The Dark Side of The Moon

Chapter One – Welcome to The Dark Side

By Crow Skywalker


Disclaimer – Don't own Sailor Moon or it's characters. Just borrowing them for some fun ;)

Author's Notes – Okay, I'll start off by saying this is my first SM fic, so it's probably not so good. I started this a while ago...and finally finished it recently. I'm a angsty person, so beware. If anyone likes this fic, I have a few others I might write and post. I have an obsession with turning Usagi to the "Dark Side" ;) I like Usagi-revenge fics. Adore them. Anyway, please review so I know if to continue and if anyone likes it!

Warnings/Pairings – PG-13 for swearing and evilness. Later pairings of Usagi/Mamoru (way later), and Senshi/Generals.

Series Summary – AU, where everyone's older. What if Queen Beryl had found Usagi before Luna? What if Beryl thought Usagi had good potential, and offered her a place at her side? The first season of Sailor Moon certainly would have been different. Sailor Moon done my way


Our story starts, that of a tragic love, in a city called Tokyo. Now this was an ordinary city, just like any other, and the people of Tokyo were very surprised when things that were not so ordinary started to happen. Now it went unnoticed by many for a long period of time, for it was something that was very abnormal, but could easily be explained. People were losing their energy. This was nothing much out of the ordinary – and could be explained as strokes and other things. However, when people by the dozens started being brought into the hospitals, all drained of any power and energy, some expected something was up.

However, this is only part of our story. The other about to begin..

It was a day like every other day, the sun rising early in the morning to greet the new day, and the people rising with it. In a small house in the middle of the city, however, a young girl was not. As the sunlight filtered in through the window shining warmly on her face the girl stirred and slightly opened her eyes. Reading her clock, she suddenly jumped up screaming.

"Mooommmm! Why didn't you wake me up?!" She jumped out of bed, running to get her clothes. "I'm going to be late!"

Downstairs, her mother sighed and closed her eyes as she continued to wash the dishes. "I did, Usagi! You told me you'd get up in five minutes!"

Fully dressed, the young girl, Usagi, ran past the table and grabbed a slice of toast in the process. "And you believed me?" She mumbled, sticking the piece of toast in her mouth as she put on her shoes.

Her mother didn't answer to this, and she soon didn't have the time to, for Usagi had already grabbed her lunch bag and was rushing out the door. Gaining some distance, she finally slowed down to a mere walk, and took the time to eat her breakfast. Looking up, she realized for the first time what a beautiful day it was. The sun was warm and relaxing on her worried heart, and the small breeze playfully blew at her hair.

Usagi was a normal teenage girl, and at the age 17, was attending high school. Those who knew her knew that she was a kind and gentle girl, although a total klutz. At a normal height for her age, she had sparkling blue eyes and a lovely smile that caught many's attention. Her golden blonde hair added to her beauty, in which she kept in two long pig-tail like balls on her head.

"Poke it!"

Usagi snapped out of her trance like state at this. Hiding behind a brick wall, she peered around it and spotted three small boys huddled together, seemingly picking at something. Squinting, Usagi tried to see just what it was. A cat! Her eyes widened, they're hurting that poor cat! She immediately stepped out of her hiding place.

"Hey you!" She called, running up to them, "Stop it!"

Realizing they were caught, the boys ran off, leaving the poor thing behind. Usagi glared at their retreating backs before attending to the animal. Bending down, she gently picked it up. " poor thing." The cat didn't seem to be awake, so she gently held it closer. "Boys are so mean!"

It was then that she noticed something odd about the cat. For some reason, there was a bandage on its head. Bewildered, she reached to pull it off. "What's this for?"

She soon found out, as for when she took it off, she noticed the small golden crescent moon that was under it. "Huh? A crescent moon?" She asked in even more confusion.

The only answer she got was the cat's eyes opening to reveal two large red eyes. It immediately started to squirm, and Usagi had to let it go. It jumped a far distance and landed on top of a car, staring down at the bewildered and frightened girl.

Usagi blinked, taking all of this in. A black cat with red eyes...with a moon on its forehead. "Ookay.." She backed away from the cat. When she was a far enough distance away, she broke into a run. "Oh no! Now I'm defiantly going to be late!"

