Ichigo Kurosaki. Age 15, orange hair, brown eyes. He is everything but ordinary. The way his eyes had a golden hue wen angered, how his hair was so bright orange that no one believed it was natural, how he had fast reflexes compared to everyone else and the fact that his twin brother was a carbon copy but an albino version. He was not ordinary, no matter how hard he tried to deny it.

So here he was woken up early in the morning due to his father's wake up call. Every morning it was the same. His father screaming good morning and bursting through the door with energy fit for a sugar hyped child. Ichigo off course dodge said attack and his father once again went through the glass window. You'd think he'd learn by the what? Three thousand five hundred and six ninth time? Nope. Ichigo at one point even thought about opening the window so it would save both money and his father's whining but Shiro and Ichigo both agreed that it was too cold for that. It was spring now but it still got cold at night.

Sighing, Ichigo ignored his father's plea's for help as he dangled from window sill. His father would probably land with ease on the ground without a single injury. So instead of caring he took his clothes and went to change. Not needing a shower since he had one the night before. Yawning, Ichigo rubbed the sleep from his eyes. Managing to make it to the bathroom a few seconds before his sisters came out of their room. Meaning Ichigo could change and not have to wait a half an hour for Yuzu to get ready. He loved her, don't get him wrong but he wished that his sister didn't take so long. Karin didn't. She got in and out in under a minute. Always one to be quick.

So here he was ready for the day at the zoo. Heading to the kitchen where his mother and most likely Yuzu were cooking. It was weird. If Yuzu realized she was late she'd throw on a random dress and book it downstairs so her and their mother could have daughter and mom time. It was something Ichigo understood but didn't. He still loved his mother and there was no way Ichigo planned on having father son bonding. His dad was a complete goof ball and a wack job.

Sitting down at the table after kissing his mother on the cheek and greeting his siblings, Ichigo ignored another one of his father's attacks having him slam into the fridge and a vase on the top crashing down and landing on his head. Karin not bothering to look up from her newspaper as she snorted at her father's idiocy. Their mother scolding him in a kind way that that was not how they behaved in the dinning room since the dinning room was for eating not horseplay.

Ichigo gave his mother a warm smile as she placed their breakfast plates in front of them. Today there was miso soup, fried eggs, bacon and toast.

"Itadakimasu!" said Ichigo.

Taking to bowl of soup Ichigo began to eat it. Complimenting his mother on the great meal. Her warm smile was contagious and Ichigo found himself smiling back. Usually he wore a scowl but around his mother he couldn't help but smile a little. She was their entire families sun. The other Kurosaki's where the Earth. Their mother revolving around them. Ichigo didn't know what he would do without her.

However, he was not one to dwell on such morbid things. So he ate his breakfast, answering questions when needed and spoke to Yuzu when she began to chat about the zoo. Their first time going since it just opened up a few weeks ago. The zoo opened at nine so everyone was up at 7:30 and would be out of the house by eight. Making sure to get there almost an hour early so that they could get there and enjoy the entire day there. There was many exhibits and even shows happening where you could touch the animals. Ichigo almost forgot but his friend and lover of three years Grimmjow Jeagerjaques was coming along too.

There was faint knock on the door. Ichigo smirked. Speak of the devil and he shall appear. Masaki told hte guest to come in knowing who it was. Isshin had most likely called the blue haired man's cellphone at five thirty in the morning, outside his house, screaming into the phone how it was time to wake up. Even going as far as throwing some pebbles. Ichigo hoped his father didn't break another window. Ichigo remembering the last time his father had tried that. Uryuu's father Ryuuken had not been please. Suing his friend but ended up loosing. The judge saying that Isshin was mentally unstable. Letting them off scot free. However, Ryuuken did demand the window be paid for and the judged deemed that as fit. Allowing that to be punishment.

Ichigo contined to eat. Greeting his boyfriend. Grimmjow wearing the his shark like grin and Shiro giving Grimmjow his insane one. Ichigo could only roll his eyes and shake his head. Both were weirdoes. Shiro was a little mentally unhinged but it was all reasonable. He had witness Ichigo be tortured and raped when he was ten by a man code named Grand Fisher. Ichigo had gotten over it. He's know Grimmjow since he was eight but had ignored him until he was twelve after the whole Grand Fisher thing. Ichigo had been quiet, but Shiro had gone to a psych ward only coming out after three months. Shiro had his relapses but took pills. Their mother had to watch Shiro take a pill, count them, call the school so his teachers could count them and make sure Shiro didn't go nuts on some student. Shiro didn't take them all the time though. His mother allowed him to skip a day or two of pills but only on weekends when they didn't do anything. Today they were doing something so Shiro was on them. He had already taken them when breakfast began.

"Grimmjow are you excited to go to the zoo?" asked Yuzu.

