My human name is Kyla Rosealee Lara. I am the daughter of Dracula an the human, Myrtle Divine. Yes, the Myrtle Divine. The world-famous Queen of England's cousin. She vas a human-turned-vampire during my birth. Dis means dat i`m a hybrid. I can go in the sun vithout burning myself unlike Dad, my skin glitters in the sun too. Vut, just answering some questions, I am from Romainia. Home of verevolves and Vampires.

P.S. I am Splendora Arianna Lorane Lara, Princess of Vampires. "Sworn Enemy" of Methadora Deline Olf, Princess of Verevolves. Human name Delilah Tribecca Olf.
Um, yeah. So um the story takes place in England, 1773. The plot's about a vampire who makes friends with a werewolf. She also falls in love with a human. She tries to find away to tell her parents who are too busy to listen to her after their move since they are trying to eliminate all werewolves.

What's up, homies!

Um, Okaaayyy. That was my BFF. I have to take her to the Doc 2 see if she's ok. (she has brain problems)

(cough, cough)