Behind her, the cat stared at her in curiosity, before slowly following her.


"Usagi! It's not that bad!"

Usagi groaned, lowering her head onto her desk. She had failed yet another test. "Stupid math..I'll never get it! And now mom's gonna kill me!"

Naru, Usagi's best friend, frowned. She was unsure of how to cheer her friend up. Then it came to her. "Usagi – lets go shopping! It'll help you forget all about that stupid test, and maybe your mom will have forgotten about it by the time we go home. My mom's shop is having a sale today, maybe we should go look at the jewelry!"

At the mention of jewelry Usagi perked up. "I totally forgot about that! Let's go!" She jumped up and grabbed hold of Naru's hand and started to drag her out the door, only to be stopped by the class' smartest student.

"You know Usagi, shopping won't help your studies. Maybe I should tutor you!"

"Yeah, right, Umino." Usagi mumbled as she passed him and continued down the hall. Since Usagi had first met the boy he had been trying to impress her. It was clear to everyone that he had a crush on her, but Usagi chose to ignore it. She had turned him down the first attempt, and the many times that followed. He just wouldn't give up, no matter how much she put him down and ignored him.

Getting her stuff from her locker, and waiting for Naru to do so as well, they were ready to go in no time. School having finished for the day, they were free to raid the shops in town. The first place they headed for was Naru's mother's jewelry shop.

"Whoa...this place is sure busy today!" Usagi observed as they entered the sliding doors. All around them people were leaning over glass cases, peering at the things inside. People pushed and shouted to get where they wanted, and shoved to see or buy the jewelry first.

Naru frowned at the behavior. This was the most crowded she had ever seen her mother's store, and it was a bit unusual, even if there was a sale. Looking around, she tried hard to find her mother. "Mom?"

A crowd further off caught both the teen's attention, and they headed in that direction. Pushing their way through the girls finally came upon Naru's smiling mother, who was busily showing off the jewelry that she had in her hand. Upon spotting her daughter and her best friend, her smile widened. "Girls! There you are! I thought I saw you come in amongst this crowd. Usagi dear, how are you? Do you like this?" She handed Usagi a box that contained an expensive looking ring. "You get a discount for being like family to us!"

At the mention of a discount a mob of people pushed and shoved Usagi and Naru out of the way, trying to get a good look.

"Whoa! They're like a pack of animals!" Usagi commented, wide eyed at the commotion.

"It's kind of strange if you ask me. Mom's been having this sale all week...and yet I don't seem to see anything bought at the end of the day. And these people – I'm sure I've seen them here before." Naru observed.

"Maybe it's just your imagination." Usagi smiled at her before adding, "Since this place seems to be packed, want to go somewhere else?"


Both girls headed out of the store, glad to be out of all the pushing and shoving and into the fresh air.

"Hey, do you think mom has forgotten my test already?" Usagi asked, taking it out of her purse as she walked down the street.

"I don't know...hopefully."

"Yeah." Usagi nodded, crumpling up the paper and throwing it behind her. "Maybe I can get away with telling her it was cancelled."

"Whoa...a 30? Obviously someone didn't study." Came a voice from behind them. Both girls stopped to find a boy who looked older than them, with black hair and sunglasses. He was holding up Usagi's crumpled test, studying it.

"Hey!" Usagi snatched her paper away from the stranger. "Who said you could read that?"

"Well it just kind of came out of nowhere and hit me in the head." The boy stated calmly, staring down at the young blond who was glaring madly at him, her cheeks blushing a light red. He grinned slightly. She was cute...and he had a strange feeling like he's met her before – or he knew her.

Although she was fuming, Usagi had quite the same feeling, but chose to ignore it. Her crumpled paper in hand, she turned on her heels and dragged Naru away – leaving the stranger behind. Once they were some distance away, Naru couldn't help but giggle.

"What?" Usagi asked, puzzled.

"I think he liked you."

"What??" Usagi crossed her arms. "Naru have you gone mad?"

