Summer was dwindling and soon enough Ichigo realized that they were getting closer and closer to school. So close that school was actually a day away. Ichigo wasn't really excited but mainly because he realized he was putting on wait. Yes, mostly girls cared about that but Ichigo a couple days ago found out his pants were a little too tight for him and he had to borrow one of Grimmjow's. That wasn't all either. Ichigo and Grimmjow had had sex a few times and Ichigo loved it but with the food cravings Ichigo felt like he was...Well, pregnant. It was impossible though since he was a human and though a neko hybrid, it wouldn't affect his ability to get pregnant.

A few times he had got sick but Ichigo waved it off as food poisoning yet after he thought more and more about it that wasn't possible either because never before had they got sick off of Yuzu's cooking. She followed the recipes from their mother to a T until she was ready to try out her own cooking. Even then she taste tested them and made sure the meat was fully cooked. Ichigo thought he might have the flu as well but that wouldn't make sense either. Sometimes he got sick in the afternoon as well and he wasn't enjoying the feeling. Grimmjow was usually around and when he wasn't it was Shiro who went all mother bear on him when he got sick in the bathroom.

Ichigo had went to vomit in the toilet once more only to hear the door lock behind him. Once the contents from last night left him and he was no longer dry heaving, Ichigo turned to see Shiro standing there with a box. Ichigo asked what Shiro was doing and when Shiro got closer Ichigo noticed that it was indeed a pregnancy test. That was absurd! Ichigo was not pregnant and Shiro was wasting his money on buying something like that. There was no way Ichigo would take a pregnancy test; those were for woman. Ichigo was a man and he would not take it because he was not pregnant he just had the stomach bug. Let him be in denial it wasn't too bad it wasn't as if he would die or something.

"Ya ain't gettin' outta this King," warned Shiro," this shit was expensive. Four thousand eight hundred and twenty one yen. True blue so you better take it and use it because I don't think they do refunds. I bought some cheaper ones but I don't know if they'll work."

Ichigo sighed in defeat. There was no way he was getting out of this because the door was locked and they had no windows big enough for him to climb out of. The fact he had gained weight meant he wouldn't be able to fit through it either. Ichigo felt like shit knowing he would have to do this because his overbearing big brother wouldn't take no for an answer and the fact he hadn't taken his morning medications meant he was a little unstable at the moment. Shiro had never harmed Ichigo but that didn't mean he couldn't start.

"Don't I gotta pee in cups?" asked Ichigo after a while.

Shiro nodded his head and went to the cupboard where paper cups were held for them. Masaki had placed them there when they were younger so encase they needed a drink in the middle of the night they could use that if their water bottles were empty. Ichigo could hear Hyo scratching at the door and whining but Ichigo told him he'd get in trouble if he tried that. Hyo knew his claws weren't meant for doors and had leaned that lesson the hard way when he climbed up to the kitchen top and used his claws. Masaki spanked him with a towel and didn't give him any lunch which upset him because there was miso soup and he loved getting left overs. Ichigo swore his son would get fat if he didn't take the cub for a run every day. Needless to say, Hyo was great protection and people often jumped out of his way for having a panther cub as a pet.

"But Momma ya smell different!" Hyo whinned.

"Different?" questioned Shiro," how different Hyo?"

"Like a soon to be Momma panther," answered Hyo with glee.

"Great I wasted my money on all these pregnancy tests," grumbled Shiro and threw them in the air," shoulda just asked Hyo but noooo had to go waste over ten thousand yen on stupid pregnancy tests."

Ichigo patted his brother's shoulder in sympathy and told him he'd get it back soon since he had to do another job for Kisuke on the weekend. Shiro had earned more money in the summer since he could work five days a week and have them being eight hours instead of five hours and then a few eights on weekends. It helped his pay and he got therapy out of it too.

