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Chapter 6


Even though I was in the middle of class, I pulled out my phone when it vibrated.

I grinned to myself when I saw it was Bella.

Homeschooling isn't fun. The imaginary person next to me won't respond to my note. –Bella

Unable to help myself, I cracked up pretty hard, which earned me a glare from the teacher.

"Something you'd like to share with the class, Mr. Cullen?" he asked sternly.

"Uh, no." I cleared my throat, covering my mouth with my fist. 'Cause I still wanted to laugh. "Sorry about that, sir."

Looking down, I typed in a quick response.

Ha! Guess what? My teacher, who is NOT imaginary, doesn't respond well to your texts. Quit getting me into trouble, Ms. McCarty! –Edward

Or she could continue…

Honestly, she could. As long as I could have her in my life.

Which I now had, after our talk on the phone last night.

Casual—fucking hated that word. But if it was what she could offer, I was going to take it with a smile. And I had. The conversation had started off all awkward, but then Bella had begun to ramble. For reasons she couldn't explain, a relationship was not possible for her. But she still liked me—wanted me. Through stammering and breaths of frustration, she made it very clear that she would've said yes to go out on a date with me…had the world only been perfect.

So, I lied and told her "casual" worked perfectly for me.

But if it could help me convince her—buy me time—maybe I'd have all of her one day.

A guy had to try.

Admittedly, I had no fucking idea what this casual whatever meant, but I was going along with it.

Right now, Thursday couldn't come fast enough. It was only Tuesday, and Bella's schedule on Wednesdays didn't work in my favor, so to speak, so…Thursdays were the only days I'd see her in school. Oh, and this Friday. Yeah, party at the McCartys'. I was still kinda shocked about that one, seeing as Emmett and Bella had been so damn evasive and secretive up until… Well, they were still all that, but hosting a party after the game? Definitely new.

Bella's next text brought me outta my musings.

U didn't have to read it during class! ;) So…what'cha doing? –Bella

I chuckled under my breath.

History class. It sucks. Lunch is next. What about you? –Edward

I'm doing my Spanish paper and watching Golden Girls reruns. I love Sophia. LOL –Bella

"Who're you texting, Cullen?" Stanley whispered, sitting next to me.

I rolled my eyes, not even looking up from my phone. I did turn slightly away from her, though.

My mother loved that show. Btw, what's the plan on Friday? Do we all just drive over to you and Em after the game? –Edward

"Mr. Cullen!"

Shit. My head snapped up. "Yeah?" Fuck me, everyone was watching me.

He gave me an impatient look. "I asked you if you know when they stormed the Bastille in France."

Puffing out my cheeks, I quickly scrambled for an answer. I knew this. I had fucking studied it, dammit. July, something…a long time ago. Um. It was the same date as France's Independence Day. "Uh…" I rubbed the back of my neck, ignoring my phone as it flashed with another text. "July, uh…"

"Yes?" he pressed, hands on his hips.

I snapped my fingers when the answer finally came to me. "July 14th!"

A few of my teammates snickered.


"1789." Phew.

He nodded curtly. "Pay attention from now on."

I slouched back in my seat.

Then I read Bella's text.

Sounds about right. And I can't wait to see u on that field ;) U r gonna win, right? –Bella

I swallowed, suddenly very anxious for Friday, too.

Of course we'll win. And then celebration afterward ;) –Edward

If she can send smileys, then so can I, goddammit.

I hope there will be a private celebration 4 u and me. –Bella

"Oh, fuck," I whispered under my breath.

Safe to say, Bella was officially fucking flirting.

You bet, Bella. –Edward


"You're lookin' happy, dude," Whitlock drawled as he dumped his lunch tray next to mine and sat down. I tucked away my phone. "There's a smile on your face and everything."

"Oh, I apologize," I deadpanned and wiped the smile off my face. "Is this better?"

He smirked. "Yeah, there's the Cullen I know."

"Fuck you," I laughed through my nose. He said something back, but I didn't pay attention. That phone of mine wouldn't stop giving me Bella's texts, and my fingers wouldn't stop sending back replies. Weird, huh?

