Contract I-

Res Evanescens

Sekainari City-Red Line Terminal September 9th 12:13

Five swords fell to the ground and stabbed it in a pentagonal arrangement. From the hilts of the five swords came five sky blue mana strings. Each of the mana strings was connected to the blade of a sword held by a lone girl in flight. Five objects fell at about half a meter away from each of the swords while a single object fell into the center of the pentagonal array. They were originally two pairs of limbs, a head, and a body. However, as they fell to the ground, they disintegrated into black particles and faded away. The fading body left behind a single egg-like object, which had a long needle point that dug into the ground.

The swords and the mana strings disintegrated as the girl slowly descended down to the ground below her. The girl held a single katana in her right hand. On the same hand, she was wearing a black fingerless glove that extended up to her elbow and a four plated armor that covered the back of her hand and extended back to her elbow. On her left hand was a thin, black elbow-length glove. Each shoulder had a piece of armor on it. She wore a thick, white, sleeveless shirt with long coattails. Around the neck hole, there was a sky blue color. Along the center of her shirt, the blue strip ran down from the neck to the end of the shirt. The blue strip diverged and covered the ends of her trench coat. A breastplate was strapped to her chest. On the center of this breastplate, a wing shape was carved in. She wore a simple blue pleated skirt that extended to halfway to her knees. Her hair extended to her elbows. She had blue eyes and black hair. A single large bang covered her right eye. A halo of ten centimeters in radius hovered few centimeters above her head. Two distinct wings extended from her back. On her right side was a dove-like wing. On her left was a wing composed of multiple blue fragmented mana crystals, which were separated by small gaps.

The girl reached downwards and picked up the egg-like object.

"Another Grief Seed…," she muttered

"You seem to be on a roll, Tsubasa," said young girl of about the same age. This girl was wearing a plain school uniform, which resembled a sailor uniform with a navy blue skirt that extended to the knees. Her hair colored resembled a sunset while her eyes were an orange tinted amber. She jumped across multiple cube shaped towers and landed in front of Tsubasa weakening the impact with her feet through magic.

Tsubasa's wings, swords, and armor quickly converted to mana and converged into a single point creating a light blue egg-shaped gem with some black stains on it. The bottom half of the gem was covered in a golden metal while the top half had 5 golden pieces leading to the bottom half from the top point there was a small wing design.

"Despite how it looks, it's not that hard to do, Tokiko." Tsubasa said to the other girl.

"But, it seems like you're overdoing it right now. At this rate, your Soul Gem will corrupt completely." A worried tone came from Tokiko.

Tsubasa lightly tapped the Grief Seed to the Soul Gem and the impurities were completely absorbed into the seed. In the background, the cube-covered witch's labyrinth disappeared revealing a surprisingly deserted train station. Tsubasa sat down on a bench and looked upwards at the ceiling. A small glare came down from the afternoon sun next to the edge of the ceiling but she ignored it.

"That witch was stronger than normal, so the Grief Seed payoff was better. See?" Tsubasa said calmly while displaying her Soul Gem above her head to Tokiko before shouting. "OI! Kyubey! Where'd you disappear to!?"

A small white creature with red eyes scurried quickly on its four limbs.

"I see you got another grief seed."

Its voice resounded to the two girls but its mouth never moved. Telepathy.

"Just shut up and take it." Tsubasa was obviously not pleased. She tossed the seed back to Kyubey, who opened a red tear-shaped compartment on his back and let the seed fall into it. "NOW GET THE HELL OUT OF MY SIGHT!"

Kyubey looked tilted his head while looking at Tokiko.

"You should probably make yourself scarce. Tsubasa looks pretty pissed off." Tokiko silently said this to Kyubey while waving her hand quickly in front of her face and winking.

Kyubey turned around and walked towards the shadows.

"You could try being a bit more calm. Yelling at him really won't help the situation." Tokiko attempted to calm Tsubasa down.

"I can't. It's all that bastard's fault. If it weren't for him, maybe she would have never been born. Nobody would have been killed. The witches would have never existed in the first place. Just…" Tsubasa began rambling while holding her hands to her face as if trying to block something out.

Tokiko walked slowly up to in front of Tsubasa. She placed her hand on top of the head of the rambling girl who then stopped talking and looked up. "Calm down. We can't have you turning into a witch right now. Just vent that anger on Kagami when the time comes. Let's just head back to school. The lunch break is almost over. Plus, when the spell I placed wears off, this station will become as crowded as usual."

"Fine…." Tsubasa acquiesced as she stood up and walked with Tokiko out of the train station clenching her fists forcefully. She loosened her hands and reached into her bag to pull out seven grief seeds. She stared at them silently for some time.

"When looking at these things, it's hard to imagine that they were once Puella Magi like we are," she pondered out loud. "It's like some twisted cannibalism…being forced to survive off of each other's deaths."

