Ichigo had forced Hyo to apologize to Shiro; biting people was not okay. It was better to nip that habit in the butt before it developed any further. Hyo of course felt guilty and after those cute kitty eyes he used Shiro was putty. It was like the whole ordeal hadn't happened but the fact that Ichigo would be giving birth and was showing signs made him wonder how long it would last. He knew nothing on an animal's gestation period meaning he could be pregnant as long as a human for all he knew. Ichigo was confused and honestly had no idea how the hell he was going to be a parent when he wasn't even good with kids. Hyo didn't count. Ichigo was good with his sisters but how would he fair with his own child? Ichigo was really worried now. Grimmjow had accepted them but Gage and the other students didn't like the fact that Ichigo was a hybrid; it enhanced his own skills making him better than the others when it came to sports. They were jealous of his skills and more often than not tried to bully Ichigo in the locker rooms. Shiro was with him most of the time but it never ended up well and Ichigo had to pull Shiro off so that he didn't get detention or suspension.

Sighing, Ichigo ran his fingers through orange locks. There was no denying what would happen but for now he wanted it to be like it wasn't happening but only for the sake of normalcy and finding out what was truly happening. There were more important subjects at hand such as why Shiro had no longer had the recessive gene for his own hybrid gene. What was he? He smelt similar to Ichigo meaning he was feline but how did they unlock it. They were questions that were best brought up with Shinji and that meant they would have to head in his direction and back to his house.

It would be worth it in the end because that would give Ichigo a timeline before people started to notice he was with child. His teachers weren't going to be happy when he asked for a certain amount of homework so that he'd be able to keep up. Maybe he could home school since it would make it more easier. Ichigo didn't know but he did know that they had to leave. A taxi might suffice but it would only be able to go to the border of the hybrid territory so they had to leave now or else they'd continually put it off.

Taking Grimmjow's hand, Ichigo allowed Hyo to jump on his shoulder while they went to the kitchen. Their mother looked at them but Ichigo just told her that they needed to go out and meet some friends today. They grabbed some toast and Masaki tried to convince Ichigo that wasn't really breakfast but Ichigo apologized and called a taxi once they left the room. They would be at a corner store to get picked up and it would arrive in ten minutes or so. It wasn't too bad but with the wait it made time slower as Ichigo kept on wanting to pace but it was Grimmjow who held Ichigo down by holding the older mail. Ichigo was a little older than Grimmjow but it didn't bother the two and Ichigo sought out comfort within Grimmjow's arms.

Shiro wasn't pacing either but he was thrumming his fingers against his arm as they waited for the vehicle to arrive. When it did Shiro seemed to relax but Ichigo was nervous. The taxi driver almost jumped out of his seat when he saw Hyo on Ichigo's shoulders but it didn't faze Ichigo until he noticed the driver pale from fright.

"Are you okay?" Ichigo asked in confusion.

"W-We c-can't h-have a-animals!" the man stuttered.

Ichigo looked at Hyo and then at the driver. "Hyo is my cub not my child. With the outbreak of were-animals and the government allowing us to have the same standings as humans due to his close family holding the gene I would except you to not act in such a manner. Hyo may not be mine by birth but we are all lycanthrope. Though we are not contagious and we are felines, our condition is called lycanthropy and just because we have additional features it does not make us any different since we were once human!"

It was true that Shinji and Nnoitra called Ichigo a neko but that was just a smaller category for those who held lycanthropy. Ichigo preferred the term lycantrope as well as a were-panther since he could turn into a large feline at will.

"Don't eat me!" the man begged. "I have a wife and children to feed."

"Ew! why would I want to do that?" Ichigo asked in disgust.

"I dunno, he seems pretty tasty don't you think Aibou?" Shiro teased.

"Shut up!" Ichigo hissed. "Can you just drive us to the southern area of Karakura Town. Just the outskirts, you don't need to go inside. We know our way from there."