Damn, lasagna sounds so good. I bought a questionable sandwich ten minutes ago. It says chicken, but it smells like tuna. Not a great sign, is it? –Edward

As always, Bella responded quickly.

Heed my warning. Step away from the sandwich, Cullen. Step. Away. In other news, I just finished my paper. Gonna celebrate with ice cream. Blueberry for me and vanilla for Haley. –Bella

I couldn't help but smile at that. Mom had given Haley some ice cream during the art thing in Seattle, and that little girl was fucking hilarious when she had ice cream. First she'd wave her hands and grimace a whole lot from the cold, then she would bounce in her seat, make yummy noises, and reach and whine for more.

I'm jealous. You're fucking mean. I want ice cream, too. –Edward

"Earth to Cullen!"

"Jesus!" I hissed as my head snapped up. Oh, suddenly the whole table was full of people. "Um, what's up?"

Emmett, Tyler, Mike, Jasper, Seth, Ben, Alice, Rose…they were all staring at me.

But Bella sent a text, so I looked down again.

Would you use me as your bowl? –Bella

"Fuck me!" I exclaimed, my fingers fumbling so much that I nearly dropped the phone. Shit, I was fucking shocked here. And I sure as hell hadn't expected this level of…flirty…ness? Or rather, straightforwardness. But Christ, was it hot. Like any seventeen-year-old guy's fantasy, really. I hadn't gotten laid in ages either, so that didn't help the matter.

"God, what?" My sister was frustrated; I didn't give a shit. Plus, I didn't wanna think about her when my jeans were getting uncomfortable.

As I was typing in my reply, Bella's next one popped up.

Sorry. I went too far, didn't I? SO sorry. –Bella

"No, no," I mumbled to myself and typed. Definitely not too far.

No. You'd be the spoon. And, baby? Don't hold back on my account. I mean that. –Edward

I went back and forth about the "baby", but in the end I just sent it.

And her response was… Phew! ;) –Bella


On Wednesday, I had hoped to at least catch a glimpse of Bella in school, but that didn't happen. So, when I got home after practice, I dumped my bags in the hallway before I went up to my room.

It'd been two days of flirting with Bella through texts, and she didn't mince her fucking words, lemme tell ya that.

I was hungry as fuck, as I always was after practice, but I was too wired to sit down with my family right now. So, I ended up on my bed mindlessly tossing a baseball between my hands as I tried to figure out more about Bella. Not that I ever succeeded. And…truth be told, with these past couple of days' events, I wasn't in that much of a hurry anymore. Granted, I still wanted more—all of it—but I was man…or guy enough…to admit that right now, I just wanted…

Damn, I wanted to kiss her. Touch her. Have her touch me.

Fuck her.

And judging by those texts, she wasn't very innocent. I doubted she was a virgin, anyway.

I groaned under my breath, feeling my cock stir. I was only wearing a pair of Spartan sweats—and a t-shirt—so when I reached down, only a thin layer of soft cotton separated my hand from my dick.

I'd lost count of the times I jacked off to thoughts about Bella McCarty.

It was a little weird, though. 'Cause the last time I saw her face-to-face, she was hours away from shooting me down. And now we were…playing with fire. In a way, I was nervous it'd all change and become awkward when we saw each other tomorrow.

Dropping the baseball next to me on the bed, I pulled out my phone, like I'd done countless times over these two days.

My thumb hovered over the letters…

So far, I had let Bella take the lead, but maybe it was time I pushed, too?

"Fuck it," I muttered, sending off a message.

I can't stop thinking about ice cream nowadays. Strange, huh? –Edward

The screen was still lit up when she texted back.

Ooh, Cullen. This isn't the best conversation 2 have this close 2 bedtime, now is it? ;) –Bella

I chuckled and glanced at the clock radio on my nightstand. It was only a little after nine, but I knew she'd taken care of Haley all day. Her aunt was in Seattle, so… Thinking about it, Bella watched Haley a lot.

And why's that? Do tell. –Edward

Well, I'm already in bed, and thinking about a certain hot guy… Do the math! –Bella

Christ, she was in bed right now?

And I better be that hot guy.

