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I told a deep breath as I walked through the heavy black gate doors. This was my permanent home. When I was 3 years old my parents died in a train accident. I've lived in many orphanages but I just didn't fit in. I have only been here for 3 days and meet a boy named Mello. As I walked in, I ran over swing sets that were by a willow tree, and under that tree sat Mello and a red head. Mello started to ask something and the red one gave Mello a chocolate bar. "Hey Ciel." Mello said giving me a quick hug. "Who's the red one?" I asked nervously. Something about the kid seemed magical. "Oh that's Matt. Ciel you should go talk to him." Mello said giving me a little push. I walked slowly over to him. "Mello you don't need more chocolate you fat a- hey wait you're not Mello." The red haired kid said pausing his game. "Hi I'm Ciel Heartland." I held out my hand for him to shake. He shook it and proceeded on with the game. "I'm Matt." He said taking my breath away. "I see you like video games." I said while sitting down next to him. "Yeah I love Mario games. Want to play?" Matt said pulling out another ds. "Sure buy if its Mario Kart I'll kick your sorry butt." Matt had a smirk on his face. Matt handed me the ds and we played for hours.

~Six Years Later~ "Hey Matt, your girlfriend is here!" Mello yelled when I walked through the door. Mello always made fun of Matt and I since the day when we were 13 and first met under the willow. "Shut up Mello you're just jealous." I said lifting my head a little higher. "Jealous of what?" Matt said. "Oh nothing just Mello being Mello again." I said rolling my eyes. "You ready to go?" Matt asked me. I sighed. "Maybe if I knew where we are going." I said dramatically. Matt just smiled and lead me to the car. "Ciel can you close your eyes." Matt said moving my silver hair out of my face. "Alright." And then my brown eyes disappeared behind my eye lids. It felt like Matt was driving for hours. "Open your eyes." He said slowly bringing me out of the car. I gasped at the sight. It was Wammy's and on the top of the gate held a sign that my name was written on. "CIEL!" A 9-year-old girl named Rosie said while hugging me. I left only 3 years ago so I guess some people remembered me. "Rosie! How have you been?" I asked Rosie. She started to cry and smile at me. "I'm sorry I had to leave. But hey I'll see you after my date with Matt." Rosie stopped crying. "I knew you liked him." I smiled and followed Matt. There was a picnic table and food. "Did you do this for me?" Matt blushed a little. "Yeah. I know its cheesy." I took him by surprise and hugged him. "Its perfect." I smiled at him. Matt took me over to the table. The song that was playing was She's a Rebel by Green Day which was my favorite song. We ate and talked for hours and now the sun was setting. He had his arm around me and my head was resting on his shoulder. Matt reached for his keys and when I stood up he was on one knee. "Ciel Heartland, you are the most amazing person I know, will you marry me?" The song Love Story by Taylor Swift was playing (I suggest to listen to this particular part while reading it) and the lyrics 'Marry me Juliet you'll never have to be alone. I love you and that's all I really know.' played and spun around in my head over and over. "Of course!" I tackled him with a hug and all the orphans were watching but I didn't care this was the best time of my life.

Hope you like it ChocoholicBrunette14! It took me forever to get this up! Stupid laptop not working. But yeah the whole proposal scene the song Love Story was on and that part played and Riley, Piper, and I were like 'Oh my gods that's perfect!'. Just a little fun fact :)