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'CREAK' Two big oak door swing opened greeting their master.

"Welcome back, Ka—a!" the servant greeted but stopped when they saw the bundle of sheet in their master's arms.

"Who—?" Takuma, a blonde who seemed like a butler asked and Kaname smiled at him which surprised him because it's been a while since their master did smile genuinely without the hint of smirk.

Kaname pulled a finger elegantly to his lips. "Shush… he's sleeping…" he whispered and Takuma tilted his head in confused as a respond before his eyes widen when he saw a glimpse of the person in the vampire's arms.

Immediately he gasped and covered his mouth to prevent himself from screaming the one name which had caused his master such misery and madness.

Kaname however paid no heed to his servant's reaction and headed upstairs to his room with his servants eyeing him.

As soon as he was out of version and hearing range, Hanabusa, one of the curious servants ran up to Takuma and he noticed that the butler was trembling therefore only added more question in his head. "Takuma, what is it? What did you saw? Who was it?"

Takuma was pale. The other noticed it too as they listened. "Didn't you sense his aura?"

Hanabusa blinked before he too gasped followed by other. "No way!" he exclaimed.

Takuma turned to the blue eyes servant. "Although I really would like to agree with you, Aidou but I believed…" he said. "He's back."

Kaname kneeled down on the bed as he settled little Zero down, carefully as to not to wake him. His blazing red eyes ran across Zero's serene expression and his hand automatically ran across the child's cheek, caressing it gently as he sat by the bed.

Kaname continued to caress Zero's soft and chubby cheek as he stared at his silver beauty, who he had missed so much. He leaned down and breathed in his mate's scent. His body shivered in excitement and before he knew it, he had pulled back his hand and went on four above the boy.

His bright red orbs travelled down Zero's neck, breath hitched when he could already smell the other blood. His eyes shined even redder than it was already was. Slowly, he leaned downward, gently tilting the boy's chin then in a flash his fangs found Zero's neck, penetrating the delicate skins drawing blood. The other gasped lightly but didn't protest or even wake up to the penetration. What's more surprising was that he even shifted his head to the other side as to give Kaname more excess to his neck.

Kaname smirked and welcomed the little action.

There was once a legend about a powerful pureblood king named Kuran Kaname. He was known for his handsome look and the fact he conquered a lot of land in a little of time. In his day, the land was ruled by vampire but they lived peacefully with human.

The land was peaceful and bless with prosperity but everything changed when the pureblood King met with a travelling pureblood named Zero. They were the opposite kind of person and they didn't seem eye to eye with each other.

However, like almost all legend some were altered.

That facts about they didn't seem eye to eye with each other were actually false. And actually Kaname is a king who liked to play truant just to follow Zero around on his travel and left poor Senri to play the fake king in his throne.

"Nii-san… Nii-san… wakes up." Silver lashes furthered lightly before revealing a pair of beautiful clouded lilac orbs. He blinked a few times as an identical pair of eyes greeted him and he rolled over.

"Ichiru…" he eyed his younger brother. "What, is it time to check out already?" he asked dazedly.

"Yeah," his twins replied as he made his bed.

Zero led some more ad slyly tried to find his sleep but then he seemed to realize something. He sat up abruptly.

Ichiru tilted his head at his brother, a little surprised. "What is it?"

Sharply Zero turned to Ichiru to the door before getting up and slammed the door opened abruptly. Ichiru flinched at the loud bang before his brother kicked someone in the guts. The said person went flying, hitting the wall, cracking it in process.

"Nii-san! That's not nice." Ichiru exclaimed as he threw the sheet he was folding and went to aid his fallen companion. The said companion coughed roughly as the result of getting kicked by a pureblood with full force. "Are you alright?"

Zero huffed and folded his arms in front of his chest as he glared at their new arrival companion. "Didn't I say I will be back in a week?"

The injured man flinched as he looked up to Zero from his position on the floor. His wine coloured orbs were shining with tears peeked through his long dark brown bangs as he meekly opened his mouth. "Y—Yes… but—"

"SO WHY THE HELL ARE YOU HERE?!" Zero growled angrily. "Didn't I say to wait for me, Kaname?"

"Ye—Yes! But a week is too long! You already were been away for two month." Kaname protested, clearly shaking from both fear and sadness.

Zero raised an eyebrow. "I had left you for much longer before. You never complained before."

Kaname twitched and looked away, avoiding eye contact as he silenced himself.

