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"Excuse me?"

"Well you know, your nauseous, tired, you can't keep much down, your moody, you're hungry all the time and let's face it, you've gained a bit of weight for someone who can't keep much down" I scoffed and shook my head, he is crazy, there is no way. Kaleb and I use protection and if that was true I was more than 2 months along because the last time I had sex before 2 days ago would have been before Kaleb went on tour. If it was true I would have noticed by now so it's not.

"Well, that's impossible because we use protection and I had my period…" When was my last period?

"Okay calm down, it was just a suggestion"

"A stupid suggestion" I am an unlucky person but I am not that unlucky, that would just be cruel.

"What was a stupid suggestion?" Kaleb asked as Ryder and I entered the little space.

"Nothing" I grumbled. I sighed in frustration and kicked the rocks to the ground. I couldn't even concentrate anymore, Ryder had gotten me thinking, I haven't had my period in a long time, too long to be normal.

"Hey love" Kaleb placed a kiss on my forehead and pulled me down to the ground next to him where he was eating some rabbit. Peeta sat next to me handing me a giant leaf with some rabbit on it. I thanked him with a smile and snuggled into Kaleb. My hand unconsciously went to my stomach; it wasn't that much bigger though, just as if I were bloated. What if I was pregnant? This would be the worst timing ever.

"Alright, after we've eaten we start training, we can't afford to have any dead weight" Jessup looked straight to Ryder who now sat next to Abaigael.

"He's not dead weight" Abaigael defended, she went red as everyone looked at her, she looked to the ground and frowned "But you do need to learn how to use a weapon or something"

"Good luck" Kaleb laughed "He has the worst ability to use a weapon in the world" I chuckled as well with my hand still on my stomach. For all I knew there was a baby in there, what if I lose it while training? No need, I'm not pregnant so I can train my heart out.

"Maybe he'd do better with hand to hand combat" Peeta suggested "I will work with him, try find his specialty" Peeta was so nice to everyone, I would never be able to do that, I don't like people enough to get along with everyone.

After we had all finished our breakfast we gathered up all of our things and went to find somewhere to practice. We had been walking for about an hour, well Ryder had carried me most of the way because he insisted I rest as much as possible. I only complied so he would shut up and no one would hear him going on about me. I don't get what his deal is, I'm not pregnant. We had finally stumbled upon a little area just outside of District 2. Hopefully no one would see us or hear us.

I was practicing some combat with Abaigael; we were kicking and hitting each other trying to get the upper hand but we were too evenly matched, she would anticipate all my moves as I would hers. She tried hitting me but I ducked, I tried kicking out her legs and she jumped, diving over me and kicking her leg to connect with my head, I pushed my body backwards barely avoiding the kick. I ran for her dropping to the ground and skidding for her feet, I knew she would jump in the air to avoid my legs so I grabbed her ankles as she was in the air and pulled them hard. Abaigael squealed and landed on her face in the dirt. I moved my position so I was on my stomach and crawled onto her trying to pin her but she wasn't having any of it, she bran up her elbow connecting with my cheek and knocking me off of her. We both just lay there huffing and puffing, it was a tough session and we had only just started, I looked to Abaigael and started laughing, she stared at me for a moment before joining my laughter.

While Abaigael and I were doing combat, Johanna was working with her axes, Annie with her trident, Jessup and Daniel with their nun chucks and whips, they also had their guns but we had decided it was best not to fire them when we don't know what's out here. Peeta had taken Kaleb over to see if he was any good at using some knives which will come in handy in combat, if you were fighting someone it is good to have a sneaky knife to stab your opponent just in case you might be losing.

"This isn't a day spa girlies. Get to training" Jessup growled. Abaigael and I shared an eye rolling look but got up moving to the swords, Abaigael's eyes lit up as she saw them, I couldn't resist that look. She picked up her sword and swung it around a bit.

"Here, try it" she handed it to me hilt side, I swung it around a little trying to get the feel of it "Don't look at it like a weapon, look at it like… an extension of your arm, part of your body, it can't leave you and you can't leave it, you have full control of every movement" I held it out straight then dropped my arm.

