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Doctor Who Fanfiction: Hiding in Plain Sight

[Sequel to: Alone, includes Evangeline (Isabella-still narrator)]

My name is Evangeline. I traveled with the Doctor after he saved my life. I discovered I was a Time Lord as well, and his sister. I watched him happily marry a human woman named Rose. I also watched him cry as she grew old and died, all the while we didn't age a single day.

It's been years since we parted ways. It was an accident, the TARDIS didn't know where she had crashed, and it wasn't her fault. She didn't know she would be losing a passenger that day.

I remember it clearly. The TARDIS malfunctioned, and we plummeted to an unknown place yet again. I was the first to step out the doors, not aware of the dangers around me. A hand clasped around my mouth, stifling my screams and pulling me away from the TARDIS while the Doctor's back was turned. That was all the Doctor knew, as he frantically ran out, searching for me.

He did manage to find me, though. I had been captured by an unidentifiable source, trapped in a paradox world, being swallowed by time. The Doctor managed to get me out, but I was badly injured. Just when we thought we were safe, they came back for me. They needed me to stop the cracks in time, the last female Time Lord.

I forced the Doctor to leave. I had given the TARDIS instructions of my own, and she followed them. I saw the TARDIS disappear, and I knew I was on my own. Terrified, I reached over to my right wrist to the Vortex Manipulator that Captain Jack had given me. Pressing it, I opened my eyes and found myself in 21st century Earth, exactly where I needed to be if I had no Doctor.

I was dying. I knew what came next. Huon particles began to flow from my hands. I rushed to a dark alley. I was scared. This would be my first regeneration, and I didn't know what to expect. Light burst from me, and I changed completely. A Time Lord's way of cheating death. It was extremely painful, and I screamed.

When the process was over, I was exhausted. I looked at my reflection in the glass of a window. I was a new person. The original me was dead. As I remember the Doctor saying, "Some new man goes sauntering away and I'm dead." It was scary, and I had no idea who I was yet. I passed out on the concrete.

When I woke, I found I was in a house. A family had seen me lying on the ground, and had the kindness to help me. I had no idea how long I had been out.

Over time, I took on the name Hannah, and the kind family who found me took me in as a live-in housemaid for room and board. Even though I was just a worker, they soon "adopted" me as one of the family. I told them I was fifteen, because that was how old I still looked, and how far my mind was matured, compared to a human, since we aged so slowly.

I worked hard for the people. It was a mother, a father, and their two children, Max and Abigail Henderson. I tried my best to adjust to normal life there, but all the while my heart longed deeply for my brother. I always looked to the skies, hoping to find a flying blue box.

One day, I was working out in the Henderson's backyard, pulling weeds, when a wave of dizziness struck me. I stumbled to the fence and leaned on it for a moment, stabilizing myself. The family didn't see, so I continued working with haste. The pain left, and I brushed it off, assuming it was the heat, but deep down, I knew the feeling. I had felt it before, back when I almost died in Royal Hope Hospital so many years ago.

The Hendersons held a family reunion, with all the aunts and uncles, grandparents, cousins, and anyone else who might fit in as family. I insisted on working, even after Mr. Henderson told me I didn't have to. One particular man at the party, Mr. Henderson's brother, took notice of me.

"Who are you?" He asked.

"I'm Hannah. I work here."

"Why? You're so young, why would you need a job?"

"I'm an orphan, Sir. I had finished school very early, since my parents homeschooled me." The lie was my cover since I had come to the place.

"That's intriguing, but," He continued as he whispered the next part in my ear, "what's the real story?" I was surprised he had discovered the lie so quickly. Looking at him, my eyes pleaded to not have to reveal my secret in public.

"Let's go sit in my car for a moment." He said, winking. No one noticed us walk out among all the commotion.

Once sitting in the car, we began to speak.

"So, who are you really?" I was uncomfortable around the man, but he was pleasant and sweet none the less.

"I already said my name is Hannah."

"I'm not going to believe that. I'm a cop, FBI agent to be exact . I can tell you're lying just by looking at your eyes." I sighed. Great. Just great.

"Fine. My name is Evangeline."

"Well, that gets us somewhere. So, Evangeline, where'd you come from?"

"Even if I told you the truth, you'd never believe me. Not in a million years."

"Try me." Ugh. This man had no idea what he was in for.

"If you insist..."

"And I do."

"I'm a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. My entire race, except my brother, is dead because of the Last Great Time War. We are only alive because we ran from the bloodshed." After that, I explained everything that happened after I met the Doctor.

When I finished, he looked at me and nodded. "Would you're brother's name by any chance happen to be the Doctor?"

"Wha- How'd you know that?!"

"Being a cop, we got the files on the alien cases recently. Your brother popped up a lot. We were all sworn to secrecy."

"So, you actually believe me?"

"No reason for me not to, I mean, you don't show any signals of lying, and your story checks out with all the files I've read on the Doctor." Finally, someone who knew.

"It's terrible. I've been here for years now, not just building a new life, but waiting. Waiting for my brother to find me. It's hopeless. He thinks I'm dead, and he's not coming back. Even though I know this, something inside me is telling me to hold on."

"I don't think there's anything wrong with that. You should trust in what you feel." This man, he had just met me, and he already was comforting me.

"Thank you. We should probably get back to the party."

"Of course. Thank you for opening up to me. I respect that."

"It was nice to tell someone."

We walked back into the house, and no one had even noticed we had been gone. Several hours later, after dinner, the family started to slowly leave person by person, family by family, until just Mr. Henderson's brother was left. I sat with the man on the front porch swing.

Yeah, I know it's a horrible way to end a chapter, but I had to make a break somewhere before I get into intenseness! And I know she has a lot of names now, but I think it's necessary. Keep reading!