Night time had arrived and while Grimmjow and Ichigo were alone, Pantera had taken Hyo to spend some more grandmother grandchild bonding time. Pantera knew what Ichigo and Grimmjow planned since their pheromones in the air were an indication that they planned to mate. Hyo didn't really understand the smell but Pantera took the cub away before things got heavy and heated. Ichigo trusted Pantera enough because she was essentially Grimmjow's mother and she seemed to like Hyo. Ichigo hoped he was right trusting her because he loved Hyo and didn't want to loose him.

"The habitat is nice," said Ichigo.

"Thanks, I grew up in it most of the time," informed Grimmjow," Pantera tried to get me in the house but me and Mom didn't want it so I hung out here most of the time."

Ichigo nodded his head. "Makes sense since it's nice."

"I have a tree house in here and we could sleep there if you want," offered Grimmjow," there isn't a roof so you can still see the skies. Pantera made it thinking it'd be easier for me to hide from the panthers if they got aggressive. Gave me human comforts such as beds and blankets but I only need Mom's body wrapped around me to keep me warm."

Ichigo smiled and nodded his head. As much fun as it was to sleep on the floor, he knew a bed would be more comfy since he wasn't used to sleeping on a floor like Grimmjow. Grimmjow was used to it after the years of sleeping on it but Ichigo preferred a comfy bed instead. They two walked towards the forest area and it wasn't too far in that Grimmjow stopped. Watching as Grimmjow climbed up the tree, Ichigo took the latter since he didn't have as much experience climbing tree's as Grimmjow might have. Ichigo knew that panther cubs were raised how to climb trees when they were young and were also taught great prowess so that when they hid, a predator would have troubles spotting them.

Ichigo took longer getting up the tree but Grimmjow was patient as ever and only smiled once Ichigo's orange head popped up. The two moved to the queen sized mattress. A twin size would have fit both of them but Ichigo knew that Grimmjow liked to be a bed hog sometimes so he was also happy that the mattress was larger.

It was Ichigo who initiated contact first by giving Grimmjow a kiss on the lips. It was soft and shy as he moved his body to sit on Grimmjow's lap while flicking his tongue out and running it over Grimmjow's bottom lip. Ichigo's lips were slightly parted and that gave Grimmjow the advantage to place his own tongue in Ichigo's mouth. Wrapping his arms around Grimmjow's neck, Ichigo had his body pressed against Grimmjow. The pair were shirtless since they saw no point in wearing tops while walking around the habitat. It made it easier for them when they needed to strip down and shift; something Hyo wanted very much since he got to play rough with Grimmjow and Ichigo in their panther form. The two adults still wore pants much to Grimmjow's displeasure. Ichigo had to remind Grimmjow that Hyo didn't need to see it and promised that they'd have time together to sate his hungers. Ichigo was a little nervous though, he was a virgin as was Grimmjow but nether of them really knew how to do it...Well they knew how it went but Ichigo was scared he wouldn't be good enough for Grimmjow. All they had really done before was suck each other off or kiss. That was the only indicator that they knew they were gay as fuck and the fact they grew feelings for each other rather than woman but Ichigo was scared that if he wasn't good enough in bed then Grimmjow wouldn't want him anymore.

"I love you, you know that right?" Grimmjow whispered in Ichigo's ear.

Ichigo nodded his head." I love you too, Grimm."

Swallowing the lump in his throat, Ichigo moved back to claim Grimmjow's lips. All negativity was forgotten as Grimmjow held him so lovingly. Ichigo felt his body move back and soon enough he was on his back with Grimmjow atop of him spreading hot, wet and loving kisses along his chest. Ichigo squirmed a little, enjoying the kisses on his stomach. It was then that callous hands gripped the waistband of his pants that had Ichigo's breath hitch. Looking down at Grimmjow, amber orbs met cyan blue. Grimmjow's eyes were full of different shades of blue and he got caught in the beauty of them making it easier for Grimmjow to pull Ichigo's pants and boxers off as well as his own.

