Reverse Reverse Chapter 1

Small prologue.

In the midst of the forest in the region of Sinnoh, there are three teenagers flying towards the next tournament challenge available to them. They are carrying only four of their Pokémon because it meets the demands of the tournament rules. Getting closer and closer, they slowly start to descend closer to the ground, and during this, a certain boy manages to piss off a certain girl…

Reverse Reverse Start!

"K-kuri! I'm sorry okay! It was an accident!" A curly haired boy exclaimed while hanging onto his Staraptor by a thread. While the fall into the forest wasn't long at all, he didn't exactly like the idea of falling.

"Somehow, I don't believe you Domo." KKuri said snarkly. She was slightly curly haired herself, but her hair was dark red, verse pitch black, and it was also much longer.

"R-really!" Domo begged for forgiveness.

"The more you beg, the more I want to do this…" She said as she ordered the Flygon she was riding on to bump Domo's Staraptor, making Domo fall into the small, yet dark forest.

The Staraptor then looked over at her, giving her a slight "What the hell man" face, possibly because he didn't have any idea what was going on.

"Humph…" She said with a slight blush.

From behind Kuri, a dark straight haired kid with glasses flew over on his Charizard.

"Kuri… What was that for?" he asked her with a sweat drop.

"You know exactly what it was for Chason." She responded irritatingly.

Chason sighed. "Yes but…Knocking him out of the air?"

"You know as well as I do that there is no way he could have not survived that. That was weak, c'mon."

"Couldn't you just have stuck to slapping him?"

"I wanted to try something different. You know, something that would have actually made him think about it."

"I'm pretty sure a slap would have done that just fine…"

"Shush. It's not like that actually hurt him."

"Yeah, but now we gotta find him."

Kuri flinched. "I know exactly where he is, and he should be…er…"

"You were so angry that you didn't even pay attention to where you knocked him down?"

"Err uhm…I know I did…But this entire forest looks exactly the same from the top…" Kuri said somewhat nervously.

"And considering that we've lightly floated along in the sky for a bit…I'm pretty sure he's back a little ways." Chason explained dryly.

Kuri now went silent.

"Honestly, I think what Domo did was an accident, or at least, was meant to be playful, something I know you enjoy being like, and it just ended up badly…Cut him some slack. You're overreacting, something you generally never do."

"I-It just surprised me is all! I would have expected it from you, but not from Domo. That's just different."

"I-I take offense to that. I'm no pervert." Chason explained.

"That's what all real perverts say." She teased.

"You…! Ugh…I'm not gonna even respond to that. But since you're feeling better now, do you wanna find Domo?"

Kuri slightly flinched. "Y-yeah. Let's find him."

Both Kuri and Chason descended down some odd amount of feet, into the forest, and asked Staraptor to go look for him calling him while simultaneously returning their respective Pokémon.

"Though honestly, I would have expected Domo to call back for us immediately after he fell…"

"Maybe it did hurt him?" Chason teased.

"Oh…I'd be more embarrassed about if that did hurt him than about knocking him down in the first place…"

"I would agree for once…Well, at least about the fact that would be quite ridiculous if he was actually hurt."

Kuri felt really bad now, she didn't mean to do anything to really hurt him. But there was something else pulling at her…Something more mysterious.

"Hey Chason…" She whispered quietly.

"What's with this place? It's so…Dark. And it…hurts…just to stand in here." She said as she wrapped her hands around herself and shivered.

"I'm not sure…But part of the reason must be because there's literally no Pokémon in this area. In fact, from what I can tell, every single living thing that can move is not here…I see nothing, it's all just trees and bushes."

Chason was right Kuri thought. She saw nothing here. "And the feeling that hurts?" she asked.

"I…I'm not sure either. But honestly, I think I felt it up while we were on our fliers too…It was really weird and it got under my skin. I'd swear it made me scared and annoyed for no reason at all. In fact, I wonder if it was what was affecting your judgment… Though that's assuming we're talking about the same thing…" He trailed off.

Kuri looked down. It hurt physically and emotionally. It was really strange…But in both instances, it felt like it was tugging on her in intervals. One moment it felt like it was literally pulling her apart, and the next it went back to normal. Then again, the same thing happened a couple seconds later…

"Chason, lets hurry okay?"

"Oh yes. Now we know we're close to Domo, but exactly how clos-" he stopped speaking. Frozen even. Immediately the entire forest was engulfed in a black sphere, and disappeared. Leaving only a hole in the ground upon the huge area that the forest took up. It was all gone, scoped up from the earth like when a person scopes ice cream out of its container.

Domo's POV.

I consciously awoke from sleep. I didn't know where I was, and I couldn't even lift up my head in order to even try to find out that information. I was so pathetically weak right now. When did my body weaken so much? Heck, when did I fall asleep? I wish I could of answered those questions, but I was weak not only in body, but in mind too. I couldn't even tell what I was laying down on. My sense of touch was totally numbed. I needed to regain myself, so I tried to get up. I managed to open my eyes and slightly lift my head out of my crossed hands, but my vision was blurry. Even so, I immediately picked up on how much of a dark area this place was. I couldn't tell where I was even getting the light to see anything. Wait! A flash of red light just came from the sky, so I forced myself to look up. There were huge dark thunder clouds and red lightning…wait…Is that even possible?! I was surprised at least, to see dark red lightning. Another lightning bolt struck close to me. It didn't reduce my weariness, but it sure as hell awoke my senses and frightened me. I realized at that moment that something was wrong with my body. Something was SERIOUSLY wrong with my body. My…My…My…I couldn't say it. I was ready to freak. I couldn't understand, not in the least.

