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Chapter One

Lucy sat at the bar of her beloved guild. She took a drink of the cold glass of orange juice, the droplets of water forming on the outer shell of the glass were making their way on her finger tips. She watched with amusement as her fire dragon slayer best friend argued with the raven-haired ice mage. The cool liquid slid down her throat causing her to breathe out in relief.

Another smile formed on her lips as an iron dragon slayer joined the fight and sent her best friend flying to the other side of the guild. She missed these scenes after months away from her home. Erza and Mirajane had taken her to an isolated section of Magnolia, which she questioned at first. It was not in her desire to just leave her friends while they had the guilty pleasure of relaxing by the sea.

When the three had returned, they were more than surprised by the renovations and rebuilding that the guild members had made. The guild was larger than ever before, with the addition of new members, larger kitchens and dining halls, and of course the party hall was even more spacious than before. But that was not the only surprise that greeted the stellar mage; Lisanna and Natsu had announced their engagement, and Lucy had congratulated them with sincere joy.

Although Lucy was certain that she held feelings for the fire dragon slayer, she could not quite remember how she had gotten over her emotions. This was no longer a surprise for the blonde mage, for she couldn't seem to remember quite a few things.

She could not remember when she had helped Levy and Gajeel get together, which never came to her mind until the script mage took hold of her hands and repeatedly thanked her. She couldn't quite remember the events of the few months after the Grand Magic Games, and when exactly had Juvia gotten over her obsession for Gray?. She had asked Mirajane and Erza about her situation and they both had told her that it was the side effects of the potion that Polyushka had given her to heal her injuries from a fight that the Celestial mage couldn't remember either.

It frustrated her to think that in addition to the seven years she had lost, she also lost a few months that she probably spent having fun with guild members, and going on jobs with Team Natsu. It also frustrated her every time her best friend would look at her as if to expect her to suddenly remember something important. It was almost as if Natsu wanted her to remember something in particular, and then there were times when he looked as if he wanted her to stay completely unbeknownst of the time period she lost.

She stared off into the window where a rays of sunlight were making their way through. A single ray of light fell on her skin, sending a sensation of warmth that she was rather fond of. There was something about the way the light fell that fascinated Lucy. She would always catch herself trying to think of what it was that it reminded her of, but the picture was nothing but a blur.

She sighed. How she wished that all her memories would just come flooding back to her, but for some strange reason, from the way her friends would react whenever she asked questions, she suddenly didn't feel like remembering. It must have been a tragic fight if they thought it was best that she doesn't remember.

Erza, Natsu, and Levy all tensed when she had asked them what happened, but it was always the same story: Team Natsu had gone on a mission, only to be ambushed by a dark guild. Lucy had gone against one of their more powerful mages and he nearly killed her. In the end, Natsu, Erza, and Gray had defeated them and immediately rushed to Polyushka to help Lucy. She had given them a potion that would help the stellar mage recover, but one of its side effects was her losing her memories.

She supposed it was better than losing her life. There must have been nothing of importance for her to remember, otherwise, her friends would have told her by now. She smiled at the thought. Yes, her friends would always be there for her no matter what, and she would always be able to trust them.

"Lucy," Lucy nearly jumped off the stool at the sound of Gray's deep voice. Now that her mind was brought back to the present, she finally took notice of the silence in the guild. The three rivals had gone through their usual bickering and Gray had taken a seat beside her at the bar. "Why are so spaced out? What's up?"

Gray looked at her with curiosity. Sure he's seen her plenty of times spacing off into a point in outer space, but this would be the first time he has actually approached her about it. He watched as her expression went from a blank, to pursed lips, to thoughtful. Inwardly laughing to himself, he couldn't help but observe the way the light was falling on her light and creamy skin.

He had smacked himself mentally a few times, wondering as to how he could have possibly left Lucy alone back when Natsu was still on the first stage of being head over heels for Lisanna. He was her nakama for goodness sake and he had left her on her own to deal with the emotional pressure she was going through. He felt even more guilty when she ended up in the arms of Sabertooth's white dragon slayer.

"I was just thinking. You know, about what it was that I might have missed from the memories I lost." Gray winced at her words. He knew why the stellar mage lost her memories, why she couldn't remember anything from the day she had encountered Sting after the Grand Magic Games up to the day she was attacked by Minerva.