Half-wondering and half-teasing, I knew exactly what to write. Okay, to be fair, it was probably eighty percent wondering and twenty teasing.

So, what are you wearing? –Edward

Right after that, I sent,

You can't see me, but I'm waggling my eyebrows. –Edward

I hissed and palmed my cock when I read her reply.

I'm ignoring ur humor, and I'm wearing a white cotton top and a black cotton thong. Gotta have cotton 2 sleep! What about u, Cullen? ;) –Bella

Okay, it was time to lock the door. Regardless of how far I went with Bella right now, I was still getting off at some point soon. That was for sure. Leaving the bed, I kicked off my sweats, locked the door, pulled off my t-shirt, and then settled under the covers.

I'm not wearing anything. Just got under the covers. –Edward

As I waited, I stroked my cock lazily, pretty gently, not wanting to get carried away. Being a teenager, "getting carried away" wasn't difficult.

Edward, u're making me wet here :( –Bella

"Damn," I groaned quietly.

Are we really doing this?

What came next wasn't a text; it was a fucking photo.

I nearly shot right outta the bed.

"What the hell is she doing to me?" I whispered, eyes on the small photo. It was clear, but it was kinda dark. Still, I could make out her hand resting on her lower abdomen, fingers just barely slipped under the thin waistband of her thong.

She was teasing me with one of the most provocative things I'd ever seen.

Without making a conscious decision, I called her.

"Um, hi." She sounded both nervous and out of breath.

"Hey," I said quietly, a bit huskily. "That picture…" I chuckled at the situation and stared up at the ceiling. "You're driving me insane—you know that, right?"

"Oh, yeah?" There was a smile in her voice now. "Well, around you I just can't seem to help myself."

I groaned under my breath, allowing my hand to grip the base of my cock again.

"You're teasing me," I accused, amusement lacing my voice. And lust.

It felt like I was on a rollercoaster ride and that Bella was in charge. A part of me said it was time to step off and reevaluate, think things through, and maybe question Bella why she went forward so quickly. But I wasn't mature enough to do that. I wanted her too fucking bad.

"I intend to follow through, you know," she whispered seductively.

"Baby, touch yourself," I said quickly, gruffly, almost pleadingly. "I wanna hear you."

"Fuck," she breathed out. I heard her swallow. "Are you touching yourself?"

"Yes." I was blunt. My covers had been pushed to the side, and I was watching my hand working over my dick. "You don't know how fucking hard I am."

"Oh, God," she whimpered. Her breathing was speeding up, and I could hear fabric rustling in the background.

"Tell me what you're doing, baby," I whispered and tightened my grip on my cock. I'd only been with two girls, and one of them had been a drunken one-nighter after a game in Tacoma. So, there was only one girl I'd been with long enough to learn a bit more about a girl feeling good. So, I fucking hoped I could bring some pleasure to Bella. "Are you touching your pussy?"

She let out a little whine, and for some reason I imagined her throwing her head back against her pillows and arching her back. "Yeees…yes, Edward, I'm—oh fuck."

I moaned, feeling my abs tense. A rush of heat coursed through me, causing me to shiver and erupt in goose bumps. I stroked myself faster and harder, only pausing to cup and tug on my balls. "How many fingers are you using, Bella?" Looking down at my cock, I wondered how many fingers it'd be to match my size.

"One finger—on my clit," she moaned. "I'm so wet, Edward."

I panted and squeezed my eyes shut. Jesus, I was already close here.

"Push in two," I gritted out. "Two fingers inside your pussy."

I heard her moans and gasps.

Her curses.

"Now three," I grunted.

She swallowed audibly, followed by a shaky exhale. "Oh, Edward…"

In desperate need of something better, something slicker, I told Bella to keep those fingers pumping while I went for the lotion on my nightstand. It was a fucking necessity.

Since I only had one hand at my disposal, I poured a good amount of lotion directly onto my cock, causing me to hiss at the cold. But apparently that was a sound Bella liked, 'cause she moaned my name.

A pretty loud groan erupted from me as I wrapped my fingers around my dick again, this time with more ease due to the lotion. Eyes closed, I tried to imagine how it would feel to sink into Bella's pussy—how wet she'd be, how tight, how hot.

