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Chapter Four

Life in Konoha

Naruto and Temari were walking down the village streets when Naruto heard a familiar voice call out "Naruto my eternal rival!" Temari turned and blenched as she saw the bowl haired green spandex orange leg warms wearing Rock Lee. "You escaped my earlier challenge but this time I will win!"

Temari looked at Naruto to see him with his back turned to Lee turning slowly "Hm. You say something Lee?"

Lee grabbed his hair and pulled on it. "DAMN THAT TOO COOL HATAKE ATTITUDE! You'll see one of these days you will acknowledge the flames of youth."

As Lee started to strike his good guy pose Naruto turned Temari away and covered her eyes yelling out "Don't look!" Temari was wonder what was going on until she heard them. The screams of pain and torment coming from all around them only to be silenced a few minutes later Naruto uncovered her eyes and slowly turned the two of them back to see every villager near the bushy browed freak was passed out on the ground

"CHOJI!" A girl screamed making Naruto and Temari turn towards it and run to see what the problem was. They arrived to see Ino kneeling on the ground Shikamaru next to her while Choji was on his back looking like he had suffered a seizure.

"Choji you poor brave fool why?"

"What happened here?!" Naruto yelled out making them look up to see him.

"Ino didn't see Lee about to cast his family's kinjutsu Choji saw everything and jumped in front of her hiding her from the view but he took the full blast of the jutsu."

Naruto nodded as he reached into his pouch and pulled out a scroll opened it and bit into his thumb and he hit the seal a small cloud of smoke appeared and after it cleared they saw a family size bag of barbeque chips. "I've got his medicine right here." Naruto opened the bag and waved a chip over the portly boy's nose when nothing happened for a few minutes both Ino and Shikamaru looked down hearted until Choji's nose started to twitch. "There he is come on back buddy." Naruto said as Choji started to open his eyes


"That's right Choji smell that smoky flavor." Naruto said while Shikamaru and Ino smiled as their friend groaned as he woke up and look at Ino.

"Are you okay?"

His voice was shaky but he had a smile on his face Ino nodded as she helped him sit up then wrapped him in a hug "Thanks for protecting me."


Choji said as Naruto offered the open bag to him. Choji reached in and pulled out a handful and started to snack on them while Naruto smiled as he started to stand up "Ino I'd like you to meet Temari my fiancé." Naruto said his smile still on his face. Ino however was shocked into silence as she just gasped at Naruto

"Well what do you know she can be quiet." Shikamaru said making a few of them laugh at the flabbergasted blonde.

The young Yamanaka shook her head "Your fiancé?!" everyone there covered their ears at the volume of Ino's voice unaware of the villagers that heard her proclamation.

Temari gave a small grin at the look of complete disbelief on Ino's face "Yep. Both Suna's and Konoha's council's decided that in order to strengthen the treaty between the two villages a marriage between the daughter of the Kazekage and one of Konoha's sons would increase such a strength." Naruto said

"When the Kazekage looked at all of us he chose Naruto because he's been the one that's had the most serious training. Naruto even beat Sasuke Uchiha in a single move to prove the Kazekages point that he was the strongest one among us." Shikamaru said.

Ino looked between the two boys and Temari "Well at least you got a nice person as your fiancé." Ino said once she stood up and took both of Temari's hands "Welcome to Konoha then Temari. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better." Temari smiled and nodded.

Naruto smiled as well as he offered his arm to Temari again. "Thanks Ino. I'm going to show Temari around." Ino nodded as Temrai took his arm again and the two of them started walking around the village.

"While I understand you turned us around and covered my eyes to protect us. What were you protecting us from?"

"Lee and his father Mito Gai have a forbidden genjutsu that goes with their 'flames of youth' speech everyone that has ever seen it has experienced pain from the effects. In fact some of their victims can't look at a sunset again without shivering in fear."

Temari nodded "That would explain the almost seizure like effects it has on people, but how did waving a potato chip over the fa…"

Naruto cover her mouth in fright and looked around to make sure Choji wasn't nearby once he saw they were in the clear he looked at Temari and said "It's very taboo to call an Akimichi that word. Unless you're looking for a fight please refrain from using it?" Temari nodded as he removed his hand from over her mouth.

