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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

It was an ordinary day in the human world. The sun was starting to rise up in certain parts of the world, showering it with its brilliant light and the people started to arise from their slumber and start another day in their lives. People would get ready for work while the children would go to school while others do what they normally do on an ordinary day like this. Yes, people would agree it was an ordinary day. And if so, it was also another day in the land of the Underworld.

Unlike the outside, darkness mostly covered this place and a gloomy atmosphere lingered in the air. Life in the underworld was not particularly unpleasant. It was rather like a miserable dream, full of shadows, without sunlight or hope, a joyless place where the dead slowly fade into nothingness. If one were to see this place, all hope and joy would be lost, only sadness and a tingling feeling of misery would be felt.

The souls enter the underworld by crossing the river of Acheron with the vessel of Charon, which was once a small wooden boat, but because of the increasing souls it was turned into a bigger one. One by one, the souls of the dead lined up to enter the vessel, but first, they must pay a drachma before entering. Those who cannot pay were sent to the shores of the river with the others, waiting for the time they can enter the underworld and the only way to enter is to ride Charon's vessel because a three-headed beast, called Cerberus, guarded the entrance.

The underworld was like a barren wasteland, withered trees, rocks and bones of humans and unknown creatures can be seen. Different creatures surrounded the place, scurrying here and there. In one part of the place, thousands of souls can be seen entering a place where King Rhadamanthus and his brother, King Minos, judged the dead. Then, the souls were divided into three groups, those who had lived a good and heroic life would be taken to the the Elysian Fields. Those who simply lived and did nothing good nor bad would be taken to the Asphodel Meadows, while those who had embraced darkness in their lives were sent to Tartarus, where the souls of the damned can be heard with their cries and pleas for mercy.

In the deepest part of Tartarus, where the most wicked stayed, a giant gate can be seen which was locked by a padlock without a keyhole. Inside was a vast labyrinth with demonic creatures lurking in the shadows. At the end of the labyrinth was where the prison of the once rulers of the world, the Titans. It looked like a dome and its structure was made to make sure that no one can enter this place. The entrance was heavily guarded by demons and with Hecatonchires as their head. Only the three known Olympian Gods can enter this part of the Tartarus because if any being, immortal or not, entered the premises, they will be burned by the flames of the underworld.

Inside the dome, was a large hallway, the walls were decorated with bones of humans and skeletons were lined up against the wall while holding torches with small blue flickering flames on each of them. The main room was where the five prison cells of the Titans, it was filthy and each cell was locked by the same padlocks before. There was a dark and eerie feeling in the room. The only light was a flame in the middle of the room and the fact that it was too quiet made it worst, until it was broken by a loud groan. It made the underworld slightly tremor, scaring the small creatures and souls, but the others ignored it like it was normal, and it was.

"Oh for the love of-, Cronus! Stop it! I'm trying to sleep here!" Hyperion came out from the darkness of the cell. A thousand years ago, he was a man feared and respected like his brothers, he was also tall and handsome during those days, but now he looks like a haggard old man. His face is all wrinkled and his beard's gray and his eyes are red, due to the lack of sleep.

"I swear Iapetus, Cronus isn't the only one repeating the same thing for like…thousands of years". said Crius.

"What!? How dare you!" yelled Hyperion.

"Just ignore them, like what Coeus is doing." said Iapetus.

"Brother, he's meditating, that's not my thing." said Crius.

And indeed, Coeus was sitting inside his cell, his back facing them.

Iapetus, Crius and Coeus were also handsome during their times as rulers, but ever since they were locked up, they grew old over the years, their hairs went gray, their faces all wrinkled just like their brother. In truth, what has happened to them was the place sucked all their energy away, but since they were immortals, it took a very long time for them to become in this state, because if they were mortals, in a week, they would've been corpses already. Iapetus was lying on his bed, trying to get some sleep like Hyperion, but with all the noise Cronus was making he couldn't even get his eyes shut. Crius on the other hand was counting the bricks on the wall, for the 1,067th time.

"Hey…did the bricks multiplied all of a sudden?" asked Crius.

"Don't you dare ignore me!" yelled Hyperion.

"What!? How can I ignore you if I'm asking you a question?"

"Not you! I'm talking about that moron on the other cell!" answered Hyperion.

"Who? Cronus? Oh~ bro, did you hear that?"

"No! I'm talking about Iapetus!"

"What!? Oh for Chaos' sake what now?! As you can see I'm trying to get some sleep here, but with all your shouting I can't get my eyes to shut! And why are you angry at me when I should be the one angry here?!" shouted Iapetus.

The three titans were now shouting like a bunch of lunatics, Coeus was still meditating but was now covering his ears. A few minutes passed and they were still shouting until the other titan decided to stop his foolish brothers.


Just one word from the titan made the ground shake and made the others stop their bickering and looked at the cell of their brother. Coeus on the other hand stopped meditating and joined his brothers.

The once feared titan of all of the twelve came out of the darkness of his cell. The flame showed the face of Cronus which made the others a little scared. Just like his brothers he grew old, but he was more affected by the underworld than his brothers. He has a murderous glare and if looks could kill, well, the others would have been dead by now. "My dear brothers, if you start yet again with your bickering I swear, I'll make your life more miserable than ever." said Cronus…for the thousandth time.

"Yes Cronus." said the others.

