Chapter seventeen,

Harry resisted the urge to go run over to Dean, as he didn't want to get knocked out himself. "Who are you really?" Harry hoped the quiver in his voice wasn't that noticeable.

"Who am I really?" Mocked the deep voice that was now coming out of Tom's mom, "Why don't you tell me that, little Winchester boy."

"Hey!" Sam said, protectively standing in front of Harry and Tom, "Tell us what you want with Tom's mom!"

Mrs. Hayes put her hand in front of her face and inspected her painted nails, "Why do I have to have a reason? I just really like this body…I'll probably stay in it for a pretty," she grinned a nasty smile, "long time."

"Get out of my mom!" Tom screamed suddenly from behind them, "Whatever you are get out of her!"

Sam held Tom back from rushing over to her as Harry whispered into his ear, "We'll get the demon out of her, but you need to stay back, ok?" Tom nodded slightly and took a small step back, folding his arms and glaring at the demon.

"What do you want with us?" Sam questioned again.

"I wanted to see if the rumors were true." She finally answered for once, spinning her dress in a wide circle and winking at Sam, "If the Winchesters really did get a new baby brother."

Harry looked offended, probably at being called 'baby brother' while Sam looked curious, "What do you mean by rumors?"

"Oh, you know. Just some people saying some stuff about how your little brother had, how do you say it?" Harry's heart was beating fast by now, "magical powers?" She grinned as Sam's face winced a little, knowing she had guessed right.

Suddenly Harry grinned, "And you know what else I can do with my magical powers?" He held out his hands in front of him, "This!" Ropes came from out of nowhere, latching onto Mrs. Hayes and tying her securely to the chair beside her.

Sam gave Harry a thumbs up sign as he started to draw the symbol that would exorcise the demon out of her and Harry went over to Dean who looked unconscious still.

Harry shook him, "Dean! Dean, please wake up!" Dean wasn't responding so Harry did a quick prayer and went and slapped him on the face.

Dean's eyes snapped open and he almost punched Harry right in the face. Harry squeezed his eyes shut and at the last second Dean stopped his hands. "Harry?" He asked, putting his hands on both sides of Harry's small face. "You can open your eyes now. I'm sorry for almost punching you."

Harry laughed and opened his eyes, "We have bigger problems right now, Dean. You need to do the exorcism chant, we finally have her stable."

"Thank all that is good and mighty, that bitch can sure pack her own punch!" Dean got up with a winch and hobbled over to Sam. "So, Sammy. Need my help at all?"

Sam rolled his eyes and admitted, "Maybe, but just a bit." Dean helped Sam move the chair over the symbol while Mrs. Hayes stayed surprisingly silent. Something was going to happen.

Not a minute too soon, black smoke was coming out of Mrs. Hayes' mouth on its own accord, Dean hadn't even started the chant.

"I've already seen enough," the voice said before the black smoke disappeared above them, hopefully for good.

The body of Mrs. Hayes fell limp and this time when Tom rushed forward, no one stopped him.

"Mom? Mom, is it you?" Tom looked desperate just to hear his mom's real voice again.

"Tommy?" the soft voice of his mom spoke out, "What happened? I feel so…so tired."

Tom's eyes leaked out some happy tears as he hugged his mom again, "It's ok, Mom, everything is fine. You can go to sleep, you'll be safe."

~3 Hours Later~

"Are you sure you can't stay? Not even for a day longer?" Tom pleaded as they packed up the Impala with all of their stuff from the motel.

Harry sighed, "Sorry, Tom, but I don't want to put you in any more danger then you were already in. All of this was because of me anyway. If I hadn't been here your mom probably would have never been possessed."

"Ya, but if you never hadn't come I would have never made another great friend. Keep in touch with me, ya?" Tom gave his short friend a hug and discretely stuffed about a hundred dollars into his pocket. Tom grinned at the thought of Harry wondering where it all came from and the look on his face when he would realize it was Tom.

They both pulled away, "Text me later! And don't forget Logan either! Believe me, you can't get rid of us so easily!"

Harry laughed as he plopped into the back seat of the Impala, waiting for Dean to start the engine. "We need to talk about something that is still making me question everything." Sam's voice said quietly.

Harry looked out the window to where Tom rapidly disappeared from view. "About the demon?"

"Ya, if the symbol was working right then the demon would have never been able to escape, so how the hell did that demon escape on us!"

Dean started up the engine and put the car into drive, "Well, we just have to be more careful. The demon is still out then and most likely is telling every living demon even more rumors. And thinking back, this is high school all over again!"

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