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BetaHalo, over and out.

Time never waits.

It delivers all equally to the same end.

You, who wish to safeguard the future,

however limited it may be...

You will be given one year;

go forth without falter,

with your heart as your guide...

Muv-Luv Alternative/ Skyblaster

Prologue: Hero of thousands of worlds.

(USNG Lucifer-Class SuperCarrier' Odyssey', Corridor A15, Near the Ship's Bridge)

(October 21, 2763, Friday [Military Calendar]) (1940 Hrs.)

Two figures could be seen walking through a hallway, personnel that saw that immediately stood at attention, saluting to the figures, before resuming whatever they were doing. The figures kept walking, one, a pale young man with black hair and a part gone white in the front, was walking ahead of his companion, a beautiful pale young woman with chestnut-colored hair; both wore military uniforms that had tons of medals on them, the one the man used had the insignia that denoted him as a Major, while the woman's had one that denoted her as a First Lieutenant. Both of the uniforms were black with some gold embroidery, beautiful yet keeping then functional enough for combat.

"*sigh*… What could have happened?" the voice of the young man was heard, what could be just mumbling to one self's is answered by an artificial-sounding voice.

"Your unit was called for a good reason, Major, that it can be assured" the voice came from the man's forearm, more precisely, the gauntlet and the device attached to it that had been one the man's arm for who-knows-how-long: humanity's most incredible equipment, the Skyblast Module [Mark III].

The small thing was the key for activating the incredible ALPSA-M [V] (All-Situation Labile Powered Suit of Armor - Mark [V]) A.K.A 'Skyblast Armor': Humanity's most powerful (And expensive) weapon/ armor of all recorded military history (in their world), the thing alone is powerful enough to fight an army of at least 56000 Soldiers for 3 hours…

"Major, we are almost at the bridge…" The artificial-sounding voice spoke again; it belonged to Lily, the Smart A.I assigned to the figures' unit, more specifically: the Special Task Force Alpha-00c "HeavenStrykers"

The A.I. had named the unit in honor of the former leader of the late STF A-00a 'Sky Blasters', Lt. Com. Mike M-3970, or simply Michael Heaven; and the actions of their successors: the STF A-00b,which shared the same callsign as the current STF Alpha-00c, who were almost completely lost in an all-out campaign barely three years ago; its leader, along other three were the unit's only survivors, now lead the new STF A-00c.

STF A-00a was lost over five years ago, in the event known as Operation: Judgment, where the planet where the Odyssey and its escort fleet were build and stationed, Cyrus AL-31909, was assaulted by trans-dimensional alien forces known as The Phantoms, which the USNG had been at war with for at least 50 years, and had to be evacuated in less than four hours, leaving almost 5 million people in there to die, or risk losing humanity's most advanced weapons and research that were conducted in the ships.

Eventually, the operation was a success, however it was a pyrrhic victory; the colony's defense fleet was utterly annihilated, and barely above 60 thousand people (both civilians and research personnel) managed to get to the evacuation ships in time, at the cost of the whole STF A-00a, fallen during the evacuations; several units that weren't stationed on the evac fleet at the time of the invasion were almost completely killed, the survivors grouped in a single Task Force, STF Omega-23, which now was one of the most elite not-supersoldier-based corps on-board of the fleet.

Miraculously, the entire evac fleet managed to get into orbit before the security countermeasures were enacted, which consisted in the detonation of nuclear warheads in all research facilities and civilian settlements, which would hopefully deny any data for the Phantoms to savage, unfortunately, it also meant the death for any human survivors or forces left behind, either because they didn't make it on time, or because they chose to do so to buy more time for the evac fleet to receive more survivors, such as STF A-00a.

"Major…" the female spoke to his superior "You look distant, are you okay?" the girl asked, a bit of concern in her voice. Being one of the survivors of STF A-00b, she had developed a great care for her companions, a total 360 from her attitude back with her previous unit. Her name once Ileana Connors, which she still used from time to time, but now she went more by 1st Lt Ileana I-2086, second in command of STF A-00c.

"Yeah 'm fine…" the man answered, he, unlike the majority of the residents of the Odyssey's fleet, wasn't from Cyrus, hell, he hadn't even been born in their universe, the man's real name had been lost that fateful day five years ago, when he had chosen to join the fleet's armed forces (read: forced), he had been turning point during the war and the final battle against the Phantoms, being the one that destroyed the Phantom's Central Conscious, although still covered in secrecy by the fleet's Intelligence Operations Department (IOD), it was widely known that the battle (Named Operation: Thermopylae) had been one of the (if not the most) bloodiest engagements that occurred in the war, it was enough to leave the Odyssey crippled for weeks, and taking the life of at least 35 of the fleet's task forces, the few survivors had been relocated in other areas to shut them up, as the information obtained on the Phantoms on that day was too sensitive for them to spread it.

