Hey everybody, well this is my newest story and I hope you guys like it! Now before we get to started, let me clear a few things up right now: first off, Naruto has all of Kurama's chakra sealed inside of him (you can expect this to be the case a majority of the time in my stories). Second, for those of you who think that just because Naruto has the Rinnegan that he's automatically going to be god-like, your wrong. I recently read a story called The Chronicles of My Shinobi Way, which I highly recommend, but anyway it gave me the idea of having the Rinnegan have multiple levels of power, like the Sharingan, allow my version is very different. A major difference between my version of Rinnegan and the manga and anime, is that this will be able to be deactivated.

Rinnegan Level 1- When a user awakens the Rinnegan, their eyes will turn a purple color, sclera and iris both, with a dot like pupil with a single concentric circle around the pupil, signifying the first level of Rinnegan. The first level allows the user to use all five types of nature manipulation as well as the first two Paths, Animal and Deva.

Rinnegan Level 2- When a user unlocks the second level of the Rinnegan, a second concentric ring appears around the pupil. With the activation of the second level the user is granted the ability to mix the five basic elemental chakra types to form the advanced chakra natures, Mokuton, Hyoton etc. as well as the next two Paths, Human and Preta.

Rinnegan Level 3- With activation of the third level, a third concentric circle appears around the pupil and grants the user the ability to user the extinct Meiton and Hiton ninjutsu, along with the last two Paths, Asura and Naraka.

Rinnegan Level 4- The fourth and final level of the Rinnegan can only be activated by the betrayal of a person closest to your heart. With the activation of the fourth level, the final concentric circle appears around the pupil and the user is granted the ability to wield the power of the Outer Path, the power to control life and death with the Outer Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life Jutsu and the Outer Path: Samsara of Hell's Judgment Jutsu. The Heavenly Life Jutsu can return the souls of the deceased to their bodies and revive them, while the Hell's Judgment Jutsu can steal the souls of the victims from them and seal them away inside of the King of Hell.

Well, on with the story, and as always, I own nothing.

Chapter 1- Awakening

Konohagakure no Sato, the Village Hidden in the Leaves, was a peaceful place; a village known for its exceptional ninja, and its accepting and compassionate inhabitants. It was for this reason that many ninja clans flocked to Konoha and called the village home. But underneath this peaceful and accepting surface, was a boy, his life shrouded in mystery, and hated by the village he was sacrificed to save.

A young boy, no older than six, ran through the darkened streets of Konoha, weaving in between villagers with practiced ease. The boy's normally spiky blonde hair was matted down with dirt and blood seeping from a wound on the back of his head, his ragged and torn clothes barely hanging on to his malnourished body. A large mob of angry villagers burst from the crowd, each with a makeshift weapon in hand. Seeing the mob, the boy made a break for it down a side ally, the roars of the mob echoing in his ears. 'Why do they always do this, I haven't done anything!' thought the boy as he turned down another ally, hoping to lose the mob before they had a chance to catch him. Sadly, his hopes were for not as he realized too late that the ally he ran down was a dead end.

The light from the street behind began to darken as multiple shadows blocked the way. Slowly turning around, the young boy came face to face with the rage and contempt filled faces of the mob that had been chasing him. A pink-haired woman stepped forward, pointing a kitchen knife threateningly at the trapped blonde.

"Time to die demon!" she screeched, causing many of the civilians around her to flinch slightly at the volume. "Get him!" the mob didn't need to be told twice, they raced towards the freighted blonde, their makeshift weapons raised to strike. The boy knew only pain as the civilians brought whatever they could use as a weapon down on his frail body. For hours the angry villagers assaulted the boy, beating him, stabbing him, cutting him, by the time they were done, it was hard to tell that the pile of bruised and bleeding flesh was even human. The same pink-haired women who seemed to be the leader of the mob, stalked towards the twisted mangled heap that was once Naruto Uzumaki.

"This is the end for you Kyuubi, finally we will have avenged Minato-kun and everyone you killed six years ago," she said, her screeching voice echoing in the ally. She raised the knife she had in her hand and in one shift motion, brought the blade down, embedding it in young Naruto, piercing his right lung. "Alright, now let's get out of here before any Anbu show up," she screeched before the mob quickly dispersed.

Naruto lay in the ally, beaten, broken and dying. The pain he felt from his injuries long forgotten, replaced by the numbing hold of one about to die. 'Why,' he thought as he fought to open his eyes even a little, 'Why do they always do this, what have I done to deserve this?' Unknown to the young blonde, a powerful entity was awakening inside of his body and was viewing young Naruto's memories.

Naruto's Mind

A deep rumbling echoed throughout the dark corners of Naruto's mind as his demonic tenant finished viewing the memories of Naruto's life. "How can these humans do this to a mere child?" said the Kyuubi to itself as he turned his gaze to the paling image of Naruto at the base of the seal. "They may call me a demon, but they are the only true monsters in this world. Come on kit, you can't die on me like this," mumbled Kyuubi before sending his chakra into the boy's body, healing the otherwise fatal wounds he had sustained at the hands of the villagers.

