The Time of Consequences 4

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Chapter 4

Saturday morning dawned clear and bright. A haw frost glistened on the front lawn of the Tonks' residence. Andy had left early to go to work, there was an unprecedented number of children in St Mungos because of Lucius's attack.

It came back to Harry that while he was safe and sound at home his friends had not fared so well. After some calls on the mirrors Harry and Hermione found themselves in the entrance foyer of St Mungo's with Ted and Sirius.

"I'm sorry I can't come with you today kids but I have a clients meeting scheduled for midmorning. So I'll have to leave you in the care of this one." Ted glanced side long at Sirius. "If you need to come home before dinnertime Dora can pop in and apparate you back home."

They thanked Ted and followed Sirius into the main body of the hospital. They headed up to the fourth floor.

"So who in particular do you want to see?" Sirius asked the pair.

"I don't who ended up here, but I do what to see the Hufflepuff girls." Harry squirmed and stopped as they went up the stairs. "Sirius can you promise not to say anything but Sally-Anne was hit with a curse, I want to see her."

Sirius did his best to hide a smile as he answered. "Harry, I solemnly promise I won't deliberately try to embarrass you in front of your friends."

Hermione standing just behind Harry on the staircase commented, "That leaves you a lot of leeway their Sirius."

"I am who I am, I'm a prankster. In this situation I will tread carefully, but if I think the situation is becoming needlessly morbid I might crack a joke. I might not. I don't know your friends and I don't know how they are feeling in this situation. Some people like the distraction from their injuries and like you the relief a joke brings, other people can take offence and think you are mocking them. I promise Harry I won't tease you or them, just to embarrass you."

Harry turned back to Hermione. "I don't think I'm going to get a better offer than that of him."

"Still leaves him to much leeway in my opinion."

"I know, but we did promise Ted to keep an eye on him. He might wander off and hurt himself if we leave him alone." Harry snarked.

"I'm right here you know." Said Sirius.

Harry and Hermione turned on cue to look at him then back to each other. "He's right you know." Said Harry.

Hermione couldn't keep a straight face any longer and started laughing.

"C'mon you two let's go see your friends." Said Sirius, shaking his head at the antics of the two kids. At least he had put them in an upbeat mood before their visit. He always found hospital visits to be entirely gloomy affairs, full of awkward conversations.

They reached floor four, spell damage, and spoke to the healer behind the desk they were directed to the ward the girls where.

Harry paused in the doorway before entering. "Um, should we have brought them some gifts?"

"Stop stalling Harry and go and see your friends." Sirius told him.

On entering the first person they saw was Andy directing junior healers. She smiled at them and ruffled Harry's hair as he walked up.

"Mum" he managed to stretch the word out to four syllables as he pulled his hair back into the ponytail he kept loosely tied at the nape of his neck.

"Who have you come to see?" she asked them.

"Susan, Sally, Sophie and Hannah. " Hermione answered for which Harry flashed her a smile of gratitude. "We might have more friends here as well but we don't know who was or wasn't injured."

"Patient confidentiality stops me naming names but I might suggest some wards for you to look at when you are done here. The girls are in those four beds there." Andy pointed them in the appropriate direction.

Harry pensively followed Hermione, towards the beds. It had been his idea to see the girls and if he was honest with himself Sally-Anne most of all, he was starting to worry over their reaction after he had left them to Lucius's mercy. The girls in question had curtains drawn around their beds to create a room in the public ward. Harry could hear the squeals of greeting as Hermione disappeared from sight. This last two feet to step behind the curtain seemed to stretch into eternity as the realisation dawned that he was about to step into a girls bedroom.

"Harry, get in here." Hermione shouted.

"Wait, Harry's here?" asked Susan. "Don't let him in."

That was what Harry feared she blamed him. He started to turn on his heel.

"I haven't done my hair this morning." Susan continued.

"Oh don't be stupid Sue."Came Sally-Anne's voice. "You can come in if you want Harry."

"If you're sure, I can wait a bit if you want." He offered to the girls behind the curtain.

"Oh crikey Harry, you'll be waiting all day if you want to wait until Sue's happy with her hair. Come in 'ere love." That, Harry guessed would be Sophie, he didn't remember speaking with her before today. Sophie's speech is a bit ungrammatical but trying to convey an accent.

He cautiously poked his head round the curtain. To see the four girls in modest white flannel hospital issue pyjamas. They were all sitting up in bed. Hermione was sitting on the edge of Hannah's bed. Sue was on one end of the row furiously brushing her hair. Next to her was Hannah, Sally-Anne and Sophie took up the next two beds.

"Look at him," said Sally-Anne. "happy to face down a dark wizard but scared to death to step into a girls bedroom."

"Aye, you can see why the hat put him in Ravenclaw. Clever lad is our Harry."

