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It was kind of strange, really. Sam Evans never really believed in serendipity not until he saw Tinkerbelle laughing brightly and disappear around the corner that led towards the cancer ward. Who knew that there'd actually be a Tinkerbelle in the hospital? And he was sure that he didn't inhale anything funny that would grant him hallucinations.

Sam was sure that he wasn't having any hallucinations when Sleeping Beauty and Flounder walked by his station both arm in arm (err, arm and fin). Flounder, in all his striped yellow and blue glory, grinned widely and waved at him and the two nurses behind him, before walking down the hall and disappearing around the corner.

"Uh?" Sam looked a bit dumbfounded.

Emily, a bright eyed curly haired nurse grinned widely, and watched in amusement as some other characters paraded down the hall, laughing and waving at some patients and doctors. Just as Shrek disappeared from view, she turned to the confused Sam. "It's some theatre company that decided to perform for the kids in the cancer ward," she explained.

"Didn't you read the announcement?" asked Dave, another nurse, looking amused while filing some papers.

Sam shrugged while picking up a bright orange folder of his next patient. He skimmed through the doctors notes before thinking of the required physical treatment of the patient. He narrowly missed bumping into Princess Jasmine as he turned around and headed towards the elevators.

"Sorry!" Princess Jasmine mumbled, not really looking at Sam and scurrying down the hallway. Not far behind her were a couple of Disney princes and a few other creatures – was that a cat?

"This place is becoming like a zoo," Sam grinned. "Well, I'm off. Let me know if you bump into a Sleeping Beauty or something,"

Dave grinned. "Dude, I'm going to keep Sleeping Beauty for myself," He adjusted his colourful cartoon-print scrubs.

Sam laughed. "Send Tinkerbelle my way, then."

"I call dibs on Aladdin," Emily laughed before pushing herself away from the nursing station and heading out towards the rooms to check on her patients.

Sam laughed at the two before heading down the opposite way of the hallway to check on a kid with a fractured leg. Things were pretty hectic lately at the Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital, with kids getting sick more often these days. Or in Sam's line of work, more kids with injuries that require physical therapy. But despite the heavy workload these days, it's been pretty fun working with kids – they always remind him of his little brother and sister, and besides Sam liked kids, they're way easier to deal with than adults. Plus, adults were always too heavy to lift, not that he couldn't lift them – he could, totally.

The session with Todd, a little 10 year old boy who somehow slipped and banged his leg against a steel table and fractured his leg took about 45 minutes with Sam running some basic therapy for the kid. It took a while for the little boy to get used to, with a bit of crying and a lot of complaining, but eventually they made it through the session. And Sam earned a smile of thanks from the boy's mother, who was a total looker. Married though, which was too bad.

Sam made his way back to the nurse's station and dropped off Todd's chart. He chatted with one of the nurses for a few moments, before deciding to grab some coffee by the vendo machine down the hall. He was just about to leave when Dave caught up with him.

"Dude, check out the c ward," Dave smiled. "It's pretty awesome,"

Sam shrugged and stuffed his hands into his light green scrubs before following the nurse towards the children's cancer ward. From where they were coming from, he could hear music and laughter, something he rarely heard in the ward. He grinned, imagining all the happy children. Most of the kids that were there were undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy and the mood wasn't all that too happy most of time. So moments like these were always welcome.

Stepping into the room painted in hues of soft orange and yellow, Sam grinned as he caught sight of Flounder and what he thought was Genie do a little 60's jig in the middle of the room, much to the delight of the kids sitting up in their beds.

"Cool, huh?" whispered one of the doctors as Sam joined the onlookers of nurses and doctors all huddled to one side of the room. A couple of nurses were with the kids on the beds, smiling brightly, and helping the kids sit up or touch some of the performers.

They were doing an elaborate number of Hairspray's You Can't Stop the Beat (with Tinkerbelle bobbing her blonde hair around violently), when Sam's eyes widened in surprise and he stared at the dancing Jasmine for the longest time.

No way.

