Epilogue: Ten Years Later

Lucy stomped on the ground, slamming the door behind her with more force than necessary, and realized too late that their youngest child was currently asleep on their bed. Luna, who was three years old, awoke with a start, her blue eyes wide until a cry escaped her lips. She sat up, rubbing her eyes, her golden hair in a braided crown, and small arms reaching out to her mother who quickly rushed to her side, pulling her to an embrace.

Lucy gently held her daughter, humming a soft tune to put her back to sleep, but failed to do so. Two big, blue eyes looked up at her, "Momma, why were you angwy?"

Before Lucy could respond, the reason for her anger walked through the doorway. Sting had on his shoulders, the second youngest of their children, Lukas. He was five years old with curly blonde hair, and bright aqua blue eyes. The sight made the stellar mage smile, knowing full well that it was one of her husband's method of keeping her calm. And of course, it worked. It always worked.

"Will you hear me out now?" Sting placed their son on the bed, beside Luna, allowing the two to play whatever games children came up with nowadays. The white dragon slayer wrapped an arm around Lucy, pulling her close to him, "Lucy, I know I said I wanted lots of kids, but I think that we could, you know, wait a bit. We already have four, which means we're going to have to prepare another room, but more extra things, which, right now, we just don't have time for. We have our hands full with the twins and these two."

Lucy looked away from Sting, pouting. There was no arguing with her husband when he made up his mind. "Whatever." She stood up, sighing, ignoring the pleading look her husband gave her, "Oh, and I'm going to visit Fairy Tail for Christmas this year, with the kids. No questions asked.

Sting backed off the moment Lucy sent her a threatening glare that clearly said he was to not argue with her on the topic. He inwardly cursed. He was looking forward to spending this Christmas with her and their kids alone.

"Poppa, you made Momma mad," Lukas nodded at his younger sister's comment.

"Dad, what's Fairy Tail?" the five year old looked at his father, while ruffling his younger sister's hair.

Sting smirked, something he was sure his kid would eventually learn to do, especially because his eldest child learned to charm his way into things using that same signature smirk. "Luke, Fairy Tail is the wizard guild your mother and I belong to. You know that mark on her hand and this one on my shoulder? That's the symbol of Fairy Tail."

Luna jumped from where she sat and ran up to her father, "Poppa, I wanna be like Momma and be a faiwy Tail Wizawrd!"

The white dragon slayer smiled down at his daughter. He could remember when he was still young, with the same dream of becoming a Fairy Tail mage, and meeting the fire dragon slayer in person. Gently, he ruffled her hair, "Of course, Luna. You will become a strong mage of Fairy Tail someday."

The dark clouds that brought the winter snow have long subsided by the time Lucy, Sting, and their children stepped out of the train that lead to Magnolia. The ground was covered in a thick layer of white snow, and a few snowflakes fell from the sky, but not as much as it had a few hours ago.

As they walked through the streets, children were running about playing with the snow and laying on the ground, creating snow angels. The sight had a smile curling on Lucy's lips as she held onto Sting's hand tightly. Holding onto her other hand was Luna, wrapped in a violet winter coat, and violet boots to match. Her cheeks were pink from the cold, but a smile was on her face at the scene that unfolded before her.

Lukas was on Sting's shoulder, looking over the streets, eyes squinted, determined to be the first to see the guild. Light and Layla were following behind, admiring the landscape and the currently frozen river that Lucy once looked out into each night on her old apartment window.

"Magnolia is so beautiful Mom! Why didn't you take us before?" Layla's blue eyes watched as other children skated on the frozen water. She made a mental note to go once they have settled in their temporary home.

She then turned to her brother, whose chocolate brown orbs were looking straight ahead, eyes focused on the massive building that was covered in white snow. Walls, windows, and doors decorated with rainbow colored Christmas lights, wreaths, and ornaments. Her breath hitched in her throat at the sight. Over the gates was a flashing sign labeled, "Fairy Tail" the lights turning on and off every few seconds. The same insignia her parents had was a watermark behind the name.