Slowly the color began to return to the image of Naruto, and his eyes began to flutter open. The first thing that met Naruto's sapphire gaze was the eerie red glow of the Kyuubi's demonic chakra. 'Huh, where am I?' the newly healed blonde thought as he took in his surroundings. He seemed to be in a sewer of some kind, leaking pipes littered the walls and ceilings and they seemed to give off a strange bluish glow. Struggling to his feet, the blonde jinchuuriki noticed that the eerie glow around him was fading and retreating into what appeared to be a cage that replaced one of the walls of the sewer. Looking into the cage, Naruto saw nothing but a dark expanse that seemed to swallow everything around it. "What the…" he was cut off when two blood red, slitted eyes snapped open behind the cage, followed shortly by a deep, rumbling voice.

"Do not be afraid little one, I shall not harm you," said the Kyuubi when it saw Naruto's panicked expression. The young blondes panic slowly faded away, only to be replaced by confusion as he continued to look around him, trying to figure out where he was. As if reading his mind, Kyuubi gave Naruto the answer he was looking for, "We are in your mind young one." This only served to confuse the blonde even more as he turned back to face the two red eyes behind the cage.

"What do you mean in my mind? How'd I get here," said Naruto, the last part more to himself, but the Kyuubi heard it easily. "The last thing I remember is…" his voice trailed off as he tried to focus on what had happened to him earlier. The harder he tried to remember the happenings of just a few hours ago, the more the memories seemed to elude him. "Why can't I remember?" whispered Naruto before meeting the gaze of the two demonic eyes, subconsciously knowing that the owner had the answers he wanted.

Understanding exactly what the blonde was silently asking, the Kyuubi readied itself for the conversation at hand. "You're wondering why you cannot remember what happened," getting a curious nod from the boy, Kyuubi continued, "It's simple; I am keeping them from you."

"But why, there my memories, I should be allowed to know them," said Naruto, a frown spreading across his face as he glared at the two eyes accusingly. Completely unfazed by the six year olds attempt at intimidation, the Kyuubi decided to stop beating around the bush and get right to heart of the conversation.

"Yes they are your memories, and yes you should be allowed to see them; but what you don't understand is what will happen if you do. You see, while we are in your mind, any memory you think about will play out before you, and right now that is the last thing you need to see," said the Kyuubi. Seeing Naruto about to retort, Kyuubi decided to change the subject, "Tell me young one, what is your name?" Caught off guard at the sudden question, Naruto could only blink dumbly for few seconds before responding.

"Naruto Uzumaki," he said with pride, his normal personality slowly starting to return. Kyuubi smirked slightly at the blonde's attitude, 'I'm starting to like this gaki more and more.'

"Alright then, tell me Naruto, do you have a dream, something you would work hard for?" It was like a switch had been flipped inside the boy, Naruto's exuberant and happy personality return with a vengeance and he stood to his full height, pointing a thumb at his chest.

"To be Hokage, that's my dream! That way everyone will have to acknowledge me and respect me! I'll become stronger then all of the Hokage's combined, you'll see!" Kyuubi couldn't help it as his smirk widened at the blonde's antics and declaration, 'Heh, looks like getting him to agree to my idea won't be as hard as I first thought.'

"So you want to be Hokage," mussed Kyuubi aloud, getting another confident nod from the blonde, "Well if you're going to be Hokage, you'll need to train hard, and the first thing you can do is drop that mask of yours." Naruto frowned slightly at that statement, how did this person know about his mask?

"I don't know what you're talking about," mumbled the blonde, looking away from the red eyes that were watching him closely.

"You know very well what I am talking about, you may be able to hide it from everyone else, but I have seen the memories of your life through your own eyes. You cannot hide your true self from me kit, and it's time you stopped hiding it from yourself," Kyuubi said with more force than he had intended. Despite his little slip, he got the response he wanted; Naruto met his gaze again, but this time the enthusiastic spark in his eyes had dimmed. "Good, now I have a proposition for you," the young blonde raised an eyebrow in interest, silently asking for the Kyuubi to continue. "I would like to train you, so that what happened tonight will not happen again. But be warned, should you agree to the training, you will do exactly as I say with no arguing, understand?"

For several minutes, Naruto stood motionless before the Kyuubi's cage, silently debating whether or not to accept the offer. On the one hand, he was being offered a chance to be trained by someone who was obviously powerful, if the aura around him was any indication. But on the other hand, he had no idea who this person was, and they wouldn't even let him view his own memories, though if the nagging feeling the back of his mind was right, he probably didn't want to know. Naruto debated over this for a few more minutes before finally meeting the Kyuubi's gaze once again, a spark of determination burning in his eyes, "I accept your offer."

Kyuubi smiled, his first true smile in over fifty millennia, "Very well then, we will begin tomorrow after your body has fully recovered from tonight. Now I believe I forgot to introduce myself, I am the Kyuubi no Kitsune, the Nine-tailed Fox, and my name is Kurama."

