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…After a long wait, chapter 6!

Reverse Reverse Chapter 6 Start!

Domo's POV.

After that horrendous experience, we found ourselves extremely tired and out of it. Kuri was blushing the whole way home (The old couple's house), having been "violated" just like me. Okay, so violation is a bit of an extreme way to describe it, but the embarrassment that came from it made it feel like it was something of that sort.

Inside the house, I asked "You okay Kuri?"

"'Okay isn't the word I really want to use..." She said while avoiding my glances with a beat red face.

"Is that so?" I smiled gleefully as I edged closer. She (or he at the moment) always seemed brought out my inner child.

"Yeah." She looked at me with a sideways glance.

"I think you're better than okay!" I exclaimed as I poked her sides.

"S-Stop!" She exclaimed as she tried to get away.

Soon my poking turned into a tickling, and she was starting to laugh a bit.

"Come on, you know this makes you feel better!" I said as I latched onto her from behind to prevent her from getting out of my grasp.

She grumbled. "A bit…"

"That's a good girl. Now I want you to feel all better. Okay?"

She became quiet. Then she sighed. "Alright, I'm just worn out. Plus that was…horrible."

I let go of her, then motioned for her to take a seat on the couch. She sat down, and then I sat on my feet in front of her. If you want to know what I looked like, I looked like I was a frog, but this was a common sitting position for me when I was consoling someone. Though I admit, something felt off about it this time…I felt extra heavy when I leaned forward for some reason…

"I wouldn't worry about it too much. I don't know her that well, but it was the second time Suzie's done that to me. And I turned out fine." I explained.

"Fine…" She sighed.

"Good." I smiled.

She squirmed a bit out of what looked like awkwardness.

"So uhm…What happened Domo?"

I tilted my head. "Slightly long story." "But if you must know…"

I explained the full extent of what happened to me since I got here. She seemed to understand quite well, which was good. But now I wanted to know what happened to her, and if she'd be so kind…

"Oh sure, I'll tell you what happened to me. It's nothing like what happened to you though."

I motioned her to go on.

"Basically, I woke up in a house owned by the Charlestons', people living here, and they were really sweet. They took care of me, even though I didn't do anything for them. They even figured out that I had Pokémon, but they didn't care that much. Though I soon found out they weren't all like that…"

Tell me about it.

But that's it; I really just hid out there for a while. I did worry about where I was, and obviously I tried calling you, but it didn't work so I mostly just stayed stagnant, until I saw you being attacked by your Zoroark and I saved you. I guess it's good I liked that roof so much…"

"Roof?" I asked, curious.

"Well, yeah. The wind felt nice."

There's strong wind? What, they have a gigantic air conditioner or something? Actually, that's not that bad of an idea…

"Well in that case, there's nothing more to discuss now is there?"

She seemed hesitant for a second, but then agreed. "Mh. That's all, nothing to worry about!"

Then I remembered something. Something quite important. Something that made my anger slightly rise.

"Wait…Kuri, can you answer me one thing?"


"…Why did you knock me out of the air again?"

Silence for a second, but then I received the answer in whisper.

Oh it was for THAT. Strange, I don't know what I was thinking back then…That was pretty bad. I would never do that to a girl…Would I?

"I'm sorry though, I understand it was an accident." She bowed to me.

Accident? From what I remember, it wasn't an accident…I did that on purpose…But I still feel like I wouldn't do that…I can't believe I did that…

"No no…it's fine."

"Really?" her eyes lit up.


"Thank god…"

At that moment, I thought about contemplating it, but the way Kuri acted about it made me want to go along with what she wanted. Which was this discussion to be over with, so I stood up.

"Remember we're going to travel tomorrow, so be prepared and get some sleep."

"Okay!" she exclaimed happily as she ran back to one of the guest beds.

There she is, back to normal. Kuri was never this solemn, and I was quite worried, but I guess anybody would be after this situation. So now that that's dealt with…Time to rest.

I flopped onto the couch and fell asleep within a minute.

Kuri's POV.

I flopped face first onto the bed and sighed.