"Baby," I moaned.

I sped up.

She gasped. "I'm—I'm close."

Hearing that, knowing that she was about to actually come…

I sucked in a sharp breath through clenched teeth, more heat and pleasure crashing down on me. "Me too," I managed to grit out. More than before, my eyes were screwed shut, and it felt like each muscle in my body was rigid.

When she cried out, all breathy and hot, I moaned her name, pumped my cock fast, and started coming. Several streams of cum came down on my hand, my abs, and my balls.

My ears were fucking ringing.

It kinda surprised me that I hadn't dropped the damn phone.

"I'm like…mush," she panted. "Damn."

I chuckled, completely outta breath, and looked down at the mess I'd made.

Grimacing, I reached over and swiped a couple tissues.

Girls had it so easy.

"Are you still there?" she asked tentatively, still breathing heavily.

I nodded like a fool—as if she could see me—and wiped my abs. "I'm here." I swallowed. "Just…catching my breath."

"Oh. Good. Um…" Now she seemed nervous, and I didn't like that one little bit. "This—this isn't gonna get awkward tomorrow, is it?"

After throwing away the tissues, I collapsed back on the bed and stared up at the ceiling. "I hope not," I said quietly, honestly, and rubbed my eyes. "Tell you what—how about I save you a seat at lunch? I wanna…" I blew out a breath. "I don't want the whole table between us anymore."

"Yeah?" Finally, I heard a smile in her voice.

It made me relax. "Yeah."

"Okay," she giggled. "I want that, too."

I smiled widely to myself—just because of that sound.

Fuck me. I was falling in love with her.


When I finally arrived at school on Thursday, I had a serious case of butterflies in my belly.

My eyes scanned the parking lot, which was packed with students, and I tried to locate a silver Volvo, but mainly its owner.

At last, I saw him near the main building talking to Jasper.

He had his back to me, so when Jasper spotted me, I motioned for him not to give me away.

Jasper struggled to hide a smirk.

I grinned and snuck up behind Edward. Pressing my chest to his back, I felt how he went completely stiff. Since I was so short, it was all but impossible for me to reach, but I managed to get a little close to his ear, and then I whispered, "Thanks for last night, Edward." I felt his shudder, and before I backed away, I added, "Oh, and the very, um, pleasurable dreams that followed."

With that, I walked off quickly.

That oughta help with the prevention of awkwardness, right?

"Fuck," I heard him hiss right before I entered the building.

The grin on my face was still there when I reached my classroom, and the second I spotted Alice standing outside, it only widened.

I had done some major soul-searching this week, and I'd finally come to an agreement with myself: Alice and Edward Cullen were amazing people, and I knew I could trust them. Therefore, my plan was to come clean. Granted, I needed time to prepare myself. I was still a seventeen-year-old girl, and I wasn't the most secure person on the planet, so yeah, I sure as hell needed time. But it felt really good to have come to this conclusion.

It was a step in the right direction.

"Hey!" Alice hooked her arm with mine. "You know, I just saw you outside." She arched a brow. "You looked awfully chummy with my brother."

"Oh," I giggled. "I have no idea what you're talking about." I batted my lashes as we walked into the classroom.

"What?!" a voice shrieked behind us.

Alice and I turned around to find a girl standing there, disbelief and fury written all over her features.

"Jesus," Alice muttered, rolling her eyes. "What do you want, Jessica?"

The Jessica girl put her hands on her hips and tried to pull off the oh-no-you-didn't look.

She failed.

"I would like to hear the new chick's answer to your question. That's what," she snapped.

My eyebrows shot up.

"Excuse you?" I folded my arms over my chest. "How is that any of your business?"

She glared at me. "Just tell me."

"Just make me," I shot back dryly, kinda daringly.

But she didn't make a damn move, so I just jutted my chin, smirked at her, and left her there. The class was about to begin anyway, and I had better things to do than bitching with some skank who obviously had some crush on Cullen.

Sitting down in my seat, I pulled my hair back in a ponytail and waited for Alice to join me.

She did, with an expression of wonder. "That—" she plopped down next to me "—was fucking priceless."

I scrunched my nose. "How was that priceless?"

