Soldiers found Maggie Mullin in a car wreck. She woke in a white room to the sound of beeping. She realized the room was actually a tent. She hopped off the table, groaning. She must have been in some kind of accident-everything hurt. She pushed through the flaps of the tent and stopped in her tracks-there were soldiers everywhere.

Jake and Eric headed a small group that was trying to repel New Bern's advance attack. Jake ran for high ground as the others were instructed to cover him. Heather found the most protected spot she could and started to fire-she was aiming for the tires of the New Bern vehicles. She figured if they wound up on foot, it would be a more even match.

The tank crested the hill, causing the men from New Bern to retreat.

The rejoicing was short-lived. Johnston had been shot.

He was carried back to the Richmond farm and laid on the kitchen table. Heather raced back into town to get Gail and Kenchy.

Maggie wandered around what turned out to be Camp Liberty. She found the C.O. and tried to warn him about the situation between New Bern and Jericho. He turned a deaf ear-until he was ordered to Jericho by Thomas Valente.

At the Richmond farm, Johnston requested that everyone be cleared from the house. Only Eric and Jake remained. Johnston struggled to speak. "This is where you survive. You make a stand, you hear? Here."

Jake nodded. "We will."

Johnston shifted his gaze to Eric. "I'm sorry you have to see this. You been through enough."

"Dad, Dad, stop," Eric said, tears streaming down his face.

"You're stronger than you think you are, though. Always have been. I love you, son."

Johnston struggled to move his eyes in Jake's direction. "I guess I zigged when I should've zagged out there, huh?" Jake laughed once. "Oh, I sure wish your mother was here. Tell your mother I love her." Johnston was beginning to lose focus. "I was…hard on you. I pushed you…away. I'm glad you…came…home." He managed to squeeze Jake's hand. "I'm proud of you," were his last words.

Jake and Eric threw their blood-covered arms around each other and cried.

They walked outside. Jake took a step forward, for a moment remembering the last time he'd given a speech…Eric's wedding.

Okay, the big toast. Before I start, is there anyone who hasn't written me a speech? I mean, really, it makes me wonder how screwed up you think I am that I can't be trusted to say a few things about my brother. And the thing is…yeah. These are all pretty lame. Not one of them mentions my brother's musical theater phase when we all thought he was gay. Seriously, you have not heard disturbing until you've heard him singing "One Hand, One Heart" in the shower every morning. … I tease my brother a lot, but the truth is…truth is, I'm very proud of him. I'm proud of how kind he is. I'm proud of how giving he is. And he's a very lucky man. Really. His mother had written the best part of that speech…

"My father's dead. We'll get through," Jake announced to the expectant faces.

People began trickling back into the house. Jake ordered Gray back into town for his own protection as Gail and Heather arrived. Everyone cleared out to allow Gail time to say goodbye to her husband.

Outside, Jake had practically collapsed on the porch, leaning against the side of the house with his knees drawn up to his chest. Heather knelt beside him and held her arms out. She held Jake while he cried, silent tears coursing down her own face. Johnston had become her father, too.

All too soon, Jake had to push his grief aside. Hawkins radioed that New Bern had regrouped and Jericho had maybe 20 minutes before they arrived.

Jake reached for Heather and gave her what for all he knew could be their final kiss.

He strode off to make final preparations. His father's words echoed through his mind: Sometimes what you feel like doing and doing what needs to be done are two different things…one day, I know you're gonna become the man I know you can be, the man you were born to be. My God, that day's gonna be something to see.

Jimmy came up. "Jake, it's Constantino." He handed Jake a radio. Constantino offered his condolences on the death of Johnston, then offered Jericho one last chance to stand down. "Jake, I need an answer. What's it gonna be?"

Eric Jacob Green: World War Two. The winter of 1944. The Nazis penetrated the Allied lines and surrounded a division of Americans in a little town called Bastogne. They were freezing, starving, and running out of ammunition, but they knew they had to hold that ground. Just before Christmas, the Nazis sent a note to the American commander telling him that he could surrender and save the rest of his men. Or they could stay and fight. The American commander sent a one word reply to the Wermacht Commander. And it said…

Jake exhaled in slight amusement as he replied to Constantino. "Nuts."

Jake gazed around at the people of Jericho at the Richmond farm. "My father expected us to make a stand here. To defend our home. That's what we're gonna do."

New Bern's men approached and got themselves into position. Jericho did the same. Jake commanded his men to wait for a clean shot. "Wait…wait…NOW!"

The war began.

A/N: And here we are, friends, the end of season 1 with Jake and Heather winding up together.

I figured Maggie could just as well fill Heather's original role in the show-attempt to sabotage the factory and then warn the soldiers what was going on.

As for season 2 and beyond, you're on your own imagining how Jake/Heather go on. The story necessarily became less character-focused and I don't want to delve into that.

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