One of the secrets was that the Major was not human anymore, he had been subject of the fleet's supersoldier program (Project REDJACKET), the subject still retained some human characteristics, however, he had lost all of them, having acquired abilities far beyond human, even for REDJACKET subjects (which were widely known simply as HeavenStrykers, Hotel-Sierra's or Romeo-Juliet's by those who weren't involved with the project). The IOD had tried to acquire some power over him, but being under the direct command of the Admiral in charge of the Odyssey fleet, it was unlikely they could have done anything, especially when the Major had requested to personally oversee Project RedJacket, which had been reluctantly surrendered to him; the Major had used the project to slowly bring the A-00 back to its previous strength, by using subjects he collected from various worlds.

But that's another matter, as previously stated, his real name had been lost before he joined the fleet, but he now went by another name, although his service tag was widely known: RJSS-E3355

The two figures arrived to a certain door, it clearly wasn't the normal CIC specially issued to HeavenStrykers, it was more open and covered in more holo-screens and the personnel using them were clearly of high rank, of course they still knew to not try to show off their rank in front of HeavenStrykers, especially since the last time something like that happened the poor bastard had to take sick leave for about 6 months.

The red stains in the floor near his station had been difficult for the intendance personnel to clean up.

In the middle of the room, a figure clad in a white uniform looked at the central holo-display with a stern expression in his face, sometimes talking to the panel next to him, asking questions that would put anyone that might hear on high alert. The Reglamentary Issued .357 M6L handgun in his leg hostler did nothing to dismiss the general feeling that something serious was going to hit the fan.

The figure was Admiral Ernest Mc'Warren, the one with the highest rank among the survivors from Cyrus, making him the on in command of the Odyssey and the rest of its accompanying fleet. The admiral had made a name of himself by managing to make every sacrifice of the Cyrus defense fleet count, buying minutes that had been vital for the evac.

When he noticed the two figures getting closer to him, he began speaking

"Major, Lieutenant" he curtly greeted, further proof that something was very wrong

""Sir!"" the two figures saluted

"At ease, has anyone told you anything about this?" he motioned towards the display, which was showing some rather disturbing information for those who knew what they were looking for. The two figures and the little human-like hologram projecting from the Major's gauntlet shook their heads "Then, brief them quickly, time is running short" the admiral said before another human-like hologram projected from the panel the Admiral had been talking to. The Hologram belonged to Alice, the Odyssey's main A.I., she quickly smiled and waved at the trio and then adopted a serious pose and tone.

"Today, at 1200 Hrs., my trans-dimensional long range sensors began showing this" she motioned towards the holo-display, where the hologram of a purple-colored sphere was showing "this particular section of the Di-Space is wrapped in way that should not be" the purple sphere bean expanding "the vectors in this… this… thing" she frowned "are completely randomized, it's not stable enough to be a D-Gate [short for Dimensional Gate], but somehow, there is information moving towards it, and worse, it's drawing us in" she finished.

The faces in both the Major and the Lieutenant were stoic, but inside, they feared what may have caused the disturbance, the last thing something similar happened had been the day before Operation: Thermopylae, and the thought of a second Phantom Core Conscious running amok scared them to the core. However, the Major was the first one to recover from the shock.

"Could it be another trans-dimensional faring species? Like the ones we encountered before?" he said, before the A.I. shook her holographic head.

"No, the patterns are way too random, it could be that their TD reactor went critical, but then the anomaly wouldn't be drawing us to it, nor exhibit such behavior… wait, I'm picking up something…"

"What is it?" Ileana asked, her mind already planning for possible deployments of her unit along battle formations, which weapons should they use? Energy-based? Ballistic? Should she alert A-00c's Mike Division? Should she use the heavy armored Type-1 ALPSA, the high-speed Type-6 or the stealthy Type-9? What kind of vehicles would they need?

"It's… it's a Q.I.P." the A.I. said, obviously stunned "it's very altered for any species I have records of… wait, match found… it's similar to the Major's? Impossible, running deeper scans…" the last part didn't go unheard to the four next to the A.I., the Admiral had a solemn expression in his face, Ileana was glancing at the Major each three seconds, and the Major…

He had an unreadable expression, but in his eyes, cold fury and anger threatened to burn anyone who dared to look directly at them. Only the admiral and the rest of A-00c knew the reasons behind it, and they weren't good news.

"How much time before it swallows us?" the Major asked his voice firm and resolved.

"About… two hours, make it three if I actively try to fight back the MG field [Meta-Gravity field], the Q.I.P. signal is already gone, it must have been swallowed by the Distortion, and it's now reaching for us…" the A.I. answered.

"All right then, Major, You and your team will prepare for immediate deployment, if you are once again reached first, you will deploy a TD-Beacon and contact us immediately, find anything that might be useful, weapon systems, biological traits, anything that might give us an upper hand against whoever is causing this distortion" the Admiral said, his tone professional and leaving no room for reply.

"What will happen with the fleet?" Ileana asked, she worried about her friends stationed in the ships that weren't the main three Supercarriers, mostly destroyers and frigates.

