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"Well, I think those kind people deserve a reward for watching my little sister." He said, giving me that I-know-exactly-what-to-do look.

We went back to the Henderson household. The Doctor handed me the slip of paper we had just gotten from a quick peek in the future, and a quick trip back a few days to the past, then finally back to the present, which was a few months after I had left them. The Doctor let me do this on my own.

Nervous, I knocked on the door. Abigail, who was 8 years old, smiled brightly when she saw me. "Mum! Dad! She's back! It's Hannah!" They both rushed to the door, along with Max, who was 10.

"Hannah! Where'd you run off to? Come on inside, we've still got your room set up."

I stepped inside. "Well, you see, I can't stay. I just came to give you this. I held out the paper to Mr. Henderson.

"A lottery ticket?"

"Yes. I've really got to go. Thank you all very much for taking care of me. And please, make sure to check your numbers!"

"Wait! Where will you go?"

"My brother's come back for me! I'm safe, don't worry!" I hugged all of them and left, ready to make another stop to finish my goodbyes to the kind people who helped me.

We landed just outside the London FBI office. I looked walked in by myself and showed them the psychic paper, and they granted me access to the break rooms. In the corner, I saw Jacob eating his lunch alone, eyeing his pager every few seconds. Scanning the room, I saw a Ms. Jennifer Richards also sitting alone, with no ring on her finger.

I walked up to her, and pointed at Jacob. "Don't you think he looks lonely? You should go talk to him."

"Oh, I couldn't." She said, blushing.

"Come on. He needs someone. Please. You never know..."

"I guess... maybe..."

"Go." As she stood and shyly walked over, starting a conversation, I walked out. Moments later, as I was about to step into the TARDIS, the Doctor holding the door, Jacob ran out. I assume Rachel told him about the girl she had just seen. He looked at me and smiled, and I winked back to him. I couldn't contain myself. I ran to him, and he picked me up in the excitement of the hug.

"Thank you Jacob! For everything! My brother thanks you as well."

"It was my pleasure knowing you, Evangeline." He glanced at the woman beside him.

"This one's a keeper, Jacob. Don't let her get away." I said, walking back to the TARDIS.

There was only one more thing I wanted to see. One more place in time I needed to see before I was ready to completely let go of those people. I stepped out of the TARDIS, and found us positioned watching a wedding from a distance. The bride and groom were dancing in the middle of the floor, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Henderson.

I know he heard the sound. He turned, and saw us, stopping his dance, causing Rachel to look as well. We must have been a sight, with the Doctor and River holding hands, with her leaning her head on his shoulder, and me, arms crossed, smiling confidently, the TARDIS behind us. It was like some big fairytale.

Seeing him smile at us, I turned to enter the TARDIS after River and the Doctor, and I couldn't help but get one more look at the wonderful, kind people. They were happy, and I was happy. And all this time, being with the Doctor, to think, I had been hiding in plain sight for so long.


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