"I will stick to my spear" I handed her back her sword and picked up my precious spear. I turned and threw it with all my strength, I watched as it went through Jessup's whip that he was snapping, catching it, the whip wrapped around my spear and left Jessup's hands, my spear lodged itself into a tree and wobbled a bit before being completely still.

"That's my girl!" Kaleb shouted.

"I didn't know a pregnant girl could throw like that" Abaigael whispered into my ear while walking past me to retrieve my spear. My eyes widened as big as berries, Ryder was going to get it, how dare he say something to anyone when it's not even true!

We trained for about another few hours before we started hearing voices of Peacekeepers, it was too dangerous to hunt when they were so close and it was getting dark so we couldn't exactly light a fire. It was stupid coming this close to another District. And this is of course the moment when Ryder says something completely stupid and yet smart.

"Why don't we take refuge in District 2? Annabella you have been sneaking in and out of District 12 your whole life, it can't be that hard?"

"Oh no of course not, considering that District 12 is a neglected District, District 1 through to 4 are prized Districts, they have more traitors and people who love sucking up to the Capitol and higher patrolled fences" I argued, Ryder made sense, what he was saying was right and the most safest option but it was also stupid. I don't know if we'd make it through the fence let alone all the patrols that would be surrounding the District. I don't even know what kind of boundaries they have, would they have an electric fence like the one we have.

"Well we won't know if we don't try" Ryder strapped his knives to his thighs and belt and his axes to his back before taking off in the direction in which he thought the District was in.

"Well we'd better go after him" I sighed grabbing the bow and arrows and my spear along with a few sneaky knives.

"Why would we do that?" Jessup grunted.

"Because he is going the wrong way" Abaigael said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. We all strapped on our weapons and pulled our bags full of supplies on our backs. We caught up to Ryder turning him around and going in the right direction, it won't hurt to see if we could make our way through.

When we did finally make it to the fence we were a bit surprised, it was sort of like the fence at
District 12 but it was made from metal poles, it was 6 feet higher and the gaps were smaller, I could probably just fit. Taking action I grabbed the dead rabbit hanging from Daniels pack and threw it on the fence, we had to see if it was electric and what would happen if we were to touch it. The rabbit went jerked around before turning black and disintegrating into nothing.

"Over here!" we all jumped at the voices and ran back behind the trees. This place had a lot of security and they would be all over us if we were seen. 3 Peacekeepers appeared checking out the scene "It was just an animal, but just to be sure we will go check the tapes" Tapes? Oh my god, we were doomed.

"We need to go now if they are checking any kind of tapes" Jessup growled.

"And how do you suppose we do that?" Peeta growled "We won't fit through them spaces"

"Yes we will, we just have to try. Let's go girly" the back of my shirt was grabbed and I was dragged to the fence "You have the most practice with this. Go" I hit his hands so they had let go of me and studied the fence, there was always a weak pole somewhere. Somewhere there was a weakness and somewhere we could enter.

"Touch her again and you will have me to deal with" I heard Kaleb growl in the background. I walked a little bit along the fence noticing the poles all glowing a type of bluey colour; I also noticed that one of the poles wasn't glowing as bright as the other.

"Don't tempt me to put you on your ass boy"

"You couldn't" Abaigael came to Kaleb's defence.

"Careful freckles" Ryder said.

"Don't speak to me like that girl, I'm not afraid to put you in your place"

"Hey!" Ryder and Johanna growled.

"What have you found?" I looked over to Annie and Daniel who had joined me in studying the fence.

"I think there might be a faulty pole" I walked closer to the fence with the sound of the humming louder than in District 12. I held out my hand to the pole that wasn't glowing.

"Anna no!" I wrapped my hand around the pole. It was one that if removed would be perfect for us to cross over. I jumped back at the shock, it was painful but bearable. Someone's arms wrapped around me and turned me around. I hadn't even realised I had closed my eyes until I had to open them to look into Kaleb's eyes "Why would you do that?"

"I found a weak spot" I turned around and pointed to the weak pole "We can get in here, but we have to go quickly and we must remember that we can't touch the other poles or you will die" I shook off Kaleb and kicked the pole, the pole released but the shock sent me on my ass. I groaned out and my hand went to my stomach as pain shot through it again.

"Anna?" Ryder helped me up "Are you okay?"

