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Once there existed a legend about a powerful pureblood king, Kuran Kaname. He was known widely for his handsomely good looks as well as the amount of land he had conquered at such a young age. The lands may have been ruled by vampires however they kept tranquillity with the humans.

The land was at peace and blessed with prosperity until everything came to an end. The day pureblood Kuran came across a travelling pureblood, Kiryu Zero, things changed. They were opposites… not meeting eye to eye on anything.

Anyone watching, would always see them bickering over something. Zero was different from anything Kaname had ever come across and it was throwing him off course. Zero piqued his curiosity thus always seeking the other out.

No one knew how it happened but soon the pair had gotten married, mated for life. It was sudden; shocking everyone, the vampire clan in particular. However no objections were made. Neither from the humans, vampires nor the vampire council so when the news of Zero's death arose, no one wanted to believe it.

He was murdered.

His death being a mystery.

No one knew how it had come about. Not even Kaname who was one of the brightest in the land.

His death was the downfall of the kingdom. Kaname went crazy. Losing his mate took a toll on the king, causing him to go on a killing spree. Many died; both vampires and humans alike shared the same fate after crossing Kaname's path. Having had enough of the chaos, the council finally decided with the help of several purebloods to catch the crazed pureblood king and place him to rest; the king being too strong for them to do any other harm. He was put to sleep using a strong binding spell.

There he lay in the lowest levels of the dungeon, asleep in a coffin.

Kaname may have been sealed however the damage was done. Humans no longer trusted vampires thus a war commenced.

Centuries passed; the legend of the pureblood King forgotten.

He lay there…


Alone in the dark dungeon…


There was an old, abandoned castle at the top a hill. It was avoided by everyone in town as there was a tale of it being haunted, children fearing it.

However one evening, outside of the black gates of the castle stood five children. It was obvious that four of them were afraid however there was one who stood frowning.

His twin brother clung to him for his dear life, shaking like a leaf. "This place is creepy; we haven't even gone inside yet." Ichiru whispered to his brother who was patting his head.

"Then, let's go home." He told his brother but Ichiru shook his head.

"No. I have to prove to Giant I am not a scary cat." Ichiru said while glaring at the big, fat boy who was smirking mischievously at him. Ichiru turned to his twin again. "Besides, Yuki is here. I don't want her to think that I'm weak."

Zero glanced at the girl Ichiru mentioned. Cross Yuki had long, flowing brown hair and big brown eyes. She was cute but Zero didn't really like her that much. However, on the other hand Ichiru had a crush on her.

Zero didn't have a chance to talk before Giant came closer and crossed his arms across his chest. "Scared already, scary-cat?" He taunted while his side-kick Shorty, blindly agreed.

"Yeah, are you scared, scary-cat?"

Zero glared at the two and they flinched. Clearly they were afraid of the older twin.

"Ichiru?" Yuki called.

"I'm not!" Ichiru exclaimed.

Yuki was looking at him which made the boy self-conscious. "Aren't you trembling, Giant? Isn't it you who is afraid?" Ichiru taunted back.

Giant snorted. "Do I look like I'm scared? I'm shaking because I'm excited. I can't wait to go inside."

"Yeah, well said boss!" Shorty exclaimed.

Ichiru and Giant continued to exchange more insults to one another before finally Giant pushed opened the gates. Shorty and Yuki followed soon after. However as Ichiru proceeded to follow, he was pulled back by Zero.

"No, Ichiru. Let's go back. I have a bad feeling about this place." Zero stressed out. The castle was really giving him the creeps and he had a gut feeling that they should leave.

Ichiru tilted his head, wanting to whine. "Zero…~ Please don't do this. I know you aren't afraid and think this kind of thing is stupid but please… just this one time. Mom would get angry at both of us if we go home separately." Ichiru paused. "I want Yuki to like me and she only likes strong boys. Please… Zero."

Zero was still hesitant.

"Oi, girls! Hurry up!" Giant called.

Ichiru twitched. "Coming you fat octopus!" he replied back and gave Zero one last look before he ran towards the group.

Ichiru was getting further away. Not wanting anything bad to happen to his brother; fisting his palms, gritting his teeth, he passed the big gates.

The wind suddenly picked up and blew straight at him. Zero shielded his face and looked up at the eerie castle. He frowned, biting his lips.

"I don't like this."


"Kyaa!" Yuki screamed when an armour fell, almost crushing them. Luckily for her, Ichiru pulled Yuki back and Zero pushed Giant and Shorty away. The dust enveloped them making them cough. Once it cleared out, Giant went rigid as he saw the axe which would have cut him in half was stuck on the floor in between his legs.