Naruto froze when Kurama introduced himself, he couldn't believe the person, or fox in this case, before him was the most powerful being in existence. "The Kyuubi no Kitsune, but how; Hokage-jiji said the Yondaime killed you!" shouted Naruto as he slowly began to back away from the cage. Kurama sighed knowing this had been coming sense the start of the conversation.

"No Naruto, as you can plainly see I am not dead. The Yondaime couldn't kill me; no human has the power to kill a bijuu. But he did the next best thing; he sealed me away inside of you. You are what are known as a jinchuuriki, a human sacrificed in order to protect others. That is the reason the people of this village hate you, they do not see an innocent child, they see only what I have done to them. I am truly sorry you have been forced to live this life, a life I wouldn't wish upon even the most foul creatures," said Kurama, his sorrow and regret plain in his voice. In that moment, Naruto saw the Kyuubi for what it really was, a misunderstood being, forced into being what they were at birth, the same as himself. Completely forgetting his previous fear, Naruto slowly approached the cage before passing through the bars without hesitation.

Kurama's eyes snapped open when he felt something small touch his snout. Naruto stood before him, slowly petting his reddish-orange fur, completely unafraid that he was now completely vulnerable. "We're the same; we were both made what we are at birth, we had no control over that. But what we do have control over is what we do with what we were given," said Naruto as he looked Kurama in the eye, "So when do we start that training?" he said with a smirk.

Kurama smirked in return, "We'll start first thing tomorrow, but for now go home and rest. Oh and you might want to pull the knife in your lung out," said the Kyuubi before Naruto was ejected from his mind.

Naruto sat bolt upright, his breathing raged, 'What the hell?' he thought before he was suddenly hit with a flood of memories. The mob, the beating, the knife in his chest, everything came back to him like he had never forgotten. "Damn them, one day they'll pay for what they did," mumbled Naruto before he noticed the black handle of the kitchen knife sticking out of his flesh. Grabbing onto the handle, Naruto slowly started pulling the blade out, feeling the injury heal as he did. When the blade was finally out, Naruto watched in fascination as the remainder of the wound healed itself, not even leaving a scar. "Kurama, did you do that?" he asked out loud.

"Yes kit, I did, and don't talk out loud, if you want to speak to me than just think it. Oh and keep that knife with you, let it serve as a remainder of this night to help motivate you to improve faster," said the voice of the Kyuubi no Kitsune from inside Naruto's head. 'Alright, well I guess I better get back home. It's probably safe to assume you have a busy day planned for me tomorrow,' thought Naruto as he started to slowly make his way home, being sure to avoid the main roads and sticking to alley ways. 'Kit, you have no idea,' thought Kurama to himself before curling up in his cage and falling asleep.

The Next Morning

Naruto awoke to the sun shining in his eyes through a tear in his curtains. Cracking one eye open, he slowly sat up rubbing the sleep from his eyes. "Alright gaki, get ready real fast and then find a secluded place where I can train you," said the demonic voice of Kurama inside of the young blondes head. Said blondes eyes shot open in excitement before he jumped out of bed and bolted for the bathroom. Going through his usual morning ritual, Naruto quickly brushed his teeth, took a shower before going to his closet to put on some clothes. Opening his closet revealed a sea of orange of jumpsuits with a few shirts and pants hanging off to the side. "No way in hell is my jinchuuriki going to be caught dead wearing that! Put on some of those darker clothes that are hanging off to the side," said Kurama, annoyed that his host had such unsuitable clothing.

Not wanting to anger his new sensei, Naruto grabbed a pair of black baggy cargo pants and a skin tight black t-shirt. After he was dressed, Naruto went to his kitchen to prepare some breakfast, only to be stopped by his new sensei when he opened his cupboards. "Don't even think of eating any of that ramen crap, go out and get something nutritious and healthy to eat," Naruto couldn't stop the frown that crossed his lips before trying to explain this to his sensei. 'Trust me Kurama, I would if I could. Ramen is great and all, but it gets old after eating it so many times, but there's a reason why it's the only thing I ever eat. The stores and markets refuse to sell me anything else and the only restaurant that will let me in is the ramen stand that Teuchi-jiji and Ayame-neesan own.'

"Well kit, it looks like it's time for your first lesson to begin. I want you to sneak into a store and steal some fruit for breakfast, this will help you work on your stealth and infiltration skills as a shinobi," said Kurama, taking up his role as a sensei very naturally. Naruto would have argued, but thought better of it and just decided to go along with it. Exiting his apartment, Naruto made sure the door was locked before he started making his way towards the market district which was close to opening. Arriving at the main road of the village, Naruto quickly hid in an ally and watched the shops for even a slight opening to snag himself something to eat. After twenty agonizing minutes, not helped in the slightest by his growling stomach, Naruto saw an opening when a shop owner went into his back room for something. Not willing to pass up the opportunity, the young blonde ran towards the store, careful not to be seen and slipped inside without jostling the bell on the door. Taking a quick look around for where his targets were, Naruto saw a stand with fruit crates, unfortunately sitting right next to the door to the back room.