"Maybe." Naru smiled before catching her friend's arm. They wandered around looking at different stores and things before Naru said, "Hey, I know! Let's head to the Arcade and play some video games! That'll sure cheer you up!"

Hauling her friend off, they took the more scenic route towards the Arcade – the hangout for all teens in the city, and Usagi's most favorite place. Not only was Usagi a video game lunatic, but claimed to be madly in love with a boy named Motoki, who worked there.

Stepping in through the sliding door, the first words were "Hi Motoki!" A wave, and she headed in his direction. He was standing behind the counter of the small cafe counter, talking to someone. As Usagi neared, she realized who the person was. "You!"

"Oh, Hi Usagi! Didn't see you come in –" He noticed her angry gaze on his friend. "I'm guessing you two have met?"

"Very recently." The other boy replied, taking a sip of his drink.

"Oh, okay.." Motoki blinked and introduced them. "Usagi, Naru – this is Chiba Mamoru. Mamoru, this is Usagi and her friend Naru. They come here a lot, so I know them very well. Sit down girls – what may I get you?"

Usagi reluctantly sat down next to Naru – she was having that same strange feeling again. "Uhm, chocolate sundae please?"

"Same." Naru smiled. "So, Mamoru – how do you know Motoki?"

"We've known each other since we were in high school." Mamoru stated simply, peering briefly over the girl's shoulder at the strange blond. "You know, the funniest thing – you're friend's hair looks like a pair of meatballs."

Usagi jumped up and slammed her fist down on the table. "I've known you for less than a day and I already think you're a real jerk!" She cried, before heading off for the game machines. Going for the game Sailor V game that was furthest away, she sank into the seat and sighed, calming herself. She didn't know what it was about him, but he sure did know how to make her mad! Pushing a quarter into the machine she soon busied herself with the game.

"Usagi!" Naru called after her friend, but let her be. Sometimes Usagi was best left alone when she was mad or upset. Turning back to the two older boys, Naru apologized for her friend. "She's having a bad day." She explained.

"I'd say." Usagi muttered from where she was sitting, vaguely paying attention to the game. She was much more interested in the conversation and trying to figure out what the weird sensation she was feeling was. Somehow, she thought and looked up at the dark haired man, it has to do with him. But what is it? I feel like...I know him...She shook her head. If I did know him, I'd certainly remember a jerk like that.

A hand waving in front of her face brought he out of her deep thoughts and she blushed furiously as Naru smiled down at her, winking. Usagi had somehow managed to daze off, her eyes locked on Mamoru. Naru would certainly tease her later on.

"Your sundae is ready." Her friend giggled, making her way back to the counter, Usagi following close behind. Taking her seat next to her friend again, she refused to look up. Today certainly wasn't a good day.


Large red eyes peered in through the sliding doors of the Arcade, carefully watching the people inside. The small black cat had been following the blonde girl since early that morning, never letting her out of her sight. Even now, her eyes followed the girl's every move.

The cat's name was Luna – she had remembered that much since she had been awakened that morning. When the blonde had pulled the Band-Aid off her head, a flood of thoughts and emotions filled her head, along with a sense of duty. Opening her eyes, she was met with a familiar figure, although she couldn't remember where or when she had met the girl before. It was just a feeling she had gotten. However, the girl seemed afraid, and had quickly run off before she could quite figure out what she was doing there.

There's something about her, the cat thought, ducking behind a garbage can as a couple walked down the street. A power locked deep inside...could she be the one?

That was her sense of duty kicking in. Her duty to save this world from the evil force that she could feel even now. The Dark Kingdom has already begun taking over. I must stop them! And somehow, she knew that this girl was the key.

However, from what she'd seen so far – she had her doubts. The girl was a klutz and didn't seem very smart, though her kindness and loyalty shone through all that. Perhaps she really is the one.

Luna watched as the girl finished off her sundae and another fight broke out between her and the dark haired man. She just had enough time to hide in the nearby alleyway as the girl stormed out of the Arcade, furiously cursing the male. Her friend quickly waved goodbye to the two men, and ran after the blonde.

Waiting for them to get a safe distance ahead, she soon followed after them.