Zero seemed to notice the little gesture and recognized it immediately as Kaname was hiding something from him. He ruffled his hair, messing his hair in process as he looked down to Kaname, crackling in fury.

"So… you been playing truant all this time and stalking me huh?" Zero spoke with voice lacing with a promise of harm as he approached the sitting brunette.

Kaname twitched again and hold up his hand in surrender gesture as he stuttered. "Ca—calm down Zero… It's not like that. There's still Senri managing everything." He tried smiling to comfort Zero but it did exactly the opposite.


Something snapped in Zero. "Leaving the kingdom's management to your substitute s exactly what it mean to playing truant—" Zero clenched his palm into a fist. "—You stupid KING!" and Zero hit the poor pureblood king again.

Kaname was fourteen years old pureblood in vampire age and he already the king of a big and powerful kingdom. One could say he's a great ruler but he had a little problem of running away from doing his work especially when it was time to sign and read paperwork.

Before this, he didn't have such problem but ever since he met Zero, he started to be irresponsible and acted like a human size dog following Zero around on his travel.

Zero was confronted by the council about this and they had the guts to blame him for their King acting up. Zero was really piss but he could care less about what other thinks but he couldn't stand the idea of someone ignoring their work, especially something as important as managing a kingdom. If the kingdom fell, many people going to suffer and Zero didn't want that. He didn't want anyone to suffer because of him.

Ichiru pulled Zero away from abusing Kaname anymore. "Stop it, Nii-san. You're the older one here, act like one." Ichiru complained. Zero stopped pushing against Ichiru and breathed heavily as he tried to collect himself. However still, he glared at Kaname.

True, Zero was older than Kaname about two or three century and Ichiru was the same as him since they were identical twins. They were purebloods but rather than attending social event, they preferred to travel around in research of mystical creature. Actually that was Ichiru's passion, Zero just coming with his brother as his bodyguard. Ichiru seemed to have nature ability of attracting disaster.

He was always worried of his brother's safety so he came with Ichiru to his little venture. That was how he met Kaname and for some reason, Kaname had grown fascinated of him and followed him around.

Zero knew why but he refused to acknowledge it. Kaname was too young for someone like him.

"Sob! Ishk!"

There he started again, his childishness made Zero doubt Kaname's potential as both a partner and a ruler. Though sometimes Kaname clearly showed his talent as a great ruler but Zero couldn't take him serious.

"Look, you make him cry again." Ichiru sighed and Zero starting to feel guilty over it.

Softly, Zero kneeled to the pureblood King's side and brushed his bangs out of his eyes. He kissed the brunette's forehead softly and successfully stopped the pureblood's cry. However still he was hiccupping. So Zero moved down to kiss Kaname's eyes as he cradled the brunette cheeks and licked his tears.

Kaname stopped hiccupping and silently enjoyed Zero's attention. He seemed like a child in joy being basked in his mother's love and Zero couldn't help but wanting to kiss Kaname more.

He however had to stop because he knew the more he spoiled Kaname, the more demanding Kaname going to be. So letting the pureblood away, Zero stood up and head to the bathroom for a bath.

"I let you go this time," he said before disappearing into the bathroom. Kaname's face beamed. "But Kaname… when I ask you to wait for me, I'm expecting for you to do as such."

Zero didn't close the door and second later, they could hear the water running. Ichiru scratched the back of his head awkwardly.

"I'll leave you two alone." He said meekly and left.

Silent linger except for the sound of the running water. Kaname stood up silently and stared in space before he moved into the room, heading to the bathroom and closed the door behind him.


Hazy, everything was hazy. Trying to see clearer, he tried to blinked but to no avail. His sight was still blurring but he could make out the door to his room which was opened slightly and the floor which made him realized he was actually laying on the floor. He tried to get up but just as he tried to see clearer, he couldn't do it. Painfully he let out a shaky breath.

"Kana—" he called however he ended up coughing abruptly into his hands. As he cough, a sharp pain stabbed him in his chest and when he did stop, the pain still linger and he was left breathing heavily.


Iron stench and moisture on his palms drew his attention and tiredly he glanced at his hands.




Suddenly pain started to attack his system and he curled against himself, trying to subdue it but to his misfortune, the pain grew more and more intense that he ended up rolling from left to right and screamed.


Kaname stirred from his little sleep and glanced around. That dream again. Always he would dream of a piece of Zero's memory but it always ended up with Zero's last memory that he received through the bond before Zero's aura suddenly disappeared.