Hesitating for only a second, Naruto quickly made his way across the shop and grabbed a few pieces of fruit, storing them in his pockets. A triumphant smirk appeared on his lips as he patted himself on the back for a job well done, only for his eyes to widen when he heard the handle on the door next to him jiggle. His breath caught in his throat as the door opened slightly and a foot appeared from the doorway, pushing the door the rest of the way open. Reacting on pure instinct, Naruto slid himself in-between the fruit stand and a stand of vegetables to keep from being seen. Fortunately for him, the store keeper was busy lifting three large boxes and grumbling to himself to take notice. Watching the man walk away with his load, Naruto quickly slipped into the back room and found a door leading out into an ally. Smiling to himself at his first bit of successful training, Naruto took out a pear from his pocket and took a bite out of it. "Not bad kit, but had the man not been preoccupied at the time, he would have spotted you easily. We'll have to work on your stealth some more during our training," said Kurama, raining on Naruto's parade. 'Alright Kurama-sensei,' sighed the blonde as he slowly made his way towards a training ground he knew no one ever used.

Training ground 43- Ten minutes later

'Alright Kurama-sensei, what are we doing first?' asked Naruto once he was seated in the middle of a fairly large training ground, overlooking what appeared to be a dark forest surrounded by a barbwire fence. "First, we need to assess your skill level. I trust you have been taught how to access your chakra, right?" Naruto outwardly nodded, 'Yeah, we just learned to do that at the Academy.' "Alright then, I want you to focus and draw out as much of your chakra as possible," nodding in understanding, Naruto formed the ram seal and began focusing on his chakra. Seconds, became minutes and just as Kurama was about to give Naruto some advice, said blonde released a massive amount of chakra, easily matching an average chuunin. 'Damn, I knew the kit would have large reserves, but what he's putting out right now should be impossible for his age, even for a jinchuuriki,' thought Kurama as he continued to watch his new pupil draw on his chakra, 'Hmmm, so he has monstrous reserves but not much control over it. That's about all I can test him in right now; he hasn't learned anything else in that Academy that could be useful right now.' "Alright kit, that's enough," said Kurama as his host slowly stopped drawing out his chakra.

"So how'd I do sensei?" asked Naruto, momentarily forgetting to speak in his mind.

"Not bad kit, your chakra reserves are extremely large for your age, but your control over it is pathetic," said Kurama, not even trying to sugar coat things for his jinchuuriki. Naruto nodded in understanding, it explained why he couldn't sense much when the other kids flared their chakra in class and why the sensei's there panicked when he flared his. "Since your chakra control is so bad, we'll start with that. Now I want you to grab multiple leaves and stick them to your body with chakra," wordlessly standing up, Naruto walked over to one of the many tree's that surrounded the training ground and picked up a hand full of fallen leaves. Moving back to his original position, Naruto sat down and placed the leaves all over his body before trying to get them to stick with chakra. Surprisingly, the task proved much easier than Naruto had expected, but he was only able to make a few stick while others were fluttering an inch off of body. 'Just as I thought, with his large reserves it's difficult for him to use small amounts of chakra, but by using more chakra at once to learn control, we can slowly begin to decrease the amount chakra he uses,' thought Kurama as he watched as a few more leaves stuck to the blonde's body.

Slowly the hours went by, and Naruto still remained in his position in the middle of the training ground over twenty leaves sticking to his body. 'Hey, it's starting to get easier,' thought Naruto when he felt the drain on his chakra slowly begin to decrease. Kurama noticed this as well and decided it was time to increase the difficulty, "Kit, stop with the exercise for now." Slightly confused at why his sensei wanted him to stop, Naruto slowly let the leaves fall from his body before returning his attention to his tenant. "We're going to make things harder for you; I want you to stick four leaves to your body. But you have to make them stick at your wrist and at your ankles, one for each. This will force you to spread your chakra evenly throughout your body, while at the same time forcing you to decrease the amount of chakra you are using." Nodding in understanding, the blonde picked up four leaves and put one on each of his ankles, then one on each wrist before trying to make them stick to his body again.

This task proved to be easier said than done as Naruto was having enough trouble just getting his chakra to spread throughout his body evenly. 'Come on, why isn't this working?' thought Naruto as he kept trying to force more and more chakra through his coils. Minutes passed and still the blonde was unable to stick the four leaves to his body, frustrated, Naruto tried once again to force his chakra to spread throughout his body, only to cry out in pain as a burning sensation spread over his body. Opening his eyes, Naruto saw several vibrant red lines burning under his skin on his arms. Checking over the rest of his body, Naruto saw the same red lines everywhere as burning sensation slowly died down. 'What the hell was that?' "That was you trying to force too much chakra through your coils at once. Chakra is a part of you, it is an extension of your physical and spiritual being, you cannot force it to do anything. You must let it flow; you must feel your chakra inside you and will it to do what you want." Naruto was slightly taken aback by the intensity in his sensei's voice while he lectured him or his mistake, but nodded none the less. "For now meditate, it will let your body heal and will allow you to work on communing with your chakra," said Kurama as he took a few calming breaths, he too was surprised at the force he used as he lectured Naruto, but let it go as nothing.

