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A/N what if the scene in Peyton's head actually played out during Lucas's wedding? This is a Brucas story. The words in bold are directly from the show.

" Lucas you can't,"Payton stood up from the pew, her hands shaking and every head turned to her just as the preacher was asking if Lucas would take Lindsey to be his wife. All eyes turned to her.

"Now that's what I'm talking about,"Skills shouted.

I'm sorry I'm so sorry but you can't you just can't." The words tumbled out of Payton's mouth. "Because I love you, and because you fixed my car."She looked desperate as she clinged to nothing Lucas's mind was whirling as he thought back to what Haley had said earlier at the marina. At that moment though as Lucas thought on Haley's words he knew Haley was right, he didn't love Lindsey but she was wrong in that he didn't love Peyton either.

"oh boy," his eyes flashed to Brooke the girl he truly loved and he felt like he was eighteen again and stuck in the triangle. Though this time he thought glancing at Lindsey it was a square. He loved Lindsey in his own way he did, but marriage had never been in the cards until Brooke Davis came back to tree Hill. He hadn't written a word until she came back. Seeing her that first morning he'd smiled for real, the smile only Haley Nathan and Jamie ever saw, except until that moment he hadn't realized what he was doing. Until this very second looking at Brooke sitting in that pew, smiling tightly not making waves. Peyton ready to tear his wedding apart for her own gain, and Lindsey, the one who got involved in this mess without realizing standing at an alter wedding dress on looking stony faced.

Peyton keep talking not stopping Luke really wanted to slap her at that moment. "Remember that day? Because that day changed everything and I didn't know it at the time. But when you fixed my car you fixed my heart. And when you proposed to me two years ago, I just wasn't ready. And I was lost and scared, so I said someday, but now some day's now Luke it is. Someday is now and I love you. Please don't leave me again. People always leave."

Brooke was mortified, she couldn't look at Peyton who was making an fool of herself and she couldn't look at Lucas or Lindsey because even if she didn't want to admit it she was in love with him. In love with everything about him, even though he had hurt her multiple times. There was something about Lucas Scott that would always be her down fall.

Lucas looked between her and Brooke, between her and Lindsey and then he looked at all three of them. He released Lindsey's hand, "I'm sorry" he whispered.

And though it hurt she understood she knew she was never the girl for Lucas Scott. She always knew since the moment she read his book, but looking out over the crowd her eyes landed on one girl. The one girl she knew he was supposed to be with, and it wasn't Payton Sawyer. "Its ok, but go and get her Luke, she loves you just as much as you love her." Lucas looked at her shocked sure she was talking about Peyton and he started to shake his head. She whispered. "I mean Brooke. You forget Lucas Scott I've read every draft of the unkindness of ravens you've ever written I know the truth." She smiled at him sadly slipped her engagement ring off and folded it in his hand. She kissed his cheek and walked back down the aisle sad but at the same time not able to be angry at him.

He stared at his closed hand and then over at Peyton who was still standing there. Then his gazed moved to Brooke who was still sitting in the pew twisting her hands together not looking up. He could see her chewing her lower lip.

"Lucas." Peyton moved towards him and he held up his hand, stopping her in her tracks.

"NO, Peyton. What the hell do you think you were doing?" he glared at the blond in front of him.

"But, you're not marrying her. You told her you couldn't." Peyton looked at him hurt and confused.

"Yes you're right, I'm not marrying Lindsey because I realized at the last moment that I didn't really love Lindsey not the way her or I deserved in life, but if you think for a second that is because of you, well you're just plain crazy Peyton Sawyer."

She felt liked she'd been slapped across the face, and then the anger came surging through her.

"Well then exactly who the hell do you love Lucas Scott, have you ever known?"

"Yes Peyton I think deep down I've always known that who I loved but I was to scared to say it."

"Well who is it? Peyton dared him to speak.

Lucas was ready to meet her challenge. "I love Brooke its always been Brooke. There are you happy." He heard a gasp and looked over at Brooke her hazel eyes colliding with his blue. He could read pain and despair in them.

"Her really." Peyton scoffed.

"Lucas just glared and walked off and out the door he needed air he needed to think to clear his head. This really was no the way he had seen this day ending? Who thought this morning when he woke up to get married to Lindsey he'd stop it at the altar. After Peyton tried to stop it and that he'd admit or realize that he loved Brooke still to this day. That it had always been Brooke.

No one in the church knew what to do, Lucas was outside. Brooke was frozen she hadn't said a word since Lucas left the building. Peyton looked like she was going to smack someone, and Haley was worried that someone might be Brooke.

