The Dark Side of the Moon

Chapter Seven – Conversations in the Dark

By Crow Skywalker


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Warnings/Pairings – PG-13 for obvious reasons. I might even up the rating later on, so beware. Later pairings of Usagi/Mamoru (And I mean way later), and the senshi/generals.

Series Summary - AU, where everyone's older. What if Queen Beryl had found Usagi before Luna? What if Beryl thought Usagi had good potential, and offered her a place at her side?


Rei Hino stood in her normal red and white clothes, a broom in her hand as she looked up to the glowing red sky. Her Grandfather had sent her out to clean, but so far she hadn't been doing much of that. Now the sun was setting in the horizon, making the cherry blossom trees look as if they were on fire along with the sky. A slight breeze rustled her hair, and more cherry blossom petals dropped to the ground.

Leaning against the broom, Rei sighed. It's so pretty this time of year…I wish it could stay like this forever, she thought dreamily. A beeping noise brought her out of her trance like state, and she lowered her hand to take out the communicator Luna had given her at their last meeting.

"Yes?" She asked, immediately seeing Minako's face flashing across the screen. "Oh Minako, it's you!"

Minako grinned, "Who else could it be?"

Rei blinked, suddenly wondering if Artemis and Luna knew how to use the communicators. She decided they couldn't, being cats, so she shrugged, "No one."

"Anyway," Said Minako, "I was wondering if you'll be free tomorrow. Artemis and Luna want to have a meeting and discuss our next move. You don't work on Saturday, do you?" She asked, scrunching up her nose.

"Actually," Rei let out a sigh, "I do. From eight to five. But we can meet after then, right?"

"Sounds good." Minako smiled, "Hey, I read something in the paper about your Temple selling good luck charms."

Rei nodded. "Yeah, we're having a sale tomorrow. That's why I have to work," She shifted, lifting the broom up and heading towards the Temple. She wouldn't get much more work done now that it was getting dark. "My Grandfather asked me to help him. It's going to be a lot of work, since it's just me and him."

"Need any help?" Minako offered, and Rei shook her head.

"No, I don't want to ruin your weekend or anything. I'm sure you have better things to do then sit around selling charms all day," Rei smiled.

Minako looked thoughtful, "Now that I think about it, I have to go shopping for new clothes. I didn't bring much when I moved here," she then groaned, "I have to get out some applications, too – I need money to pay for my apartment."

"You live by yourself?" Rei asked curiously, a bit surprised.

"Yeah, just me and Artemis."

"How are you paying the rent now?"

Minako winked, "Hey, I did get paid for all those Sailor V movies and video games, you know! I'm not exactly poor!"

Rei laughed. "Then why do you need a job?"

"Well, between shopping, food for both me and Artemis, and many other things, money disappears fast!" Minako grinned in response.

"Oh, I see!" Entering the Temple, Rei laid the broom back in its original place.

"So, we're meeting at…six o'clock?"

Rei nodded into the communicator.

"I'll see you there!" Minako winked again, flashing a peace sign before the communicator beeped and the screen went blank.

Rei returned it to her hidden pocket, careful to make sure it was well hidden. She didn't want her Grandfather finding it and asking questions. How would she explain that almost a week ago she had found out she was a sailor senshi, destined to protect a Moon Princess whom they didn't even know the identity of.


Rei almost jumped, swiftly turning around and looking down to find her Grandfather standing behind her.

"Did you finish sweeping?" He asked, and she nodded, although it was a lie. She hadn't finished sweeping, and wasn't even close to finishing. "Good, because we want this place sparkling when we start selling charms tomorrow." He turned around, clenching his small fists in triumph, "With a clean Temple, the girls won't be able to resist me!"

Rei rolled her eyes, long used to her Grandfather's perverted thoughts. He was always trying to get dates with young girls, even though every single one of them turned him down.

"I think I'm going to bed," She told him, "We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow." She leaned down, kissing him on the forehead. "Good night."

"See you bright and early tomorrow morning!" He yelled after her as she opened the door to leave.

The sun was down now, only a light blue sky left from the blazing sunset that had been there earlier. Through the trees and further into town, the street lights were starting to come on one by one. Rei smiled, crossing her arms against the chill. With the sun gone down, the air was now growing colder. She picked up the pace, listening to the wooden walkway creak as she made her way towards the door to her room.

She was at the door, about to slide it open when there was a creak in the floorboards that she knew she hadn't caused. With a gasp she spun around, peering into the darkness and trying to see who or what was there.

"Hello?" She asked in a quivering voice, "Who's there?"

Something moved, and she screamed.


He had been checking out the premises, getting a feel for the surroundings before he would start his plan the next morning. The Temple was well known for its charms, and it was going to be sale tomorrow, which would attract a lot of customers. This was only part of his plan – he planned to take over the bus going from and to the Temple. This way, he could easily take the customers to another dimension and drain them of their energy.