She shook her head slowly and leaned back in her seat. "You wouldn't understand, but… Let's just say that very few people around here stand up to Stanley and the rest of the Skank Pack."

I snorted a laugh as the teacher—a substitute, actually—scribbled something on the board. "Skank Pack—that's funny."

"Skank Pack, Bitch Quartet…" She shrugged. "Take your pick."

"So, there're four of them?"

In my periphery, I saw her nod. "Jessica, Lauren, Jane, and Bree. Ooh, we're gonna make cupcakes." She pointed to the board.

Banana cupcakes with vanilla frosting, to be exact, which was how we came to spend the next hour laughing our asses off. 'Cause, as it turned out, the sub teacher basically only sat on her ass. So, the students, Alice and myself included, did what any teenager without supervision would do.

We messed around.

One guy ended up with eggs in his face. Another got covered in flour.

Alice and I goofed around with the bananas and tried to deep-throat them.

Safe to say, we weren't very good at it.

Our eyes watered as we gagged, mainly because of the bananas touching our throats, but also because we couldn't stop cracking up.

"Oh, my God, I made it!" I exclaimed at one point. But then I coughed and spluttered. "Shit." I rubbed my chest.

Alice wiped under her eyes and giggled. "I can't swallow around it."

At the end of that class, we walked away with the sorriest excuses for banana cupcakes in history.

While I'd only been here for one class, Alice had already had a Lit class earlier that morning, so it was time for lunch now, and we headed toward the cafeteria together. It gave me time to hand her the letter I'd written to her. It was another part of my plan to open up to the Cullens.

"This is for you." I held it out—the envelope—and she looked at it curiously. "Um, it's nothing big." I was suddenly nervous. "I just think I owe you an explanation for all the secrecy." I swallowed; down the hall, I could see the doors to the cafeteria. "Just read it, okay?"

"Sure," she murmured, frowning. "But you don't owe me anything-"

"It's really nothing," I rushed out. Truth be told, it wasn't. In the letter, I just explained that something bad had happened in our family, and we were still struggling with everything. We needed time. Emmett and I needed to take things slowly, but mostly me. "I want to let you in," I said softly.

She gave me a small but grateful smile. "Anything, Bella. Thank you." She took the letter and slipped it into her book. "I won't push—I promise."

My shoulders dropped, a weight lifting off them.

Baby steps.

"Okay—" she grinned a little "—let's present our cupcakes to our boys."

I couldn't help but laugh. Our boys. Jasper may be hers, but Edward wasn't exactly mine. Hopefully in the future, though. I was gonna do my best not to fuck this up.

Since we hadn't been to our lockers yet, we decided to drop off our books at the table before we went to get food, so we walked over to the corner table where Edward, Jasper, Emmett, Rose, Tyler, and Seth were already sitting.

I smiled when I saw that Edward had placed his bag on the chair next to him.

"Hey, guys!" Alice danced over—always the drama chick—and plopped down in Jasper's lap. He was seated next to Edward.

"Hey," Edward said quietly, looking up at me. There was a grin tugging at the corners of his mouth, and he quickly removed his bag so I could sit. "What's that?" He nodded at the bag of pretty smashed and abused cupcakes that I dumped on the table.

I scooted in my chair, about to answer, but Alice beat me to it.

"That's Forks' finest fuckin' treats," she declared cockily. "Aren't they pretty?" She eyed Jasper with an expectant look.

Jasper squirmed, making me giggle, as he studied the butchered cakes. He didn't want to lie, but he was totally going to. "Uh, they're really, really…."

"Hideous," Edward stated flatly.

I laughed and punched his arm, to which he grinned and draped said arm across the back of my chair.

Those butterflies returned with vengeance, and it didn't get easier when I watched him take a sip from his water. Drinking was suddenly the sexiest thing I'd ever seen him do.

"Hey!" Alice pretended to look offended. "We worked hard of those! I mean, how many bananas did we deep-throat to get them done, Bella?"

My eyes bugged out.

Edward and Jasper spewed out water all over the table.

Emmett, who had been wrapped up in Rose, shouted, "What the fuck?!"

Alice giggled. "Oops."