Light only stood there, admiring the guild. He could hear music and voices inside. All his life Layla and him have trained their magic to be able to become a member of the same guild that their parents belonged to. And only at ten years old were they able to personally see the guild. His hands clenched tightly into fists. This was his chance to prove to his father just how deserving he was of this moment.

Before he could say a word, someone ran past him, running straight into his sister, who fell on the ground with a rather loud thump. Layla glared up at the stranger, about to make a remark, but stopped. Her pink cheeks only grew rosier as she looked up at the boy who held out his hand to help her up.

"Sorry about that," he had a familiar goofy grin on his face as he pulled her up off the ground. He looked about the same age as her and her twin brother, but his hair was a rose color, eyes a hazel color.

Lucy's eyebrow raised at the scene unfolding before her, quite certain that the young man smiling at her daughter was Crimson, Natsu's eldest son. He was the spitting image of her best friend, and she could not help but smile at the similar situation she had with Sting before they fell in love with each other.

Speaking of her husband, he was currently eyeing the two with a glare, but they seemed completely oblivious to his threats. Deep inside he hoped his daughter would regain her composure and yell at the idiot's son for bumping into her.

After a short silence, Light was becoming more impatient. He wanted to go inside the guild more than anyone, "Hey! Watch where you're going next time!"

The flame headed boy turned around and sent the younger white dragon slayer a glare, "You were in my way! You watch where you're standing!" The two continued to glare at each other, "How about we settle this with a fight?!"

"Enough!" Lucy pulled the two away from each other, before the sound of hurried footsteps could be heard. A young girl with raven colored hair was running towards the group, her hair disheveled, and her breathing heavy from running. She was a head shorter than the other three, but Lucy could guess that the girl was Gray and Juvia's daughter, who was only two years younger. She was about the same height as Lukas. "How about you kids go on into the guild, while your father and I attend to our living arrangements. Light, Layla, watch Luna and Lukas."

With that the two left, Lucy with a smile on her face, while Sting had a frown on his face. The stellar mage laughed, placing a soft kiss on her husband's cheek, "You worry too much, Sting."

Light placed Luna over his shoulders as he glared at the younger fire dragon slayer, who, in return, glared back. Layla was currently holding onto Lukas' hand, following the young girl who ran up to them earlier and introduced herself as Adaliah. Her raven colored hair was in a fishtail braid, and her eyes were a pretty green color.

They were all greeted by the warmth as they entered the guild, mages running from one end of the hall to another, decorations were being put up, and a giant Christmas tree was placed beside the staircase, where over ten members were decorating aroun it and placing gifts beneath it. Light took note of the two arguing men, one with pink hair, similar to the boy who called himself Crimson, and another with raven hair who had no shirt on. They were ready to fight, but were soon hit on the head, the pink haired male by a lady with short, silver hair, and the exhibitionist, by an angry blue haired female.

It was all amazing, and he itched to join the craziest guild in all of Fiore, and this Christmas, his wish was going to finally be realized as was Layla's. They all took their seats on a nearby table, Light placing his younger sister on the surface of the table, while Lukas sat beside his older sister. Crimson and Adaliah sat across from them, the boys still in a glaring contest with each other.

"What are you doing here?" Light asked with a bitter tone. It took Layla aback. Her twin brother never spoke to anyone like that before.

"I'm a member of Fairy Tail, and so are my parents," Crimson puffed his chest out with pride. Layla rolled her eyes, he was actually very similar to Light.

"My parents are members too!" Light defended, "My mother is the best celestial mage, and my father is the best dragon slayer!"

Crimson stood up, "My father is the best dragon slayer!"

Once again, the young dragon slayers glared at each other, waves of electricity and tension was visible around them. They both clenched their teeth tightly together in anger. Crimson's fists were engulfed in flames, while Light was preparing a roar.

"Stop! Or I'm telling Auntie Mirajane!" A small voice had the two freeze. Light looked to his right, and blushed. Standing before him was a little girl, about the age of seven, with long, wavy blue hair that was let loose, and bright green eyes. She had on fake glasses, her eyebrows scrunched together in anger, and her lips formed a pout. "Stop arguing nii-san!" she looked angrily at Crimson, "Mommy Levy says that these are her friends children. So be nice!"

