Authors Notes: So this is a bit wizard. In addition to you fine folks urging me to finish this story, lo and behold, Matt had a great, sexy and strangely apropos quote at London Expo.

Someone asked him; "If you could have a companion from any period in history, when would it be and why?"

He answered: "I think all those - all those lasses that used to sort of wander around in corsetty tops. So one of them, probably. One of them corsetty topped women."

How could I not write a clothing fetish now, it's as though it were written in the stars. So, onward. ***

"So, am I forgiven?" I asked.

"Completely." the Doctor answered. He positioned me so that Rory was at my back, and he was in front of me. The Doctor withdrew for a moment, removing his jacket and unbuttoning his shirt. Rory kissed the back of my neck, and my shoulders.

"You smell like sex, Amy." my husband growled into my ear. "I can't imagine how wet you are under all this material. "How many times did you come?"

"Three times, Rory. She came three times."

Rory pulled away and I found myself in the Doctor's arms again.

"You know it wasn't easy for me to turn you away."

"It looked easy." I said with a little pout.

"Looks can be deceiving. I never want to go that long being cross with you, not touching you again."

"That makes two of us." I said.

"You mean three of us." Romey chimed in.

"You were right about something, Amy. I do have a bit of a fetish or a kink if you will. But it's not just the corset." The Doctor started to lift up my skirt, his large hand stroking my thigh. It's the feel of the stockings on your leg. It's the rustle of the petticoats, the chemise, the stiffness of the undergarments."

He was getting breathless as he spoke, Rory had seated himself on the floor and pushing himself backwards he shoved his head under my skirt. I felt his hands at the waistband of my long knickers. He was ready to pull them off and then I heard his little exclamation of surprise when he realized he could access me without removing them. I felt his mouth on me, his tongue penetrating my folds, still slick and sticky. He put a palm on each of my cheeks to support me as I bent my knees and grabbed the Doctor's shoulders, squeezing them as Rory went to work.

"Hold onto me." He said drawing me closer. We kissed and I could barely concentrate. He ran his hands over my body, over the bodice and the skirt. He couldn't touch my skin but the impediment only seemed to turn him on more.

"This really is one of your fantasies isn't it?" I asked.

He blushed and chuckled pressing his cheek against mine.

"1200 years and a man is going to pick up a kink or two. I am so hard right now, Amy."

I was trying to listen but Rory was erasing all thoughts from my mind.

"Doctor, I'm coming..." I said weakly.

"I've got you, love." And he did. He held me up as my knees went shaky and weak. I shuddered in his arms, glad they were both there. "Ohh, that was a big one, wasn't it? You came so nice and hard. Well done, Rory."

Rory slowly slid out from under my skirt and in one quick movement got to his feet. He pulled both the Doctor and I in for a sloppy, sensual kiss.

"Which one of us do you want first? Or do you want both of us?" The Doctor asked. "I do love feeling you and feeling Rory through you."

"I have to opt out this time, Doctor." Rory said a bit sheepishly. "I...came in my pants while I was under her dress."

The Doctor gave Rory an affectionate pat on the cheek.

"Quite understandable."

"But," Rory said capturing me in a deep kiss. "Save a dance for me."

"You got it." I assured him.

Rory started to walk towards the bed but the Doctor reached out and yanked Rory back by the waist of his trousers.

"Hey, same here. Save a dance for me, mate."

"Yes, Doctor." Rory growled. "Anything you say, Doctor."

Rory slipped out of his trousers before flopping down on the bed, kicking back to watch the Doctor and I.

"Amy I know the clothes might be heavy or scratchy or itchy but could we please, please just once make love with the dress on?"

"Ooh poor, horny, Doctor. This really got your motor going, huh?" I teased him.

"Take pity on your old Doctor? Give into his one silly fantasy?"

"Beg." I said simply.

"Please, Amy, please." he put his hands back on my bodice and resumed kissing my breasts, glancing up at me for permission to go further.

I let my head loll back, enjoying his attention especially as he pulled me roughly to him.

"May I?" he asked plaintively and I stroked his hair in response enjoying his pleading.