Harry smiled shyly at Sophie's joke and moved further into the room.

"Oh come on Harry, sit thee down. We don't bite." Hannah laughed at Sophie's comment and glanced sidelong at Sue. "Yeah good point Hannah, Sue might but only if you ask her nicely."

Harry looked over to Susan who was furiously brushing her hair. A faint blush coloured her face and she looked away from Harry.

Harry looked at his choice of sitting places. Sophie was a bit too quick with her mouth. Sue too embarrassed, Hermione was sitting on the foot of Hannah's bed so he moved towards Sally-Anne's bed.

"Is it ok if I sit here?" he asked cautiously.

"Just give me a moment to move up." Sally-Anne rather laboriously moved in the bed so she was sitting up higher. "You think you'reok," she muttered "then you try and do something like moving."

"I'm sorry I didn't realise." Harry apologised.

"You Harry, have nothing to be sorry for. You led that madman away from us. I saw you on the balcony. You called his attention away from us and he followed you. Thank you." Sally smiled at Harry and he felt butterflies in his stomach.

From outside they heard a clearing of a throat. "Hmmm. Can I come in a moment?" asked Sirius.

The girls in bed shared a quick look and they all nodded. Sophie answered for them. "Aye we're all decent."

Sirius stepped into the curtained room. "Hello everyone, Harry I'm going into another ward to see some old friends." Sirius looked remarkably sombre. "Harry, Andy is on the ward so you can see her for anything. I've got my mirror with me as well if you need me urgently. Have fun kids."

Sirius stepped back out of the room. Harry turned round to look at the girls who were all looking shocked.

"You know him?" Susan was the first to ask.

"Yes, why?" answered Harry.

"Right, so you know the man who flew into Hogwarts yesterday, on a motorbike?" clarified Sophie.

"er yes."

"Let's not forget, turned into an Irish wolfhound and ran off into the school." Added Sally-Anne.

"And," said Susan "is Sirius Black, formerly one of the most notorious mass murderers in Britain before he was sensationally cleared in what was dubbed the trail of the century. That Sirius Black?"

"Don't you read the papers Susan? Harry did an interview in The Quibbler about the unjust imprisonment of his godfather."

"We're not all Ravenclaws here. Teen witch weekly yes, newspapers no." Susan joked.

"So how often does Sirius make it into TEEN Witch Weekly?" Hermione asked emphasising the teen.

"Oh you'd be surprised. They like their gossip in that rag. Sirius was seen at such and such a restaurant. Sirius Black is dating so and so." Sophie answered. Rolling her eyes as she did so.

"If you're going to be so insulting about it, I won't let you borrow it again." threatened Susan. As she had been talking she had been trying to plat her hair.

"Damn." She swore in frustration. She looked across to everyone else. "Can someone plat my hair for me? I just can't get my hands to work right."

"Don't look at me." Hannah said quietly. She held her hand out as she spoke and Harry could see it shaking as she tried to hold it still.

"I'll do it for you," offered Hermione.

"You?" Susan asked then blushed, "Sorry that was rude of me."

"Don't worry about it." Hermione reassured her. "Just because I can't be bothered trying to tame mine, doesn't mean I can't plat someone else's." Hermione moved behind Susan and started to separate her hair into strands.

"Does your hand shake because of the curse?" Harry asked Hannah

She nodded her answer and looked away.

"We all have that problem." Sally-Anne answered. "The healer the one with the black hair, she has been really good with us, explaining what the damage we suffered was, how it affected us and how long until we make a full recovery."

"Aye we're thankful for her,she was first on the scene and has been really good with the explanations, especially to Hannah and Sally." Sophie added.

Harry smiled in their praise of Andy. "I'll let her know later for you if you want?"

"Don't bother yourselfHarry, we can say thank you." Sophie answered.

Hermione laughed "It's hardly any bother for him to pass on a message to his mum."

Sally-Anne in particular looked dejected over the mention of Andy being Harry's mum.

"What's a matter?" Harry asked.

"Well," she began sounding downcast, "Sue's dad came to see her last night. Sophie's had an owl and a promise of a visit later. But I doubt my mum and dad even know I'm in hospital, same probably goes for Hannah's folks."

"If you give me their address I promise I'll see they're contacted within the day." He paused, "how are they going to take the news? Are they happy with you being a witch?"He glanced over to Hannah. "The same goes for you to Hannah."

She mumbled something he didn't quite catch so he just smiled and nodded and hoped that was the right response. He looked back to Sally-Anne who was looking worried.

"They might not take it too well, they were really reluctant for me to come here. My sister was jealous as anything but I know this wasn't my parents first choice for me."

"Are they anti-magic?" Harry was immediately thinking of the Dursleys.

