heath