"Hiii!"Giant got up.

"Is everyone ok?" Ichiru asked.

"Yes." Shorty answered as Giant panted trying to even his breathing. He looked ok to Ichiru. Zero just grunted in reply.

Ichiru helped Yuki up which the girl thanked him for.

Giant started the journey again despite almost getting killed. The others just followed. Zero took a step before wincing. He glanced down, noticing his scraped knee, blood becoming present though not that much of a big deal. Not wanted to be left behind, Zero caught up with the others.

Minutes later, they finally reached the basement which was their designated destination. They would soon be able to leave. All that was left to do was to write their names on the wall where the coffin was rumoured to be.

They all looked towards the basement, eyes full of expectation, excitement and fear. There was a mixture of feelings the children were getting however Zero; he was getting a cold shiver. Something was definitely wrong and his instincts were telling him to leave; to grab his brother and run.

Giant pushed the door open. Making them gasp in awe at the sight of a grand, ancient but beautiful coffin. The kids squealed excitedly as they rushed into the room. They seemed hesitant to touch the coffin at first but soon enough saw no harm in doing so.

However only one child didn't have this inclination and this was Zero. He seemed to be serious, listening to something.

"Hey, did you hear that?" Zero asked.

The kids turned to Zero. Ichiru approaching him. "Hear what, Zero?"

Zero's head perked up as if hearing it again. "Someone's calling me. A man, I think."

The children went silent and tried to listen up but could not hear anything. Giant laughed. "Are you trying to scare us, Kiryuu. There's no one calling for you."

Zero ignored the boy. He flinched as he heard the voice again, calling him over and over. The voice sounded sad, it pained him.

Ichiru was getting worried about his brother. Zero was never one to lie. If he said he heard something, then he did hear something. His brother had a strong sixth sense and this fact scared him. What if the voice his brother heard was from the ghost in the coffin?

Ichiru shuddered and quickly turned to Giant. "Giant, it's late already. It could be one of the adults looking for us, maybe that's what Zero heard. He has sharp ears after all. So let's just write our name and leave."

Giant seemed to pale. It was commonly known that Giant feared his mom and if Ichiru was right, his mom could be looking for him right now. He didn't want to get scolded. "Yea—Yeah. Right. Let's." He agreed and pulled a chalk out of his pocket.

He wrote his name on the wall, followed by Shorty and Yuki and lastly Ichiru. When Ichiru was done, he turned to his brother who seemed to be lost in his own world, staring at the coffin.

It was somehow disturbing so Ichiru called him over. "Zero, it's your turn."

Zero snapped out of his thoughts and walked towards his brother. He absent-mindedly wrote his name. Ichiru suddenly had a feeling that his brother was not there with them but miles away. His fear began to build up.

He soon noticed Zero's bleeding knee. Blood was running down his leg, beginning to pool at the base of his trousers. "Oh, Nii-san… You're bleeding." Ichiru gasped.

It took a Zero a few seconds to realise what his brother was saying but when he did, he stared at his leg with a blank look in his eyes before stiffening.

Just as soon as his blood dripped onto the basement floor, the room lightened up. To the twins' horror, the drops of blood moved across the floor and up the wall where Zero's name was inscribed. A bright glow of light lit the room, blinding them.

Quickly, Zero grabbed Ichiru and shielded him before an explosion erupted. Dust was everywhere. The room blown up... the coffin destroyed.

Wind blew, area clearing.

Zero looked around.

His eyes widening.

Everything was blown up and destroyed.

Immediately, he looked to his side and saw Ichiru unharmed but unconscious. He sighed in relief but had to wonder why he was not harmed by the blast.

How about the others?

Zero's head snapped to the other side and saw three bodies. He approached them and choked. They were battered and bruised by the explosion and were bleeding a lot. He looked over the bodies one by one but none were breathing.

He staggered back before falling, eyes full of tears. 'Oh my god… they're dead!'

Someone chuckled and Zero's eyes snapped towards the direction the sound came from. Lilac orbs met wine coloured orbs.

They were flashing red from time to time.

His devilish beauty frightened Zero. It seemed unreal and his aura was different. This made Zero freeze.

"Humans… they die so easily…" the man said, grinning while hiding in the shadows of the night.

Zero was sure he saw something sharp… fangs… as the other smiled before he was gone.

Zero blinked.