Above him, a cloud covered the moon, and he smirked evilly as he looked up at the darkened sky. This time, he wouldn't fail. He would succeed and make Beryl happy.

Shadows moved along the walls of the Temple, caused by the chilly breeze blowing the leaves on the trees. But besides that, he could sense no movement. Above him the cloud moved so that the moonlight filtered through, allowing him to see the Temple. Stepping up onto the boardwalk like structure, he made his way around front to leave.

"Hello?" Came a voice, and her jerked to a stop, "Who's there?"

Jadeite's eyes flashed wildly, trying to figure out where the voice had come from. Had someone seen him? But he hadn't seen anyone else…

A girl stepped out from under the moonlight shade, and he cursed himself for not sensing her there before.

I grow weaker every time I come to this city, he thought angrily, something's draining my power!

"Do…do I know you?" The girl asked, and he realized she was standing before him, looking up at him with dark curious eyes. He then realized just who it was – it was Rei, the girl from his dream.

What's she doing here? He wondered, the dream suddenly coming back to him. He quickly pushed it out of his mind. Looking at her as she approached, he wondered if he should just disappear, or if he should answer. He then finally decided what to do.

"No," He answered.

She raised an eyebrow, stepping even closer to him and studying him in the moonlight. "Oh," She looked down, "It's just that…you look so familiar!"

Jadeite's eyes widened. She doesn't remember me from the other day…or at all. He mentally smacked himself. Why would she remember him? It's not like he'd introduced himself, so why did he feel his heart sink because she didn't remember him?

He suddenly remembered something that he'd locked away after the fight from the other day, the one where Sailor Venus had shown up and with the help of Rei, or should I say, Sailor Mars? He thought, his eyes narrowing at her. He had immediately gone to see Queen Beryl after that, and had totally forgotten that he had seen one of the sailor senshi transform.

No matter, he thought, staring at the raven haired girl in silence, I'll inform Beryl of her identity once I carry out my plan. Once I drain everyone's energy and I tell her the identity of a sailor senshi, she'll be most pleased with me.

"What are you doing here anyway?" The girl asked, and he softened. Her voice was soft, and it sent chills down his spine. "It's after hours. We're closed," She informed him.

"I'm sorry, I kind of got lost," He lied, knowing it was a stupid lie at that, "I came up here because it looks so beautiful at night, and I lost track of time…and now I can't find the exit."

Rei smiled, and he felt a sudden thud in his chest. Damn it, what's happening to me?

"It's that way," She pointed to the right, "And don't worry, we get a lot of nightly visitors looking at the scenery. I'm used to it, it's just that…you startled me. I didn't think anyone was out here."

Jadeite stared down at her, at a loss for words. What was this feeling he was getting? Why did it feel like his mouth had gone dry, and he couldn't talk? Was it because she looked beautiful in the pale moonlight, or was it the familiar feeling he felt around her, like he knew her in another life? She shook his head from such thoughts. "Sorry."

She continued to look up at him, somewhat puzzled. "Are you sure we haven't met before? What's your name?"

I'm sure we have met before, just the other day when you defeated my monster and ruined my plan, he frowned, but said nothing about that. Instead, he uttered, "Jadeite," and he almost kicked himself. Why had he told her his name?? He grew more and more frustrated with himself.

"Jadeite, huh?" Rei's lips turned up in a smile, "I haven't heard that name before."

"It's not a common name." He said, wondering why he was even talking to her. She was a human, and not only that, but his enemy! If she ever remembered him from the other day, she probably wouldn't hesitate to call her friends and fight him! But an image snapped into place, an image from the past, and he sudden remembered something from long ago. He'd heard this conversation somewhere before…

The ball room was glorious, decorated for the arrival of the Princesses, who would be arriving shortly from their respective planets. All around golden banners hung, and the best china sat on the crystal tables on the side of the room. The room was lit by a glowing ball of white light on the ceiling, which sparkled and made the room look like it was spinning. All around people were dressed in elegant gowns and tuxes, waiting for the grand arrival.

Jadeite sat at a table, sipping at a glass of expensive champagne. He boredly glanced around the room, not amused.

"How did I ever let Endymion talk me into this?" He muttered darkly, "I could be back on Earth, enjoying my time off."

"But then you wouldn't meet the cute girls," Someone said in his ear, and Jadeite looked up to see Nephrite winking at him. "Have you even looked at the beautiful moon girls?" He asked.

"I have." Answered Jadeite, "And none of them interest me."

"You're way too picky for your own good," Nephrite shook his head.

The crowd suddenly went quiet, announcing that the Princesses had finally arrived. Beside him, Zoicite perked up in his chair, trying to see above the heads of the crowd.

"That's them!" He said, finally getting a glimpse.

Jadeite rolled his eyes at his fellow friends, but peered over his shoulder at these so-called Princesses.