Following his sensei's instructions, Naruto relaxed his body and began to meditate to allow his body to heal and to commune with his chakra. As time began to pass, Naruto was slowly getting deeper and deeper into his meditative state, his sensei watching over him as he did.

Naruto's eye snapped open when he felt something collide with him, but to his utter shock, he was no longer in the middle of the training ground. He seemed to be floating in the middle of a white expanse that had no end, crimson red veins littered the area around him but it was the giant ball of blue energy that was kept lashing out in random intervals that had his attention. "That is your chakra kit," said the voice of Kurama from behind the blonde. Whirling around, Naruto saw the Kyuubi no Kitsune in all his glory standing behind him.

"Where are we Kurama, what happened?" asked Naruto, his shock at the current situation clear in his voice.

"We are in your mind kit," said the mighty fox as he observed the area around them.

"My mind, but wait I thought my mind looked like a sewer not this," Naruto said, his confusion growing.

"True, but we are much deeper into your mind now; we are at your core. The sewer you saw before was only the surface of your mind, a defense mechanism that you subconsciously created to protect yourself," Kurama said as a look of slight understanding crossed Naruto's face. "What you see before you, is the core of your being. The veins that mark this area is my chakra inside of you, that giant blue orb is your chakra. As you can tell, it is wild and uncontrolled; if you wish to become a stronger ninja you will have to learn to control and commune with your chakra properly." With that, Kurama vanished from Naruto's core leaving behind a confused blonde.

Turning to his now identified core, Naruto watched as it continued to thrash uncontrollably. His sensei's words ringing through his mind as he continued to watch the uncontrolled chakra lash out. 'I must commune with my core,' he thought before he slowly approached the unstable mass of chakra, 'My chakra is a part of me, it is an extension of who I am.' Slowly, Naruto reached his hand out and placed it on the outer surface of his chakra. Instantly, warmth spread over his body as he was pulled into the chakra core, 'I must let my chakra flow, but bend it my will.' His core began to slowly stabilize itself, its thrashing becoming less and less frequent as it slowly formed into a perfect sphere around the young blonde.

Naruto couldn't believe what he was experiencing; his skin was tingling from the sensation of being one with his chakra, and for the first time in his life, he truly felt at peace. Kurama watched all of this from the seal and he couldn't help the smirk that graced his features as his host began to commune with his chakra, 'He finally figured it out, he certainly has the potential to become great.' The fox continued to watch over his host's body as he continued his meditation, a frown slowly replacing his smirk as a feeling a sudden doom spread through his body, 'For some reason, I can't shake the feeling that something will happen to the boy, something disastrous. I just hope this doesn't turn out like the last time I had this feeling.'

Two Years Later

Standing in the middle of his usual training ground, was Naruto Uzumaki, completely unmoving, and looking for the entire world like he was relaxing. His eyes snapped open suddenly and he began what appeared to be a kata for a taijutsu style. The young blonde moved effortlessly through every punch, kick and feint, if anyone had been watching him, they probably would have thought he was dancing more than training. Ending with a quick side kick, Naruto returned to his relaxed position and began to relax from the training.

"Alright kit, that's enough for today," said the Kyuubi from his cage inside of the blondes mind, "You have done well today kit; go treat yourself to some ramen." Naruto perked up at that and after finishing his cool down, ran off towards his favorite ramen stand.

Naruto ignored the usual glares he got from the villagers, too excited about having some of the most heavenly ramen on the planet. When the familiar ramen stand came into view, Naruto ran the rest of the way and rushed right into the stand before taking a seat at the bar. "Hey Teuchi-jiji, Ayame-neesan," said to the father daughter pair that owned the small stand.

"Hey Naruto, finished your training for the day?" asked Teuchi with a smile at the blonde jinchuuriki.

Returning the smile Naruto nodded in the affirmative, "Yeah I just finished, so I thought I'd come by and get some of your heavenly ramen old man." Teuchi gave a deep chuckle before going into the back to get ready to make the Naruto's ramen.

"So Naruto-kun, what will you have today?" asked Ayame.

"Hmm, five bowls of miso ramen please." Ayame nodded before turning to the small window into the back room.

"Five miso dad!" she shouted.

"Coming right up!" Teuchi shouted back from the kitchen. Naruto smiled as he and Ayame started talking about anything and everything under the sun, while Teuchi cooked Naruto's ramen. 'I guess this is what having a family feels like,' thought Naruto as he and Ayame continued to talk with Teuchi joining them after placing Naruto's order in front of him. It continued this way for hours, even after Naruto had finished his ramen; he refused to leave the small stand or the people he thought of as family.

"Hey Naruto," said Teuchi bringing the blondes and his attention to him. They were slightly unnerved by the unusually serious expression the normally jovial ramen chef had on, but paid attention none the less. "What do you think of the idea joining our family?"