"I don't think so, it's not like they are church goers and think it is black magic, just as well with Dawn." She muttered as an aside. "But my dad had been saving up to get me into Shrewsbury high School. That's the private girls school." Sally explained. "Now here I am in a mixed sex boarding school, learning magic. It's not his first choice for me."

"Harry, do you think Ted could apparate my dad up to see Sally's family? If anyone can sympathise with her parents it's those two." Hermione asked Harry. "Imagine sending Sirius?"

"Well apart from we haven't taught him to dress muggle yet, he isn't altogether house broken." Said Harry to laughter from the girls. Turning back to Sally-Anne he asked, "Who is Dawn and why is she into black magic?"

"Oh she's not really, she's my older sister, she's eighteen and is into the goth scene." Everyone looked blankly at her. "I'm guessing if I mentioned bands like The Sisters of Mercy or Fields of the Nephilim, it wouldn't help. She tends to dress in black, wears a bikers jacket as a fashion statement, has far too much eyeliner, hangs out in graveyard and read Byronic poetry for fun. The fact I am an actual witch and all she does is listen to depressing music and does the odd séance did set off a huge fit of jealousy on her behalf. Nothing serious though."

Harry smiled "Well let me know if youever want your sister to die of jealousy and I'll introduce her to my sister. Meeting Dora should do it."

Sally-Anne looked at him curiously. Harry glanced over to Hermione and shared a smile with her. "Well let's see, she's a witch, a Weird Sisters fan, in her day to day clothing, wears dragon leather to work and let me see, when I left this morning her hair was the same colour pink as seaside rock, but will have changed colour and styles about 20 times since then."

Sally glanced over to Hermione to see if Harry was playing a joke but Hermione confirmed Harry's statement with a nod.


While the teens laughed and joked together Sirius was in an altogether more solemn mood, he sat with two old friends but there were no jokes, in fact there was no conversation. Sirius had in fact started a stilted monologue but that had trailed off in the face of the people in front of him. He now just sat and watched them as they shuffled around the room, not aware as far as he could tell but doomed to be forever present.

He vowed to himself that should he ever see his cousin again that there that he would not hesitate but that he would take her down and out as soon as he possibly could. He swore it here in front of these two witnesses though they were long past caring. Grimly he got himself under control and set off to find the two kids in his care.


Luna was sitting in her father's study. The research desk in front of her was strewn with papers that she was jotting notes on. She had a pensive next to her. Periodically she would draw a memory from her head place it into the pensive and then view it. When she withdrew, she would make notes on the parchment. So much she had started and allowed to drift. Her father's research on dementors had been forgotten. She had allowed her mum to be distracted by making mirrors rather than pursuing her theories on Horcruxes. Remus had not yet found out what ritual Voldemort had used in that graveyard to regain his body. That was the things she had forgotten in this lifetime.

She was also reviewing memories of conversations she'd had with her friends in the last one. It was clear now that they were in a different time. With Lucius arrest and the news that a large amount of dark items had been discovered at his mansion proved that.

The events she was familiar with now becoming impossible to happen. As she worked music played from an old gramophone next to her, she smiled as she considered that little invention she had created with her mum.

They had used a spell to keep the handle turning then fine tuning it to ensure the speed was constant.

Luna had forgotten when she was, in 1991 vinyl records where easy to get than CD's and this gramophone worked off magic rather than was affected by it. She had visited her local music shop, the owner of it was rather amused by what he thought of as a little girl who had an interest in prog rock. The album she had seen behind the counter had got her full attention. Warrior on the Edge of Time, when she had unfolded the gatefold cover it created a shield with the word chaos written across it. That is me, she had realised, I am fighting time and bringing chaos in my wake. She idly wondered when her interest in prog rock had gone from a cover to keep the kids in Harry's school from talking Kylie and Jason to an actual passion.

Still this album had it right, it was dark on the edge of time and she was lost as to what to do next.

She had been making to-do-lists as she had reviewed her past. First thing now was find the remaining Horcruxes. The initial plan had been to wait till next year to get the diadem. That was obviously foolhardy now, as everything was in a state of flux. Then every effect must be made in trying to find the ring.

She made notes of things for Sirius to do, finding what had happened to the diary when Lucius's house was raided. He would need to see either Arthur or Amelia to get information from them.

Speak to the Goblins about the cup; surely, they didn't want a Pureblood coup any more than they did.

That was the immediate concerns after that the where the ongoing matters of bringing down the Death Eaters one by one, keeping Harry safe and finding what Voldemort was up to.

Last time he had dropped off the map after his failure at getting the stone, this time who knew what he was doing? No matter how many times she went over her memories she could only begin to guess what his next move might be. She hoped for a period of quiet but knew it would be naive to expect that.

She drew out a memory as an idea struck she watched it flow into the pensive and dipped in her head to view it.