Naruto showed his scroll to Temari "This scroll is filled with items that each of my friends associate with their hobbies or favorite foods. If they are unfortunate enough to be hit with that forbidden sunset genjutsu I have an item to help wake each of them up from the trance." Temari nodded as he put the scroll back into the pouch on his side. Naruto showed Temari everywhere in the shinobi district introduced her to a few more of his friends Tenten and Temari seemed to hit it off the best when Naruto showed her the weapons shop.

The last place he stopped at for the day was Ichihara's ramen stand "Well if it isn't Naruto and who is your friend."

"Hey Oji-san Ayame-oneechan this is Temari my fiancé. Temari the words best ramen cooks Tourou and his daughter Ayame Ichihara." Although both were surprised to hear that she was his fiancé both Ichihara's smiled at the little girl who smiled back

"So what will it be today Naruto?"

"Well I'll have miso pork and what would you like Temari-chan?" The girl was surprised to hear the suffix but smiled as she looked at the menu.

"I'll have the vegetable ramen." She said once she had made up her mind the chef nodded as he started to work on their orders with a smile.

"Tou-san and Kaa-chan bring me here every once in a while it's kind like the family get together place." Naruto said with a smile that made Temari smile as well.

"Thank you for being so kind to me today Naruto-kun." Though his mask hid most of it Naruto blushed at the suffix and looked at her

"You're welcome Temari-chan."

"And thanks for asking if there was any way for me to visit Suna again." Temari said her voice sounding a little sad but she was surprised when he placed his hand on top of hers

"Family is very important. I couldn't image going through life never seeing Tou-san or Kaa-chan ever again, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone." Temari looked at the young boy in surprise but smiled and leaned into his side as two bowls were placed in front of them.

They had only taken their first bites when a voice behind them said "Yo Naruto. I knew we'd find you here." Temari jumped at the sound but Naruto kept his composure as he turned to see his mother and father walking into the stand hand in hand.

"Hey Tou-san Kaa-chan after showing Temari around the village I brought her here to our family spot."

Kurenai smiled at her son as she sat down on his left and Kakashi sat on Temari's right. "One chicken." Kurenai said

"I'll take shrimp." Kakashi ordered as the elder Ichihara nodded as he set to work.

"So what did you see today?" Kakashi asked

Naruto let Temari tell them about how they had walked all around the shinobi district and around the nearby area "But before all of that we met this strange kid with a bowl haircut and green spandex with orange leg warmers." Kakashi and Kurenai looked frightened "Naruto saved me from seeing some kind of sunset genjutsu…" both parents breathed a sigh of relief "…and he helped Choji right?" she asked Naruto who nodded "Recover from his exposure."

Kurenai looked at Naruto. "Choji got hit?"

"He was blocking Ino she didn't see Lee and was about to get hit with the full blast until he jumped in the way and blocked the jutsu. Speaking of which I need to remember to replace his medicine in my scroll."

Kakashi smiled "Those three are just like their father's always looking out for each other." Naruto nodded as his father's bowl was place before them Temari watched father and son as the brought a helping of noodles to their face only for the food to pass right through their mask.

Kurenai laughed at the young girl's surprised look "They have a genjutsu on their mask that allows food and drink to pass through them so they can eat without having to remove their mask." Temari sighed but nodded.

"Why do you two wear mask to begin with?"

"Family tradition." Father and son said together after they had taken a drink of tea.

"Do you ever take them off?"

Naruto nodded "When we're at home all Kaa-chan has to do is ask and Tou-san takes his off. I'll do the same for you Temari-chan."

Temari smiled while both Kakashi and Kurenai were surprised to hear the endearing suffix so soon after they had met "Thanks Naruto-kun." that surprised them even more. A part of Kurenai's heart throbbed at the suffixes between them, but she smiled at how close the future husband and wife were getting. The family sat together and ate dinner as soon as they finished Kakashi paid for their bowls and Temari took Naruto's arm again as they walked together his parents walking in a similar manner behind them.

"Why don't we getting something for dessert?" Kakashi asked his wife who thought about it and nodded "Naruto head to the bakery we're going to grab a cake for dessert."

"Okay Tou-san." Naruto said as he led Temari back to the bakery he showed her earlier once inside the two of them looked at the cakes on display. Naruto decided to let Temari pick the cake since she was new and she looked fascinated with the devil's food cake. "Fan of Chocolate eh?" Naruto asked when he saw her eyeing the rich chocolate cake Temari blushed a little but nodded. "Tou-san can we get that one?" Naruto asked pointing to the devil's food cake

"Sure." Kakashi said as he paid for it and brought the boxed cake out of the store as they all headed home.