Ichigo was memorized by those eyes, those eyes that his boyfriend had and then he felt a pair of lips on his one more and the feeling of something poking him he realized that they were both naked. Blushing a slight tint of red, Ichigo wrapped his arms around Grimmjow's neck to pull him in closer. Spreading his legs open, Ichigo made it easier for Grimmjow to sit in between his legs as he experimentally bucked his hips up when Grimmjow was seated between his legs. Hearing Grimmjow gasp made Ichigo do it once more but this time, Grimmjow moved back down having both of their erections slide against each other causing Ichigo to tilt his head back and moan. With his throat exposed, Grimmjow brought his mouth down on it and began to suck and nip the side of Ichigo's neck. The moan send vibrations along Grimmjow's mouth and he found himself purring with pure enjoyment.

Gripping blue locks, Ichigo pulled Grimmjow's head up for a demanding kiss. Tongues tangled and though their movements weren't too coordinated, after some time the two began a steady rhythm while bucking their hips together. Ichigo's body was heating up and his breathing was coming out in pants sharp gasps as Grimmjow tweaked his nipples. It wasn't long before teeth clamped down and rolled the nub experimentally in his mouth causing Ichigo to buck his hips in response. Ichigo could tell Grimmjow was smirking but that didn't stop Ichigo from wrapping his legs around Grimmjow's waist and lifting his hips so that their cocks sensually rubbed against each other once more.

Licking his dry lips, Ichigo felt his toes curl as Grimmjow sucked on his neck once more. Things were far more heated and any doubt Ichigo felt was diminished. Ichigo wanted to give Grimmjow some sort of pleasure though. Releasing the grip he had on Grimmjow's waist, Ichigo gently pushed Grimmjow off of him and made Grimmjow lay on his back. Ichigo's orbs had a golden hue to them and as he looked down on Grimmjow, a small smile was placed on his lips. Sitting on Grimmjow's hips, Ichigo rubbed his behind up against Grimmjow's erection only to see Grimmjow's orbs filled with lust. Leaning forward, Ichigo gave soft loving kisses along Grimmjow's chest. Not knowing what to do, Ichigo reciprocated what Grimmjow had done to him. Licking a small line on the junction of Grimmjow's neck, Ichigo began to suck and nip on one spot enjoying the encouraging sounds coming from his boyfriend. Grimmjow was more than just his boyfriend though, he was Ichigo's fiance, his mate, his loving partner and much much more.

Nuzzling Grimmjow's neck, Ichigo purred lovingly at Grimmjow before looking up at him with that same tint of red running over his nose. Ichigo was embarrassed of what to ask Grimmjow next but Ichigo could do it because this was his mate and Grimmjow would never make fun of him.

"I want you to fill me, Grimm," Ichigo purred in a sultry tone.

"What ever you want, Ichi," Grimmjow husked.

Ichigo watched Grimmjow lean back a little and arch his body making Grimmjow's erection brush against his behind. It wasn't until Ichigo saw some hand lotion that made Ichigo a little nervous. He knew Grimmjow wasn't going in dick first, well Ichigo hoped Grimmjow wasn't because then Ichigo would have to kick Grimmjow's ass later on even if Ichigo enjoyed sex.

"Ssh it'll be okay," reassured Grimmjow," I'll make sure to stretch ya real good, kay."

Ichigo nodded his head. Shiro had told Ichigo once about the time he and Gin did it and Ichigo blushed red since his brother went into so much detail. It was arousing hearing it but Ichigo had been told that it first it would be uncomfortable until there was a certain spot that was hit. Ichigo wasn't told what it was because Shiro just replied that it was 'that spot' nothing else. Through Ichigo's thinking had been a good thing because before he knew it, Grimmjow had two fingers inside him and suddenly pleasure coursed through his entire body causing a breathy moan to escape his lips.

"W-what was that?" Ichigo asked.

"That was your sweet spot," replied Grimmjow.

So that was what that spot did. Ichigo wanted Grimmjow to press it again if it felt that good. Of course, now Ichigo was paying more attention and he understood why it was a little uncomfortable. Slick fingers moved deeper into his rectum and it was as if they were searching for something. Grimmjow's finger curled a little and moved deeper and then bam! Ichigo found himself rocking his body back so that Grimmjow's finger would touch that spot once more. Grimmjow chuckled at Ichigo's response but Ichigo didn't care enough since he had never felt something like that before. The comfortableness of being stretch started to diminish and Ichigo started to feel hotter and more aroused. Ichigo's hands clenched as his pleasure spot was once more struck. A bead of sweat rolled down his body but that was the least of his concerns as he felt another finger added to his entrance.