"Fine" I shook him off and went to the fence throwing my bag on the ground, leaving it behind and climbing over the other pole "There easy, come on before the men come back" everyone quickly filed through leaving their bags on the other sides. We want to get in quickly and leave quickly as soon as there is light. We ran quickly through the rubble from the mines trying not to fall over.

"That wasn't a smart idea" Abaigael whispered running besides me "For the baby"

"What baby?" I said, I was not pregnant so everyone just needed to leave me alone and by everyone I mean Ryder and Abaigael "Just drop it, Ryder is an idiot, there is no baby" we reached an open area that we had to crow before we reached the houses, I didn't really know what to do from here, it was dark but they had spot lights scanning the grounds, if we were going to do this we had to do it quickly and at least 2 at a time.

"Great plan Ryder" Kaleb scoffed "Getting us killed must be a daily thing for you" I rolled my eyes and looked to Annie she seemed to understand what I was thinking when I jerked my head to the open field, Annie grinned and gripped her trident harder getting ready to run, we waited until the light had gone past us and ran, the others were silent trying to figure out what to do. The light was coming after us on its natural course, it was catching up to us, I pushed myself faster and urged Annie to do the same. Just as the light started to catch me we dove behind a small house, it had holes in the walls so we could see straight through.

There was an old woman looking at a picture of a boy and crying, another boy, younger than the one in the picture, he placed a hand on the ladies shoulder and took the picture placing it in a box.

I sighed and turned back to see Peeta and Daniel darting across the field, Ryder and Abaigael had already reached us. Once Daniel and Peeta made it across, Johanna, Kaleb and Jessup ran across, we were all hiding behind this tiny house but we needed to find somewhere we could hide out and stay the night. We started moving among the houses looking through windows and trying to find the perfect family to let us stay with them. Near the end of the houses there was a little cottage type house that was secluded from all the others so we headed towards that house.

We looked through the window and saw a family sitting down to dinner, a mum and dad with 4 girls, a boy and a dog. They seemed nice enough.

"Let's go, and if they cause any trouble" Jessup held up his gun and smirked evilly; I growled and grabbed his arm as he started walking.

"Put that thing away before you hurt yourself. They won't be trouble, trust me" Jessup shook me off and ran ahead of everyone kicking down the people's door. We ran after him trying not to let him do anything stupid. He was pointing the gun at the mother and the children were crying, the father was standing up to Jessup yelling at him to put the gun down. I walked over and went to kick Jessup in the gut but he grabbed my leg throwing me across the room. My head banged on a table and my vision went blurry, I could barely make out the scene folding out in front of me. Abaigael ran over to Jessup and jumped on his back grabbing at his arms; he threw her off and aimed the gun at her. I always hated guns; they were a cheat's way of killing someone, only people who can't fight or use a real weapon use guns.

"I am sick of you all holding me back" he went to pull the trigger aiming for her head. Johanna didn't like this at all, neither did Ryder. Johanna swung her axe around and chopped at Jessup's hand, the one that was holding the gun, as Jessup's hand fell to the floor Daniel tackled his brother to the ground holding his mouth to be sure no noise came out. Ryder grabbed some rope from one of the backpacks and wrapped it around Jessup. They gagged him and left him on the ground turning to the horrified family.

"Thank you" the wife whispered, I groaned and let my head loll to the side and the darkness takes me over.

"Is she going to be okay?" Kaleb asked someone.

"Yes she will be well when she wakes" I was feeling better, I had a little headache but it was slowly fading.

"Again we are sorry about him"

"It's okay, you helped us and that's all that matters" he must be talking to the mother.

"Is she okay?" That was Ryder, he sounded further away than Kaleb.

"She is fine" Kaleb said to him "Why don't you go practice your fighting so maybe you can help your girlfriend other than jumping in when everyone else has already taken him down"

"She's not my girlfriend! And I was just wondering if the baby was okay"

"Baby?" Most people in the room yelled, I opened my eyes and shot up quickly pointing an accusing finger at Ryder.

"There is no baby!" I yelled at him "Get that fantasy out of your head because I am not pregnant"

"Actually, you are. I discovered this when I was examining you, I thought you knew"

"No I'm not" I denied, I could not be pregnant, it was impossible. They were all delusional and crazy.