"Don't think too much into this. We're going to end what Kagami started so it's best not to start mulling over things too much. Those things in your hand right now are our greatest assets." Tokiko pointed towards the Grief Seeds. "Including the seven in your possession, we now have thirteen Grief Seeds as our healing items…"

As a result of cutting down on use of the Grief Seeds, they were able to keep a large amount in reserve.

"By the way," Tokiko said, wanting to point something out. "Did you notice that there seemed to be another Puella Magi in the labyrinth? I caught a couple of glimpses of one moving around a lot and it looked like she was trying to set something up."

"I sensed somebody but I didn't really pay her any mind. But….if she was setting something up there, it was most likely a Labyrinth Break. I can't think of any other kind of spell that requires location-based set-ups. That means…that the last labyrinth was Kagami's most recent target…

"In the end, we are finally getting closer. That bitch. Her head is almost within my grasp." Tsubasa said this as they walked out of the station while holding her hand up to the sun and clenching her fist.

Amakusa- Commercial District March 8th (Three Years Prior) 15:37

I was twelve when it happened. It was so bizarre and horrifying that I never imagined that something like it could ever happen in reality…

But it did. On that day, my life had changed forever.

I lived in a quiet suburban area within a small city called Amakusa.

I was running some errands that day and I got somewhat sidetracked at the mall. I had walked into a video game store to do some quick window-shopping and shortly after, I went to the bookstore to look at some of the new light novel and manga releases.

It was around 4:00 pm when I, picking up a book from the shelf, heard a piercing scream from outside of the mall. I ran and looked out the window to see what looked to me, from that limited window, to be Lovecraft-style abomination. At least, that's what I expected to see. But what I saw instead was what looked like a human being in most aspects. However, her right hand was covered up to her elbow in a black color with minor silver ripples spreading. Her right eye was completely black. Her teeth had fangs. Her clothes were burned and tattered. On her back, I saw three spikes emerging on each side about a foot each. She was wearing what looked like armor broken on each limb. Next to her left foot was the corpse of a woman.

As she raised her left arm up above her head, I noticed that it was not a human hand but a dragon's claw covered in blood. I knew what would happen next, but I could only watch in horror at the events that happened. She quickly swung down her left limb and created a large shockwave that destroyed a large amount of buildings.

I turned to see the other people around me staring, paralyzed in fear at the almost surreal scene around me. As I looked back at the humanoid creature in front of me, I saw something running down her face.


Her face became strained as she began to hyperventilate. I looked to her back and I noted that she the spikes grew out of her back and became the skeleton for what looked like dragon wings. As this happened, blood began pouring down from her back. When the spikes fully grew out, she lifted her right arm parallel to the ground.

"EVERYBODY GET DOWN, NOW!" I screamed as I dived onto the floor to the side. The next thing I heard was an explosion and an eerie ring behind me.

After a minute of silence, I got up and noticed that there was a huge hole in the wall in front of where I stood earlier. Behind me was a line of emptiness. Everything that was in front of her hand had been annihilated.

I looked out of the hole again to see the girl holding her hands above her head. Between her hands was a small black mass, which seemed to have sparks all around it. At this point, it was obvious to me that she was no longer in control of herself.

She, in tears, mouthed one small phrase before she dropped her arms parallel to the ground again.

"I'm so sorry."

At that moment, my vision turned completely black.

Amakusa-Former Commercial District March 8th 17:52

It was warm. There was a warm feeling of a sticky dried liquid on the right side of my face that was planted on the ground. I opened up my left eye and saw a small glare from the sun over all of the rubble of the city. I kicked off some small pieces of rubble off my foot and got up.

As I got up, I noticed a searing pain in my right eye. I looked at some of the scattered glass in the area and noticed that my eyelid was shut and there was a cut straight down the eyelid. I realized that my right eye was damaged by some of the shrapnel in the area.

I looked further around to notice that amongst the debris, corpses were littered all over the place. Some were maimed. Some were crushed.

No mercy. No discrimination. Lifeless.

Yet, I could still hear sounds. It didn't seem like screams or panic. Rather, it seemed to sound more like a clash. So, I forced my legs to move and I walked. Right towards the source of that strange sound. A sound which seemed to be reverberating from the direction of my home.

Amakusa-Near A Certain Girl's Home Match 8th 18:45

A girl was crying. She had killed. Her own hands took many lives. Yet, she hated that thought. She was unable to stand herself. The sight of her was repulsive. Monstrous. Hateful. She was unable to control herself.

Yet, in front of her stood one girl with a green sundress and a gun-blade. She had warm eyes. Eyes that pitied her. Eyes that wanted to accept her. Yet she couldn't be accepted. So they fought. They continued to fight. Hours had passed without a single side letting up.

And then, another girl appeared.

Amakusa-Near A Certain Girl's Home Match 8th 19:04

I could see it: a girl who looked like she was a few years older than me with blue hair in a dress and gun-blade fighting with the girl from earlier.