Jasmine took the solo, her long braid flying behind her as she turned around and did a quick jig with Flounder before leaning on the bed railings and singing to a young girl. Her voice was distinctly familiar to Sam's ears and her eyes twinkled in the same happy way they did eight years ago.

One of the Jellicle Cats grabbed Jasmine's wrist and joined her solo, twirling her around in a flurry of blue silk and gold and laughter filled the air as they joined the chorus and the group danced in the middle of the room. Jasmine did a little shake with her hips and hugged one of the little boys before getting whisked away by Tinkerbelle.

And as she sang, her voice distinct and clear, Sam stared in astonishment as the Arabian princess sang her heart out was no other than Tina Cohen-Chang.

The number ended and the group did a funny pose, earning laughter and a huge round of applause from everybody in the room. Kids immediately hugged the group, pouncing on the familiar Disney characters immediately.

Sam smiled brightly, his mind going a mile a minute as he stared at Jasmine and as the group broke into another number, this time slower and more popular song from the radio. They sang The Story of Us by Taylor Swift to an upbeat tempo and pairing off into odd couples (apparently Jasmine and Flounder had a thing, much to Sam's amusement).

Jasmine and Sleeping Beauty shimmied their way to the front of the room and sang to one of the patients closers to where Sam and the rest of the hospital staff stood. Jasmine was about to turn away, but as Sam stared at her, he knew that he finally caught her eye because she faltered slightly (barely visible) and she just gaped at him for a moment before smiling brightly her eyes twinkling in acknowledgment before joining the group again for the rest of the number.

The group did a couple more songs, slowing down a bit after Genie complained that his back hurt and he had to sit down in one of the kiddie chairs, much to the amusement of the kids. There was a particularly funny moment when Sleeping Beauty started to sing A Whole New World with the Jellicle Cat and Jasmine sang Part of their World only to be interrupted by the kids and other characters that apparently those weren't their songs. Flounder later did the dougie with Tinkerbelle and Sam was sure that was perhaps one of the most awesomest sights he had ever seen.

And as things were slowly coming to a close, and kids started to have their pictures taken with the characters, Jasmine in all her Asian looking glory weaved her way through the room, her eyes set on Sam. He grinned, widely as she approached, and at the back of his mind he realized that this moment kind of sounded like a cool fantasy.

"Sam!" Jasmine exclaimed brightly before laughing and launching herself at him, easily being engulfed by his large form and she giggled when he returned the hug fiercely, easily lifting her off the ground. She faintly heard her name through the noise around them.

"My god, Tina!" Sam chuckled, setting her down and look at her. He grinned when she had an amused expression on her face. "Er, Jasmine,"

Tina laughed and gripped his arm, still not believing that this was Sam Evans, the blonde jock from High School, standing in front of her. In New York City, in a Children's Hospital out of all places. "I can't believe this," she bounced on her heels excitedly and gripped his arm. "I can't believe I'm seeing you here,"

Sam laughed and he looked at her. His mind was still trying to process what just happened. This was just too weird and too good to be true. "I can't believe I'm seeing Jasmine in real life,"

Jasmine laughed and she slapped his arm playfully. "Do you work here?"

Sam nodded. "Yeah," he pointed at his ID clipped to his waistband. He noticed that things were getting noisier and some of the kids wanted Jasmine. He smiled and nudged her. "I think your crowd wants you back," he said. "Flounder's a bit restless."

Jasmine rolled her eyes. "Flounder's gay." She said and they both shared a good laugh. "It's so good to see you! It's been ages,"

Sam grinned. "Yeah," he thought for a moment, realizing that this was too much of a good moment to pass up. They needed to catch up – and it wasn't every day that you'd bump into a Disney Princess and an old high school friend all at the same time (and rolled into one). "I get off in an hour. You have plans?"

Jasmine grinned. "It's been eight years, Sam! We need to catch up," she laughed cheekily. "I'll wait for you here. I got a magic carpet,"

And so, as Sam watched Jasmine laugh and quickly rush off to hug a couple of girls and giggle with them, he kind of started to believe in serendipity. Who would have thought that all this Disney magic stuff was real after all?

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