The girl soon introduced herself as Aphrodite and added, "because you know, everybody loves me!" and smiled a wide smile. "My mommy said that she names me Aphrodite because it's her favorite Goddess. That means I'm a goddess."

Although there was still tension between the fire dragon slayer and the white dragon slayer, it was not long before they were all getting along, and drinking hot chocolate at the bar. Mirajane was quite fond of all of them, and decided to skip out on kitchen duty just to enjoy the new company of Lucy's kids. Light was strikingly similar to his father, and Layla to her mother. It would not surprise the take over mage if Luna and Lukas were the same when they grew up.

Her eyes only gleamed further more when she noticed the obvious shyness of her nephew towards Lucy's eldest daughter. Light, on the other hand, seems to have taken a liking to Levy and Gajeel's daughter. It was going to be like the old times, when she would play matchmaker again, but that would have to wait until they were a few years older, and all her fun would begin.

Lucy sighed as she unpacked their clothes, and placed them in the closet. Mirajane was kind enough to look for a place they could temporarily stay, for the winter. She looked out at the window, the ground outside covered in snow. It was just like she remembered.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Sting placed his arms around her waist, kissing her cheek and down to her neck.

"Sting, could you at least rethink about having another kid?" at Lucy's question, Sting froze. He really did not think they were ready to have another kid.

He hesitantly pulled away from her, "Lucy, let's not ruin Christmas by arguing about this okay?"

That was his mistake. Lucy narrowed her eyes at him and stepped on his foot. Without another word, she walked out of the door, slamming it shut behind her. Sting ran after her, unsure what exactly it was that he did wrong. They have discussed it plenty of times, and she was always so persistent on having another kid.

"Lucy, wait!" when he caught up to her, he grabbed her by the wrist, pulling her to him, "Why are you so upset?"

"Baka!" Lucy was crying. She was sure she just told herself she would not cry, but she just could not grasp the idea that Sting was so against having another kid. Her husband pulled her in a tight embrace despite her protests. It helped calm her down a little, but did little to remove the negative thoughts invading her mind.

When they entered the guild, they were greeted by many of their friends. Levy was the first to give Lucy a hug, dragging an annoyed iron dragon slayer behind her, who gave Lucy and Sting a nod in greeting. Natsu and Lisanna followed, Natsu wrapping his arms tightly around his best friend, and Lisanna giving her a small hug. Natsu gave Sting a grin, but then challenged him to a battle, which Lisanna concluded by smacking her husband in the head. The rest of Team Natsu followed, and then by everyone from the guild that she knew. Everyone else just admired the scene and some new members were introduced.

"It's been too long, Luce!" Natsu yelled in her ear, but Lucy could not help but smile at the familiar comfort her best friend always brought with him. He then whispered in her ear, "Adults party tomorrow night for Christmas Eve. Mira and Freed set up a separate party for the kids."

It has been too long since Lucy partied without having to have to worry about her children, and the opportunity to have some time with her old friends, as well as Sting was something she was more than willing to take.

And so their day went on reminiscing about the old days, catching up with the new. Mirajane and Freed were already married with one kid, who was seven years old. Freed turned out to be a great stay at home husband, though, Mira and him took turns on S-class missions and taking care of their child. Juvia and Gray married soon after Lisanna, Natsu, Lucy, and Sting did, as well as Levy and Gajeel. Both couples currently had one child, both girls. And of course, Lisanna and Natsu has a son, Crimson, and another child on the way. Lisanna was six months pregnant, and the couple was more than happy for the new addition to their family.

Erza was currently on an S-class mission with another new addition to the guild: Jellal. He was given a pardon, and was able to join the guild without any problems. Wendy was dating Romeo. The sky dragon slayer has grown up to be just like her alternate self in Edolas: beautiful, bold, and sexy. Rogue fell in love with a civilian, who was more than supportive of his career as a mage, and now has two kids; a girl and a boy. Elfman and Evergreen were also married, with two sons. Master was still the old pervert he was, but was already training Laxus to become the next guild master. Lucy giggled. It was so strange to see just how much things have changed within the past ten years.