Frowning, he glared to the floor, carelessly releasing his aura which caused cracking to the window. His expression was unreadable. Clearly, the dream bothered him and without wasting anytime, he stood up and turned his heels towards his bedroom where he knew Zero was sleeping

He could sense someone calling him. Again and again, never ending but he couldn't even hear any voice nor can he recognize it. He just could sense it.

Zero's eyes fluttered open. His eyes met an unfamiliar white ceiling. He blinked his eyes groggily, still feeling the sleep in his system. However as soon as he was getting good sight of his surrounding, he froze.

Where was he? Where is here? How did he get here? What happened? Where's Ichiru? Where's his mom? Where's his dad?

Zero's heart started to rise at an alarming rate. He threw the blanket over him and jumped off the bed before running to the door. Bang, a loud noise was created as he accidentally collided with the door. He grunted at himself for being stupid and forgot to turn the door knob before pushing.

Now that he had made fool of himself, he was no longer nervous as just now though he still felt a little piece of it.

He peeked out of the room and made his way into the long, grand corridor. There was no sign of life in the big places and Zero was getting scarier every second he walked through the long hall. Not only was it so spacious, it was also dark with only light from the candles along the corridor to lighten the way. Why can't he felt any sign of life? Is it because he's alone in this big building? And how did he get here?

As he was pondering, all of sudden, a shiver ran down his spine. An aura reached out, creeping towards him from the darkness of a hallway.

Zero felt the goose bumps and without even looking back, he ran as fast as his legs could into the maze of corridors. However, before he could go far, a pair hands snaked around his waist and a breath tickled down his neck.

"Where are you going, Zero-chan?" the voice chuckled.

Zero shivered and whirled around. His eyes widen when it met the other's red wine orbs.

"YOU!" Zero's mind was in disarray. "Wha—Wh—Wher—You kidnapper!" he finally exclaimed, accusing the other.

The man chuckled yet again. "Oh, Zero… how could you say that when it was you who was holding tight on me like a cute wet cat?"

Zero blushed out of both embarrassment and anger.

"I did not!"

But the man continued to smirk. "Oh, yes you did."

Zero was sceptical. He was about to open his mouth to voice out his protest but bit his tongue back when an image flashed in his head.

The man's eyes grew darker in amusement. His smirk never flattened. "See… you did."

Zero's eyes snapped at the man, startled as more images fill him in.

"Now then… say my name, my mate."


Just as the last word stumbled out of the man's mouth, Zero flinched and choked on his words. His eyes widened as intense pain coursed throughout his body like lightning. His heart skipped a beat painfully as his body trembled and his neck burned.

Zero reached up and grasped at the man's arms, digging in his blunt nails. He began panting, his cloudy eyes searching wine orbs of the man.

Lilac met blood wine and vice versa.

Shakily, Zero opened his mouth.


At the mention of his name, he smiled and the other pulled him into a hug. Then slowly tears starting to pool in his eyes and rolled down his cheeks.

"Kaname, Kaname," Zero called again and again as if to confirm it was reality and not a dream and every time he did, Kaname responded with a yes. Zero hugged the vampire tighter.

"I was lonely. Where did you go? Why didn't you take me with you? I missed you so much." Zero expressed while weeping.

Kaname patted his head. "Shush… its ok. I'm not going anywhere anymore. We'll be together again… forever."


Zero was horrified. Did he really say that? No! No way! He didn't even know this man—this vampire—this KURAN KANAME!

Zero was again stunned. How in the fact did he even know the man's name, including his true nature, a vampire?

Zero became more confused. He no longer knew which was right or which was wrong. All that he knew was he got to get away, to get back to his house or else.

With only escape and his family in mind, Zero struggled out of Kaname's hold. He managed to wriggle his way out and ran a few meters before being caught again.

"No, no, no, Zero." Kaname snaked his arms around Zero's waist. Zero tried to squirm out of hold but Kaname's grip was so much stronger and he was losing his strength. "Where are you running off to?"

"Home! Back to my brother and Mom and Dad!" Zero screamed, frustrated and scared.

Kaname however tilted his head. "What are you talking about? Here is your home, our home."

"No it's not! Let go! I want to go back!" Zero now had cried. The thought of not seeing his family anymore clouded his mind and it made his scared and sad.

