This will probably be fairly short, just two little chapters all born out of my obsession with the idea that the sonic screwdriver works on everything but wood. Everything.

The Difference Between Punishment And Contrition

"Amy that was not remotely funny!" the Doctor seethed as I chased behind him. He was striding towards the TARDIS not even bothering to slow down for Rory or I.

He was being a big baby...but I probably shouldn't actually tell him that.

"You're being a big baby, Doctor!" I said.

Ooops, oh well.

He looked back at me and scowled as he unlocked the blue door.

"I was just trying to follow social customs, they thought I was your honored concubine, you and Rory's. They needed proof. If I hadn't done something they would have shoved me in that room with all the other women and then I would have missed everything. As a concubine I had an special place, so I had to show them how I pleased you. So that's why I did that little dance. You know what happens when we get separated, you lot get into trouble and then I have to rescue you...on occasion it's vice versa. The point is I always miss everything on these awful, sexist planets and I wasn't going to let it happen today!"

I bounded into the TARDIS with Rory at my heels, he closed the door and immediately the Doctor started shouting.

"You embarrassed me in front of the Twentieth Verantan Council! They took back my ceremonial vase!"

"Amy, maybe we'd better go to our room, let the Doctor cool off." Rory said lightly touching my arm.

"I embarrassed you? You're the one that got the erection."

"You rubbed your bottom against my..." he trailed off having lowered his voice.

"Cock, Doctor? Is that the word you're searching for?" I placed a hand on my hip and pursed my lips as he blushed. "God, you act like we haven't had sex! Just the other day you took me outside of the TARDIS, up against the wall, in full view of anyone who might walk by."

I walked over to him making sure to sway my hips in that way he liked. He was leaning against the console, pouting, not so much plotting a course as just flipping switches.

"Remember, Doctor..." I said walking up behind him and trailing my hand over his shoulders. "My skirt pushed up around my waist. I was getting the most awful blue splinters until Rory was good enough to come up behind me and stick his cock in my arse."

I breathed the last few words in the Doctor's ear and saw him shudder at the memory.

"What you did was not a dance, it was the start of a full body orgasm gyration with me as the sex toy." the Doctor huffed indignantly.

"Amy." Rory groaned. He had come up behind me and put his hands on my hips while nipping at my neck.

"Rory didn't seem to mind." I added enjoying his hands all over me. "Rory actually seemed to quite enjoy it. In fact, I think he's still enjoying it now.

"Rory was not the head of the delegation, I was. Not to mention what we three do in private is not the same as teasing Rory and I in public." he said weakly.

I was pressed between the two of them grinding a bit against the Doctors firm bottom as Rory took down my knickers from behind.

The Doctor splayed his hands on the shiny surface of the console breathing heavily trying to ignore us and of course failing miserably.

"You want to listen as Rory fucks me, Doctor? Do you want to join in or maybe just stand there and brood." I asked just before kissing his earlobe.

Rory plunged into me pushing me into the Doctor. I gripped him tightly, bringing my hands up to his chest and I rested my head on his shoulder. The tweed of his jacket had a familiar, scratchy texture and it smelled so strongly of him it made me groan deep in my throat.

Rory started to fuck me harder whispering the filthiest things in my ear, the movement driving me firmly and rhythmically into the Doctor. He grunted with each thrust and I dragged a hand down across his chest and stomach slipping it into the waistband of his trousers. I gripped his cock, finding it hard and inviting.

Rory reached past me and shoved his hand in the Doctors hair, grabbing a handful and yanking his head back. The Doctor made an appreciative sound very much like; "Mmmmph."

"Come on, mate. You can reprimand her later."

The Doctor spun around quick as a flash capturing my mouth in a bruising kiss.

"Fine." he said in between kisses. "But we are not even close to finished with this conversation."

I feigned a respectful face and nodded like a good little companion.

"Anything you say, Doctor. Now may I please suck your cock?"

The Doctor licked his lips in expectation.

"Yes, Pond, you may."