Once the door to the Hatake household was closed Temari turned to Naruto "Naruto-kun please take off your mask so I can see your face?" Naruto smiled as he reached into his mask and lifted it and the one behind it over his head reviling his whisker marked face as he smiled at her. She was momentarily blinded by the beauty of his face she lifted her hand and started to rub his cheek as she did Naruto turned towards her hand and almost seemed to purr at the feeling. Temari smiled at her future husband Kurenai and Kakashi walked into the kitchen and set the cake on the counter as pulled down some plates from the shelf and cut slices for the family to share. Both Temari and Naruto were in the living room Naruto had his head in her lap as she continued to stroke his whisker marks smiling at the almost cat like way he acted towards her touch. Kurenai walked in to see the scene and almost dropped the two plates of cake she was carrying as she walked in and set them on the coffee table and almost ran from the room and into her own.

Naruto seemed to sense her sadness as he sat up and followed after her Temari looked sad at the idea that she was responsible only to hear Kakashi say "Back before Naruto was born Kurenai's greatest fear was that she'd never have a child because she was known as the Konoha ice queen. Her greatest ambition was to not only become a genjutsu specialist but to also become a mother so when she had Naruto she felt such a strong connection with him that she began to worry about what would happen when he fell in love and left our nest so to speak."

"So she worried that I'm stealing Naruto away from her?" Temari asked making Kakashi smile

"No. More like she's worried that Naruto isn't going to need her anymore." he sighed as he looked at the five year old. "Kure-chan is afraid that Naruto the baby she held in her arms is growing up too fast and won't need her anymore. The idea scares her more than facing Orochimaru in battle."

Temari went wide eyed hearing this "She more afraid of losing Naruto then a Sannin?" Kakashi nodded his head.

Naruto walked down the hallway and knocked on his parent's door "Kaa-chan open the door please?" when she didn't answer Naruto opened the door to see his mother sitting on the bed shaking Naruto walked up to Kurenai and stood in front of her. "Okaa-chan?" Kurenai looked up her eyes had tears leaking out of them and before she opened her mouth Naruto crawled into her lap and hugged her tightly Kurenai returned the hug without a moment's hesitation. "What's wrong Kaa-chan?"

"I'm scared Naruto-kun. I am afraid that soon you won't need me."

"I'll always need you Kaa-chan. I'll always need your help with life problems, times when I'm confused and scared. Okaa-chan I'm always going to need you." Naruto said tightening his hold on his mother when he released her she had a smile on her face it was a little sad but it was genuine.

"Ever since I first held you in my arms you always had a way of bringing a smile to my face. I know I'm probably acting silly but sometimes we can't help the way we act when are hearts are in danger." Naruto smiled at his mother and hugged her again Kurenai smiled as she held her almost five year old son "I also thought I had years before you would be interested in girls and find the one that you would one day marry I didn't think that you would be engaged before you're tenth birthday." Naruto laughed a little Kurenai joined him as she wiped her face. "Thank you Naruto-kun for coming to check up on me. I love you my son."

"I love you to Okaa-chan."

After Kurenai cleaned herself up a little she and Naruto walked out and into the living room Kurenai walked into Kakashi's arms. "I'm sorry if I was being rude earlier."

"It's okay. Kakashi-san explained everything to me." Kurenai nodded as she walked into the room and sat down on the couch next to her husband Naruto sat down on a cushion next to Temari. As the four future family members sat together and enjoyed a slice of cake apiece

"Tema-chan what kind of things do you like to do in your spare time?"

"Well…" the family spent the night getting to better know one another Naruto smiled when he heard her say she loved the smell of dessert flowers and got a thought in his head about a welcoming present for his future bride.

That night as everyone was getting ready for bed Naruto was wearing his mask again as he laid down in his bed and pulled his covers up only for his door to be opened by none other than Temari.

"Naruto-kun can I stay in here tonight?"

Without really thinking about it Naruto pulled his covers back and said "Sure." Temari nodded as she walked into the room. Once she was under the covers with Naruto she turned on her side and looked into his eyes.

"Naru-kun thank you."

"For what?"

"For being so kind to me today."