Naruto couldn't believe his ears, the man he thought of as a father figure had just asked him if he would like to join his family. The thought of having an actual family was a little much for the blonde, who was silently crying a few tears of joy. Ayame saw the tears and immediately went around the counter to give Naruto a hug, "Shhh, shhh its ok Naruto-kun," she whispered. Naruto held onto her as if his life depended on it, he was just so overwhelmed that he might actually get to have a family.

After a few minutes, Naruto managed to calm enough so that he could speak again. "Do…do you really mean it old man, you want me to join your family?"

Teuchi smile at the boy and rub his head a little, "Of course I mean it Naruto, I've always wanted a son and Ayame hear has always wanted a little brother she can dote on. So what do you say, want join the Ichiraku family?"

Naruto could only nod a yes, his emotions over coming him again. Ayame squealed in excitement, tightening her hold on Naruto, while Teuchi laughed at the sight.

The family to be was brought out of their happy thoughts by the sound a voice from the front of the store. "Well isn't this just the sweetest thing," sneered a jounin as he entered the ramen stand. The three occupants turned to the sound of the voice only to come face to face with no less than five chuunin being led by the jounin who spoke. "It looks like the two of you are more deranged then I thought, offering that demon a place in your family, how pathetic," he scoffed. With a quick hand signal, two of the chuunin shot forward and grabbed Teuchi and Ayame, throwing them to the floor in front of the jounin, while a third restrained Naruto. "You know, people like you disgust me. Associating with filth like that demon, befouling the pure streets of our village, how can you live with yourself?" said the jounin his voice holding nothing but contempt for the two civilians in front of him.

"And you," he said turning his attention to Naruto, "You don't even deserve to live you retched demon, and yet you walk our village, mocking us with your very presence, well now it's our turn. You killed our family and loved ones all those years ago, and now we'll return the favor." Naruto's eyes widened in fear before he started struggling against the man holding him down, his heart breaking at the thought of losing Teuchi and Ayame. "You know what to do," said the jounin turning to the remaining two chuunin behind him. They nodded before they both pulled out a kunai and stalked towards the two trapped civilians.

"NO!" screamed Naruto as he finally managed to free one of his arms from his attacker. Elbowing the man in the face, Naruto brook out of his loosened hold and charged the chuunin who were only a few inches away from their victims. Before he could do anything though, he was knocked into the back wall by the jounin and the three chuunin grabbed him and held him back.

"You think you can stop us demon?" the jounin said with a twisted smirk on his face, "I guess you trying to save these two disgraces is to be expected, after all, who else would be stupid enough to befriend a demon."

"Leave them alone! If you want to kill someone kill me!" screamed Naruto as he continued to thrash and struggle against the chuunin.

"Oh believe me we will kill you, but those two have to go first. Hokage-sama was very specific with his instructions; 'Let the demon know the pain of lose that he has caused to our village before you kill him. make him feel the same pain we felt when he killed our loved ones by killing his loved ones.'" Naruto's eyes widened in shock, 'Hokage-jiji ordered them to do this?'

Inside the seal Kurama was cursing up a storm, "Kami dammit, I hate it when those feelings of mine are right! I can't do a thing to help, damn you Yondaime Hokage! Kit come on you have to stop them, if you don't something big is gonna happen!"

But it was too late, the jounin had given the order to the two chuunin and the so willingly carried out the deed. Time to stop for Naruto as he watched as his future family was taken from him; Teuchi didn't even flinch as the blade slit his throat, his rage at the perpetrators permanently etched on his face. Ayame managed to turn around in time to face Naruto but she couldn't stop the kunai that pierced her heart. As she fell to the floor she one last thing with her dying breath, "Naruto, I love you otouto."

Naruto worlds shattered, hearing Ayame call him her otouto was too much. His body fell limp as he stopped struggling against his captives, the lifeless bodies of Teuchi and Ayame burned into his memory. 'Teuchi-jiji, Ayame-neesan, I loved you guys like you were my family,' thought Naruto with head down, his hair casting a shadow over his eyes. 'This village, this cursed village has taken my only true family from me, and someone I considered family was the one to order it!' unknown to anyone but Kurama, something inside of Naruto was awakening, something long thought to be myth.

"How does it feel demon, to have those you care for taken from you? Now you know the pain you brought to this village, and now we will take our revenge for you have done. Iruka, Kotetsu, Izumo, hold him up, I won't to see the life leave him when I kill him." The three chuunin holding Naruto smirked at their superiors command before they forced Naruto into a standing position, his hair still shadowing his eyes.

Inside the seal, Kurama was frozen in shock at what was taking place just a few feet away from him. The leaky pipes that resembled Naruto's chakra coils were sealing themselves and his chakra was flowing much more steadily inside them. But the thing that held the fox's attention was the silhouette of a man that was slowly approaching his cage. The only things that could be seen on the silhouette were the monk staff he carried and the necklace with six blood red magatama he wore. Unlike the rest of body however, his eyes were clear as day, a metallic purple with a dot like pupil with four concentric circles surrounding it, giving them a rippling effect.

"Kurama, it's good to see you again my child," said the figure once he was standing in front of the seal.

