But you went away

How dare you

I miss you

They say I'll be okay

But I'm not going to

Ever get over you

Lisa sighed, looking out the window of her new condo. She'd moved after the ordeal with Jackson and Caraline, figuring that staying in one place wasn't a good idea. Though she couldn't bring herself to leave Miami, despite what had happened. The song on the radio reminded her of Jackson, as if she didn't think about him enough. They'd broken it off once and it should have stayed that way but it didn't. They both still felt for each other, or she thought so anyway. Turns out he didn't. It was all a cruel game he was playing to satisfy his sadistic needs. His game ended though, when Caraline came and pushed them apart. Not that Jackson would mind. He was annoyed by her intrusion, it messed up his game, but he still scared Lisa and reminded her that she can't escape him.

The sound of her front door opening made her jump slightly. Her head jerked around to look at the door, she sighed in relief when she saw Blake walk in, his uniform was dirty and he looked tired. Obviously he'd had a long day at work so Lisa flicked off the radio and walked over to him. She gave him a kiss and said "Dinner's waiting."

He smiled at her, he was several inches taller so he had to look down at her. "Thanks, I'll clean up then be there in a second." he gave her a quick kiss then went to wash off. A few minutes later Blake was downstairs at the table with Lisa. He'd changed into a red shirt that was maybe a size too small and slightly stained blue jeans. His black hair had been brushed but still fell in his face, but Lisa didn't mind. It was actually pretty adorable to her.

They ate a nice dinner that Lisa had cooked but through the whole meal Blake could tell something was off with Lisa. When they were done they walked out onto the balcony that over looked the small courtyard their building was near. Blake wrapped his arms around her waist from behind, letting her back lean onto his chest. For several minutes they just stood there, silently enjoying each others company. Blake broke the silence when he asked "You doing okay Leese?"

He could feel her tense in his arms, obviously aware he'd noticed she was upset. "Yea...just I'll never get over Jackson. Not fully."

"Don't let your past get in the way of us okay?" he said, knowing that false reassurenses wouldn't help.

Lisa twisted around in his arms so she was facing him "I won't." she said, wrapping her arms around him and giving him a kiss.