The man nodded his head and hit the button to begin the fare that Ichigo would have to pay. Hyo rested on Ichigo's lap after the incident, finding it safer in his mother's arms than on Ichigo's shoulder within easy grasp of the prejudice human male. The panther cub began to purr in happiness and the drive wasn't too long considering the time and that there weren't many people driving. Karakura Town wasn't like Tokyo where the streets were hustling with people but Ichigo was glad he lived in a small town. The scenery was serene with the trees as well as the flowers growing on the side but he wasn't surprised with the growing trees because the lycanthropes needed a place where they could shift and run through the forest without worrying about hunters. Ichigo didn't shit often enough but he was content with his form and his mother didn't like it when he got fur on the couch. Ichigo wondered what his brother's form would be; it would not doubt be feline since he smelled like himself but slightly different. Hyo was a natural born panther while Grimmjow was too but the two held separate scents to indicate their origin. Grimmjow was lab bred while Ichigo and Hyo were naturally bred. It confused Ichigo but he knew Shinji could help with the problem of bringing Shiro's powers out if he wanted them which it seemed Shiro wanted it in order to protect Ichigo when Grimmjow or the others weren't around. Ichigo had gotten stronger over the few months but now that he was impregnated he knew the threat would be greater from those who believed in tradition and those who feared what he was.

Eventually Ichigo would be home schooled before the cubs were born but he was still afraid for the while he would be pregnant for; word would spread like wild fire that Ichigo was pregnant. He knew his cubs would be in danger for a while and they might age different but he would never know until later on; Ichigo desperately wished that they would be able to grow at a normal pace but at the same time he wished for them to physically grow faster so that he wouldn't have to worry about the fragility the young held.

The cab came to a rolling stop and Ichigo turned to the man, handing him the notes needed and he got a few coins back. Ichigo nodded his head as a goodbye and waved before he placed Hyo on his shoulders as they walked into the lycanthrope community. There were houses side by side for mated couples for their families to live and some where spread out like a typical neighborhood. Some houses were styled like apartments and town houses but houses were more popular so that the young could run freely in the yard. Hyo hadn't been to the area before because Ichigo was always scared bringing his cub around other cubs who played more rough; Ichigo wasn't sure if Hyo was on par with the other cubs around his age. Grimmjow had his arm around Ichigo's waist in a protective manner as well as ownership to show any lingering eyes that Ichigo was taken. Shiro had no one so Grimmjow used his other arm to hold Shiro close causing Shiro to growl low in his throat.

"Gin's scent isn't on you so unless you want someone to fuck you till no tomorrow then by all means I won't protect you," Grimmjow told Shiro.

"Fine," Shiro grumbled as he used his other hand to move above Ichigo's arm that was wrapped around Grimmjow's waist.

Shiro had a lot of pride but if he ended up being dominated by some other male he did not want that to happen to him. Shiro only let Gin dominate him because the older male was so much better at it and sometimes Shiro needed to unwind from the stress he felt and Gin was the one who could achieve such a goal; it was like getting a massage but better.

Ichigo found the house that Shinji and Nnoitra shared but only because the two were sunbathing on a blanket in the yard with some alcoholic beverages in their cups. Ichigo's nose picked up the scent of alcohol and unfortunately, most people police task force members didn't enter the district of the lycanthrope unless those who held the gene entered. It was a territorial thing but also because many of them feared turning into a monster and turning furry every full moon which was bullshit; anyone with lycanthrope could shift at any given time. Most turned into a full animal but Ichigo held two forms: his animal form as well as his form with cat ears and a tail.

"Ichi-kun!" Shinji greeted with a wild smile.

Ichigo rolled his eyes at the older man's antics and couldn't help but scowl at the suffix added to his name. At least he didn't use chan since that one was more embarrassing. Shinji wasn't a panther like Ichigo but rather a leopard which wasn't too different to his kind and Ichigo thought leopards were beautiful in their own way with their rosette spots. They were far more stunning than a cheetah. the two greeted each other by nuzzling their cheeks as a form of greeting; not completely like their kind but it worked for them. It was a scent recognition even though they new each other physically but it was their inner beast that brought for the scent recognition. Grimmjow flat out refused but mainly because he was the stronger alpha and refused to be so close to one weaker than him so instead he sniffed Shinji's hair while the man sniffed Grimmjow's chest. Shiro was given the same greeting as Ichigo and Shiro did the same.