"Sage-jiji," whispered the Kyuubi no Kitsune in awe. "Wait your dead! We watched you die in front of us!"

"Yes my child, I have indeed crossed over to the other side. But have you forgotten my son, he who holds the Rinnegan is above the cycle of life and death. With the last of my chakra I have sent my spirit back to this plane because I sensed my true heir was about to awaken his birthright," the silhouette said causing the Kyuubi's eyes to widened in realization.

"Are you saying that the kit is your heir?"

"Yes my child, and it is time that he receive my blessing." The silhouette raised his staff slightly before tapping it on the floor. A ringing echoed throughout the seal before it started to shift, the dark dreary walls of the cell became three Torii gates with wooden pillars filling the normal gate openings while the bars of the cell became wooden and the paper seal was replaced with a spiral lock. "This new seal will prevent you from being absorbed into my heir like his father intended. Instead it will allow the boy to commune with your chakra much easier and with training learn to control it. Kurama, my eldest son, I am entrusting you with my heir, protect him and when he is ready tell him what must be done in order to gain full control over your power." Kurama could do little more than nod as the ghostly figure began to slowly fade, "Before I leave, there is one more thing I must ask of you my son."

"Anything," the fox said without hesitation.

"There is another with my eyes, though they are not his by birth, he is part of an evil force that is gaining strength in the shadows. From the other side I have watched them and I have learned of their horrifying plan," said the silhouette, his eyes downcast. "They plan to revive your mother, the Juubi." Kurama's body went rigid, he knew that there was only one way to revive the Juubi, and if it was successful he would cease to exist. "My son, my first born, I beg of you, find your brothers and sisters. Only when the nine chosen jinchuuriki fight as one, will this world have a chance at survival." The ghostly form faded away into nothingness, but a soft whisper managed to reach the ears of the Kyuubi before it did, "Be strong my son, and know that I will always love you."

For the first time since his birth, Kurama shed a single tear, "I won't fail you, and I will always love you too…Father."

Back in the real world, Naruto tears continued to fall as the jounin and the two chuunin who killed his future family approached. The jounin pulled out a kunai once he close enough to the grieving blonde, "Raise your head demon, I want to see your eyes before you die," taunted the jounin. The blonde jinchuuriki made no indication that he heard the jounin and just continued to cry over the loss of his family. "Fine, if you won't look me in the eye willingly we'll do it for you, Kotetsu." Said chuunin nodded in understanding before grabbing Naruto's blonde locks and yanking his head up.

The sight that met the three shinobi facing the blonde was not what they were expecting. Gone were the warm sapphire eyes that Naruto was known for, replaced by a metallic purple that spread over his entire eye, sclera and all. His pupil was replaced with a small black dot with a single concentric ring around it. The jounin and two chuunin were brought out of their shocked stupor by the sound of the blonde speaking, though his voice not entirely his own.

"You six are a disgrace to my teachings and the ways of the ninja. Now you must pay for your crimes against my heir and for your disgracing of my teachings." Naruto's eyes seemed to glow as a ghostly silhouette appeared above his body. The silhouette had the same eyes as him only with four circles around the pupil along with a magatama necklace and monk staff. The three rookie chuunin holding Naruto dropped his body from fear at this sudden change and quickly fled from the stand, fearing for their lives.

"You cowards, you'll pay for this!" the jounin shouted when he saw the three flee.

"No, it is you who shall pay," said the altered voice of Naruto as a small black rod appeared in his hand. Lunging forward, Naruto impaled the chuunin who had killed Teuchi in the heart before turning his attention to the chuunin who had killed Ayame. Said shinobi tried to run but Naruto merely raised his left hand towards the chuunin while forming another black rod in his right. "Banshou Tenin," the blonde whispered before the chuunin felt himself being pulled backwards by an unseen force, impaling him on the black rod in Naruto's hand.

The jounin who had lead the group watched this with a mixture of awe and fear in his eyes. First the demon had seemingly created a weapon out of thin air before killing one of his men and now he had seemingly pulled the other chuunin towards him and impaled him on another of those weird rods. Before he had a chance to even consider fleeing, the jounin found himself on the floor with Naruto standing over him, the silhouette giving him an ethereal appearance. "Please, spare me," begged the jounin as sweat began to appear over his body.

"Did you show mercy to an innocent child, did you show mercy to the two civilians you had murdered?" the jounin couldn't answer, his fear stealing his voice from him. "Those who do not show mercy do not deserve mercy," Naruto said as he raised his right hand and pointed it at the jounin chest, "Shinra Tensei."

It happened in an instant, one second the jounin was begging for mercy and the next, his body was nothing more than a pancake on the floor. Naruto looked at the bodies of those he killed with indifference before his new eyes landed on the forms of Teuchi and Ayame. A single tear fell from Naruto's eyes as he used his new found ability to control gravity to make a makeshift grave for the two. Placing the two corpses into the grave, Naruto smiled sadly as his hands went through a series of hand seals he didn't even know. "Teuchi-jiji, Ayame-neesan, I love you. Rest in peace, and one day we will be together again, as a family. Katon: Fireball Jutsu," bringing his right hand to his mouth, Naruto spewed out a small ball of fire that burned the bodies of Teuchi and Ayame, a funeral befitting royalty.