Kaname didn't understand. Why was his Zero crying again? Kaname loosen his hold and turned the boy around so the boy was facing him. Zero was no longer fighting him but was crying harder.

It made Kaname sad to see Zero sad. He wiped the boy's tears, "Shush… don't cry…" he said and slowly using power, he made Zero fell asleep.

"Plea—se… I want to go ho—me..."

Kaname returned to his study after putting Zero in bed. He was confused. Why did Zero want to go home so much when he was already home?

"He's not Zero, Kaname." A voice alerted him and Kaname turned to one present in the room with him.

"He's Zero, Takuma. I know." Kaname protested. "His aura, smell, name, face and the bite mark… it all the same. It's him."

Takuma's eyes however clouded in sadness. Zero, theirs master's mate had already died a long time ago but Kaname never let go and aside from Zero, he couldn't see anything else in live anymore.

"I know that boy seems and smells like Zero-sama but he is not Zero-sama, Kaname. He's only Zero-sama's reincarnation. He died a long time ago. He had no memory of us or you. He's a different perso—!"

In flash, Takuma's neck was pinned to the floor by Kaname's hand. His eyes flashed red in rage and his tone was hard.

"Stop talking. You're getting on my nerve." The vampire spat before leaving his breathless servant.

Takuma coughed in pain as his master left and could only sigh in frustration when the door smashed into pieces.


"Where are you going?"

Startled, Zero turned around to see Kaname was folding his arms in front of him, leaning against a wall, looking disapproved at him.

Zero felt guilty being caught red-handed trying to sneak out of the castle without telling Kaname where he was going. "Kaname…" he whispered guiltily but some resolve in him strengthened him to spoke out next. "I need to go, Kaname."

Kaname pushed himself off the wall and grabbed Zero's arm. "It's dangerous right now. You can't." Kaname tried to make Zero stayed but the silver haired pureblood shook his head.

"No, Kaname." He touched Kaname's hand which was gripping on him gently. Kaname had grown stronger and matured for the past few years but still Zero knew he would listen to Zero's request obediently. "I need to go. Ichiru needed me."

Kaname didn't budge but Zero constant coax in gentle voice made him melt.

"I don't want to lose you." Kaname confessed as his grip tightened.

The same as Kaname, Zero understand how the younger pureblood felt. He too didn't want to die, leaving Kaname alone. He loved him too much.

"I know… but Ichiru need me now. He's sick… Don't worry." He said smiling. "I won't die easily. After all, I'm immune to the plague. I cured you didn't I?"

Kaname nodded and released his grip. "Can I go with you?" he asked after a moment of silent.

"No, you can't." Zero frowned. "You still haven't fully recovered. You need to rest."

"But—" Kaname tried to protest.

"No but Kaname." Zero said firmly and once against Kaname was disappointed. Zero could figuratively see Kaname's dog ears dropped in disappointment.

Zero sighed inwardly. "Kaname I need you to promise me."

Kaname looked up. "Promise?"

"Yeah, promise me, you won't follow me or stalk me until I come back." Zero asked seriously.

Kaname shook his head. "No, I don't want."

"Kaname." Zero called seriously as he looked directly to Kaname's eyes. "Promise me."

Kaname clamped his mouth, looking so reluctant Zero almost felt sorry for forcing Kaname that way but Kaname gave up in the end.

"Yes, I promise I won't follow or stalk after you… until you come back."

Zero smiled broadly proud of Kaname before he hugged him. "Thanks Kaname. I promised I'll come back as soon as possible. It won't take long." Kaname hugged him back, almost squishing him against him.

They stayed like that for a while before Kaname finally let him go. Zero gave him a kiss on the lips. "Bye, Kaname." He said and left. Kaname just stared in distant, having a bad feeling about it.

He didn't know that that would be the last time he would see Zero.


Hazy, everything was hazy. Trying to see clearer, he tried to blinked but to no avail. His sight was still blurring but he could make out the door to his room which was opened slightly and the floor which made him realized he was actually laying on the floor. He tried to get up but just as he tried to see clearer, he couldn't do it. Painfully he let out a shaky breath.

"Kana—" he called however he ended up coughing abruptly into his hands. As he cough, a sharp pain stabbed him in his chest and when he did stop, the pain still linger and he was left breathing heavily.


Iron stench and moisture on his palms drew his attention and tiredly he glanced at his hands.




Suddenly pain started to attack his system and he curled against himself, trying to subdue it but to his misfortune, the pain grew more and more intense that he ended up rolling from left to right and screamed.