He was the first to find her almost lifeless body collapsed on the floor, while Minerva stood over her, her foot on her head. Erza and Mirajane followed after and fought her off, while he was tasked to take the stellar mage to Polyushka to be healed. Fairy Tail's master was waiting for him at her doorstep and it was when Erza and Mirajane had arrived that they decided to use the potion that erased her memories, judging that it was for the best.

Although the two female demons of Fairy Tail were bruised and scratched, they did enough to drive Minerva out of Magnolia. Erza had clenched her hands into fists for she still had a score to settle with the wench.

"Uhm...Gray?" Lucy waved a hand in front of the ice mage's face, who immediately pulled out of his thoughts. "Are you alright?" She had a worried look on her face, and the curiosity was obvious as well.

Gray shook his head, trying to clear his mind of all thoughts, "Uh. Yeah. I'm fine Luce."

""Gray! Lucy!" Both mages turned to the requip mage who was approaching them. In her hand was a piece of paper which she waved in the air.

"Hi Erza," Lucy smiled up at her. "What's that paper for?" she curiously glanced at the sheet of paper, noticing the bold print at the top center.

"Ah, well, Master handed it to me to inform us that we're going to be participating in the Grand Magic Games, that is, except for you Lucy," the hurt filled look on Lucy's face made the requip mage feel guilty. "Master just wants to ensure your safety Luce. He doesn't want what happened the past year to happen again."

Lucy knew what she meant. She had suffered greatly in the hands of Sabertooth's Minerva. She was more than thankful that Natsu and the others had kept their promise to not only get back at them for what happened to her, but to raise the guild's name once more.

"I understand. I'll be cheering for all of you though!" The look on Erza's and Gray's faces made the stellar mage frown. "No way. There's no way I'm staying behind. There's no reason for me to."

Both Erza and Gray looked at each other, unsure if it would be a good idea to take Lucy to Crocus. They would risk all their efforts in hiding Lucy from Sting Eucliffe. It was possible that they encounter each other, and Lucy's memories may resurface and possibly her emotions as well. With a sigh, Erza gave in to the pleading look the stellar mage gave her, "Maybe it wouldn't hurt to take you..." A wide smile formed on the stellar mage's lips at Erza's words.

"We're definitely going to take down Sabertooth this year!" she exclaimed.

Sting stood up from the bed, pulling a thin bed sheet around his waist, hiding the most private part of his body. He took a quick glance at the feminine naked form covered in a thin sheet of fabric. Frowning in disgust, he searched for his missing clothes; his shirt and boxers were hanging on the headboard of the bed, while his pants were on the floor.

He quickly pulled his clothes back on, and without any word, left the room, unsatisfied as always. How many times he had slept with women, he could no longer count. In just a matter of months, his life then is no longer the life he lives now. Although he still ranks as second best in Sabertooth, he had busied himself with more than just training, but also women.

He had wept, days and nights, over the death of Lucy Heartfilia. It was easy for him to let his temper get the best of him, and got into messy and unnecessary fights. Always thinking about her, his heart would clench tightly in his chest, causing him to lose focus whenever he and Rogue went out on jobs. It would seem his anger was beneficial to him in a way, making him even more powerful than before.

After leaving Lucy's body in Fairy Tail's infirmary, the white dragon slayer sought out Minerva, vision red with anger, but she had already reported to her father about what had happened. Due to their difference in position in the guild, Sting could not harm her in any way. He also knew that Minerva was the stronger of the two, not only would Sting be harmed but Lector as well.

"Oi! Sting-kun!" As the white dragon slayer stepped out of the motel, he was greeted by his exceed partner, and behind him stood Rogue and Frosch. The shadow dragon slayer wrinkled his nose at the scent that rubbed on his blonde partner. He watched as Sting's lips curled into a smirk, displaying the satisfaction and fulfillment he had last night.

"Sting, Master wants us back as soon as possible. Don't hold us up anymore just to satisfy your raging hormones," Rogue shook his head in disapproval, but Sting merely waved him off, already making his way to the direction of their guild.

"Yeah whatever," Sting replied, hand waving him off, not giving a care in the world, "What's he want this time? I'd rather stay outdoors that be stuck in there with that bitch of daughter he has." Not only has Sting spent his time in bed with women, he has also grown a bad habit of cursing with vulgar remarks though not necessary. He despised the world and everyone in it, with the exception of his partners.