It kept Shiro out of trouble and kept him occupied. Ichigo's mind was racing a mile a minute; he was pregnant. He was going to be a mother? No, that just wasn't possible. He was a doctors son and he knew how fertilization occurred in females and that definitely didn't happen to him since he didn't have ova's or a vagina. He couldn't produce the same hormones females did when they were pregnant. He surely couldn't be pregnant. That was just something that didn't happen to males and Hyo was just playing a prank on him. However, in the end his mind was reeling at him to try a pregnancy test even if he was male and the chances of being pregnant were indefinite.

"Shiro get me that clear blue one," ordered Ichigo softly," I saw a commercial. It tells me if I am and how far along I am."

Shiro nodded his head and grabbed a cup for Ichigo. Good thing he hadn't done his morning routine or else his urine would be in the toilet already. Ichigo was about to pull down his pants but Shiro was still looking making Ichigo hiss at him to turn around which Shiro did . Ichigo didn't pull his pants down and instead took his penis out of his boxers and aimed for the cup. He didn't have a full bladder so it wasn't too bad and it made it all the more easier. The cup was nearly half full and when he finished, Ichigo opened the box and placed it in the urine cup. Ichigo had already put away his penis and he turned around to make sure Shiro opened the door for Hyo. Taking his cub in his arms, Ichigo cuddle Hyo. Ichigo was scared. He didn't know he could get pregnant and no one had told him about this. He should have stayed with Shinji and Nnoitra in the area meant for neko hybrids or asked more questions. Ichigo thought he could do this alone but he was proven wrong.

"Grimm's not gonna like this," Ichigo whispered to himself.

"Daddy will be happy he's gonna be a daddy again," assured Hyo.

"Yeah, Hyo's right," agreed Shiro," Grimmykins will love that he gets to be a daddy."

"You can hear Hyo?" asked a confused Ichigo.

"Yeah I guess I can, why?" asked Shiro.

"Only hybrids can hear him," replied Ichigo.

"But I'm not one," Shiro protested.

"You don't smell like Momma's kind...You smell like a tiger or something," Hyo informed.

The gene should have been recessive in Shiro, however, Ichigo was his twin and thus managed to activate the gene making it dominant in Shiro. Shiro couldn't shift though which confused Ichigo but made him wonder if he was fairly knew at this. It took some time before Ichigo managed a shift and that was when he got his ass handed to him for some reason.

Time had passed and Ichigo went to the pregnancy test. Pulling it out, he read what it told him and his heart sunk. Pregnant. Ichigo was pregnant and had conceived about 1-2 weeks ago. How was he going to tell Grimmjow? His parents? He wasn't sure mainly because they would think he was crazy. Grimmjow's animal mother, Pantera might be pleased but no one else would. Everyone would be so disappointed in him for this. Young parents were frowned upon, considered the worst parents when in all actuality they tried their best for their young. Ichigo couldn't get an abortion like some mothers would do. It was wrong. Ichigo couldn't kill a unborn child even if it was a bunch of condensed cells forming.

Turning to Shiro, Ichigo ran to the arms of his older brother while holding Hyo. Shiro's arms were reassuring and Ichigp hoped Grimmjow wouldn't leave him after he found out. They were mates and were going to get married when they were older but it was harder when you had a child. Ichigo already had people trying to fight him because of his hair and he didn't want to go to school anymore because of this. He didn't care about school he just wanted his children to be safe. Delinquents didn't care who they hurt because they loved the thrill of the fight.

Ichigo asked Shiro what he was going to do but it was Shiro who said they wait. Grimmjow would be coming by later on with a spare uniform for Ichigo and it would be then that they told Grimmjow about it all. They heard their mother call for them down for breakfast but Shiro yelled back they weren't hungry. Shiro had to leave to take his pills which lead to Ichigo clutching Hyo while being left alone with his thoughts.

Masaki held onto all pain medication even the ones in the clinic because she was afraid Shiro might try to commit suicide again so she hid them in the one place Shiro would never look. Under the floorboards under her bed. They medicine was out when the kids were at school but when they weren't they remained under the bed.

