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It had started to snow heavily. A flash of silver swirled through the dark alley. A boy was running, breathing heavily from pain and exhaustion. His frightened lilac orbs glanced behind him before widening as he fell, scraping his knee.

The only thing this did was add another wound to his already battered body. A gasp left his mouth as he landed before grunting in pain.

He could hear his heart racing so clearly; his laboured breathing creating puffs of white air as his body racked with pain.

He groaned as he tried to stand up; unfortunately not being able to move. He tried again but gave up after a number of failed attempts. He sighed as he flipped his body facing the darkening sky.

He couldn't move anymore.

Energy was leaving him.

It was really cold… the thin layers he was wearing were no help to ward off the cold air. Warmth evaded him.

Tired, he closed his eyes and soon enough, his breathing evened out. His body felt stiff in the snow, more falling around him. He was so cold; he couldn't feel his body anymore. Slowly his consciousness slipped away.

"I caught you Zero-chan~."

The boy's flinched. His half-lidded eyes snapped opened in an instant to the man's wine orbs. Clad in black coat and pants, he was devilishly beautiful. The boy held the man's cunning gaze for a few seconds before consciousness left him again.

"Please, let me go… Kaname…"

Silence surrounded them before the wind blew suddenly. The man smirked into the breeze, running his slender fingers down the boy's bloody cheek "Sorry Zero, that is the only wish I cannot grant you."

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