This was one nerve wracking day, though with Domo here, it all worked out in the end.

I reached for my pocket and pulled out my Infernape's pokeball and then released him into the world.

"Infer?" He looked at me.

"Nothing, I just wanted you out; today was a bit too serious for my liking; though I did find Domo, which is a good thing."

"Fer." He gave me a thumbs up, that felt nice.

"Yeah. Though when he was threatened as a hostage, I didn't know what to do and I gave in easily…"


"Heh, I know you're trying to cheer me up, so thanks. But don't worry, I'm fine now." I smiled, and then returned him to the pokeball before he could do anything.

To be honest, I'm not sure why I even bothered to do that. I guess it was to see his confidence because today shook me…But I don't know. Today just required too much of me…

I curled up into a ball on the bed. I didn't feel like crying or anything silly, but the pressure that I felt earlier today was nerve wracking.

… Better not to worry about it I guess, Domo knows what he's doing…Or she does. I had to think about that for a moment. Domo as a girl? It almost seemed too perfect. He fit too way well when he tried to console me earlier. Ohhhh boy, he's gonna hear it from me.

I giggled slightly evilly.

Though this thing sticking up when she got close annoyed me. It…felt weird. I stopped for a moment as I realized what was happening.

"So that's what it feels like…Egh, never again. I'm just gonna sleep." I mumbled as I spent forever drifting off into sleep.

Domo's POV in the morning.

I stretched when I woke up, and looked around. No one was inside, but from what I could tell; Kuri was outside practicing with her Pokémon. Heh, figures.

I opened the sliding doors and walked outside.

"Morning Kuri."

"Morning Yumi." She responded.

I paused realizing what she just called me.

"Uhm Kuri, you can drop the act, I'm not hiding from anyone, and even if I was, we're alone at the moment."

"What do you mean? Come on Yumi, don't be spoiled, the name fits you a lot better like this."

"V-very funny! I don't need my name changed for this." I said as I turned the other way with a "humph".

"Deal with it Yumi."

"Oh come on!" I knew where this was going. I suddenly wish I found Chason first.

She stuck her tongue out at me, and then ran by me to the inside of the house.

"Ugh…" I sighed.

"Yumi!" Called an older slightly gruff voice.

I peeked into the house and saw Prince Alden.

"Alden? What is it?" I walked inside.

"I'm here to see you out, so come on." He said as he motioned me to follow him.

"O-okay. Kuri come on, we're going!"

"Okay, I'm coming!" She exclaimed as she ran to the front door with her bag in hand.

I picked up my own bag, and followed the prince with his guards and we walked slowly towards the exit of the city. The prince however took the long route…

A really strange long route at that, one that went right through the center zone of the city. There were so many people here right now, and I couldn't figure out why.

"Hey prince Alden…Where are we going?"

"I just wanted to show you something."

"And that is…?"

He didn't respond with words, but instead grabbed a pokeball out of my pocket without my permission.

"What the heck? Why'd you do that?!"

He responded by releasing the pokemon into the world. It was Staraptor.

Soon the entire crowd turned in this direction, staring in awe…or perhaps fear?

"I-it's a monster!" A guy from the crowd yelled out.

"And the prince is right next to it! Prince please run!"

There was now panic in the crowd. Some were running away, but others stays, and a few even rushed to 'help' the prince.

Before they could reach him however, the guards had stood in their way. So the prince was allowed to continue.

The prince reached his hand up into the sky for Staraptor to come down to.

Staraptor, looked at me somewhat confused, unsure of what to do.

"Staraptor, accept his hand." I told him, understanding the prince's intentions.

Staraptor lowered himself downwards to right in front of the prince, and the prince pet his beak, and then combed staraptor's comb. Something that Staraptor enjoyed thoroughly.

The crowd was mildly shocked to put it lightly. The prince smiled as his idea had worked. He then stopped and looked towards me and whispered "Release all of your monsters into the world".

I obliged and released Pikachu, Zoroark and Espeon into the world, and motioned Kuri to do the same.