No one was surprised that Sting and Lucy had the largest family, especially because Sting had promised a whole guild of children when they got married. The thought was enough to send Lucy spiraling back to her depression. Sting did not want another kid. She looked at her husband, who was currently arguing with the other dragon slayers, and frowned. She hoped he would change his mind.

It was Christmas Eve, and the snow was gently falling from the sky. The children were at the bottom floor of the guild, enjoying a simple Christmas party that Mirajane had worked so hard on setting up for the last few weeks. Only after a few hours of getting to know each other, they all have become close friends, with declaration of rivalry between the two eldest boys of the group: Light and Crimson. However, they too, have become close, similar to the rivalry that Natsu had with Gray back when they were still young. Then again, they still argued every now and then.

The adults were on the second floor, with Freed setting up a run barrier so none of the children were able to get past the bottom of the staircase. The music was blaring loudly, but the runes were also set so that no sound from the party could be heard by the children.

The adults were on rage mode; everyone dancing and drinking, especially Cana, who was rumored to currently be dating the soon to be guildmaster. She had already downed two barrels of beer, with the lightning dragon slayer watching her every move. But no one was paying attention, because this was one of the days of the year where they could take a break from all the stress of finally growing up, the responsibilities of having a family, and their children.

Everyone was having a wonderful time, Lisanna currently ordering Natsu around to grab whatever her needs and cravings may be; Gray trying to escape the all seeing eyes of his wife; and Lucy and Sting wrapped around each other, in a slow dance, to the loud, upbeat music. They smiled at each other, enjoying the warmth of each other's embrace.

Sting smirked, "You know, this remind me of our wedding day. Our first slow dance, when I looked into your beautiful brown eyes and realized, I've made the right decision of marrying you."

Lucy playfully punched him, "I hope you weren't doubting your decision before that. Besides, Natsu ruined that moment, when he decided that it was race to see who can get the first bite of cake." She giggled at the memory of that night. "And it isn't like you to suddenly bring things up like this."

The white dragon slayer smirked once more, burying his nose at the base of her neck, inhaling her scent. "You're my soulmate, Lucy. I want you to be happy. And I've given it a lot of thought—I think it would be wonderful to have more additions to our family. I was just afraid that I would lose what attention you give me, to raising our kids. And another thing, I think it would be wonderful, if we could live here, in Magnolia."

Lucy's eyes sparkled at his words, a hint of amusement in the smile that curled on her lips, "You know, I will always have time for you, baka." She cupped his face and placed a gentle kiss on his lips, ignoring the "awws" that her guildmates were giving them. "Thank you."

The sound of fireworks could be heard, and almost immediately, everyone walked out into the balcony to admire the night sky. Different colors filled the air, creating a breathtaking sight that signaled midnight. It was Christmas, and Lucy felt Sting's hand wrap around her waist and pull her closer to him.

They looked down, where the kids were jumping up and down and lighting their own fire works. Light, Layla, Luna, and Lukas looked up at them and waved, yelling a Christmas greeting their way, which they returned.

"Merry Christmas, babe," Sting whispered softly in her ear.

Lucy giggled, pulling him in for another, yet longer kiss, "Merry Christmas, Sting. I have something important to tell you."

Sting raised an eyebrow and watched as Lucy's expression became thoughtful, as if contemplating something. She leaned in again for another kiss before whispering in his ear, "We need to come up with another name for our fifth child."

The white dragon slayer was at a lost for words, only looking at her with a blank expression. It worried Lucy, until a toothy grin formed on his face, embracing her, and spinning her around. Lucy wasn't sure what to make of his reaction. He was happy and it made her happy beyond what words could say.

"I love you so much, Lucy."

Lucy smiled, "I love you too, Sting."

When he placed her back on the ground, he turned to the fire dragon slayer, and pointed a finger at him, "What now, Natsu-san?! I told you she was pregnant! Now pay up!"

The Celestial Spirit Mage's eye twitched. Did he?...Her eyes burned with anger, "Sting, you idiot!"

It was going to be a long, wonderful and adventurous lifetime with him.


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