He stiffened when the man reappeared in front of him, hand reaching out, fingers wiping away Zero's tears.

"Why are you crying, Zero?" the man whispered tilting Zero's chin, a smirk adorning his face. "Aren't you happy to see me again?" he asked before kissing the boy.

Zero stilled the moment he felt something; a pair of soft lips touch his. They were cold, sending a shiver down his spine. How could this man's lips feel so cold? It was the middle of summer and his lips were as cold as ice.

Zero couldn't tear his eyes away from the stranger. He knew, right away, that something was not normal about this man.

The stranger pulled away with a smirk adorning his face.

He chuckled.

It sounded so childish… not like the impression Zero first associated with the man.

"You look so cute, Zero. So small, so chubby." He said as he nuzzled against Zero's cheek as one would do to a cat.

Zero didn't push him away as he stood frozen in shock and confusion. He didn't know how to react to the sudden turn of events.

His mind went blank.

First they entered a haunted mansion which unexpectedly blew up, causing the death of three of his friends however leaving him and his brother unscathed, only then to have a weird man appear out of a coffin.

He didn't know who this guy was and why he was acting so familiar towards him. He was a stranger and Zero knew about the term 'stranger danger' but he couldn't focus on it.

For all he knew, he felt complete somewhere deep in his heart.

"Good lord! The mansion's gone!"

Zero snapped his head towards the sound of shouting. He saw the town people, totally dumbfounded by the state of the mansion. His eyes travelled further and saw more people coming to the mansion, obviously alerted by the loud blast and the sound of police sirens and fire engine sirens.

"Che, pests."

Zero turned to the stranger again. He was frowning, not happy by the sudden disruption.

The man twitched in irritation, watching a crowd form and come closer in silence before abruptly turning to Zero. His lips curved into a smile; he leaned down and placed a brief kiss on Zero's cheek.

"I'll be back my love." He said before disappearing into the dark as the wind blew carrying with him his words.

Zero stared out, still confused before blacking out.

'Who are you?'

In the darkness of the night, Kaname stood still, staring up at his abandoned castle. His wine coloured orbs darkening in disgust.

"This is so revolting." He mumbled to himself.

Giving his castle one last look, he brought up his hand and bit his thumb, drawing blood. He splattered it across him.

"Rise up my servants. Takuma.. Senri.. Rima.. Ruka.. Hanabusa and Akatsuki."

Once the droplets of blood reached the ground; the ground started to boil rapidly, increasing in volume and forming six figures in maid and servant uniforms.

They bowed.

"My lord."

Kaname smirked. "Welcome backs my minions."


Zero's eyes snapped open at the blaring sound of the heartbeat machine. White ceiling greeted him however within a split second he noticed people rushing around, moving quickly and yelling over someone.

With little effort Zero sat up, allowing his eyes to roam his surroundings. Everything was white, the ceiling, the walls, the bed, the floor and even the people were in white. Immediately Zero understood where he was but before he could do or say anything, a shrill shriek startled him.

"No! This is a lie! No! Not my Yuki! Please! NO!" Zero identified the woman who was identical to Yuki but older looking who was crying. She was Yuki's mom; next to her was a man trying to comfort her, Yuki's father.

What was happening?

Why was she screaming and crying?


Another beeping sound echoed around them causing everyone to still before the men in white started running around in alarm. Zero watched them, trying to restart Shorty's heartbeat. They tried so hard; Shorty's body jumped however seconds later fell back to the bed, limp.

Their tries were futile.

"I'm sorry." One of the white people said, a doctor by the looks of it. "He didn't make it."

This time Zero didn't hear screaming or shouting but instead saw Shorty's mom fall to her knees, crying silently into her hands.

Zero felt a constricting pain in his chest. He was still confused.

What was going on?

Why were these people crying?

Why were their hearts not beating?

Why were they dead?


Someone threw a bag before falling to the side of a bed. It was Giant's mother. She was gasping, no sound leaving her mouth. Soon tears rolled down like streams down her face and she cried her only son's name.

"Takeshi!" she chocked, gripping at the white sheets covering the stone cold Giant.

Zero felt the pain grow within him. Everyone was dead. He couldn't breathe. Every one of his classmates was dead. He panted heavily. Everyone who entered the mansion with him was dead.

Zero's eyes widened.

The mansion!

"Hey, did you hear that?"

"Hear what, Zero-nii?"

"Someone's calling me. A man, I think."

"Are you trying to scare us, Kiryuu. There's no one calling for you."