"I can't believe the nerve of that guy!" Usagi said angrily as she walked, fuming. "Meatballs? I've always done my hair this way! And he doesn't know me – so who is he to call me names and make fun of the way I look?"

Naru walked in silence, afraid that if she said something then her friend would totally go off her head.

"He was such a jerk!"

"Well," Naru finally said, "He really didn't have to be so mean...but I think it's because he likes you. Kinda like when we were little and Umino used to pick on you – we found out when we got older it was because he had a crush on you."

"Yeah," Usagi rolled her eyes, "Definitely it. Just met the jerk today and I bet he thinks I'm his soul mate or something, and even though he's collage, he's picking on me like a six year old because he 'likes me'." She said in a sarcastic tone, soon realizing she had snapped at her friend. "Sorry I snapped, Naru – but I'm just really in a bad mood right now." Sighing, she slowed her pace. "Failed a test, mom's going to kill me, and I'm suddenly being picked on and made fun of by some guy I don't even know."

"It's okay Usagi. I understand." Her friend gave her an encouraging smile as they stopped on a corner. "Just don't get too depressed over it, okay?"

Usagi nodded, waving goodbye to her friend as they parted way. Usagi slowly made her way home, oblivious to the fact that she was being followed.

"I'm home!" She called upon arriving at her destination, and winced as she saw her mom come out of the kitchen and walk towards her, an expectant smile on her face.

"Well?" She asked, holding out her hand. Usagi stared at it for a moment, before getting up the courage enough to hand her failure over.

Taking one glance at it, Usagi saw her mother's face turn red with anger. "A 30? How...Usagi, you said that you studied!"

"I did study!"

"Studied what? Comic books?"


"Umino's mother phoned earlier – they were upset because Umino got a 95! And then you go bring me home this.." Her mom trailed off, "I won't take anymore failure Usagi! You get out of this house right now and go to the library! And I don't care if it takes till midnight, you don't come home until you know for sure that you're going to pass the next test!"

"But mom!" Usagi cried, but soon found herself outside and the door closed and locked behind her. Sitting down on her step, she let the tears streak down her face. She normally had a good relationship with her parents – but not always. This was one of those times. Angrily wiping the tears away, she stood and marched down the walkway. She would not go to the boring old library to study for a stupid test or subject that wasn't even assigned yet!

"I'll go to Naru's...they'll let me stay for a while." She mumbled to herself, angrily kicking a can out of her path as she made her way in the direction of the jewelry store that Naru's mother owned. "Maybe the night...that would certainly teach mom not to lock me out of the house. By the morning she would be worried out of her mind."

Seeing the store up ahead, with the lights still on, she fastened her pace. The city wasn't a good place to be out in when it was almost dark. Stepping into the warmth, she surveyed the store and her mouth dropping open in a small gasp. Men and women of all ages were unconscious on the floor.  Usagi recognized half of them from earlier.

"What...what happened?" She finally found her voice, and a scream filled the air, catching her attention. That was Naru!

Usagi quickly made her way up the stairs in the direction the scream had come from, only to come face to face with a terrible scene. Naru's mom holding her against a wall by the neck, laughing as her daughter screamed in terror.


She watched as Naru's mom stopped laughing, and almost screamed as well as Naru's mom turned her head right around to face Usagi, her features shifted into something hideous.

"Oh my..." Usagi sucked in a breath, immediately forgetting her friend in distress. What the hell is going on?? Her friend screamed once more as a green light surrounded her and she seemed to grow tired. "Naru!" Usagi called again, taking a step foreword. But it was too late – the monster let go of her friend, and she slumped to the floor unconscious. The monster then turned to face her entirely.

"No!" She screamed, hurriedly turning to run. But she only made it as far as downstairs before the thing jumped in front of her, blocking the exit. It instantly reached out and grabbed her, and she cried out and punched at it, trying to get free. "Let go of me!"

"" It grunted, holding on tighter, and Usagi watched horrified as the same glow spread over her body, and it felt as if she were being drained of life.

"Noo.." She struggled, growing weaker and weaker.