'May I, Amy, please?"

"Ok, because you asked nicely.

"Thank you." he said and he truly did look grateful. He started kissing me and slowly backing me against a wall. "Now, let's pretend we're carrying on an illicit affair-"

"Role playing? Doctor, I never knew you had it in you!" I said with surprise, back now firmly against the wall.

"Dear, my whole life is role playing."

I put my hands on his trousers , unfastening them and slipping out his erect cock.

"You weren't kidding, you are really hard, Doctor." I stroked him, feeling his length hot and solid as he twitched and jerked in my hand. Grabbing a handful of my skirt I lifted it up, exposing myself to him. I widened my stance and let him rub against my slickness while he thrust through my tight fist.

"You won't let me...?" he asked clearly frustrated but making no move to stop fucking my hand as it were. It felt so good as he rubbed against my clit but he was the first one to break. "Fuck...I'm coming..." He came in my hand, spurting against me and dripping sticky and warm through my fingers.

He dropped his head onto my shoulder, panting and jerking against me.

"Still teasing." he said.

"Nope, just giving you a dry run." I said before popping a finger into my mouth coated with both of us. "Well not so dry."

"Think you can get it up again, mate? If not I'm ready to fill in for you. You know if you need a nap or something." Rory teased.

"Shut up." the Doctor hissed.

"You just came all down my leg, Nearly ruined my dress, then where would I be?" I mock chastised him.

"Shhh...just give me a second to get it back."

"You can't get it back that soon." I said .

"They do say as men age-" Rory began.

"Both of you, shut up!"

The Doctor sucked hard on my neck and I wondered about the pretty bruise I'd have tomorrow. It was effective in silencing me.

Less than a minute later I felt the Doctor pressing firmly against me again. A second after that I was being lifted off the ground and the Doctor was encouraging me to wrap my legs around him.

"Back to our game, you and I, illicit affair. We've crept away, trying to stay out of the sight of your jealous and far too talkative husband." He cast a look over his shoulder at Rory who laughed.

I giggled but it stilled in my throat as the Doctor pulled me down onto his waiting cock. I couldn't hide my surprise.

"Yes, I know, dear, Time Lord. As I was saying," he bent his knees and started thrusting into me the movement sliding me up and down the wall. "We only have a few moments. We're out in the open, anyone could catch us. But it doesn't matter, because this is our only time together."

I wrapped my arms around his neck, closing my eyes.

Oh God but he was good, especially up against a wall.

"Hold onto me, Amy."

I held onto him tightly and he put both his palms on the wall on either side of me. He started thrusting deeper and I felt him come into contact with my cervix. Wow...that was new and I must have made a small sound because he stopped.

"Too much?" he breathed, he must have felt the difference too.

"God damn it, Doctor, you're big. No, it's ok, don't stop."

He chuckled breathlessly and backed off a touch.

"Tell me how your clothes feels, Amy." he asked. He looked nervous as he asked me, perhaps worried that I might make fun of him. I wouldn't.

"The chemise, is made of this soft, soft silk and when I was getting dressed, each time it brushed against my nipples or my stomach it sent a thrill all over my body.

"Keep going." he said.

"The stockings are so smooth and I let Rory watch as I pulled them up. Oh, God, Doctor, harder, don't stop."

"Don't youstop."

"I needed Rory's help to do up the corset."

"Yes?" he said expectantly.

"He had to jerk me to him and I had to bend over and hold onto the bed frame."


"And he pulled me tighter and tighter...and tighter."

"Fuck, Amy..."

"It's so stiff, Doctor. I can hardly breathe."

I started moaning loudly, used to the freedom of the TARDIS where we could all be as vocal as we liked. I wasn't accustomed to the game we were playing, but I liked it.

"Oh you have to be quiet. You have to be so much more quiet than that or he'll hear us."

"He won't hear us." I said breathlessly.

"Amy!" Rory called out, playing along. "Amy where are you? I've been looking for you everywhere! People are starting to talk."

"You see, he's close, who knows what he'll do if he catches us."