"We will declare DEFCON-3, all Task forces will stand-by for immediate deployment, all ships' MRG (Main Recourses Generators) will begin producing ammunitions and vehicle depots will open. I hope that's enough to fight whoever might be causing this if they prove to be hostile. You got your orders, dismissed." The admiral turned away and began walking somewhere else. The two figures tuned to the doors, and walked out of the ship's main CIC, onward to the HS-Deck reserved specially for A-00c and its sub-divisions.

The way to the elevator was silent, Ileana glanced a few times at her leader, but his expression was completely devoid of emotion, only his eyes seemed to be calculating how they would play their moves.

Ileana wanted to speak, but the Major beat her to it.

"It's mostly probable that I will be transported wherever that anomaly leads" he said, his tone strict "I want you to prepare for anything, have the Mike Wing and the Mech crops in high alert, my gut somehow tells me we're gonna need them, have Dr. Ivans on the horn and tell her to keep her tools warm, I will try to send samples of any tech may I find if they prove to be useful." He finished.

"Ah… roger that…" she said quietly. The elevator arrived their deck and the Major walked towards his room, Ileana only stared at his retreating back, and softly murmured before walking towards her own quarters "I'm worried about you… Edward…"


The door to the Major's room opened with a quiet hiss, he quickly got inside and closed the door, the room immediately lit up allowing the Major to see its contents.

The room was fairly big, given he was considered a War Hero and also leader of the most powerful and lethal Task Force available to the fleet. He didn't like to keep a lot of stuff, but somehow it managed to stay, displays and some little pedestals holding physical pictures showing lots of people surrounding a younger version of the Major.

Some of them depicted him in poses along with others, while other only showed him with a small group of people, two of them stood out, one, the Major along a redhead Japanese teen, a blonde British woman and a small, white haired German girl. On the other, it was him along a quite large groups of people, mainly a redhead beauty, a black haired princess look-alike, a blond teen, a white haired girl that seemed not wanting to let go of the major's shirt, a bluenette girl with s huge sword for her size, and a brown-haired female with an innocent expression.

The Major smiled as he remembered his adventures with every group in each photo, every time he had arrived there either by summon or by accident, but it didn't bother him, he liked to feel the excitement of helping people and befriending them disregarding the origins he had.

The shelves had some artifacts on them, every single of them was a simple copy, but they were enough to feel back on his previous adventures, a blue sheath and regal-looking sword were on them, along a porcelain-white sword with a huge hole near the hilt, both of them had a special meaning for him, although they weren't the real thing, the real ones being too dangerous to leave them in this room.

With a sigh, he moved near one of the older-looking shelves, were a single handgun rested, it looked worn and a bit dusty, but gave the feeling that it had killed things that weren't supposed to be killed with such a weapon.

The Major took out the gun and its hostler, leaving them in his night table, then he looked to a corner where some boxes laid, he opened one of them and rummaged through its contents.

He produced a few items from it, a worn looking, old-fashioned smartphone that read 'IPhone' on its black back, an old-fashioned laptop and several cords, along a few smaller boxes that read 'MRE', 'instant noddles' and some cans that read 'emergency rations' on their laterals.

The Major then changed from the military uniform to a suit of armor in a flash of light, the armor looked menacing and intimidating, even though its plates were quite thin, the helmet had a huge faceplate that had a little glow behind it, simulating where the Major was looking at.

He searched some boxes before pulling out a black sports bag, the bag had a symbol that identified it as a belonging of the A-00c, same symbol shined proudly on the man's shoulder armor plates, the armor glowing even though its gunmetal coloring and the magnetic holster carrying a huge black magnum that looked like it could punch right through the armor of anything on its way.

The Major then looked at the gauntlet, where the hologram of a little woman was projecting, its none-existent eyebrows put together showing she was quite irritated. The hologram spoke. "Why is it always you who has to go first?" she asked, concern and anger lacing her tiny voice.

"It's written in my soul, I have to achieve what no other has, its my journey, you know?" the Major said, with conviction in his voice "don't worry, Lily, remember I can't die, okay? I'll be back soon, or maybe you'll come to me first, and maybe... just maybe i can find my answer." he said with affection in his voice.

That moment, the Major's body began to glow, sparks of blue and white circled him, gaining speed before they turned into a violent tornado, and then, he was gone.

The terminal lit up and showed the A.I with a worried expression on her virtual face, her holographic blue eyes stared at the spot where the major had vanished.

"It's hard not to worry, you know? Then again, you have always come back… good luck… papa" she said before the hologram disappeared, leaving the room empty of any presence for some seconds, before the light automatically turned off, but before they did so, the little plate on the Major's abandoned uniform glowed something it had inscribed on it next to emblem of a sword with a hole near the hilt piercing through the symbol for infinite.

STF A-00c 'HeavenStrykers'

RJSS – E3355

Major General Edward Radikov

(To be Continued)