"Yeah," answered Grimmjow," it sounds likea bunch of fun."

"You should come over more Grimmjow," scolded Yuzu," you and Ichigo either hang out at your place every so often or at school. It's not like you're even dating."

Grimmjow chuckled and smiled at Yuzu," Fine, I'll take him out next week, during the weekday. How does that sound?"

"Good," replied Yuzu with a smile," now eat. Mom made good food."

Grimmjow nodded his head. Saying how the breakfast Ichigo's mother made looked delicious.

The meal went by quickly. Isshin pushing his children out of the house, almost forgetting to even lock the door until Masaki reminded him. He even thought they were walking at one point and started running down the street with glee until Masaki drove up to him telling him to get in. Isshin jumping through the rolled down window like some movie star scene and managed thankfully. Yuzu didn't want to spend the day at the hospital watching her father get stitched up. He already had enough scratches from his wake up call to her brothers.

The drive was quick as well. Isshin pestering Masaki to drive faster so that they wouldn't miss the cute animals that his darling Yuzu and he needed to see. Everyone rolling their eyes and laughing at the pitiful look on Isshin's face when they made it to the parking lot and a lot of the parking spaces were taken. Surprisingly Masaki found a plce to park right away and Isshin was bouncing out and running like a lunatic to the line. Shiro snorting and wondering why he was the one on medication and not their father. Shiro only refrained from swearing since his mother would hand his long mid back length ashen white hair. Shiro didn't want that. It hurt! His mother even threatened to cut it off! The horror. Shiro had worked so hard and almost threw a night stand at a worker in the psych ward when she came to cut his hair. His wishes were respected but not until after they sedated him and his mother asked nicely not to cut it.

"C'mon!" whined Isshin," the lines not long thankfully!"

Ichigo rolled his eyes. Taking Grimmjow's hand in his. God, not that long my ass. They had vender's out in the line for those who hadn't eaten yet. The line was like one at a new amusement park. Ichigo didn't even know that many people would love a zoo that much...Though it was really big. Rivalling the largest one in Japan in the Tokyo district. Karakura Town even got on the news for it. Getting as many animals as possible. It had taken three years for it to be set up and built. There father had been excited when the announcement about the zoo came out...Three years ago. Why they didn't go on opening day you might ask? Because the line up was triple the size it was now. They tried going near the end of the day but the line was still large. So Isshin had proposed they go next week. Only to have the line just as long. Now here they were a week after and the line still large. Ichigo and Grimmjow talking with Shiro over homework and any other plans they may have. Tomorrow they had a project to do for Social Studies class. An ideology magazine. They decided to go on the one worth less marks. Only able to get a seventy-five maximum. Only because the one with a hundred needed ten articles, fifteen pictures, three interviews, and six responses to an article or interview. It was like a real magazine. The seventy-five marked one had half of that. Sure they had a month to do all that and Ichigo, Grimmjow and Shiro did their project last week and in one class got half of it done. Pretty sad since most kids weren't even finished and the project was due on friday. That being when marks cut off was.

After their long winded discussion they found themselves with stamps on their hands. Entering the large zoo. Isshin running to the gift shop only to be pulled back by Masaki who claimed that that was for AFTER the visit through the zoo not before. Yuzu laughing at her father's pouty face as he held the camera trying to get a picture of a inflatable monkey only to have Masaki say to visit the real monkey's first.

As they moved through each exhibit it was a hassle to get Isshin to move on. Masaki having to convince him that the next one would be all the more exciting. That trick only worked about...Oh fifteen times. Ichigo and Shiro grinning at each other about how stupid and easily fooled their father was. Their mother coming up with a new bribe after the old one. Saying she would pay for lunch and buy him something at the gift shop. That working. They were half way through the exhibit when they made it to the snack shop. Shiro hating the owl exhibit only because they were out in the day and some of the owls were hiding while this one owl wouldn't stop staring at him. Shiro staring wide eye back only to have the thing shriek causing Shiro to jump back.

Grimmjow laughed but Ichigo elbowed him. Reaassuring Shiro that even Ichigo got scared. Making Shiro feel better. Shiro may be reserved but he was also very fragile. Everyone having to be careful on how they treated him since his medications didn't help with all the problems Shiro had. He was volatile and that attitude managed to make it through the medication. That part of Shiro was just that stubborn.

"I want a hot dog," Shiro said to himself.

Everyone was used to Shiro speaking to himself. None of the kids bullying Ichigo's older brother since Shiro was one scary ass fucker when he faught. There was a gleam in his eyes that screamed psycho. Shiro getting sent to the principles office and his psychologist Kisuke did warn him that he would have to send him to the psych ward again, or the mental asylum. However, the family knew Kisuke wouldn't. The man was too laid back and was one of the few people Shiro had taken a liking to after his fifth psychologist. The guy not analysing him like a weirdo. Instead he just spoke to Shiro about strange things. Like is papya's could be powered by batteries. Thus making them night lights and a midnight snack. Shiro at first thought the man was a mental patient but was not. Instead he was one of the best psychologists and Isshin's closest friends.