The first one, whom he decided must be the Princess of Jupiter due to the dark green velvet dress she wore, her Planet's colors, wore her hair up in a ponytail that trailed down her back. Her hair was a dark chestnut color, and the tiara on her head shone brightly in the light. The second one wore a dark blue dress, almost the color of her own hair. She wore her dark blue hair short, and her dress dipped low in that back, showing off her back, and had a big matching bow at her lower back, it's long material flowing almost to the ground. She, too, wore a glittering tiara on her head.

Ah, that must be the Princess of Mercury, Jadeite thought, taking another drink of champagne.

The next Princess to appear was the Princess of Venus, dressed in a dark golden dress that was low in the front, and ended in frills. Her long blonde hair was pulled back with a ribbon, and her eyes sparkled almost as much as her tiara did.

Pretty, but not my type, Jadeite frowned. He was about to turn around when the next girl to enter the room caught his eye. He turned around in his seat, staring at the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen.

She had long black hair that seemed to shimmer in the light, and a red dress that showed off her perfect body. Her face was pretty, and he was most drawn to her dark eyes, which were almost the color of night.

"You might want to close your mouth there, Jadeite, or you might catch some flies." Came Kunzite's voice, but Jadeite ignored him. He was entranced with the angel who'd just walked through the door, the Princess of Mars.

From the throne, Queen Serenity pulled each girl into a hug, glad that they could make it. The couch sat back, applause making its way across the room. All the while, Jadeite stared at the raven haired beauty.

"Hey, Jadeite, stop drooling over her and go over there and ask her to dance," Nephrite elbowed him in the side once the dancing had started up again, "Introduce yourself!"

Jadeite fumbled with words, looking to each of his friends. "But…she's a Princess!"

"And you're one of the Prince of Earth's royal guards!" Zoicite pushed him to his feet, "Go!"

"Okay, okay!" He glared at them, "I'll go!"

They grinned in response, and he made his way in the direction he had seen her disappear off in. It didn't take him long to find her – she was sitting alone at a table sipping at a glass of punch. He hesitated, wondering if he should go over there, but found himself walking closer to her anyway.

He was standing just a few feet away from him when she finally looked up, and his heart felt like it was suddenly stuck in his throat. Never had he seen a girl with such beauty, and never had he ever felt this way about another – and he didn't even know her! Bending down, he offered his hand.

"Care to dance?"

She smiled, looking at his hand a moment before she took it in hers, "I'd love to."

He smiled down at her, leading her out onto the dance floor. Holding her close, his arms around her waist and hers around his neck, they danced to the slow tune in silence.

"So what was such a beautiful girl like you doing sitting at a table by yourself?" He asked, finally breaking the silence.

"Was waiting for a handsome guy to ask me to dance," She answered with a flirtatious smile.

"Ah," He nodded, "I see."

"So do you have a name?" She asked as he spun her around.

"Jadeite." He answered, pulling her close again.

"Jadeite, huh? I haven't heard that name before."

"It's not a common name," He said, playfully spinning her once again. "And yours is?"

"Mars," She wrinkled her nose, "I'm usually called Mars, being the Princess of the planet and all." Her playful smile returned, "But you can call me Rei."

"Rei." He smiled, and she leaned her head against his chest as they continued to dance.

Jadeite snapped out of his trance, finding himself standing close to the same girl he had just seen in his memories, although she looked slightly different dressed in the shrine's clothes, and they were in a different place and time. It was then that he noticed that she was giving him an odd look.

"What?" He asked, confused.

"You just dazed out, and you said my name…" She said in a soft, confused voice.

"I…I did?"

"Yes. You said 'Rei'. That's my name." She eyed him curiously. "If we've never met before, how do you know my name?"

I have no idea… He looked away from her, trying to rid his head of the images of her. I have to get out of here…the more time I spend around her, the more crazy images I get. It can't be real…I'm dreaming crazy things about her, and I don't even know anything about her besides her name and the fact that she's Sailor Mars!

"I have to go." He said, turning away from her. She caught his arm.

"Wait!" She cried, "I'd like to talk to you for a bit longer…there's…there's something about you…"

Jadeite looked at his enemy from over her shoulder, into her dark eyes…and he had to force himself to look away. Being around her made him feel things, made him confused and angry with himself, and he felt guilty, although he didn't know why.

"I can't stay." He told her.

She let go of him, staring at his back, "Will I see you again?"

Most likely, although the next time we meet, we'll be fighting each other, he thought grimly. I should drain her of her energy now, and make it a lot easier… He looked back at her again, and felt pain rip through him, …but I can't hurt her. He closed his eyes, not in this form, at least. Yes, he would definitely be able to drain her of her energy if she was Sailor Mars, but not now when she was so defenseless.

"Maybe." He answered her, and started to walk away. Rei watched him go, wondering what the hell had just happened. He was a total stranger, and yet, she felt like she had known him forever.

"Jadeite," She whispered his name once he disappeared into the darkness, "Just who are you?"

To Be Continued…