Naruto turned to the exit of the small stand, debating whether or not to pursue the three that had escaped. "No, their time will come. For now I need to leave," he said as he made his way towards the back room planning on using the ally way to escape. He paused mid-step though, and turned back to the three corpses of shinobi that lay on the floor. Walking up to one of the chuunin, he bent down and removed the man's headband. Starring at the leaf symbol engraved into the metal, reaching behind him, Naruto pulled out the same knife that had been stabbed into his lung the night he almost died. In one swift motion, Naruto slashed the leaf symbol on the headband with the knife in the same manner that many rouge ninja did. Putting the knife back, Naruto tied the headband around his forehead and quickly left through the back ally way, heading in the direction of the main gate.

Just outside of Konohagakure

Walking down a path that lead to the main gate of Konohagakure no Sato was the fabled Toad Sage himself, Jiraiya of the Sannin. A slight breeze ruffled his long spiky white hair that he kept in a ponytail, stopping the Toad Sage in his tracks. He had learned long ago to trust his instincts, and thanks to his training with the Great Toad Sage of Mount Myobokuzan, he had come to understand the strange methods that nature would use to signify something. 'The wind is changing,' thought the Toad Sage as he watched the leaves fluttering in the wind, 'A great change has happened, but the question is what?'

His answer came to him when he saw a young boy maybe eight years old running towards him. The boy stopped a few yards away from him, panting slightly. He had on a black skin tight shirt that was ripped in a couple places, his black baggy pants seemed to be stained with blood, but what caught the Toad Sage's attention was his face. Spiky blonde hair stuck up in every direction on top of his head, while metallic purple eyes starred back at him with a dot like pupil. 'The Rinnegan!? To think that I would see those eyes again in this life, but how is it possible that this boy has those eyes?' thought Jiraiya as he continued to observe the boy, his eyes darting to the slashed Konoha headband on the boy's forehead. 'What, he's too young to have graduated already, and he doesn't even have any standard genin equipment. Who is this boy?' the Sage kept looking for any identifying marks on the boy's body, but his eyes widened when he saw the familiar whisker like marks on the boy's face. "Naruto?" Jiraiya whispered in shock.

"How do you know who I am?" asked Naruto as his Rinnegan began to glow slightly.

Jiraiya saw the glow and immediately understood what it meant, "I don't mean you any harm, I just want to talk. My name is Jiraiya, and I know who you are because my sensei was the Sandaime Hokage, you interrupted more than one of our meetings," he said with a chuckle at the end.

"You were taught by that backstabbing traitor?" Naruto said his contempt for the man clear in his voice. Jiraiya was once again shocked, the last time he had seen Naruto the boy cared so much for the Sandaime. 'What the hell have you done now sensei?' thought Jiraiya as he knelt down to be at Naruto's level.

"What happened?" asked the Toad Sage, fearing the worst. The last student he had only activated the Rinnegan because of a traumatic event, 'Could this be the change the wind predicted?'

Naruto didn't speak for a few seconds, silently determining whether or not to trust this man. "Tell him kit, he may be a student of that traitorous kage, but I can sense that he truly cares for you," Kurama said, unwilling to let his host make a foolish mistake, "You will need a human sensei to teach you what I cannot. If what I sense is true this man not only cares for you, but is powerful enough to help you become stronger."

Outwardly Naruto nodded in understanding, making Jiraiya think he came to a decision, "Alright, I'll tell you. The Sandaime Hokage ordered a team of five chuunin lead by a jounin to kill me, but not before they killed the two people who had just offered to adopt me." Naruto's voice broke slightly at the mention of Teuchi and Ayame, but continued on, "The last thing I remember before blacking out was watching two of the chuunin kill Teuchi-jiji and Ayame-neesan. When I came to, the jounin leading the group was dead as well as the two chuunin who carried out the deed. Konoha has proven that they will never accept me and if they won't accept me as an ally, then they will have to deal with me as an enemy." Naruto slipped into his taijutsu stance, making his attentions clear that if Jiraiya tried to take him back he wouldn't go quietly.

Jiraiya remained silent throughout Naruto's story and couldn't keep the look of utter shock off of his face. 'Sarutobi-sensei what the hell have you done?' thought Jiraiya as he starred off into space, trying to understand what the hell could've happen. Seeing Naruto in a taijutsu stance, Jiraiya made up his mind on the spot and got up, the winds of change blowing once again, "Alright kid, come with me, I'll take you away from here." Naruto seemed slightly surprised at this, but after a mental nudge from Kurama, agreed to go with the Toad Sage. 'Whatever Konoha has done, whether on sensei's order or not, is unforgivable! They have betrayed Minato's legacy, and doing so, betrayed me as well. Minato, if you can hear me, I swear to you I will make Naruto a shinobi to surpass all others, and maybe even surpass the Sage of the Six Paths himself!'

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