"ZERO!" Kaname shouted, reaching out into thin air as he was abruptly awakened from his little nap. His breathing was hard and his cheeks were wet. He was crying and still was.

He stared at both of his palms. It felt so real. It felt like he could almost touched Zero in his hands. But at the same time Zero felt so far away.

Kaname thrust his palms to his face, screaming into his hand.

If he hadn't held on the promise. If he had followed Zero at that time. If he had made more effort in convincing Zero to stay. Maybe, maybe he could save him.

Kaname suddenly stilled and lift his face, staring in space before turning to the door which leaded to Zero's room.

Back at home, after Ichiru told his parents about Zero's disappearance, both the adults got out in search of the boy with the help of some neighbours.

However after a few hours, they found no lead and went to report to the police. With the authorities alerted, the search was bigger and covered a large scale of area.

As his parents were out, Ichiru was left with his uncle, Kaien Cross who was known as to be a bit strange. Why? Because always seemed to have imaginary flowers around him and he changed his expressions so easily liked he had another personality in him. Like his brother always said the man had a bipolar.

Although Ichiru said the man always seemed to have flowers around him, today there was none. Nor was he in his panic mode of Zero's disappearance. But he was serious, cold like the North Pole as he stared out of the window as it rain.

Ichiru was intrigued of the man seriousness but wanting to see his brother again was stronger in his mind so like Kaien, he too stared out into the raining dark sky.

'Nii-chan… where did you go?'

Zero woke up suddenly, feeling the call of his younger brother. Some said it was twins telepathic, Zero was never one to believe it but no matter how far or close they were, he could hear or feel Ichiru's emotion. And now he woke up because Ichiru's sadness called out to him.

He didn't like it. He didn't like his twin being sad and all the more it was because of him.

Zero ran up to door and turned the bolt. However to his disappointment, it was lock. Zero gritted his teeth and banged the door with both of his small knuckles. The door however was opened after the first bang by non-other than Kaname.

"Kaname! Please, return me home!"

This time however, Kaname frowned in returned. "No. How many times do I have to tell you, this is our home?!"

Zero stepped back, suddenly he felt scared of the vampire. His aura was no longer one of pleasant but killer chilled. However because of his stubborn nature and the fact that his brother happiness was more important than himself right now, he fought back.

"No! This is not my home! Who are you anyway, to tell me this is our home! I don't even know who you are! And I need to go back to Ichiru."

Something snapped and a tone of cold pressure fell on Zero. He fell to his knee and it was hard to even breathe.

"Again. It's always about Ichiru…" the vampire uttered in the scariest voice Zero had heard.

"Ichiru, Ichiru, Ichiru! Ha!" Kaname's red blazing eyes narrowed at him. "That's all you could think off! I'm your mate, Zero! From a long time ago till now, why is your brother is more important than me? I'm your mate."

Zero couldn't understand Kaname's statement. 'Mate? From a long time ago? What is he talking about?'

All of it was new to Zero. He didn't even knew the meaning of mate Kaname been talking about. And why was it so important to Kaname?

"Wha—what are you talking about? I don't understand." Zero asked which a wrong move it was when Kaname looked at him as if Zero had killed him.

He didn't say anymore and left the room. It was so quiet; Zero could hear the door locked so clearly in his ears.

However he couldn't focus as he clenched his chest. He leaned his head to his laps. It was hard to breath. Something felt really painful in his heart and he couldn't understand the reason.

Takuma and Ruka, the maid flinched the nth time that minute as another vase was broken in million pieces and the wall around cracked under some sort of invisible power. That said supernatural power was actual released by really annoyed vampire, Kaname.

The destruction continued to follow throughout the mansion until nothing breakable thing could be destroyed were left. However their master didn't stop there. His power continued to pour out and causing metals to melt next and paper to burn.

Takuma flinched and quickly he instructed Ruka to call the other servant to help fixing the mess before it could destroy the mansion they worked hard to clean.

Ruka nodded and left and as she did, Takuma reluctantly turned to his master who was glaring onto naught.

"Kana—master, I beg you please stop. This mansion going to collapse any second now if you continue—"

However he couldn't finish his sentence when Kaname flicked a glance at him, sending terror down his spine and shut his mouth.

Silenced, Kaname turned away and huffed gruffly. "Who said he is any different from the past."

He mumbled and later continued like that for hours more.

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