I pushed hard, and I managed to force myself up, only to fall on my butt right afterwards.
Well…it was a nice start. But that didn't concern me right now. Extra weight on the upper area of my chest? That's not normal. My Hair suddenly reaching down below my neck? Not how my hair is supposed to be. I froze for a moment, unable to grasp the situation, or in reality, unable to accept it. The answer was on the tip of my tongue, but I just didn't want to condense the idea into a believable form.

"How in the…?" I whispered to myself.

…Now my voice was lighter? And so I was forced to accept it completely.

"I'm a… girl?" I murmured to myself quietly.

I blushed with no end in sight. This is…awkward…How in the world could this have happened? I honestly couldn't come up with anything. I mean, the last thing that happened to me was-

Pausing, I realized I didn't even remember the last thing that happened to me. I just remember returning Staraptor to his pokeball and then…bam, I woke up here. This is just…

A chilling wind interrupted my train of thought when it blew my new hair into my face, and I went right back to worrying about my random gender change. "Well, at least I know why my sister complains about having longer hair sometimes…ARGH." I came to the conclusion that I really couldn't focus on this anymore. I knew that it would come up later on, but I did have other problems at the moment. Like…where exactly was I? I mean that's also something I can't explain…

I might as well get some help. Who did I have on me again? I looked at my Pokémon belt to make sure, but I was right when I assumed I only had Staraptor, Pikachu, Zoaraok and Espeon with me. I was hoping for someone strong to carry me on the ground, so I reached for my Pokedex. I was glad they added the ability to transfer Pokémon directly to and from your Pokedex.

…Expect it wasn't working. What the hell? No connection is what it told me…God, how far off from civilization am I? By this day and age, I figured every part of the world would be covered under the range of satellites. And it's not like I'm in some cave blocking the connection…I'm outside!

This time I checked my pokegear and… nothing. The map of Sinnoh appeared on it, but it gave me a warning saying it cannot receive a location upon where I am. The poketch had no connection either, but at least its App's are self-sufficient. So I had something…But it wasn't much. I didn't wanna waste any more time, so I figured it was finally time to get a move on, because even though I had no idea where to go, it's not like this hilly area had anything here. So I grabbed one of my pokeballs and released the Pokémon into the world.

The red energy took the shape of a tall fox, and it dispersed to reveal a Zoaroak. Zoaroak shook itself and its fur upon release and looked around, taking in its surroundings.

"Zoaroak? Over here. I need your help." I asked confused upon why it wasn't looking at me directly.

It responded with a glance at me. Then he became worried about something, and for some reason, took a fighting stance directed towards me.

"W-woah! Zoaroak! Calm down. It's me Domo!" I exclaimed.

Zoaroak wasn't trusting me. That was bad. Zoaroak now lifted his paw and pointed at its chest trying to signify something.

I got the gist of it pretty quickly. I gained a small blush and told him "Don't remind me. Look, I know I'm a…" I stuttered and paused badly. "G-girl right now…But that doesn't mean I'm not Domo! You have to believe me! I uh…I remember how I caught you! You were that Zorua that I helped in Lostlorn Forest when I went to Unova to see Nimbasa City!" I exclaimed in a pleading voice.

Zoaroak finally lowered his guard and seemed to whine. I assumed it was trying to say sorry.
"Don't worry Zoaroak, its fine. Now…"
I held up my hand. "Could you help me up?" I sweat dropped and smiled.

Zoaroak sighed, then pulled me up and held onto me until I gained my balance. Finally standing up and truly feeling awake, I realized the sky was actually clearing up. No more red lightning and the sun's light was a bright yellow! That was a big relief. I felt like there was finally something normal about wherever the hell I am.

I directed my attention to Zoaroak now, wanting him to scout the area to see if he could find anything of use. Zoaroak immediately ran off a ways forward. I was really hoping he could find something, because I only have enough supplies for a couple days. I also really needed to stop feeling dizzy. An adrenalin rush would suffice, one that would really get my blood pumping. So I ran, ran as fast as I could. I always loved the wind in your face while running; it always calmed me down and makes me feel good. It also makes running for no reason a lot more appealing. Now that I was energized, I took a moment to actually look at the scenery. Where ever this is, it was a surprisingly beautiful place. The lush green grass hills were all pretty, and it really makes it fun to run up and down and just enjoy the area. It was sad that this place gets such nasty thunderstorms though. Those are probably why there's nobody here…Not even Pokémon, which is weird in its own right.

A tink rang in my mind, and suddenly pink letters floated in front of me saying "I found something off in the distance! Go in the direction I went in!"

"Zoaroak's illusion?" I murmured. I guess I've trained him well. It was awesome that he could reach this far nowadays.

I dashed after Zoaroak, hoping to see what he found as soon as possible. My pants sagged extremely however, once again reminding me that I'm not a guy anymore. My smaller figure, even if it's only a smidgen small, doesn't fit right in my clothing, which just leads to me thinking about my sudden gender change even even more. About that…what's my breast size…? I flushed immediately at the thought of checking that out, looking down and away from the direction I was rushing in.

INSTA-THUD! I slammed into something and bounced backward landing on my butt.

"Owowow…What was that?" I questioned while rubbing my behind.


I looked up and saw a brown-colored Pokémon. It was…a Simipour? I swore they were blue… I started to get up but the Simipour dug into the ground right after we made eye contact. It seemed scared of me, or at least very jumpy. Seriously though, I thought that Simipour were blue…and can they even learn dig? This was really getting weird. But I needed to press on and not get distracted. So I once again dashed when suddenly the Simipour leaped out of the ground in front of me and launched a Mud Bomb right at me. Caught by surprise, it hit me directly and… splat. I was out cold.

Chapter 1 end.

The first half is now rewritten :P Check it out. It makes more sense now. lol.