Naruto smiled at Temari and wrapped his arms around her as if to hug her "Anytime Tema-chan." Temari smiled as he held her and returned the hug the future man and wife fell asleep soon afterwards like this Temari's face tucked into his chest while his head was on top of hers. Kurenai and Kakashi walked down the halls and looked into Temari's room and saw the bed still made looking as if no one had touched it in a mild panic the parents ran to Naruto's room to see the blonde and black haired children snuggled together.

Kurenai couldn't help but gush at the sight Kakashi produced a camera and took a quick snap shot of the pair of them. "This will defiantly be something to show the girls when the picture is developed." Kurenai said with a smile Kakashi smiled as well it seemed that whatever Naruto said to her relaxed the young mother.

"Hardly any time has passed since they met and yet the two of them are acting as if they've known each other since they were in dippers." Kakashi said "Already calling each other Kun and Chan I swear it's as if they've been engaged for years." Kakashi joked. Kurenai laughed a little as she allowed her husband to lead her away from the sight once they closed the door to Naruto's room.

Temari woke up as the sun hit her face as she opened her eyes she woke to see Naruto on his back and once she looked she realized she was snuggled into his side with her head on his chest. "Morning Tema-chan." Temari looked up to see Naruto looking down at her Temari smiled

"Morning Naru-kun." Naruto eye smiled as the two of them got out of bed as soon as his feet hit the ground Temari realized that Naruto was still half asleep. "Naruto I want to paint the room."

"Mm." Was the only reply she got making her nod her head "Yep he isn't awake yet." Temari followed her almost sleep walking fiancé as he left the room and walked into the kitchen.

"Morning son."


Temari laughed a little at the early morning banter between father and son "Has he always been like this?"

"Wait till you see his mother." Kakashi said as Kurenai walked into the room Kakashi walked over and whispered in Temari's ear Temari smiled and nodded then turned to Kurenai .

"Morning Kaa-chan."


"So I was thinking of redecorating mine and Naruto's room."


"You know we want to be ready for your first grandchild."

Both mother and son went "Mm." at this Temari and Kakashi just laughed

"Will they remember this?"

"Everything will register after they are fully awake." Kakashi said as he set down two glasses of milk and one of coffee. Both mother and son took long droughts of their drinks then seemed to completely wake up "Morning Kashi….WHAT DO YOU MEAN GRANDCHILD?!" Kurenai yelled Temari and Kakashi were fighting smiles that were threatening to plaster their faces.

"Kurenai they're pulling your leg." A voice from the hallway said everyone turned to see a woman wearing a trench coat that covered a fishnet body suit, a short skirt, and nothing else her purple hair pulled up.

Kakashi groaned "Anko you couldn't just let us have our fun could you?" Kurenai glared at her husband and future daughter in-law

"Sorry Kakashi, but Kurenai and my nephew come first."

"Thanks Auntie Anko."

"No problem squirt." Anko said as Naruto ran up to her and she kneeled down and accepted a hug from her Nephew/Godson. In following with the ruse Kakashi and Kurenai named Anko Naruto's Godmother, and Azuma his Godfather.

Anko however preferred to have Naruto call her Auntie Anko "So I hear there is to be a new addition to the family?" Anko said once she picked Naruto up and set him back in his chair

"Oh right. Auntie Anko this is Temari-chan my fiancé." Naruto said introducing the two women. Anko looked at the former Suna resident Temari was a little scared under the young woman's watchful eye Anko almost looked like a snake looking at the rat it is about to strike. As it turns out she was in a move Temari couldn't follow Naruto's hand appeared and had ahold of a snake that looked ready to attack Temari. "Auntie Anko." Naruto said in a stern voice though she put on an innocent face Anko was shocked at how good Naruto's reflexes were.

She wasn't the only one "Naru-kun I didn't even see you move." Naruto gave a small laugh and scratched the back of his head with his free hand

"Tou-san likes to surprise you every once in a while and if you don't react quickly enough you'll regret it."

Temari nodded when she though back to Naruto's display against Sasuke Uchiha "Oh so Kakashi-san created the 'Thousand Years of Death.' Technique?"

"Precisely. However I was only able to use it against Naruto once. After that it became a game to see which one of us could get the other." Kakashi said. It was obvious to Temari that he was proud of the fact that Naruto was able to anticipate his movements so well

"Any way Auntie Anko did you really have to use one of your summons?"