"Mmmm, don't care." I said rolling my hips against him.

"You have to care. You have to come as quietly as you can."

Ooh yes, I loved it. He always made me come the hardest when he said it was imperative we were quiet. Plus I wanted to give him what he wanted. I wanted to finish the game for him.

"I'll try and be quiet."

"Good girl."

He kept thrusting, harder and faster, both of us finding it increasingly difficult to support ourselves. I started clenching around him, trying to spur him on.

"You first, baby. Isn't that what we're calling each other now? I personally don't think it really works but if you like-"

"Shut up, Doctor...coming."

I came as silently as I could, muffling my cries as he spasmed inside me, spurting warm and generous.

We slowly, slid down the wall, panting heavily. He pulled out and I whimpered at the absence. Once I was back on my feet the Doctor pulled my dress down straightening the fabric.

"Thank you, Amy. Thank you." he said kissing my cheek. He was flushed, excited and warm.

"Did that work for you?" I asked.

"That was a fantasy I've wanted to satisfy for a long time."

"Doctor, if you have something you want or need, tell us, ok? Don't wait. Just ask." For instance, I have a fantasy where I peg both of your pretty asses with a strap on."

I chuckled as both pairs of eyes went wide. I'd never expressed that desire before.

"Now, can someone please help me out of this stuff."

"Actually..." Rory began.

"Not you too." I said with a good natured chuckle.

Rory got off the bed and as he approached me he observed the Doctor where he was leaning against the wall.

"You ok, mate?"

"Fine, Rory, just getting my bearings."

"You exhausted a man with a binary vascular system. Hat's off, Amy." I felt his deft fingers begin the task of unfastening my dress.

"I'll help," The Doctor volunteered. "Let's undress her together."

Both of my boys took special care removing my clothes. Gentle caresses, soft lips and kisses. They both alternatively knelt, Rory behind me to pull of my knickers, the Doctor in front of me to remove my stockings. Soon I was between them in nothing but the corset.

"Well boys, off or on?" I asked tracing the material.

"I vote for on." Rory said suddenly.

I laughed, it was a small price to pay and with the dress gone I actually felt a lot lighter and freer. I turned to face Rory and the Doctor pressed against me kissing my neck while Rory kissed my lips.

"Can I ride you, Rory? Can I ride that big cock of yours." I whispered in his ear.

"For the record that's never something you need to ask, grocery store, church, Dalek asylum; the answer will always be yes."

Rory lay down and I hopped aboard him enthusiastically and taking his cock in my hand sank down upon it. With a tight squeeze I raised up nearly his entire length before dropping down again.

Rory gasped. "Wait Amy, please, please, wait!"

"Oh, alright you big baby." I teased him, stilling myself so he could get a bit of control. "Oi, you Doctor, trousers off and on the bed."

The Doctor gave me a little salute, stepped out of his trousers and flopped onto the bed next to Rory. My husband in a stroke of genius distraction tactic wrapped his hand around the Doctor's penis and I took it as a sign to start moving.

"So, I saw you sneak away during dinner, with your hat over your crotch." I said leaning forward to tweak one of his nipples.

Rory grunted and gripped my hip with desperate fingers.

"When you came, you know, with your napkin up to your face... By that time I was so hard I had to rush off."

I started to roll my hips enjoying how thick he felt inside me. I was spoiled and I'd admit it in a heartbeat. Spoiled by these two wonder, sweet, sexy, kind and extremely sexual men. Men who protected me and loved me and doted on me and still somehow managed to not be arseholes and rsespected me.

Ok, I'm getting sappy but I tended to get sappy with them, when they were both so close, so focused and when I'd had them both inside of me. The Doctor said a lot of it was chemical but the Doctor tends to lean towards clinical cynicism unless you press him. It was more than just noepenephrine and dopamine and oxytocin it was what bonded us and kept us together. It was the reason I loved them.

I moaned as Rory started to thrust upwards with a renwed vigor and for a moment turned my attention to the Doctor. He was laying on the bed, lips parted, breathing deeply while Rory administered a slow handjob.

"Hey, Time Lord, what about you?"