There is nothing I can do.

Ichigo couldn't do anything and he couldn't hide forever either. Eventually news would break out and he'd be labelled a slut, whore and many other names. Most people who had sex didn't have evidence of their actions. Shiro's relationship with Gin was a secret so no one knew of it besides the few friends they had. Gin only looked like a friend of Shiro's to the students but he was still punished when he got in trouble even getting suspended.

"I'm back," announced Shiro.

Ichigo turned to see his brother and the fact Grimmjow was behind him was even worse. Ichigo, if he had his cat ears out would have dropped at the sight of Grimmjow.

"You smell different," commented Grimmjow and sniffing the air once more.

Ichigo clutched Hyo closer to his chest in fear. He was found out and there was no denying what happened to him now. Ichigo moved back a little and held Hyo like a child kid would a stuffed animal. Stroking his black fur, Ichigo tried to calm himself enough to tell Grimmjow what was going on. It was so hard since this wasn't easy like saying 'hey, I cheated on you' this was far harder because having a child had more concequences than cheating. Cheating meant a break up but having a child could have a infinite amount of problems making Ichigo more terrified. How could he tell Grimmjow they were going to be young parents? They were getting close to their final year of high school. They were sixteen and next year was their last year. How would Ichigo be able to graduate? Grimmjow was rich as fuck but his genetic mother might cut off Grimmjow when she found out what happened.

"Your mom preggers or something?" asked Grimmjow," if so she should put away her pregnancy tests. That's nasty."

Ichigo could only shake his head at Grimmjow's answer. A bitter smile was upon his face making Grimmjow worry and rush to Ichigo and try to get Ichigo to wiggle out what was wrong. Ichigo didn't want to tell him though and in the end it was Shiro who opened his mouth. Blame the medication was Shiro's excuse when Ichigo had began to yell at him for betraying his trust. The twins began a verbal spat between one another. Shiro wasn't nice about what he said either instead he showed cruelty towards Ichigo; the effects of the drugs.

"Well if you hadn't spread your damn legs we wouldn't be in this predicament!" screamed Shiro.

"Me? Me"? What about you? You and Gin fuck like there's no tomorrow!" retorted Ichigo," don't tell me 'm the slut when you get fucked by him basically every day!"

"Shut up!" screeched Shiro," at least I'm not prego!"

"Up yours you asshole!"

"Tch, I'd never let you fuck me," sneered Shiro.

Ichigo was trembling from rage and it was Grimmjow who pulled Ichigo into his chest so that the two didn't begin a fist fight. Grimmjow reassured Ichigo he wasn't ashamed of what was happening and if worst came to worst they would live in the panther habitat. Ichigo was still steaming mad at his brother though and the fear he had felt before diminished and he was full of rage. He wanted to punch Shiro like there was no tomorrow and he wouldn't be satisfied until he not one hit. It was Hyo who managed to get free of Grimmjow's grip and bit Shiro's leg making him scream in shock and hold his leg. Ichigo was brought out of his stupor and was released by Grimmjow to run to his brother. Hormones were making him fucked up and as he looked at Shiro's bleeding leg, Ichigo looked at Hyo and hit his butt.

"You don't bite people Hyo! Especially not your uncle Shiro." scolded Ichigo.

Tending to the wound, Ichigo made Grimmjow get a q-tip so that he could clean the wound. Grimmjow grabbed their first aid kit which was helpful for Ichigo so he could wrap the wound in gauze to stop the bleeding. The teeth marks weren't too large so there wasn't any stitches needed but Ichigo felt bad. Giving Shiro a hug, Ichigo began to apologize for his actions and how Hyo acted. Shiro accepted it and hugged Ichigo back. Though Ichigo was a little different from his drugs, he knew to forgive since the news his brother received.

"So I'm gonna be a daddy," said Grimmjow," this is gonna be fun."

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