Kaleb being away on the victory tour was the worst thing that could have happened to me. I was no longer being ignored by people in the District, now everyone knows who I am and without Kaleb here to keep them away they are all coming for me, asking me questions and keeping a close eye on me. I can barely get out of the fences to hunt anymore. Last week I hunted once and the week before I didn't hunt at all. Right now I was hunting, kind of. Well really I was just trying to get away from everyone, I hated that everyone knew me and what happened to me. The capitol had later replayed a tape that was in the hovercraft of me waking up. I was known as the miracle death.

I want Kaleb back so no one will try to approach me anymore and guys will stop flirting with me, especially Roddick.

A deer was grazing not too far from me but I just couldn't be bothered, I had caught enough in the snatches I had set up last week.

My hair was back to its natural brown colour and I was happy, not so many people knew who I was on first sight, dad was glad that I was back and was trying to spend as much time with me as possible meaning he stopped going to the mines every day, Kaleb kept giving us money, saying that him and his family had enough and that I technically won as well. So dad could afford to miss a few days of work.

I was in such a daze I almost tripped over a log and scared the dear off. I sighed and plonked on the ground. I miss Kaleb; I miss just being around him and people not looking at me weirdly. I miss his smile and the way he would tell me everything is okay.

But everything is not okay. I died and came back to life. I lifted my hand and trailed my fingers across the scar that was on my face, the long curved line from my temple to my jaw bone. Those moments will haunt me for a very long time coming. I still can't believe I let that bitch get me, I should have been smarter, I should have known he wasn't alone, I should have….

I wiped the tear that formed in memory of my friends, the friends I made and lost. Maybe if I had just stuck to my original plan then maybe I wouldn't have gotten so attached and would have just died. But now I have to go throughout the rest of my life waiting for the Capitol to call upon me and call in my debt. I humiliated them and they want their revenge. I was only just lucky that I had my dad and Kaleb and his family to help support me and to protect me from the others.

I gave up placing my weapons back under a log and running to the fence; the air was silent so I knew it was safe to crawl under. I crouched down low and slid through the gaps in the fence. Just as I was passing through I heard the familiar buzzing that meant the electricity was on. I froze half way through breathing heavily praying that nothing of mine would touch the fence. I slowly moved the rest of my body through with just my leg still on the other side.

"Need some help?" I whipped my head around so quickly my vision was blurry, well that and because the sun was in my eyes. The voice was masculine and deep and the outline of the man was tall and muscly, I could have mistaken him for my dad but with more muscles and not as tall. I lost my balance and started to fall backwards. I made sure to lift my leg a bit so I didn't touch the fence but I don't think it was enough "Whoa! Don't want to die again do you?" The mystery man caught me keeping me from crashing to the ground. He dragged me backwards and I was finally free from the danger of the fence. I looked up at his face. For a second I thought it was Kaleb with his grey eyes but then when I studied the rest of him he looked nothing like Kaleb. This man had light brown short shaggy hair and his cheekbones were really defined and he had a smile that was so bright.

"I was fine" I pulled away from him, I knew him from around, we have never actually talked before, he was a bit of a loner, a bit like me. Ryder Montage, he was very attractive but not my type. He was no Kaleb. I have heard stories about Ryder, moving through all the girls in District 12, apparently they all digged the mysterious loner type guys. I have also heard that he has gotten a girl pregnant and she hasn't been seen since.

"It didn't look like you were very fine to me" I scoffed at him and stood up straight, cleaning the grass and dirt off of my clothes to hide the evidence of me hunting.

"What are you even doing out here?" I asked him, Ryder went silent looking around to see if anyone was here listening to us. Ryder lowered his head kicking the ground; he seemed to collect himself and raised his head again.

"Wondering, I have always wondered why you came out here so much, and now I know" he smirked smugly letting his eyes travel to the forest beyond the electric boundaries of our District. I froze in my place. What if he tells? What if he told someone where he was going or that he was following me? Oh god, I have to leave so that he has no proof! I took a hesitant step backwards snapping some twigs. Ryder snapped his focus back to me, realising I was going to make a run for it. "Hey, I won't tell anyone" He said in defence holding up his hands "I wish I had the guts to go out there" He turned again looking longingly into the forest.

"Maybe some other time when the fence is off" I crossed my arms, so he risked my life because he was curious? "Or you could go now, either way, leave me out of it"

"Because I'm not Kaleb?" he crossed his arms staring me down.

"No, because your irritating me. And your pretty tight with most of the Peacekeepers, I don't want to risk mine or my father's life" his smug smirk returned as he started sauntering off.

"Are you going to be a daddy's girl all your life?" before I could even think of a retort Ryder had disappeared. That boy was so weird, and he made absolutely no sense at all. I wasn't a daddy's girl, I just happen to love my dad very much and spend a lot of time with him.

I started walking back to my house thinking about the encounter with Ryder and re-tying my hair up. He could tell the Peacekeepers if he wanted and I would be gone before he could even snap his fingers, but what business would he have doing that? I have done him no wrong in the past or present. And I thanked him for helping me… I think, wait… did I thank him? It is all really a blur, I can't remember if I even said thank you.

"Hey honey" dad smiled at me as I walked in the door, putting lunch on the table "I was hoping you would be in for lunch. I only have a short break today. I walked up and hugged him, every day I get scared that he won't come out of those mines. Even before I went in the games, the accident that happened scared me half to death. I'm glad he is still alive otherwise I wouldn't have had reason to try my hardest to stay alive in the games. "Everything okay? You seem worried?"

"I'm fine, it's just been a long day dad, and its only lunch. I think I might just go sleep a bit" Dad looked at me concerned but let me go to my bed behind the curtain in the corner. I pulled out my hair and ran my fingers through it, brushing my fingers across my scar on my face, no matter the time it has had to heal it still hurts when I touch it. I chucked it back up into a neat pony tail and got changed into some warm pants and a thick jumper.

My dreams were always full of fear, death, pain and torture all the tributes which were lost in the games and all the creatures that hid in the trees and bushes.

A rough hand covered my mouth waking me from my sleep, those grey eyes staring back at me. Kaleb? He moved the candle so it was shining on his face. Not Kaleb, Ryder.

I shot out my leg taking him out from the knees, Ryder collapsed so that he was on his knees, he almost cried out in pain but I slapped my hand over his mouth and grabbed a fistful of his hair pulling his head back. I glared into his shock and pain filled eyes.

"What are you doing in my house?" I growled every word, conscious of keeping my voice at a whisper to stop dad from waking "Are you a crazy stalker or something?" I removed my hand staring at him wanting answers.

"I want to show you something. Please let me up, pulling someone's hair actually hurts" I slowly let him up, not letting my guard down in the least bit "Trust me, you will love it" Trust him? Please I trust Roddick the Peacekeeper more than I trust someone who breaks into my home. But I admit I was curious, I nodded for him to go. I will follow him wherever he has to take me but I will take reinforcements. I secretly grabbed the knife from my nightstand and followed Ryder from my house.