They were at a standstill. The winged girl was unable to get close to the gun-blade user and the gun-blade user was unable to land any decent shots on the winged girl.

I couldn't help but pity the winged girl. Throughout all of this, she was crying. She had no desire to cause harm but was being forced to do so anyway. It was too cruel.

At the same time, the gun-blade wielder fascinated me. There was an aura of hope that radiated from her. At the same time, there was an evident look of pity in her eyes. She held the same sentiment as I did. Despite that, she had been fighting for the sole purpose of ending the winged girl's suffering.

I took another step forward in awe and tumbled over, accidentally alerting the two opposing parties of my presence.

The gun-blade wielder turned her head away slightly to see me while the winged girl took the opportunity to land an attack. She lunged in aiming her left hand directly at the stomach of the gun-blade wielder. As the claw reached her stomach however, the gun-blade girl gripped at her weapon in her left hand immediately and slashed in a straight diagonal upwards. However, in that time, the winged girl had already forced her hand through the gun-blade girl's navel. Pieces of what looked like a light green colored gem flew around.

The winged girl slowly faded away while silently mouthing a short phrase.

"Thank you."

As I looked towards the gun-blade girl, she looked at the fading figure with a warm smile before collapsing on to the ground. Her weapon fell to the ground as it shattered into multiple bright green pieces that fell to the ground and faded into the air.

"It's over…?"

I walked over to the corpse that was lying in front of me. I knew I was unable to do anything about it. So, I just stared at it for a second before looking around at the rubble and the remains of the city.

I hated myself, the sole survivor of this incident. I hated myself for being unable to do anything.

I continued to walk until I reached the location where my house was supposed to be. I had lost all feeling of shock by then as the entire house had already collapsed. The name-plate on the house saying 'Amami' was lying there. I could see a couple of arms of people crushed by the rubble of the house. My parents' arms.

Nothing was salvageable from the wreckage at this point. I could picture everything. The scene of my protective parents trying to escape and find me. The scene of their faces as they uttered my name, hoping that I was alive.


It was too grotesque. I shuddered before I fell onto my knees and broke out into a spell of tears as a number of negative feelings flooded into my heart.




I wanted to do something. I wanted to turn back time and prevent everything. But I couldn't. So I just cried.

Sekainari City-Abandoned Seaside Warehouse September 9th 13:06

"You know, Saki." A girl with blonde hair and green eyes was sitting on top of a large crate with her legs crossed. She was dressed in a thin red blazer with a white, collared t-shirt underneath along with a half-thigh length pink skirt. On her neck was a red cloth choker with lace on either end. Next to her right hand was what looked like a drill standing on its bottom and pointing upwards. "I was impressed when you succeeded in synthesizing that, albeit imperfect, Puella Magi-Witch hybrid two years ago and caused the destruction of Amakusa by letting it loose. But recently, you've slipped...kinda…completely. You have been unable to pull your weight at all recently."

She jumped off of the crate while holding her drill to in front of Saki and held her hand out in front of the quivering girl. "Hand your soul gem over and step back."

"Kagami, what…"

"Hand it over immediately." Kagami made a simple demand and a simple glare before Saki could even question her. As a result, Saki reluctantly put the Soul Gem into Kagami's hands and moved back a few steps.

Kagami held out the soul gem before her in her left hand and picked up the drill in her right and began to scrape at the Soul Gem with the tip of the drill.

Saki began gasping and her body started to twitch and spasm in pain. She fell onto the ground supporting her body with her knees and hands.


"Everyone look at this display. This is what will happen to failures from this point forward. Depending on the magnitude of the failure, the punishment will vary. We have reached stage where failure is intolerable. Understood?"

As Kagami looked around, she discerned silent agreement from all of the other Puella Magi within the ranks of the organization. She then removed the drill from the surface of the Soul Gem and put it down in front of Saki. She then turned her back on her.

"That should be enough. Although, you understand what the consequences of another failure will be. Right, Saki?"

Saki had stopped writhing and pain and grabbed at her Soul Gem. She was still, however, shuddering. She no longer felt pain, but hatred and anger. The Soul Gem glowed for a quick second and Saki had donned armor over her legs, chest, and arms. In her right hand was a one-handed estoc.

Within an instant she charged forward to right behind Kagami, who had, in that instant, calmly turned around ducked right under the estoc. In that next second when Saki was unable to control her movements, Kagami jammed the drill straight into Saki's left breast piercing straight through the armor and shattering a gem that was there. With in that second, Saki made one last utterance before falling over lifeless.

"Damn you, Kagami…."

Kagami looked at the corpse that lay before her feet and grew a large sadistic grin. "HOW ASININE!" She began to repeatedly kick at the body. "You really thought you could defy ME!? WHAT! A! JOKE! You really were better off dead, you damn failure."

She broke out into a state of laughter as the barbaric sounds of a body being defiled echoed along in the warehouse.

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