"Peyton over there." She stepped in front of the blond pointing to the corner. Peyton glared at her but even she knew not to mess with Haley Scott. Haley then looked over and nodded at Nathan he realized she wanted him to go and find Lucas. He nodded and headed out the door. Haley went to sit by Brooke. "Hey Tigger how are you holding up?" Haley felt horrible for what she said to Lucas earlier in the day and she thought back to the words she read and now could see where she went wrong and how it had always and would always be Brooke.

"I don't know what to think, Hals" Brooke took a dep breath. "I do love him. I never stopped loving him. I just don't know if I can trust him. I mean look around us. We're at his failed wedding to another girl. Not to mention that once upon a time he asked Peyton to marry him to." Tears started to pool in her eyes.

"I know Honey I know." Haley soothed. Karen stood behind the girls not sure what to do, she felt torn in two. Her son was outside his world turned upside down. Brooke and Haley two girls she thought of as daughters sat on the bench trying to figure out this new turn of events. She turned to the girls knowing that right now Nathan would be able to help Lucas more at this moment then she could.

"Brooke." Karen slide in next to Haley. Brooke looked up at this woman who had taken her in when she had nowhere else to go. A part of her was scared to know what she was thinking right now.

"Karen." Her voice even sounded weak to herself. Haley slide out of the picture and decided to go and find the boys but not before looking back over her shoulder and seeing Karen with her arms around Brooke.

"Brooke," Karen smoothed her hair out of her face. Even though she was grown looking at her now Karen could still see the lost rebellious teen she'd taken in so many years before. "Oh Brooke I don't know what to say, you know you've always been like a daughter to me. No matter what happens, If you get back with Lucas if you don't get back with him. It doesn't matter ok sweetie."

Brooke nodded numbly. "I love him." She whispered.

"Oh sweetie I know." Karen smiled softly. "I've always known you loved him, just like I've always known he loves you. I didn't want to push either of you though. You had to find your way back to each other though I was always positive you would find your way at some point.

"If people are meant to be, they will always find their way back to each other." Brooke whispered.

"That's right." Karen nodded. She decided to add one more piece of information before she left.

"He was always protecting you Brooke, even when you didn't believe he was. Remember that." She hugged Brooke and got up leaving the brunette to think about everything she'd said.

Nathan had made his way outside and found Lucas on the steps. "Luke." He put his hand on his shoulder. Lucas turned to look at his brother.


"So that was interesting." Nate nodded towards the church.

"Yeah interesting." Lucas laughed humorlessly. "I fucked up man." He sighed.

"No," Nate shook his head I think for once in your life you actually did something right. I've always known it was Brooke. It was Brooke the moment you painted that door red and then had to repaint it black when you couldn't even bare to look at it after she slept with Chris Keller."

"She always wanted to be the girl behind the red door." Lucas whispered.

"Luke she never stopped loving you, you know that. I know that. Hell all of tree hill knows that.

"If only I could believe that." Luke muttered. Just then Haley walked out of the doors.

"Well believe it Lucas Eugene Scott." She came to stand beside her Husband and best friend. "She loves you she told me herself but she's scared. You announced you loved her at your wedding, after Peyton tried to stop you from marrying Lindsey. Can't you see why she'd be nervous every time you and Brooke get close Peyton is in the middle of it." There was so much Haley wished she could tell Lucas but it wasn't her place to say anything about what happened after her own wedding. Haley had always known Peyton wasn't perfect. She'd always been closer to Brooke but it had taken until today to actually see Peyton for what she was the conniving bitch who would stop at nothing to get what she wanted. No matter what or who she hurt.

"Thanks Hals." Lucas hugged her. Haley had been a part of his life and he always took her council to heart even if he didn't want to.

"Nate." Haley nodded her head back towards the church she new at that moment she needed to leave Lucas alone with his thoughts. Nate nodded and headed back with his wife he touched Lucas's shoulder on the way through. Luke stood looking out over Tree hill think about everything that had happened everything that was said.

Karen stood at the door watching her son wishing she could make everything ok take the pain away from both Lucas and Brooke. She looked back into the church and Saw Brooke sitting alone on the pew.

Brooke was trying to wrap her mind around how the world had turned and what she was going to do about it how she was going to handle it. She caught site of Peyton pretty much pouting in the corner obviously pissed about the turn of events. Something in her eyes put Brooke on guard though. This wasn't over were Peyton was concerned Brooke could tell that just by the look on the other girls face. If anything about this day scared Brooke it was the look on Peyton's face.

Everyone was in their own worlds a day that was supposed to end joyously had ended in confusion anger hurt and many people trying to find their way back to each other.

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