Chapter 4: Everlasting forever

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Knock Knock

Gaara was sleeping and Hinata entered without receiving his reply. When she walked in she saw a very peaceful Gaara sleeping. She thought him kind of looked cute sleeping like that, as if he was a defenseless little kid finding warmth. She went up to his bed and kissed his forehead and accidentally woke him up slightly.

The first thing he said was, "Ohiyo Okaa-san." Hinata smiled but was slightly disappointed. She continued to smile and when Gaara realized who she was really, he blushed deep as a tomato.

He said quietly, "H-Hinata. Ohiyo, when did you enter?"

Hinata simply reply,"U-uhmm, w-when you were a-asleep, G-Gomenasai Gaara."

Gaara was stunned at her for not using –Sama at the end of his name. Hinata slightly blushed realizing she was INSIDE of a boy's room. There was an awkward silence lingering about, which made both of them blush. All of a sudden, Temari and Kankuro barged in and were met with even more awkward silence. Gaara was shaking his head and Hinata chuckled slightly. Kankuro looked at Temari, and Temari looked back at Kankuro, finally Kankuro broke the silence with a slight cough.

Kankuro chuckled and said, "Ehehe, Uhmm Breakfast is ready. Temari and I would be downstairs eating if you need us, just Uhmm….yea…..Bye now."

He swiftly grabbed Temari by the arm and dragged her down the stairs and into the gigantic dining table.

Hinata and Gaara looked at each other weirdly and smiled. They both decide to join for breakfast, breakfast went by fast and they all headed for the Kazekage's Office.

At the Kazekage's Office~~~~~

"Kankuro hand me that box over there." Gaara sighed, once he gets to work, it never stops piling up to the roof top.

Kankuro ran to the cabinet and grabbed the box and gave it to Gaara. Hinata was surprised to see how much work the Kazekage has.

Hinata leaned over to Gaara and asked that if he needed help. Gaara slightly blushed and shook his head.

"We would be training at half past noon, so be ready. Gather up any equipment you would need."

Hinata nodded and replied, "Yes Gaara-sama, do I need any medical ointment?"

"No, unless you think I would have you killed someone, then yes." Gaara stated

Hinata felt as if she had hurt him, she mumbled an apology and walked out the office and back to the house. As she packed, she felt a hand on her shoulder, it was Gaara. He had run after her, it shocked her, "Gaara should be in his office, why did he come here?" she wondered.

Gaara was very good at reading peoples emotion, but it was easier to read hers.

He stated, "I came because it looked like I had hurt you." Her face twisted in shock, "He can read my emotions? What is he?" she thought.

"G-Gaara-sama, y-you should g-go b-back to the o-office before you get in trouble." She mumbled.

"No, I hurt you, so I will compensate for it; let me help you pack ok? Hinata trust in me, I will never hurt you." Gaara said

Hinata nodded and started packing what she needed for training, while Gaara helped her put things inside her backpack. Hinata blushed when they got close, but Gaara never took notice. He put his hand on hers when they finished and walked out the door. He smiled slightly finally being able to feel her soft hand. She felt slightly uncomfortable, but happy that he trusts her truly.

They walked down the streets as couple people glanced at their Kazekage and the new Konoha girl. They simply walked side by side, but blushed when they heard and saw people talking about them. They made their way to the training grounds…..and what will happen there?

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