She shook her head in frustration after viewing it. She just didn't know what Voldemort would do next. His first act when he had returned last time was to surround himself with followers he trusted, which had necessitated a raid on Azkaban.

She just didn't know this time. She would just have to advance her plans and hope that whatever Voldemort did this time they would be able to counter before he did too much damage.

One thing she knew for certain, she would be accompanying her father to Lucius' trial. It had been time tabled for Monday morning. Her dad would be part of the press contingent and she would be his assistant for the day.

While she had speculated with Sirius, that Lucius might be Voldemort's current host she doubted it. Still it would be good to see the enemy up close. The Wizengamot would be full of supporters of the blood purity cause, all there to do what they could for their old friend and benefactor. It would be interesting to see the enemy face to face.

She doodled idly as she considered her options and plans; she jumped as her mum spoke.

"You know Luna if I'd known that you were going to listen to things like this I'd have spent a bit less time working on it."

As her mum moved close Luna reached back and touched her mums stomach, while it was far too early to feel a bump, Luna took comfort from patting her mum every chance she could. It was a sign of hope to her that not all her changes had negative consequences. Selene smiled indulgently at Luna, then turned back to the gramophone.

"Seriously, what is this?"

"Side one is better." Luna admitted. "I was taken by the album title and it's not bad." She glanced at her mum and could see she wasn't convinced. "I admit I could live without the spoken word bits but I quite like it."

Selene shrugged and sat down opposite her. "I've been watching you work for a while now Moon Child. What are you doing here?" Selene gestured to the desk filled with parchment.

Luna shrugged, "It's a piece of mind thing really. I believe you warned me of temporal consequences, well that's where we are. We thwarted his attempt to get the stone, although we seemed to be lucky there as well. Harry is safe from a possessed teacher. Those are things we put in motion. Lucius's attack was a pure unknown. Now all we need to do is find the diary and work out what Tom will do next. I know I can't plan for unknowns but I'm just checking for clues, things I might have forgotten." She smiled sadly at her mum. "I know that I'm not to blame for that attack but I can't but help feel responsible. This is what I'm doing here. I'm protecting myself, when the next thing goes wrong, I'll know then that I have done all I can to prevent it."

"I hope you keep checking all the positives you've done too."

"I don't need to mum, every time I see you I'm reminded of my positive influence. When I talk to the confident and self-assured Harry, I'm reminded. War is coming and it might be that I have in some way caused it to come quicker but I never caused the war. One man's naked ambition did that. I will see him and his followers defeated because I've seen the evil they are capable of."

Selene reached over and took Luna's hand as she spoke. "So what do you think will happen next?"

"Honestly, I don't know." She sighed. "In my original time Voldemort failed to get the stone then he dropped off the map for a couple of years. Most of the major movements in the early stages of the war relate to Harry's schooling. In his first year, there was the stone and a possessed teacher. Second year Lucius give Ginny a Horecrux, she let out a Basilisk in the school. Third year Sirius escaped and Wormtail was discovered. Forth year Voldemort resurfaced, Crouch Jr arranged for Harry to be guest of Honour at a resurrection party. Fifth year focused on Voldemort trying to discover the prophecy." Luna stopped counting off on her fingers, grabbed a quill, and made a hurried note on a piece of parchment. "Right yes prophecy. Sixth year focused around attempts to kill Dumbledore. Seventh year was basically a war in all but name." Luna looked up from her hands she'd been counting off events on. "Harry's been in Hogwarts for less than three months and we have either fixed everything up to fifth year or events have ensured they can't happen. If Voldemort does return to Albania until contacted but by a follower, the same as last time we will have years of peace.

My gut tells me that just won't happen this time though.


Voldemort sat in an armchair in Fudges sitting room; he looked around the room with distaste. At least he had peace here to think. A quick Imperius on Fudge's wife had sent her packing, literally and once packed she had an overwhelming desire to visit her sister.

It was a little too early for bodies to start turning up. He had thought going to the top would be an easy solution but he had quickly discovered that while the bureaucracy was a glue that held the ministry together was also a glue that prevented any action from happening quickly. He would need to plan carefully what he wanted.

There were four pillars to wizarding society The Ministry, Hogwarts, The Prophet and Gringotts.

The Goblins would have to left to last, he would need a firm grip on society before he was able to start to challenge their grip on the finances.

The Prophet was always a ministry mouthpiece he would just need to be careful how he influenced it.

Hogwarts was in a state of disarray he smiled to himself at how successful Lucius's attack had been in producing chaos. The headmaster and chair of governors gone in a single day. He would have to make Hogwarts his top objective. Opportunities such as these came up very rarely.

A well run campaign was a good thing but the winner was the one who knew how to take opportunities that life handed to them.


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