"That sounds good," agreed Ichigo,"...But I think I'll have a pizza."

"Hamburger," stated Grimmjow.

They all sat at a large picnic table. Hearing the noise of elephants in the distance. Crows hanging around the picnic area hoping to get scrap food. They waited patiently as Ichigo's mother went to order the food. Shiro laughing as his mother held up a hand help debit machine at the food stand, moving around, trying to have it work. Masaki calling out saying the cashier said it worked best in sunlight.

Before they knew it the day was almost over, they were near the feline exhibit. Grimmjow's favorite since he couldn't wait to see the panther's. Those animals being his favorite for some reason. Ichigo rolled his eyes. Unaware of a pair of eyes watching him. Grimmjow wasn't holding his hand any more and Shiro was busy looking at the amur tiger's. Jumping back when the male tiger sprayed the window marking it's territory. Ichigo laughing lightly at the reaction.

Sensing something was off, Ichigo turned, only to have his body fall to the ground and a small panther cub on his chest. Tail swishing behind it's back as it growled at Ichigo. Stunned, Ichigo found himself growling back. Unaware of his eyes shining with gold. The creature on top of him widening it's eyes at the pure dominance exhibited by the human.

The panther cub moved forward and Ichigo swore he'd loose his head but felt a rough tongue on his cheek. Opening his eyes, not even knowing they were closed he noticed the panther cub was sitting on his chest purring. Ichigo now confused since he didn't understand the change in attitude. Reaching forward, Ichigo scratched the back of the creature's ears. The cub purring and rubbing its head into Ichigo's hand.

"Sir," said a new voice," are you okay?"

"I'm fine," replied a stunned Ichigo as he continued to scratch the kitten's ear.

"Sir," repeated the voice," we're going to have to take that panther cub from you. It needs to be put down."

"What?!" asked a suddenly crestfallen Ichigo, frowning at the strange reaction but ignoring it," but why?"

"It attacked you!" screamed a citizen.

"So?" asked Ichigo not understanding the problem. It was a cub. Not like it could have killed him.

"The lady has a point," said the worker," but we need to put it down since it cannot survive in the wild nor here."

"I'd have to disagree," said Ichigo," almost got me. Managed to climb the fence without your knowledge."

"Hand it over," said the worker.

"Can't I keep it?" asked Ichigo.

"You have no permit to keep wild animals," said the man.

"B-But c'mon killing it won't solve anything," protested Ichigo.

"Yare yare," said Shiro," jeez. I got a damn permit."

Ichigo's eyes widened. When did Shiro get a permit to keep wild animals? Shiro was usually under survelliance. Then the light bulb clicked in. Kisuke. That man was not only a psychologist but also a worker in the black market. The man made ID's so real that no one could tell they were fake. Why Shiro wanted a fake permit to own wild animals Ichigo would never know.

"How much you want for the cub?" asked Shiro," twenty thousand yen?"

"Shiro where di you get that much money?!" asked Ichigo.

"Kisuke makes me do jobs," replied Shiro," said it was theraputic er what ever. He's over paid me these past however many years. This is nothing."

"Um I don't think that is efficient enough," replied the worker.

"How 'bout I donate another twenty thousand?" asked Shiro.

"Let me get the owner," said the man.

Ichigo looked at his brother like he was nuts. Grimmjow did too. Though he was fascinated by the creature in his lover's arms. Moving forward towards the creature slowly so it knew what Grimmjow was doing. Grimmjow was as shocked as Ichigo when it jumped into Grimmjow's arms. Purring as well. Not even worried. What confused Grimmjow was why this one was so friendly. It was odd and uncharacteristic of a panther. Grimmjow figured thatm ust be why it can't live even in the zoo.

The man returned and what a shocker. Kisuke was there. Wearing his green outfit with his white and green stripped hat and cane. A cheerful smile present on his face at seeing Shiro.

"My what a wonderful surprise!" exclaimed Kisuke," here we are on our days off and we met again Shiro-chan."

"Yeah great," replied Shiro sarcastically and rolling his eyes.

"Now, now be nice or else I won't let you have good old Hyo for free," scolded Kisuke playfully.

This time not only did the whole Kurosaki family's jaws drop but did the co-worker and a few citizens.

"For real?" asked Shiro.

"Consider it an early birthday gift for Ichigo, from me," said Kisuke.

"Wait you didn't even ask me if it was okay!" interrupted Isshin," it'll poo all over my shirts!"

"No need to worry," reassured Kisuke," Hyo is more like a house cat. Now hurry hurry go home and play with your new companion."

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