I made quick work of his trousers trying to divide my focus between the glorious pleasure Rory was giving and what I wanted to give the Doctor.

He was so hard and for a moment I felt bad for having teased him into such a state. I thought I was helping. Ok, that's a total lie, I didn't think I was helping but it was so much fun. Plus, look at my reward!

I took the Doctor into my mouth as fully as I could, gagging just the slightest bit when he hit the back of my throat.

"Still haven't quite mastered deep throating yet, have we? So many lessons yet to learn." The Doctor put his hand on the back of my head, lightly guiding me.

"Give us a kiss, love." I heard Rory say and I listened as he and the Doctor kissed wetly and passionately above me.

The lighting in the TARDIS started to flicker. She did that, it was her way of showing us she didn't approve of what we were doing in her interior. We usually tried to keep our exploits to the bedroom or the shower or the pool but this time it couldn't be helped.

"Sorry, dear, almost done, I promise." the Doctor said breathlessly to his beloved ship. The Doctor held both of my hands in his, supporting me as I spread my legs wider to accommodate Rory. My husbands hips started to work erratically as his orgasm began to build inside him. I gripped him tighter, urging him on finally taking my mouth off the Doctor as Rory exploded inside me.

"God, Amy...!" he exclaimed holding me tightly as he pumped within me.

I kept my hand on the Doctor's cock, stroking him loosely closing my eyes and enjoying the feeling of Rory spilling inside me. When he pulled out he bent his body over mine, drawing me close to him.

"Were you holding back?" Rory asked breathless. "I swear I felt you about to come at least twice." he then rolled his eyes as he figured it out. "You wanted us both, naughty."

"Are you cross?" I asked trying to feel guilty but not doing a very good job.

"When am I ever cross with you?" he responded pinching my bottom.

"Frequently," the Doctor said. "Just like I am."

The Doctor scooped me up in those big strong hands, setting my bare bottom on the console.

"Lie back." he commanded.

"Doctor, all the levers and such." I whined. This always left me a bit bruised.

"Don't care." he responded but of course he did. To avoid causing me pain he slid me down lower on the smooth surface and lifting both my legs placed one on each of his shoulders.

He pushed his cock inside me, groaning at my slick heat as I groaned at his impossible firmness.

Rory, moved behind the Doctor, though spent, perfectly happy to snog and neck him as we had sex. The Doctor was a little rougher than normal. When I groaned rather loudly he gave me a smack on the bottom.

"Shut up, there's been more than enough out of you today."


"I don't care how good it is. I don't care how big my cock feels." He popped his thumb into his mouth, wetting it and then bringing it down to rub my clit. "I don't even care how swollen and hard your clit is, I don't want to hear anything from you."

Of course that just made me louder, enjoying his attention, his lust and frustration, enjoying as Rory took my foot, perched over the Doctor's shoulder and started sucking my toes.

"I'm coming, Doctor..." I said shutting my eyes and arching myself up off the console.

"If I let you." he responded. But of course I knew he would. I came hard and he leaned over me driving in deeper than ever before grunting and moaning as he released inside of me. We stayed in our respective places, panting, breathless and sweaty. The Doctor eyed me intensely as he struggled to catch his breath. Extending a hand he helped me up and smoothing down my skirt he kissed me on the temple.

"I want you to go to your room, shower and think about what you've done." he gave me a single spank. "Off you pop."

I was still so turned on I nearly spun around to have another go at both of them but the Doctor's warning gaze convinced me otherwise.

"What if I say no?" I challenged.

The Doctor eyed me and I couldn't decide what he was thinking.

"Then I will give you such a spanking, you won't be able to sit down for a week." he said evenly.

Whether he was being serious or if there was a hint of playfulness in his voice I just couldn't determine. Still I figured there was only one simple answer.

"And you think that's going to be a deterrent?"

"Rory, ordinarily I'd say you can stay, but first escort her, go make sure she doesn't wander off."

"Absolutely, Doctor." he said before giving him a deep kiss. "Is she grounded?"

"Yes, that's exactly what she is, Rory. Amelia Jessica Pond is grounded."

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