Chicago Fire is actually pretty cool. hee hee. Anyway, this won't make too much sense unless you've seen the pilot. I suggest you watch it... cause it's hot. hee hee. Sorry, Um so yeah. Thanks for reading. BTW this is an alternate ending/scene from the pilot of CHICAGO FIRE.

"Casey! Are you alright? Hey! Are you with me? Are you okay?"

He has that dazed and confused look on his face. It's the same one he gets when he's drunk or sleep deprived. I already know what he's gonna do. He gonna say some stupid-ass version of I'm fine and then find a distraction. I know it's gonna happen.

He nods, or… something like that, and then says, "Herrmann! Where's…?"

I told you.

He and I rush over to Herrmann, well, I rush over, Casey kinda stumbles over, and I can already tell that something's wrong, but at least he's up and moving. We get over to Herrmann, who admittedly is in a bad way, and try to get him together again. Casey's looking around for what I assume is his mask, which I personally think that he needs just as much as Herrmann, but whatever.

We get Herrmann situated in the make-shift rope pulley thing and they haul his ass out of the fire… literally. Sorry… anyway, we get Herrmann out of there, and then it's just me and Casey. He's not alright. I can tell he's not alright. It's obviously smoky in here, but he's struggling to stay focused to a worrying extent. I point out the table and we get to work. We moved it over to the large ass hole in the floor that Casey had fallen through and damn, that was a long way.

I get him up first, partially because that's procedure, and partially because I don't think I could lift him up once I got up there; stupid shoulder. So Casey's up, and just as I was about to make a clean get away the damn table falls apart. So now I'm hanging from my stupid shoulder staring up at a dazed and confused, but determined, Casey who is either getting longer arms as he tries to pull me up, or I'm pulling him back down. I'm gonna put my money on the second one, Case has always had notoriously short arms.

All of the sudden every fight we have ever had rushes to the front of my mind. Even fights that happened before Andy… Well fights before. Every time I blamed him for something, or every time I made a fuss about one of his guys, or every time we almost came to blows, and would have if there hadn't been someone there to tell us to stop and tell us that we're idiots because we are.

I look up into Casey's unnaturally wide eyes, and I know that he isn't about to drop me. He will go down with me if I don't make him let go. It's been nice…. I should have told Casey that more often. It was nice; despite everything.

And then there are other arms grabbing me, grabbing Casey, pulling us both back up to the main level. We aren't gonna die in this fire.

Thankfully we all make it out of the building and the ground crews start to hammer the damn building with like a billion tons of water pressure. I'm right behind Casey as we stumble out and I've got my hand clutching the back of his jacket.

I told you. I know Casey, whatever's wrong with him, he will completely ignore in favor of checking on everyone and everything else. The little shit's a control freak is what he is. Before I can bodily lead Casey over to the ambulance, someone stops me and tells me that the fire is being contained and Squad 3 is pulling out. I nod in understanding and then turn around to continue to take Casey over to the ambulance when I notice, low and behold, Houdini has risen, and he's going under the assumed name Matthew Casey… I'm gonna kill him.

I look around for a minute before I realize that there are people that I can ask about this kind of thing.

"Otis? Hey, where's Casey?" The dude actually looks around to check if I'm really asking him a question. Does that say something about me? Nah…

"Uh… um, probably went behind Herrmann. They say Herrmann's insides are bleeding, he's already on his way to Mercy." Well, I figure if they got him, whatever is wrong with Casey will be discussed. I mean, he's in an ambulance for God sakes, what could possibly go wrong.

I get on the squad 3 rig and ride out with the rest of my crew. It was a rough one and we're all feeling it. I don't know how I knew that Casey wasn't just gonna let me drop when in complete clarity I had a play-by-play of what a dick I've been to him in the last… as long as we've known each other.

Most of the other guys on my squad didn't get involved in the whole, 'let's run into a burning building, like we get paid to do' thing, so no one is quite as dirty as I am right now. As I'm walking into the locker room to get my stuff so I can go scrub up, I see a sight that I'm truly not surprised to be seeing.

There on the floor, sitting Indian style was Casey with his back to the opposite lockers across from ours. He looked like he was waiting for something. The idiot still had most of his gear on and he looked about ten times worse than he did in the burning, smoke filled building. I heave a sigh and walk up to him because he's still not alright… I'm gonna hurt that Otis guy when I get a chance.

"Case? Casey, what are you doing? I thought you went to the hospital with Herrmann?" I think he can hear me, but I'm not sure. He's looking at something across from him, but I can't tell what.