"Didn't anyone tell you that when a girl says no, she means no?" Came a voice, and Usagi felt the monster's grip loosen, the green light disappearing as the monster looked around frantically for the voice's owner. Usagi found it before the monster did – a man in a tuxedo stood dramatically in a large window, highlighted by the night's moonlight.

"Who're you?" The monster hissed letting go of Usagi, who was still drained and found she couldn't stand on her own. In a blink of an eye Usagi found herself cradled in the man's arms, and safely away from the monster, who was growling madly and getting ready to charge.

"I am Tuxedo Kamen." The man announced, as Usagi stared up at him. He's cute, she decided, and he saved me... a strange feeling settled upon her, but she chose to ignore it. It probably has to do with what the monster just did to me. "Can you stand?" The man asked her, and she nodded her head. "Then sit tight, I'll take care of this." He carefully set her on the floor, and walked towards the monster.

"Let's see what you've got mask man." Growled the monster, sizing up its opponent. Usagi watched her savior as he stood calmly, waiting for the first attack. It soon came.

"Watch out!" She winced as the monster's arm swung heavily at him, and she closed her eyes, unable to watch. She expected a crash, a crack – anything, but no sounds came. Opening one eye, she watched as the man in black easily dodged every blow skillfully. The monster seemed frustrated at this and continued to attack, although it seemed useless.

"Stand still!" It barked, aiming for the masked man perfectly. However, it was blocked by the man's extended cane.

Usagi watched as they continued to battle, both of them becoming more and more exhausted as they hit and parried. Finally the monster had had enough. As Tuxedo Kamen jumped high out of the way of another attack, it turned to Usagi, who crawled back as it lunged foreword and towards her. Can't run...can't fight...her mind whirled as her world blurred with panic. Am I going to die? But I'm only in high school...I have yet to live...I don't want to die!

A blast came from the monster and Usagi found herself screaming, her eyes tightly shut. She counted down the last seconds of her life – but they never seemed to come.


Tuxedo Kamen knew he was wearing out from the fighting, and although the monster was also, he knew he probably wouldn't last. So he had jumped to a high distance, hoping that he could get at least a few moments of rest. However, his mind was not put to rest, for the monster quickly turned on the blonde headed girl who sat where he had left her on the floor. Her terrified features pulled at his heart, and as the monster's attack flew through the air, he knew that he would never reach her on time.


As the attack connected with its target, there was a blast that sent the monster's fireball upwards, blasting through the ceiling and into the night's sky. Tuxedo Kamen stared in shock at the gap, the moon and stars shining through the large hole. What the hell..? Turning his attention back to the girl, he blinked. Usagi was still screaming, but she was now engulfed in a white and yellow light.

The monster, terrified, backed up from its target, shielding its eyes from the brightness. As the light flooded the room, however, its feeble attempt was no use. It seemed to glow as well, and the monster sudden vanished, leaving a poor woman lying unconscious on the floor.

He watched in amazement, unable to believe his eyes. This girl – Usagi – she held quite a lot of power. But what did it mean? Who was she really?

Peering hard through the light, Tuxedo Kamen noticed something different about the girl. Something on her forehead.

A crescent moon.


"Jadeite? What was that?"

Queen Beryl, queen of the Dark Kingdom, sat at her thrown staring at a large ball of colors. Through this, she and the rest of her dark forces had been watching the fight. All had been going well until the masked man had shown up. They had gained enough energy for several days today – and now the monster was destroyed and their energy was gone.

"I don't know, my Queen."

They had all seen what had happened – the glowing light that was now fading. But what was it? Suddenly Beryl gasped in shock.

"A crescent moon..." She seemed to remember something, "So Serenity had enough power to send her precious daughter to Earth. I knew she looked familiar. Jadeite, I want you there right now – she must be destroyed."

"Destroyed, my Queen?"

"Are you questioning me?" Beryl snapped, glaring up at him. "She could be our downfall."

"Or our key to power." Jadeite smirked, walking to the middle of the room.

"Do I sense a plan, Jadeite?"

"She's very powerful." Jadeite observed, looking into the large ball of swirling mist.