"Giant, it's late already. It could be one of the adults looking for us, maybe that's what Zero heard. He has sharp ears after all. So let's just write our name and leave."

"Yea—Yeah. Right. Let's."

"Zero-nii, it's your turn."

"Oh, Nii-san… You're bleeding."

Then everything just blew up. Zero felt himself tremble. Suddenly his head snapped up.

'Where's Ichiru?!'

The older twin looked around, desperately. His heart beating loudly in his ears as everything else became silent to him. His eyes looked from right to left.

'Where? Where is he? Is Ichiru ok? He's not… he's not… dea—!'


Someone groaned in pain from his side. Zero turned to his left and saw Ichiru, painfully glancing at him from his lying position on the bed.

"Ichiru!" he exclaimed, jumping off the bed and running to his younger twin's side, taking his hand in his. "I'm so glad you're ok." he said, loud enough to alert others of their awakening.

"Em…" Ichiru acknowledged in his dazed state. He was looking around and when the sight of his classmates all bandaged up cam to his vision, his eyes widened. "Nii-san, what happened?"

He couldn't say anything.

"Why are the people covering their faces with the sheet?" Ichiru asked more, alarmed. "They can't breathe like that, right? Why are Oba-sans' crying?"

Zero was speechless.

He knew Ichiru doesn't understand the meaning of death. As a matter of fact he still thought grandpa and grandma had moved far away and were busy so couldn't be with them much anymore. It had been two years since and his twin still believed that.

Zero felt his twin's anxiousness increase by the second due to his silence. As he was about to open his mouth, he was in the air, being carried to a bed by a doctor. His pulse was checked by one as the other checked Ichiru's.

Even now, Ichiru was still seeking answers but no one seemed to want to give him an answer. The doctors and nurses went as far as avoiding looking into Ichiru's tear filled eyes.

Ichiru was frustrated and the bad feeling in his gut was increasing causing him to break down in tears. Somehow he knew; he wasn't going to see his friends anymore like grandpa and grandma.


Suddenly someone grabbed Zero's shoulder, forcing him to face an anguished, tear smeared face of Yuki's mom. She grasped both of the older twin's arms, unconsciously digging her nails in causing Zero to wince in pain.

"Why? Why are you still alive and not my Yuki?! WHY!" she cried, shouting at his face while shaking him.

The nurses quickly tried to pry her off Zero while her husband tried to comfort her.

However as if she was possessed, she pushed away from everyone and grabbed onto Zero again. This time it was more painful.


Zero froze.

Yuki's dad immediately forced her off Zero and pulled her out of the emergency room but even so, she still screamed in protest.


The door closed and there was a moment of silence.

Ichiru was crying harder now.

Slowly sound came back.

Zero looked down, hiding his expression under his bangs. His small knuckles grasped on the sheet tightly until his knuckles turned white. He bit his lower lip, controlling himself.

Kaname's eyes flickered as he stared up into the dark night. The full moon shone brightly in the dusky sky, greeting him.

His hand immediately moved up and grabbed at his chest, frowning.


The funeral

Yuki, Shorty and Takeshi's bodies were held by the police to help them with the investigation of the cause of the explosion. A week later their bodies were released and the cause of the explosion was made news. It was spread that the coffin was full of explosives, a trap of the ancient. Entrance to the room initiated the trap.

Case closed.

This however did not explain the survival of the twins. They were also in the room so how did they survive.

Zero was the only one who knew the truth. It was not something that could be easily explained so he kept quiet. He still remembered it, when the explosion had happened, something like a shield covered him; Ichiru had only survived because he was protecting his twin. He knew the coffin was not full of explosives; there was a man who had fangs and a dangerous glint in his eyes.

Zero had always thought things through in a logical way but everything he had experienced and witnessed was not logical in any way making him sceptical.

This was the only reason he didn't tell anyone or intend to, even if it was his precious twin who asked.

The funerals were held on the same day. Everyone from school came, the Kiryuu twins being no exception.

That day as Zero had expected, everyone was looking at them as if they were freaks and it didn't help when it suddenly started to rain upon their arrival even though it was a nice sunny day beforehand.

"Nii-san…" Ichiru suddenly grabbed onto him, clinging closely as he felt uneasy with the attention they were attracting.

Not liking the fact someone was making his brother feeling uneasy, Zero looked around coldly at the people looking at them, and successfully making them flinch involuntarily and look away. Satisfied with this, he held his younger brother's hand and followed behind their parents who were heading to pay their condolences to the dead.

