Like Lovers
Author's Notes:

Having been a fan of GALIDOR since its premier on Fox Kids way back whenever it started, it has taken me far too long to start any fanfiction for it. Thusly, I apologize to one of my best friends, Becky, for forcing her to endure hundreds of fanfiction ideas that have never, and will never, make it onto paper or, in any case, the computer screen. She has dealt with my frustration at the fact that Allegra obviously does not understand that Nick views her as More Than A Friend (which, of course, might just be me), supported me through my anti-Nepol crisis, and kindly informed me that Jens was not a spectacled human scientist as my forgetful mind filled in, but a blade of grass. She, too, is an Egg-shipper (a supporter of Nick/Allegra, in our weird and freakish tongue), and the self-proclaimed admirer of Jens and everyone's favorite Outer Dimension prince. I get the spaceship. (BOO, yeah!)

Anyway, before I frighten away the four or five people remaining, I would like to take this opportunity to mention that this fanfiction is alternate-universe and is not intended for young impressionable minds such as my fourteen-year old one. But, seeing as I am the writer, I am exempt from it. Heh. So far, it keeps a cautionary PG-13 label for mild language, brief violence, and filthy dungeon cells. A possibility exists that you all might receive the wonderful skip-inducing joy of an 'R' fic, but I wouldn't bet on it. Seriously, I wouldn't.

If, through any off chance, anyone involved with the actual show, be it creator, actor, or crewmember, please have mercy on me, and DO NOT READ THIS FANFIC. I would be horrifically mortified and might regale myself for the rest of eternity with the love song from 'Titanic,' which is a heinous thing when done in my singing voice. I cannot guarantee you will like the situations I, in my infinite cruelty, have decided to throw the characters in, or, for that matter, anything the characters may say, do, or imply. So have pity on me. Or I'll watch Season IV of ReBoot as well, and then I will be reeeeeally pissed off, considering My Two Bobs generates nausea, hatred, and a general loathing for Mainframe.

For basic info, this fanfic is split into a prologue, fifteen chapters, and an epilogue, based on the song 'Like Lovers (Holding On)' from the Titan A.E. soundtrack by a group I have forgotten the name of. If you know, please inform me, and if there are any incorrect lyrics, please inform me as well. I like reviews and/or e-mail at Please drop a line in the review box or via e-mail: I don't bite.

The disclaimer, complete lyrics, and a contents list will be posted once this work is completed. I had the prologue finished before July, but was out of town until the fifth - during which time, was shut down. And then, of course, I was out of town for the past two weeks and unable to go on-line. However, beginning in about mid-August, updates should be regular. (Once a week.)

Additionally, if any character names are misspelled, I don't really care right now. That and I'll blame the cheap-o trading cards with nifty pictures that came with assorted magazines my family subscribes to. Disney Adventures, Lego...

If you or anyone you know can tell me where to find Galidor fanfiction not on, I will love for a portion of an eternity and sing your praises for all of half an hour. That can be a very long time when you happen to be sitting next to me on a bus whilst I sing, poorly, '___ is one-der-fool!' If I wasn't tone deaf...I still would not be able to sing without accidentally causing spontaneous bleeding of the ears and a sudden loss of hearing for most innocent passerby within hearing range. But...fanfiction! Give to me!