"Listen all and listen well!" He exclaimed with a thundering dominance.

"From yesterday on, the thing that caused the monsters to be violent has been dealt with, and is no longer causing any more problems. This means that all these monsters are innocent! Do not hate them any longer, because soon this city will lose its walls, and we no longer will need collars that control these wondrous beings! They will work beside us as at the very least pets, not monsters!"

"Has Hanachu gone to your head Prince?! I mean no disrespect, but just because SOME of them are nice doesn't mean all of them are!" A guy from the crowd exclaimed with many people agreeing with him.

"That doesn't change anything. Most monsters are innocent, I have seen that myself. Don't let the fear of some of them ruin their freedoms and our potential together."

"…I don't believe you."

The prince was surprised. "Huh?"

"I want you to prove it. Prove that they aren't dangerous!"

The prince was taken aback slightly. He apparently hadn't expected this…?

"But you must! It is the truth! Just look at these!" He pointed to our group of Pokémon.

"They…aren't enough! Compared to the millions upon billions of monsters in the world, they are only a fraction! Please my prince, I don't want to risk my child's, let alone my own, safety because you believe violent monsters were just 'confused' by some strange "energy", which I find to be a load of bull!" I would

The worry was easily recognized on the prince's face. Even though this is just one person speaking out, it's so very easy to tell just by the faces of the crowd that most of them were on the one guy's side.

"I'm…sorry that you don't agree with me. But you must understand-"

"I don't want to understand! I don't want to take the risk! I'm sure that most of the people in this city, let alone the world are not willing to take that risk!"

The prince went silent. He seemed very solemn.

"Prince Alden…?" I asked to try and get him to speak.

He whispered back to us. "You can fly correct? Both of you?"

"Yeah but what for?"

"Because…" He paused as he handed me my staraptor's pokeball back. He then turned back towards the crowd.

"I'm sorry that you're worried about your future and your children. I would like to debate this further, but I haven't the time. Our laws and policies have been changed, and there's nothing you can do about that."

"Why?! Don't we matter?! What about our opinions of how this city works?!" Screamed another girl.

The prince then turned back to the person that screamed that out.

"Excuse me for having to remind you of this, perhaps because of all the years of peace we've had, but you might have forgotten that there is no "equality" here. I choose how everything goes down, and that's final. The monsters will be free, and there's nothing you can do about it."

The crowd froze, and didn't say a thing.

"Now that that's cleared up. Come along now you two. It seems the ability to fly will not be needed." He motioned to us. We nodded our heads and returned our pokemon.

"Make way my people." He asked the crowd, and they obliged and allowed a path out.

There was a very big hint of anger in the crowd all being radiated toward us. It…wasn't a good feeling…

I whispered to Prince Alden as we reached the end of the crowd and started walking towards the exit of the city "Why did we need the ability to fly?"

"To be honest, I thought there was going to be a riot. But they were more understanding then I thought."

That last part pissed me off. Understanding? It was more like it was forced on them.

"What was that for anyway? You just pissed off your entire population!"

"It was needed. They weren't going to be convinced."

"You certainly didn't stick to arguing very long! Why didn't you mention show them the research done by your scientists?! Or the way the Pokémon locked up locked so innocent? Or heck, you could have walked outside of your city and shown them how neutral the Pokémon were! You had plenty of options!" I exclaimed.

"You really think that would have worked? I doubt it."

"You should have given it a chance! Why did you destroy their…" I paused and remembered what he said earlier.

"Destroyed their what?"

"Nevermind. Just let Kuri and me go." I said as I walked ahead of the prince.

"…If you've got something to say, then go ahead and say it. But what's done is done."

"No, I started going off track, it's nothing. Just let me leave."

The prince pondered it for a moment, but let it go.

"Alright. Remember the direction right?"

"Northwest correct?"

"Yes that way. The City shouldn't be TOO far if you're used to traveling." He said as he pointed northwest.

We then reached the huge doors that represent the exit, and the prince ordered the doors to be opened, and the doors screeched as they slid wide open.

"I'll be seeing you then. Good luck." The prince said with a smile.

