Supplemental: Archival Records

Marker: Journal Entries From The Diary of Mrs. Amelia Pond-Williams

Frequency: Intermittent

Entries provided courtesy of Mr. Anthony Brian Williams

21 of August, 1955

I write this now only after having bandaged Jack's face, after he put my shoulder back in it's socket...and after my hand stopped shaking.

The Suttons and Taylor's are gone. They left to try and get some help from the police. Jack and I volunteered to stay here. Honestly they didn't try to persuade us all that hard to come with them. I can't blame them, they're naturally suspicious of us now. Jack and I knew this would happen but we'd spoken about it in mostly a tactical way. We knew that once we lost their trust they would be harder to corral and we needed to keep all of them accounted for.

But what we didn't discuss is how the way they'd look at us would hurt a bit. If hurt is even the right words. Almost as if we were part of it. But I've pushed that down and away because there's no room for it right now.

Jack and I arrived at the Sutton farm a little after 5:30, fried chicken, cherry cake and homemade cider in hand. They greeted us warmly and chided us for bringing anything given that we were guests.

My ma always said it's the height of rudeness to show up to anywhere's empty handed. I said with a smile. After a bit Jack went outside with the men while the ladies and little girls and I moved into the kitchen to help finish up dinner and set the table.

I'm skipping over the pleasantries mostly because right now there isn't time to go over them. Maybe later.

By the time we'd finished with supper and had begun the washing up I was starting to get tense. I traded quick glances with Jack, furtive, mad looks that said when, how, who, when, now, then, later, when, when, when...

But Jack was cool, glacial, even. He kept right on, talking with the men, making the children laugh and munching on a piece of cake for dessert.

A little after 7, Billy Ray said he was heading out for a drink of water from the pump. I could tell Jack wanted to go with him. I wanted to go with him but we needed to let this play out, for better or worse. Conversation continued on in the house but Jack and I kept our eyes glued to the door.

After a few moments Billy Ray came running back in, breathless and barely able to form a sentence.

The sky!

That was all he said at first. There was a stain of water on his shirt front, he was panting and his eyes were wide.

The men immediately burst out laughing and Jack seamlessly joined them only a half second later.

What the hell are you talking about? One of them asked.

The sky! He repeated again. I saw it, one of them flying saucers, in the sky. It had every kind of flashing light around it's edges, all sorts of colors, like a rainbow. It was right above me, clear as fucking day. Sorry, ladies, clear as day.

Sure you did. Elmer, who most of the family called Lucky said. Been having a little nip when no ones lookin', Billy Ray?

I ain't drunk and I know what I saw. It was one of them disc's they mention on the news sometimes.

Can't tell a saucer from a shooting star. Lucky said.

Or his ass from a hole in the ground. Solomon added.

The smaller children giggled at the swear word and I did my best to mimic the facial expressions of the women around me. They seemed soft, amused and slightly indulgent of Billy's Ray's story.

After all, why would they believe him. But that didn't stop him from continuing on.

It didn't make a sound but it sure was big. can't imagine what powers a thing like that.

You ain't gonna shut up about this are you? J.C. asked.

Not until's one of you believe me, no I ain't. Billy Ray sniffed indignantly.

I noticed Jack was keeping quiet, only laughing at the appropriate time, his eyes flitting between the windows and the door

Alright, how about I go with you? I could use a smoke anyhow. Lucky volunteered. It seemed despite all his teasing he did want to at least try and appease Billy Ray.

I'll come too. Jack said offering no further explanation but I knew it was to get our weapons from the truck.

I took this time to remove my jewelry and put my hair in a quick bun. Nothing to snag, nothing to catch. I had no idea just how physical this might get but I wanted to be prepared. I wished I wasn't trapped in that silly dress but I'd made certain that I was wearing a pair of capri's I'd rolled up and a tank top.

Amy...? I turned around to see little Mandy beaming up at me.

Yes, honey? I asked with a smile.

I liked your cake. You want to see my room?

I'd love to. I said and let her pull me by the hand upstairs to her bedroom. We spent a bit of time touring her home which she was very proud to show me and when I came back downstairs Jack and the other men had returned.

Anything? I asked with a forced smile as Jack approached.

Jack walked over to me and I forced what I hoped was a believable smile.

Nope, didn't see a thing.

He kissed me and then whispered into my ear; We've got about an hour, maybe less. I'm not sure where to set up but I'm thinking the living room.

I nodded quickly. It was the most defend-able area.

Jack gave me a smile and I saw the excitement in his eyes.

You ready?

Always. I replied.

He pulled away a moment later saying, I don't know about you boys but I could sure use a drink.

A general whoop went up from the men while the ladies and I settled back in the kitchen for coffee and small talk.

Amy, Jack seems like a good man. How is it that you both never saw fit to have a family? Mrs. Lankford, the matriarch of the family asked.

Mama, you can't just ask that! Her daughter in law, Sue, said in protest.

No, no, it's alright. We tried...for awhile but in the end I just don't think it was in the cards.

Saying those words aloud made me sad, I suppose because of the odd truth to them. Rory and I had of course faced that and surmounted it but it still stung. It made me wonder about Jack. Did he have a family, a husband, a wife somewhere, perhaps even children.

Around 8 the family dog, Beau, started barking.

At first everyone laughed it off, until Beau's bark started to sound different, more frantic and far more frightened. Then we all realized he'd gone into hiding...under the house.

Then the noises started outside. Rustling, something falling over just near the front doorway, something banging into the far wall. We were too far out to be the victim of teenagers playing a prank, everyone agreed on that but no one, save Jack and I, knew what was happening.

Billy Ray and Lucky went for their guns, just to be on the safe side and cautiously stepped out of the front door.

Jack took the distraction to grab the bag he'd retrieved from our truck and chuck it behind the couch out of view.

Not long after we all heard the report of a shotgun and a .22 going off in rapid succession. The women gasped and cried out and one of the children started nervously crying.

After an agonizing stretch of minutes Lucky came barreling back in with Billy Ray hot on his heels. They slammed the door shut behind them, both leaning against it heavily.

What is it?! Solomon asked his eyes wide.

There's something out there. Billy Ray said in a harsh whisper.

Yeah, a couple somethings. Lucky added darkly.

Before they could even explain what it was they saw we all heard gunshots again, this time much closer.

I can't write anymore just now. Jack and I have to do a sweep of the house.

This was just a rest period, for both sides it seems. they'll be starting up again any moment.

...more later.

I'm trying to be as faithful to the actual occurrences as possible regarding the Kelly-Hopkinsville encounter. There's a lot of summaries of it online but nothing really in terms of hour by hour occurrences so I'm taking incredible liberties.

A/N: One of the things that was always important to me about this story and the Amy, Rory and 11 arc in general was that Amy's awesomeness was never de-emphasized. She is not and has never been a damsel in distress. When she says in "DOASP" that she's "easily worth two men." I recall applauding enthusiastically. So, after giving Rory so many heroic tales I felt it was way past time to put Amy back in action.