"Casey? Matt? Matthew, hey, you all right?" I have taken it upon myself to make sure that he's not dying right in front of me. My shoulder is on fire and I still smell like a chimney sweep, but Casey smells the same way, and I am obviously in better shape than he is right now.

Were those dark rings around his eyes there this morning? Did I care this morning?

"Casey…" I wave my hand in front of his face, because I'm sitting on the bench kind of diagonally from him now, and he still looks like a zombie.

He suddenly jumps and looks around like he hasn't realized where he was, and still doesn't know. As he looks around, I can see the moment that he realizes that I'm in the room with him, and I'm about to back away slowly because I don't know how he'll react, but it's not what I expected.

"Kell, have you seen Andy? I've been waiting for him, but the dork is late again. Heather's gonna be pissed if we drop him off late again…" He has this honest to God expectant look on his face, and I'm not even sure that he knows what he just said to me.

My first instinct is to get angry and ask him what he's playing at, but before I can, Casey leans his head forward as he draws up his knees to his chest. I can't do anything but watch, it's like I'm frozen and everything has gone sideways.

"Severide, I'm not joking. Andy said he… he said that it was clear… I told him… I told him that, Heather and Hallie were waiting and that you'd probably be pissed, but I'd tell Kelly that… you, that you'd said there weren't any vents… I'd tell you that it was my fault, and it would be… would be fine."

This physically hurt. I was watching what I hadn't been there to see when we were both off in our own corners licking our wounds and glaring at each other from across the casket when they lowered Andy into the ground.

Casey had lost a lot of color and he was rocking back and forth. He had the shakes and I could tell, upon everything else, that shock was about to set in.

"Case… Matt. Andy… Andy's not coming. Andy's g-gone, remember?" I can't remember having this much patience for anyone ever, but this was not gonna happen. I don't care how much we've drifted, Casey wouldn't let me die, and I went down to save him, and we're fixing us, and this was not going to happen.

Casey nods and then shakes his head, but he seemed to understand what I said. He lifts wide, red rimmed eyes to Andy's old locker, and then stutters out, "I-I know… I know. I- I have to tell Kelly. I have to tell him… I should have grabbed… I should have gone in before him. It's all my fault. It's… Andy was burning… the vents… I should have g-gone in…" Casey trails off, and suddenly I can move again because no… just no.

"Casey… Casey, look at me. No, okay? That's not. I'm sorry, alright… I shouldn't have, I never should have… Oh, Matty. Look I…"

Casey shakes his head, and then looks up at me, I've never seen such haunted eyes before in my life… this, whatever it was… this, all of it, was killing him.

"Kelly, I have to, I should have… I have to tell Kelly. I don't know what I… I do know, I should have… I should have gone in first."

It's the first thing that I've heard come out of his mouth in the last few seconds that startle me into silence.

"Andy… Andy should be here. He should be here. They were- were right… Kelly, Hallie, everyone they were right. Andy deserves to… deserved to be…" He's panting now and he's basically moved to hug himself. In my own dazed state, I wonder vaguely if Casey's insides are alright. I mean, Herrmann's in surgery and Casey fell just as far as he did.

"It would be so easy… so easy, if Andy… If I was gone, and he was-was here. I want to tell him… I want to, but I can't, I can't find him." Casey looks back up at me, and I'm stunned at how horrible this is. How much it sounds like Casey had just given up… but didn't he have a right to? After everything that we'd been through; that Casey had been through. He just looked so broken… and injured.

And injured…

"Casey, hey… Matthew. We are talking about this later, but right now, where are you hurt?" Because I know Casey, and I've seen him hurt, and he look a lot like this when he's about say, 'I'm fine.'

"I'm fine… I'm okay… I think that, I don't…" Casey looks momentarily confused a split second before his eyes roll back into his head and he passes out. His slumps back against the lookers and I can see something that looks a lot like blood on the blue surface…. I'm gonna kill him, if he isn't dead.

I'm beside him faster than I'd like to admit. I check his pulse to make sure that he really hasn't died and then I sit back on my haunches and just look at Casey. He's thinner than I remember… He looks all together nothing like that little prick that Andy introduced me to all those years ago, who despite us having completely different attitudes toward absolutely everything, somehow managed a friendship that got depleted when we needed to stick together the most.

I don't remember calling out for help, but suddenly some of my squad's there, and someone has called an ambulance, and they came and took Casey to the same hospital as Herrmann, and now I'm by myself… and that's just…

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