"Well, yes you are" the woman insisted.

"No I'm not" I insisted intently, I was not pregnant. The woman's daughter in the corner of the room sighed and walked over to me yanking up my top, I tried to pull it back down but she pulled it over my head.

"This is a baby bump; you are about 12 weeks, look at the shape of it this isn't a fat stomach, you are too skinny for it to be that. Look!" I gave up and looked down at my stomach that was only covered by a tight suit of Katniss' from her Hunger Games days. My stomach was sticking out a little bit but it was probably just noticeable because I was so skinny.

"You're pregnant?" Kaleb looked at me disbelieving.

"We just went through this" Ryder said chuckling "Annabella Mila Hawthorne is pregnant with a baby"

"Your middle name is Mila?" Abaigael asked.

"It was her great grandmothers name" Ryder said, I don't even know how he found that out, it's a bit creepy.

"Anna?" I looked at Kaleb and pulled my shirt back on "Why didn't you say anything?"

"Because it's no big deal okay? We have our mission and that's all I'm worried about right now, I will worry about this when we are done rescuing our families"

"But this baby is a part of our family; you need to protect the baby as well. And so far you have been training, fighting with Peacekeepers and touching high voltage poles, you need to take care of yourself better" I don't know why he is suddenly trying to act like father of the year, it's not like he was getting fat and would be pestered with every single thing he does.

"Well first I want my dad back then I will worry about the next thing but I can only handle one thing at a time"

"Too bad because you need to deal with it now, you can't fight anymore, you could kill the baby and yourself. You shouldn't even be fighting in the first place" and of course Ryder had to put in his 2 cents.

"You really need to mind your own business" Kaleb growled "And why would you tell him before you told me?" He yelled at me for the last bit.

"Kaleb that's enough" Peeta scolded his son, demanding he not go any further and say something he will regret.

"Ever since I went on tour you two have gotten pretty cosy. She is my girlfriend, not yours, you need to back off and stop trying to get with my girlfriend. She doesn't want you, no one wants you, don't you have your own baby or two to look after, it wouldn't surprise me with all the rumours going around!"

"Stop, Kaleb go to the other room before you say something you will regret forever" Peeta growled grabbing Kaleb's arm. Kaleb shook him off and came over to me.

"I am not blaming you for getting pregnant, it is as much my fault as yours but if you lose the baby on purpose or neglect the situation I could never look at you the same" Kaleb stormed out of the room, leaving everyone gobsmacked.

"He didn't mean any of it, he is just shocked" Ryder came over and placed an arm around my shoulder but I didn't want his comfort, I wanted to find out what was up Kaleb's ass. So I stormed after him and into the next room, it was a small bathroom where he was bent over the sink splashing water over his face. I grabbed his shoulder turning him to face me and slapped him hard across the cheek. He didn't even flinch; he just kept looking at me with sadness in his eyes. He didn't get to look at me like that considering the outburst he just had. I slapped him again with the other hand on the other cheek, again he didn't move.

"I hate you" I shoved his chest "You're so stupid" I slapped him, softer this time. i was too angry to even concentrate on anything.

Kaleb grabbed me an unescapable hold and pulled me to his chest whispering "I'm sorry" over and over again while I just kept fighting and hitting him, I don't want him to touch me at the moment, he hurt my feelings and suggested there was something going on with Ryder and myself. He held me at arm's length looking me in the eye as if he were searching for something; he must have found it because he pulled me back to him and crushed our lips together. I refused to respond, I was angry at him; I did not want to do this right now, I pushed against him trying to get away but he pressed his lips harder to mine.

"Stop" I groaned pushing away for a split second, I slapped him again but he didn't care he pulled me back to him kissing me.

"I love you so much and I am very, very sorry" after a few minutes, I gave in and stopped hitting him, I parted my lips and closed my eyes, I tangled my fingers in his hair pulling a little. I am still very angry at him and will be giving him the silent treatment, starting tomorrow. Kaleb hitched my legs up around his waist and put me on the sink. I reached down pulling his shirt over his head then lifting my arms for him to do the same.

I blame this on the hormones, I hear they go crazy when your pregnant.