His rational view was no longer rational, and he released his anger in the least pleasant way he could. From the day he had found Lucy dead, his view on the world differed. It was unfair, without any justice. From time to time he would glance up at the stars on the darkest of nights. They were one of the many things that reminded him of the stellar mage. He would grit his teeth in frustration, the urge to hit something building up inside him.

Then, he would laugh at himself inwardly for asking a stupid question as to why life was so unfair. There were times when he the thought that if he had never encountered Lucy on that fateful day, she never would have died. She would still be alive and maybe even happy with someone else. It would not have bothered him one bit, because then, he was disgusted by trash like her.

But it wasn't like that and there was nothing he could do to turn back time. Lucy was dead and she wasn't coming back. No matter what he did to move on, he just could not seem to let go of her. It scared him from time to time, whenever the once perfect image of her face would blur in his mind, like every essence of what spirit she had left with him was fading away.

After a few hours of travelling, the dragon slayer duo and their two exceeds were at the gates of the Sabertooth guild. The sky was an ominous gray and Sting's acute hearing could pick up the sound of rolling thunder and the strikes of lightning from the far distance. For a moment he thought that the darkened sky warned of dark events to follow, but the white dragon slayer believed nothing of superstitions.

They entered the guildhall, which was unsurprisingly empty that day. The S-class trials were about to begin and every mage would attempt to become a part of it. The request board had nothing but a single job request left, and the silence engulfed the large building. Both Sting and Rogue welcomed the silence, and were more than happy that no one else was around. "So you're back..."

Sting grimaced at the voice and looked up to the upper level of the guild. Minerva stood on the second floor, looking down on them, with a smirk on her lips. His hands twitched and clenched into fists, itching to wipe the smirk plastered on her face, "Here. Catch." She threw a piece of paper their way, which Lector caught. He read over its contents for a few seconds and then handed it to Sting.

Sting hesitantly looked at the paper and read the big, bold print at the top center, "The Grand Magic Games?" Sting looked at his partner, who nodded his head. "Yeah sure, whatever... Just don't get in my way." He gave Minerva one last glare, before exiting the guild. His exceed followed behind, worried that his human partner would do something stupid.

"Sting-kun, are you really participating at the games?" the exceed was unsure. He had a strange feeling that something was amiss, though he couldn't quite put his finger on what exactly it was. It worried him even more now that Sting was becoming more destructive with every passing day. A match with his rival could lead to damage beyond repair, and probably even death.

The white dragon slayer stopped in front of a bar, debating on whether or not he should enter, "Lector, I'll be home before sunrise. You should get home, and yeah, I'm going to participate in the games." He looked up at the clouded sky, "Maybe I'll be able to move on once I defeat Fairy Tail's Salamander." His hands balled into fists.

He despised the fire dragon slayer. He not only was his rival as the best dragon slayer, but he was also his love rival. He had hurt Lucy countless times, but she always cared for him. That was the reason why the stellar mage chose him over Sting, and Sting could never forget how she took his hand in his and walked away with him. If Natsu had stayed out of the picture, maybe, just maybe, Sting and Lucy would be doing just fine together right now.

Lector watched as Sting drifted into his thoughts. His actions may be rough and dangerous, but the sadness in his eyes betrayed his tough and outer shell. "Okay. Don't be reckless Sting." With one last worried glance the exceed flew off into the direction of their apartment.

The blonde mage stepped into the bar, afraid that the rain would pour and took a seat on a stool. It was dark, with dimly lit lights. Girls were swaying their hips on silver, metal poles, with the music that was blaring off of the lacrima speakers. It was loud and men were hooting and whistling at the almost naked women. How he had grown a habit of walking into these settings, he would never know.

The bartender walked up to him, her dark brown hair in a single pony tail. Sting watched as her hips swayed while she strode towards him, with a seductive smile, "What would you like to drink tonight handsome?" She winked at him, her red lips forming a small pout. He could see the pink and black corset she wore, tightly wrap around her body.

Sting smirked, knowing full well that the girl in front of him was not the one seducing him, but rather, she was already attracted by his good looks and well sculpted body. He thought for moment. He probably wouldn't get a chance to have a little fun during the Grand Magic Games in Crocus. He would probably spend days fighting or maybe he could sit the other challenges until it came time for him to fight his rival, and he would spend nights asleep or training.

For almost a second, the girl in front of him looked almost familiar, her hair suddenly turning a shimmering gold, and eyes a chocolate brown color. Tearing his gaze away from the brunette, he leaned forward, his lips almost touching the base of her neck, "Let's have a little fun tonight, babe."

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