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Gaara's True Emoton

Chapter 1: New Commer!

"Gaara get up NOW!" hollered Temari from downstairs. Temari was up early because this one special day. It was Gaara's First day as KAZEKAGE! Her cooking was very ravishing, but Poor Gaara was up all night studying on Kage stuff.

"Gaara Don't make me come up there! You know what happens when I go up there don't you!" she hollers again.

Gaara mumbles and slowly gets up, he went to wash up and surprisingly Kankuro was already awake. As the Sand Brothers get dressed and ready for this Big Day, a messenger said to Lord Kazekage, "My lord, the Leaf has sent in a ninja for a special hearing."

Gaara mumbles," I will be out in a second, Kankuro you ready yet?"

Kankuro answered," Almost, Temari are you ready yet?"

Temari irritated answered quickly," Yea, Yea, I'm almost ready."

Everyone strapped up in their best attire, quickly followed the Sand messenger to the Kazekage's headquarters where they were met by a petite, blue, black hair girl.

She bowed and stuttered,"G-G-Good morning K-Kazekage-sama. M-my-

Gaara cut her off in the middle sentence and said," Good morning and let us take this to my office."

The shy and petite girl trailed after the Kazekage and the Sand Siblings along with the messenger. When they reached the office Gaara waved his hand dismissing the messenger.

Temari whispered to Gaara, " Haven't we seen her before?"

Kankuro overheard and said plainly," She was that shy girl that was in the Chunin Exams, if I am correct."

The usual Gaara just stared in silence at Kankuro then turned back to the girl. He said," As you were saying." He waved to signal for her to continue what she was saying earlier before she cut her off.

She bowed and continued," M-my name is H-Hinata Hyuga. I c-came on behalf o-of the Leaf. Lady Tsunade t-told me to give you this." Gaara was analyzing the Hyuga Heiress and nodded at her. Hinata handed the scroll cautiously to the young Kazekage. She thought to herself, "Oh please don't make him mad. One wrong move could cause me my life." Gaara took the scroll from her letting his hand brush against hers, Hinata quickly retreated her hand and fear crept over her like a wave crashing on shore. Gaara sensed her fear and just opened the scroll to read the content. He was shock at what it said. It wrote: Dear Kazekage,

I am sure you have met the young Hyuga Heiress by now. I am well aware that you have

Just started knowing the fundamentals of a Kage, but this is a very important situation.

We have been receiving notices that Ninjas have been Targeting Hinta-sama for an unknown reason.

I ask of you to please train Hinata-sama and keep her safe for now. She mustn't know of this at all.

Lady Tsunade

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