"I see where you're going." Beryl's evil smile grew. "Powerful indeed – and could be a great help to our Dark Kingdom. I see why I made you one of my top Generals. However, it would take a lot of energy to turn her to the Dark side."

"Maybe..maybe not. We know nothing about her will or life, or the way she thinks. Perhaps we won't even need to convert her? And if we do, it would be well worth it, wouldn't it?"

Beryl sat back, thinking it over. How ironic it would be to have Serenity's child at her feet. After a few moments of consideration, she met Jadeite's gaze.

"Bring her here."


Usagi breathed heavily, realization finally setting in. She was still alive, and she wasn't hurt. Opening her eyes, she stared at Naru's unconscious mother laying a few feet away from her. What...what happened? Where'd the monster go? Where'd Naru's mother come from? There were so many questions and no answers.

Looking around, she found the masked man still at his perch, staring down at her as if studying her.


He..he called my name. Who is he? Do I know him..?


"All questions will be answered if you come with me." Came a voice, and Usagi watched as a man dressed in a purple blue suit and blonde hair appeared before her, hand outstretched. This would have seemed odd at any other time but after what she had just experienced, she guessed anything was possible.

She stared at his hand, before reaching out to grasp it. "Who-who are you?"

The man smiled, although on his face it looked evil and sinister. "A friend. My name is Jadeite, and I have an offer for you."


Jadeite turned and spotted another man, dressed in a tuxedo. Ah, I was hoping he'd have left.

"You're from the Dark Kingdom!"

"And what would you know of the Dark Kingdom?" Asked Jadeite.

"I've been warned about you. Usagi – you can't go with him!"

Usagi stared at the two men, confused. Jadeite turned back to her, her hand still in his grip.

"I've done my research on you, Usagi. Took me less than a few moments - but I know that you don't lead an entirely happy life. You're a lonely seventeen-year-old who lives with parents who could care less about her, as long as they can show off her grades to their friends. People make fun of you because you're different, or because you don't live up to your full potential. The Dark Kingdom has seen all this, and we recognize all the potential you have. We'd like for you to join us. We offer you the choice to become the girl you've always wanted to be. Intelligent, graceful, respectful – everything you desire. All you have to do is say yes."

Usagi stared at him, transfixed. He seemed to know a lot about her and the things she wanted. It was true, all he had said. She did wish for a better life. The only good thing she had was her friend Naru. Perhaps if she went with him...

"Usagi, don't even think about it!" The masked man jumped down from his perch, standing by her side. "Because I won't let you do it."

Usagi glanced at him, feeling a familiar feeling at his closeness. She hadn't really thought about it before, because of the whole monster incident, but now she could feel it clearly. The same feeling she had gotten earlier that day when she was with...

"Mamoru." She whispered, and he seemed to tense. So it was true, it was Mamoru. Mamoru telling her what to do, or in this case, what not to do. Her expression quickly melted into a flown and she glared up at him. "You have no business telling me what to do!"

"Well obviously someone has to, otherwise you go off doing stupid things!"

She stared at him, hurt.

"Usagi-" He grabbed at her arm, but she pulled away.

Mamoru was the last straw. She'd been through so much today – and all her life. It was time for a change. Taking Jadeite's hand once again, she smiled at him. "Yes. I'll come with you."

"Welcome to the dark side, Serenity." He bowed slightly and they both disappeared.

Serenity? He froze. Serenity was the name of the girl he'd been seeing in his dreams. The girl who asked him to save her. But Usagi and Serenity couldn't be the same people – could they? He shrugged that thought off. Of course not. Serenity was the Princess of the moon – not some stupid teenager. But he had still lost Usagi – and it was his fault.

"Usagi! Usagi!"

Mamoru looked up as a blackish blue cat stumbled down the stairs, calling the lost girl's name. Upon reaching the bottom, the cat quickly surveyed the room. "What?...Where'd she go?"

A talking cat, he mused, but voiced, "She's gone."

"Gone? But she can't be..Oh no.." The cat sat down, its head hanging. "I was too late – I couldn't help her. And now she's dead..."

"Not dead – taken."

The cat looked even more horrified.

"This isn't good."

To Be Continued...