After, the burial was held; they stood under the rain with an umbrella at the graveyard. Yuki's mom was hysterical seeing her precious princess being buried and her husband had to take her away immediately.

Shorty's mom was sniffling and Giant's mom cried from time to time as her eyes glazed over with emptiness.

Zero watched as people left one after the other. Ichiru was not by his side as he had fallen asleep in the car from crying. His parents had also left leaving him alone.

Under a big tree, holding an umbrella which was too big for someone his size, he waited as he watched his parents still talking to Shorty's mom.

His mind was blank.

He had a bad feeling about the mansion before they had entered. He had told them not to go in but they didn't heed him. He wished he had grabbed them away before the mansion came crumbling down.

They were dead now and Zero somehow felt responsible as he did not stop them.

Somehow, somewhere it was his fault.

He could feel it in his gut.

It was his fault.

"Zero, let's go. It's time to go home." His mom called, reaching to take his small hand in hers.

Zero nodded and started walking absentmindedly but stopped suddenly causing his mom to stumble a bit.

"Zero honey? What is it?"

Zero stared out towards the field. He felt eyes on him and it was sending shivers down his spine.

'I'll be back , my love.'



Zero snapped out of his musing and shook his head. "Nothing."

He turned to his mom and smiled as they walked away.

"Good night, Zero. Sweet dream." His mom said as she flicked the light switch off.

"Good night mom. Night, night, dad." Zero mumbled from the bed, under the sheet.

"'Night son." His dad replied before picking up Ichiru into his arms. "Come on Ichiru. You're sleeping in your room tonight."

Ichiru whined. "But daddy…"

"No but. Your brother is tired and you have a cold."

Ichiru pouted but didn't protest as their dad carried him away.

"Night , Night Nii-san!" Ichiru chirped before their dad closed the door.

"Night, Ichiru." Zero smiled.

He snuggled into his pillow, allowing his eyes to finally close and block out the memories of today's events.

It was a quiet night, no crickets, no wind. It was as if time had stopped moving and he was the only one who was still mobile and breathing.

The silence was a lullaby. Making him drowsy… just as he was about to slip into his dream world, his eyes snapped open and he abruptly sat up.

He glanced at the window and saw a shadow of a man.


Zero's heart skipped a beat.

The window suddenly burst open, wind gusting in, creating a dramatic entrance for the one and only stranger that had been haunting his every thought.

He smirked, showing gleaming fangs.

"You… what are you doing here?" Zero finally whispered as he recovered his voice, effectively breaking the tension.

The adult stepped into the room with a thud. "Didn't I say I'll be back?"

"Why? What do you want? And how do you know my name?" Zero asked, nervous as his little fingers curled around the bed sheet. He was anxious but he was also confused. There was a stranger in his room who may be the killer of his classmates but rather than feeling fear for the man, Zero felt a strange pull.

The stranger chuckled. "So many questions, so many questions, Zero. Just like Alice in Wonderland. But Zero…" he paused, disappearing from Zero's sight but before he could blink, the man reappeared in front of him, pushing him down on the bed.

"You know who I am."

Zero frowned. Confusion turning into anger.

"I don't, you stupid vampire. Get off of me!"


However the brunette just smirked and leaned into Zero's ears. The silver haired boy flinched, feeling tingles across his body when the brunette brushed against his skin.

In a low voice, he whispered. "Don't fight it. You know me…"

Zero squirmed under him, using his arms to try pushing him off. "No! I don't! Move away, please. You're too close."

"Don't be like that." he purred against Zero's ear.

"Stop it. It's uncomfortable."

However, to the boys chagrin, the brunette kept at his antics.

He chuckled. "Now then… say my name, my mate."


Just as the last word stumbled out of the man's mouth, Zero flinched and chokedon his words. His eyes widened as intense pain coursed throughout his body like lightning. His heart skipped a beat painfully as his body trembled and his neck burned.

Zero reached up and grasped at the man's arms, digging in his blunt nails. He began panting, his cloudy eyes searching wine orbs of the man.

Lilac met blood wine and vice versa.

Shakily, Zero opened his mouth.


Ichiru rolled around in his bed, not being about to get any sleep. He felt restless without his brothers' presence as well as the cold he was currently sporting.

He tossed and turned yet again until finally being fed up of the agitated feeling, he jumped out of bed.

"I'm going to sleep with Nii-san." He mumbled and left his room.

When he got to his brothers room, he turned the knob carefully as to not wake his brother. However as soon as he entered the room, he found out his brother was not in the room and the window wide open.


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