"What brings you here?" Shinji asked. "Is it because of your pregnancy?"

Ichigo's eyes bugged out for a second before Shinji continued his sentence. "You smell of life that is not your own."

Ichigo relaxed a bit at that. "Shiro is showing signs of a lycanthrope. He can understand Hyo."

"Now that is a revelation to be surprised at," Shinji answered with a smile," and I suppose you want me to help him release his own inner animal?"

Ichigo nodded his head and smiled sheepishly at Shinji. Hyo was on the ground now and went to lay on the blanket near Nnoitra which was strange. Hyo usually never wandered out of reach from Ichigo which made him frown. Was Hyo mad at him for the spanking he gave the cub when he bit Shiro? A sigh escaped Ichigo's lips but he moved towards the house.

"Best to do this in the backyard where the fences are up. Not many people need to see your brother shift for his first time," Shinji declared.

Nnoitra laid where he was as did Hyo which caused Ichigo to call out to his cub as the others went towards the back. Hyo seemed to follow but rather than try to climb up Ichigo the cub went and latched himself onto Shinji of all people. It made Ichigo wonder what was going on with his cub and he tried to reach for his cub and Hyo tried to jump but Shinji caught the young panther and handed him over to Ichigo.

"Don't go runnin' from yer momma or else he can't protect ya," Shinji told the cub. "There are some bad lycanthropes around here too. Some mothers lost their cubs and might steal ya from Ichigo."

Ichigo's grip was stronger now as he held Hyo in fear that another mother might steal away his cub because theirs had died. He couldn't loose Hyo since he loved the little male cub like he were his own. Hyo ended up allowing Ichigo to hold him and it seemed to calm Ichigo down a fair amount as they made their way into the backyard. Shinji looked at Shiro and motioned for Ichigo and Grimmjow to step back slightly.

"We'll need distance," Shinji told the others. "Unlike you and other's, Shiro's ability will not be unlocked by stress or intense emotions Slowly he's been absorbing your powers Ichigo to be able to hear Hyo and I will pour my energy into him to force him into a shift. The shift will be ore painful and if you get too close you might shift too which will endanger your forming young if you turn into a full cat. Your ears and tail are fine but with the bones meshing it could force an abortion."

Ichigo nodded his head and took five large steps back so that he was closer to the doors. There was a table with seats and Hyo sat on Grimmjow's lap while Ichigo sat beside Grimmjow. The energy being passed onto Shiro wasn't physically seen but felt between the others. It kept building inside Shiro more and more, swirling into his stomach and body. To Shiro it hurt as his body was creaking in his human skin demanding he take a different form. Sweat gathered and trickled down Shiro's body as e was forced onto his hands and knees. Ichigo was fascinated by the procedure and noticed that rippling affect the power had before someone shifted. A gasp erupted but it wasn't from Shiro instead it came from Hyo which was odd until Ichigo noticed that his cub was on the ground too and as Shiro was transforming into a cat, Hyo was turning into a human. Claws turned into fingernails and he began to grow from someone small to someone with great height. Ichigo's jaw dropped at seeing a tan skinned, naked man on the ground around his age who looked to stand at 6'5" which was taller than both Ichigo and Grimmjow. It was obviously Hyo and his cub had black hair that went down to his mid-back and intense ocean blue eyes looked at Ichigo in surprise. Ichigo looked at Hyo and then towards his brother who was walking around normally like any white Siberian tiger. Ichigo noticed the shock in Shiro's eyes as he took in Hyo's appearance.

"I'm human?" mumbled a confused gruff voice and Hyo looked up at his mother with innocent features of a child as he leaped up and hugged Ichigo. "I'm human Momma!"

"I can see!" Ichigo chuckled as he held his son which was awkward since Hyo was taller.

"I can finally be with you in public and not worry about mean people hurting me or you," Hyo whispered in happiness as he clutched onto Ichigo like any child would to their mother when they were in complete happiness.

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