It wasn't long before Ichigo was pushing back with fever with intent to feel the immense pleasure Grimmjow could supply. Grimmjow decided it was time to fill Ichigo with something bigger. Grimmjow had already prepared Ichigo for over ten minutes and as much as he enjoyed the noises Ichigo made, he knew that he wouldn't last very long if Ichigo made those mewling noises along with those pants and moans.

Ichigo scooted up Grimmjow's chest a little and began kissing him once more. Their bodies were heavy with lust and Ichigo's penis was already dripping pre-cum. It didn't bother Ichigo so much but he was glad that he'd held out so long. As Ichigo pressed kisses along Grimmjow's jaw, he hadn't noticed Grimmjow spreading his cheeks open until something was pressed against his entrance. Out of habit Ichigo tense but it was Grimmjow who rubbed soothing circles along his spine and used a hand to bring Ichigo's neck down so that the two could kiss. Ichigo was still tense even as he melted in to the kiss Grimmjow gave. Their tongues tangled together and when the hand on his neck moved to pump his erection, Ichigo gasped in pleasure while his eyes snapped open. With his mouth hanging open, Ichigo forgot about the erection until Grimmjow pushed the blunt head forward.

Trying his best to relax, Ichigo knew that if he clenched too hard it would end up hurting him and there would be no pleasure. However, his body thought different at the uncomfortable feeling of Grimmjow's cock in his ass opposed to his fingers. Though Ichigo had been stretch well by Grimmjow's fingers, his fingers were small in comparison to his girth. Ichigo felt Grimmjow wiggle his hips a bit before moving back until he was almost completely out of Ichigo before pushing back in.

The pattern kept on going until Ichigo was fully seated to the hilt. Ichigo still felt the burning pain but it was more so a throbbing sensation than anything else.

"You can lead," offered Grimmjow.

Ichigo's eyes opened wider as he looked down at Grimmjow. Grimmjow wanted Ichigo to ride him? That was surprising and Ichigo didn't know if he'd be able to do it properly but it was Grimmjow who reassured him that he would do fine. Nodding his head, Ichigo began to rise before dropping back down. Ignoring the uncomfortable feeling, Ichigo rose and fell once more and slowly began to bounce into Grimmjow's lap while setting a steady rhythm.

When Grimmjow bucked his hips, Ichigo found himself gasping as he saw stars, not literally mind you.

"D-do it again," Ichigo begged.

Moving up, Ichigo brought himself down on Grimmjow's cock at the same time Grimmjow roughly bucked his hips up making that coil in Ichigo's stomach tighter. With Grimmjow bucking his hips and adding more pleasure, the two worked in harmony even though it had taken some time but it didn't matter because Ichigo understood why sex was so great. The feeling of pure pleasure as he and Grimmjow moved as one. The small amount of pain felt in the beginning was all worth it but Ichigo didn't regret waiting.

Grimmjow managed to push Ichigo so that he was on his back and Grimmjow was on top adding more pleasure. Their bodies still managed to have a good rhythm going and Ichigo felt his toes curl in pleasure. The new angle gave Grimmjow a better chance at hitting Ichigo's sweat spot and in turn, Ichigo managed to clench on Grimmjow, doing so by pure instinct.

A callous hand began to jerk Ichigo's erection and it wasn't long before he felt that coil snap and ribbons of semen spurted out onto Grimmjow's chest. Ichigo clenched and his body jerked at the pleasure that ran through his body. Grimmjow clenched his own teeth due to the pressure on his own erection. The two were in bliss but Grimmjow had yet to release yet. When Ichigo finished his own released, Grimmjow began to thrust once more since he deemed it safe for Ichigo. Ichigo was panting and moaning quietly as Grimmjow once more struck his abused prostate gland. Too spent to really move, Ichigo's noises were less in volume and his movements were few to none as he gazed up lovingly at Grimmjow, the man he loved.

It was around half a dozen strokes later that Ichigo felt that hot seed fill him to the brim and Grimmjow's own moan spilled from his lips. Grimmjow's heavier form landed atop of Ichigo but he rolled over and placed Ichigo on his chest instead. Ichigo snuggled on Grimmjow's chest and enjoyed the feeling of corded muscles wrapped around him protectively.

"I love you, Ichigo," Grimmjow whispered to Ichigo.

"Love ya too, Grimm," Ichigo slurred tiredly.

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