"I just wanted to see if she was strong enough for you Naru." Anko said letting fake tears build in her eyes Naruto just rolled his eyes and shook his head as Anko came up behind him and wrapped his arms around him hugging his back to her chest tightly.

Temari felt a ping of jealousy hit her heart "Are you really related to her Naru-kun?"

"Technically she's just my Godmother…" Naruto stopped when Anko dropped him on his feet and clenched her heart, and looked away while crouching on the ground. "…But she's more like an aunt so I call her Auntie Anko instead of Godmother." Anko seemed to recover instantly and returned to hugging her nephew.

"I knew you didn't just think of me as just your Godmother. Anyway I actually came over to say congratulations to the two of you and offer early wedding presents." Anko said as she once again dropped Naruto and left the room.

Temari stared after her "Is she always like this?"

"Only when Naruto is around. She like his mother fell completely in love with him any other time she's threatening torture or making sexual innuendos."

"Kurenai is the closest thing I have to a sister of course I'd fall for her son. Although I think it would've been cool if he had inherited her eyes."

"Anko. You know why he doesn't have these eyes." Kurenai said as Anko walked back into the room her hands behind her back

"Yeah, yeah I keep forgetting it's a trademark of your family." at Temari's confused look Kurenai said "My eyes are special because they allow me to see Genjutsu's and their weaknesses however it's extremely rare for anyone to get them hence why it isn't considered a blood line. Since he wasn't born with them Naruto is more likely to become a Ninjutsu/Kenjutsu specialist like his father, grandfather, or a mix of both."

"I want to wait and see what element type I am before I make up my mind." Naruto added.

Temari nodded understanding a little "So unless he was born with those eyes then he never would've gotten them."

"Correct." Kurenai said sounding a little sad.

Anko changed the subject when she set down two wrapped gifts in front of Naruto and Temari "I decided to get the two of you something special." Naruto smiled as he opened the gift in front of him and revealed a weapons pouch along with a pair of gloves that only covered up to his knuckles and a new trench coat that had a white wolf on the back.

"Oh this is so cool! Thanks Auntie Anko!" Naruto yelled as he ran forward and wrapped Anko in a tight hug

"Well it suits you Naruto. After all with names like the white fang and copycat you have to make yourself known." Anko said with a smile returning the hug a tear leaking out of her eye.

Temari's gift was similar to Naruto's well at least with the weapons pouch but there was also a book inside when Temari picked it up she saw that it was a wedding planner. "I don't know your clothing size or what type of fighter you'll be so I figured I'd get you a gift that you can use in the future."

"Thank you very much." Temari said as she started to eat the breakfast that Kakashi set down in front of her. Anko joined them for breakfast, and watched with Kurenai when Naruto did his morning routine with Kakashi only this time Temari joined them in the exercise portion.

Once they had finished the warm up Kakashi produced a light blue scroll and handed it to Temari "Since you haven't started taijutsu training yet I'm going to be teaching you a style call Ravens Wing. Can you guess as to why it is called this?" Temari shock her head so Kakashi turned to his son "Naruto?"

"Um…because it supports Wolf Fist?"

"Correct very good son." Naruto beamed at the praise. "When my Grandfather developed Wolf Fist he also created a style that works with it just like ravens and wolves work together in the wilderness. Wolf Fist is a style meant for mid to close range fighters whereas Ravens Wing is for mid to long range fighters. Temari I'm teaching you Ravens Wing so that you and Naruto can work together on the battle field together and stick together on the same team." Temari and Naruto nodded at his words. "Now Naruto practice the basic katas on the dummy again while I start to teach Temari the basics of Ravens Wing."

"Hai Tou-san." Naruto said as he went to work following his father's orders. The morning passed like that until Kakashi and Temari were both surprised by the sound of shattering wood all four spectators looked to see a splintered dummy in front of Naruto who was breathing heavily

Anko was the first to recover "Ha, ha! That's my nephew!" she yelled while clapping making Naruto beam at the praise.

Kurenai walked forward and hugged her son Kakashi walked over and then beamed at his son and clapped him on the shoulder "That's my boy." Naruto beamed at his father's words.

Temari walked up to Naruto and kissed him on the cheek "Well done Naru-kun."

"Thanks Tema-chan." Naruto said as he kissed her cheek as well making Temari blush.

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