"Bye." I told him solemnly as I ran out.

"H-hey! Wait up Domo!" Kuri exclaimed as she (he) ran after me.

As soon as I heard the doors shut (or really stop screeching), I stopped. Kuri then caught up with me.

"Don't…run off like that okay? I wasn't expecting it. Yes I know I'm a better runner then you but still…"

"I'm sorry; I just didn't want to see Prince Alden. I just didn't. I feel like…" She cut me off.

"He destroyed their trust?"

I paused, surprised by Kuri even commenting. I almost forgot she was there during the argument due to her lack of presence. Then answered " Yeah. That's right. Their trust that he gathered from so many years of peace. He subtly gained their approval to rule, and that's how he governed, and hell, even acted. Then to just pull something like that…"

Kuri then came over to me and smiled.

"He did what he did and is trying his best to deal with his choice. Best not to worry about it kay?"


"Because that's not your job. Our job is to collect stuff right? That would help more than mulling over what just happened."

I sighed. I don't think Kuri is completely right, but she does have a point…

"I guess so…"

"That's a good girl." She said right before she stuck her tongue out at me.

"Not funny!"

"Oh I think it is." She said in teasing voice.

I was crying inside. She thoroughly enjoys that way too much.

"Ugh, whatever. Let's just go." I said as I rolled my eyes

"My thoughts exactly." She agreed.

For the next seven hours we walked. Topics ranged from how we plan to tell this to our parents if we ever saw them again to what we were gonna eat tonight. After those 7 hours, we were tired out and decided to rest because the sun was already down. We set up a tent and sat down together in front of Kuri's burning infernape. (Our makeshift fire.)

"I feel kind of lonely…" I suddenly said out loud, not meaning too.

"What, I'm not company enough for you?"

"Uh, no, I didn't mean it like that…"

"Then what DO you mean?" she said with a slightly annoyed voice.

"I mean that usually we would run into people traveling as well…We'd run into a lot of different people…But out here in the open plains, it's just the two of us. It makes me feel so lonely…Or maybe that's just homesickness?"

"Well I know that feeling…But I wouldn't worry about it. As long as we're doing a good thing or have purpose, isn't that enough?"

Every time. Every time I try to start a serious conversion with her, she blows it off. I don't know whether or not it makes me feel better or worse. I think it honestly does both. Because of this I just looked off into the distance and didn't respond.

"Well I'm gonna sleep okay? Good night Yumi~" She said as she slid into the tent.

I wanted to say something to that, but at this point I just give up. She doesn't even do it consistently. Only when she feels like it…

But now I was alone. And what happens when I'm alone? My thoughts start drifting, drifting to things that I was told not to worry about.

Why…did he do that? He cut them off so quickly…I know that it will probably help in the end, but it feels like he could have done it another way…

Trying to rationalize it, I guess it's something like what a parent would do to a child if they we're listening, but the fact that Prince Alden of all people would do such a thing is what bothers me.

Then I remembered how he almost forced to stay there against my will until the old couple offered to take my place. It still burns me up, but I really can't do anything about it…All that I hope is that everyone forgives and forgets and comes to accept pokemon not being treated badly. Oh, and the prince doesn't rub it in his peoples face when he proves to them he's right. He wouldn't do that…I think…

3rd person.

Prince Alden sat down on his throne and put his hand to his head in a tired manner.

"That was an excellent starting point sir. Now what must we do?" One of the guards said.

"For now, go back to your quarters. I want to be alone for a bit…"

"Yes sir." They said as they all left.

"I really didn't think that through…I can't believe that I let my annoyance at something I know was right get the better of me…That was quite arrogant of me to assume they were just gonna go along with it, let alone agree with me…" The prince murmured to himself.

"I can't regret what I've done for too long, but I really wish I had thought about the options more…I honestly think I'm not truly cut out for this..."

He paused for a while and sat in silence.

Then he thought to himself "…Well, I know what I have to do now. After my job is complete, I will…Yeah. That sounds good…It would please those below me too…"

Chapter 6 end.

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