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She stared off, not at anything in particular, just zoned out. Memories of a time now about a month ago flashed through her head as she sat there behind the closed door.

She leaned in close to him. She didn't know why, nor did she expect everything that followed.

"Rose," he said looking into her eyes almost staring into her.

She pressed a finger to his lips, and pulled him in again, their lips made contact and then they were making their way to a room she hadn't entered before. 'It must be his' she thought.

His one hand was on her lower back the other on her face pulling her in and closer and closer to him. She let him, because she wanted this, she'd wanted this for awhile, this intimacy.

"Doctor," she stopped them briefly, "Errr, do we need … " she trailed off.

He shook his head knowing what she was referring too and continued to kiss her trailing down her neck until he got to the top button of her blouse. He began unbuttoning it and as he slid it off her placed more kisses on her body.

She was in pure ecstasy, she loved him and she'd always had to hide it, but now after they'd gotten back after the prophecy and all something had ignited between the two of them and neither of them seemed to care anymore about what this would mean after it was done.

In no time at all they both were naked and he moved them backwards slowly until he felt her falling backwards onto the bed as her knees gave way. He was on top of her and with a look at her and a smile and nod in response he angled himself and slid in.

She let out a huge moan.

She looked down at the item she held in her hands waiting for it to change. It didn't and it joined the other 4 that already lay scattered on the floor. She'd thrown them. This couldn't be real, couldn't have happened, but yet here she had seen it five times that little annoying symbol that seemed to carry so much weight to it.

Rose Tyler sat on the floor next to the sink, across from her was the toilet and to her left a garbage pail, and to the right, the locked door.

He thought it odd, that was that he hadn't seen her all day and it was nearly evening. He could have scanned for her but had decided earlier not to thinking she had to be especially tired as they'd been running around planet to planet for a week straight no breaks.

This was the first day in a week that they were simply traveling with no real set destination, he'd even put them in orbit earlier to catch up on some reading without having to worry about guiding the TARDIS.

He was starting to worry about her though, she had seemed a little off to him earlier when he had seen her briefly as she headed to make her morning cup of tea. After that he'd gone to the console area and been there he'd brought a chair and a few books, but now as he sat with his books being finished he decided he best look for Rose to see if she was alright.

Since that night nothing else had happened between them really other than a kiss here and there rather than a hug. His hugs had become longer and tighter though.

After that night neither of them really talked about it, they both continued to flirt with each other and the usual but neither spoke of it and she figured she may know why.

The Doctor was a man of self control, and she knew that even though she loved him, and she knew he had some feelings back towards her, that that night wasn't planned and probably shouldn't have happened according to the Doctor.

Even though he did want it, that had been obvious, Rose couldn't help but think that it going all the way was not how that night was intended to go.

He got up from the chair and headed towards her room, when he arrived at the door he was about to knock but noticed it was ajar ever so slightly.

He slowly pushed the door open and saw a light cast on the floor, her bathroom light. He approached the door. This one was locked.

"Rose?" he tapped on the door.

She jumped a little and dived for the tests she had thrown on the floor throughout the day, gathered them up and threw them into the waste bin.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

She remained silent and stood up to look in the mirror so that she may wash her face of the tears and dripping makeup.

He held up the sonic to the lock and just as he was about to sonic, the door opened.

"Hey," she sounded weak and a bit hoarse and he could hear it.

He raised his screwdriver, "Are you …" he trailed off looking down at the results of his scan.

The Doctor's mouth dropped as did the screwdriver and as soon as she reached out for it Rose saw why.

"Is this … did you …" he couldn't get any words out and she just stood there facing him staring at the screwdriver.

"I … I guess it's official then, yeah?" she thought saying it would make it feel a little less of a shock.

The Doctor stood mouth still open some and running his fingers through his hair.


He stopped his actions, closed his mouth and gulped.

"Rose," he stammered, "Is this why you've been here all day?" he shocked them both that the words came out so smoothly.

"Errr, yeah," she pointed, sonic still in hand towards the garbage bin.

He glanced down and saw the tests, pregnancy tests, and saw from the one on top that sometimes dreaded other times praised little plus sign.

Rose moved toward him and placed her arms around him laying her head on his chest. He moved his arms around her as well and held her tightly.

"I'm scared."

He looked down at her pulling them apart just enough so that she could see his eyes and he could see hers.

"Rose Tyler if I were you I'd be too." Her eyes widened, and then he realized how that sounded versus what he meant. "What I mean is, you're young, and we've been traveling together, and we got into it, one time and I told you we didn't need, well you know, protection, because I didn't think it possible and you end up like this, well pregnant, and…" she raised a finger to his lips before releasing herself and him from their embrace.

He always talked so much and yeah he was right but right now she just needed something other than the obvious to come out of his mouth, maybe some comfort. She had one main fear about this all anyways. The question burned in her brain. 'Could she stay?'

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