"Mmmm?" he said softly.

"How did you manage to keep so calm?"

"Time Lord." he said smugly. "I have stamina and self control you couldn't fathom."

"Oh really, then open your eyes Time Lord."

A ghost of a smile played at the corner of his mouth.


Maintaining my rhythm with Rory I leaned over a bit and wrapped a hand around the Doctors balls. He gasped and silky precum glistened on the head of his cock. His eyes shot open and he swore in a language I still didn't understand.

"Ok, ok ok, Pond, ok. A bloke gets punished for trying to last."

I took my hand off of him and smiled.

"A bloke gets punished for being cocky."

Rory apparently wanted my attention and he raised his knees behind me pushing me forward. The corset made maneuvering harder but they both seemed entraced by what they couldn't quite touch.

We all moved together, all of us softly crying out the others name. I started bouncing more enthusiastically on Rory the movement jostling my breasts until the nipples poked over the top of the corset. I heard them both moan in response and I had no choice but to tell Rory; "I'm really close."

"I know, I can tell. You're so tight around me."

The Doctor had been uncharacteristically quiet and when he did finally speak it was a simple request.

"Amy, can you take your hair down?" The Doctor asked.

"You're really visual tonight aren't you, Doctor?" I let my fingers find the pins and pulling them out watched them as they watched my soft curls fall around my face. That combined with Rory's quickening pace on his cock pushed the Doctor over the edge. He came loudly, unabashedly ejculate streaming over Rory's hand and lightly splashing on the Doctor's abdomen. Rory stroked him until he quieted.

"That was so good, Doctor." Rory praised. "You came so hard, you want to lick yourself off my hand? You want to clean me up?"

I watched as the Doctor did just that, licking Rory's hand from palm to each individual fingertip. They were both turning me on, but the moment that tipped it for me wasn't just the feeling of Rory inside of me, or even the way the Doctor was moaning as he sucked on his fingers. What did it, for some reason, was the fact that Rory winked at me, so bold and knowing and sexy and teasing. I put my hands on his chest, grinding furiously against him, coming wildly as I squeezed and gripped him to his own orgasm.

After a moment I gracelessly flopped down upon him, panting.

"Now, can someone please take this bloody corset off me now?" I said my voice muffled against Rory chest.

"Of course, love." the Doctor said. He made quick work of undoing my stays and I breathed a sigh of relief as he freed me.

We cuddled up under the blankets warm, sated and impossibly pleased with ourselves.

"We made a lot of noise tonight. I can't imagine the walk of shame we're going to have to do when we leave tomorrow. Same clothes, all of us straggling out of the same room. Doctor, you didn't even tryfor an air of propriety." I said giving him a pinch.

He yawned and stretched. "I think I'm losing all sense of decency in my old age."

"The things they must have heard." Rory laughed. "We're a scandal. I rather like it."

"I could have soniced the walls, but I didn't."

"If I've learned one thing it's never to cross the Doctor." Rory said putting his arm around me. "I shudder to think how he'll up the ante when this happens again."

I pouted slightly. "What do you mean when it happens again? I said I'd learned my lesson."

Both boys sniggered and then snuggled close to me.

"Amy do you think we don't know you at all?" the Doctor asked.

"What do you mean?"

"You were clearly wearing you; "I've got my fingers crossed." face." the Doctor said knowingly.

"You'll test him, you'll test us both, again. It's your nature." Rory summarized.

"Well, I'm rather offended. I'm being doubted at every turn."

The Doctor planted soothing kisses on my shoulder.

"It's alright. It was fun. If there's one thing I love it's teaching Amy Pond a lesson. Just remember, I won, dear. I always win. But thanks ever so much for playing."

Maybe he was right, maybe he would always win. He was certainly right that I'd do it again.

Maybe I could make attempt after attempt to tease him to break that unbreakable facade of cool. And maybe he'd always come up with bigger and better ways to top me. Pun intended.

But that didn't change the fact that contrition was just as much fun as punishment.

Maybe, no matter what I did, he'd always win.

But it was going to be so much fun trying.

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