Cronus went back to the dark part of the cell, leaving his brothers.

"It's already miserable being here." muttered Crius.

"Shh! You idiot!" whispered Iapetus.

"What?! I'm just saying. Sheesh!"

Everything was still the same as ever in the underworld. It was gloomy as ever and Charon was taking a new batch of souls to the entrance while the voices of the two judges can be heard, sorting the souls. But, there was one thing different, and that was the water in the Acheron river. The river was calm since the vessel was moored, but on the other side of the shore, there was a ripple of water. A puddle of water came out of the river and like a snake, it slithered to the entrance of tartarus, and down it went to the deepest part until it stopped in front of the entrance to the labyrinth. Then it started to move and very slowly it went through a small hole of the gate. After that, it guided itself through the labyrinth, avoiding all the traps and demons it encountered.

At the end of the labyrinth, at this time, only Hecatonchires was there and it decided to take this chance to sleep. It can be really tiring to guard a prison for over a thousand years so he deserved these short naps. At the exit of the labyrinth, the puddle of water took this chance to slither past the creature and went through a small crack on the wall of the dome. Then it made its way to the room of the prison cells of the titans, who were bickering…again.

"For the last time Crius, shut up." said Hyperion.

"No YOU shut up!" said Crius.

"You know what, I think it would've been better if the gods separated us in five rooms, then maybe I could have had a peaceful sleep everyday!" said Iapetus.

The two other cells were quiet. Coeus was meditating again while Cronus, surprisingly hadn't said anything in the past three days.

"Yeah right, you'll be lonely without us." said Crius, with a smug look on his face.

"Huh, says the one who can't shut up for five minutes, I believe you won't even last long in a room without company." said Hyperion

"I second that, brother." said Iapetus.

"Hey, no taking sides." said Crius.

Iapetus sighed. "Whatever, just keep it down, I want to sleep some more." The titan went and lain down on his bed, while the other two did the same thing.

For a while it was silent, bringing back the gloomy feeling in the room, until Crius couldn't take the silence and decided to say something. "I wish Oceanus was here. It would have been more fun."

"Well that's nice, wishing your brother to be imprisoned in such a filthy place." The voice came from the puddle of water, which startled the titans and made them look at one another.

"Did you just hear that?" asked Crius.

"Yeah, but where did the voice came from?" said Hyperion.

"Silence!" The Titans were startled from the outburst. Cronus, after three days of silence, came out of the darkness and into the light. "Well, it's about time…Oceanus."

Then at that moment the puddle began to take form of a man until it became Oceanus himself. He hasn't changed these past thousand years, he is still young and strong. Unlike his brothers, after the war with the gods, he went back to the ocean in the deepest part, escaping imprisonment in Tartarus.

"Good evening my brothers, I hope you didn't miss me too much." said Oceanus.

"You-, you traitor! What are you doing here?!" said Hyperion, who hit the steel bars of his prison and was bounced back because of the force field.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Is that the welcome I get from you after a thousand years of not seeing each other? Why, I have thought that you'll be more affectionate than before by being with our dear brothers, Hyperion." said Oceanus.

"Oceanus, how did you get in here? How did you managed to get pass all those security? And why are you here?"asked Iapetus.

"Patience brother, I will be able to answer all your questions in the proper time, but first, I must address our brother, Cronus." answered Oceanus. The titan went to Cronus cell and for a moment, studied his brother. "I am glad that you're still well, brother."

"Let's cut to the chase Oceanus, do you have it?" asked Cronus.

The titan chuckled. "Of course, I wouldn't risk my life in this place if I didn't have it."

Oceanus showed an object he was wearing to Cronus. It's a pendant with a small orb, glowing a mystical light. It was like a small planet with two rings encircling it and seeing it, it was like the whole universe was trapped into the pendant. Cronus, upon seeing it, laughed like it was his first laugh in a thousand years…and it was.

This startled the other titans, and Crius was even frightened. "Um…Cronus , you alright?" he asked.

"Yes, I'm fine, I'm more than fine actually. My brothers, today we rejoice, for today will be the day we would be out of this wretched place!" said Cronus.

Awkward silence.

"Uhhh, yeah~… right~…umm I'm just gonna go to bed right now." said Crius.

"Cronus, what do you mean by this?" asked Iapetus

He sighed "Oceanus, I think it is better if you show these imbeciles what I'm refering to."

The titan nodded and out of nowhere, he conjured up water and guided it through the cell's padlock. When it came in contact with the water, it tried to block it out, but with the pendant giving Oceanus more power, it easily broke through the barrier and unlocked Cronus' cell. The metal bars went down until it was open enough for the titan to pass. Then the titan went out with an evil smile on his face. Oceanus took off the pendant and gave it to the titan in front of him and the titan eagerly took the pendant and wore it. It glowed brighter than before and the light scattered and went into the titan's body. Cronus felt himself growing more powerful and his appearance changed into a handsome man. The others were shocked on what had transpired, even Coeus was speechless.

Cronus looked at his body then at Oceanus. "Oceanus, you have done well, now, to give back what's rightfully yours." He held up his hand and conjured up an orb of light then he sent it to Oceanus. It went into him and felt himself stronger than ever.

The others were still dumbstruck, until Crius spoke up. "Would someone tell me what's going on?!"

"It has begun." said Coeus.

All of them looked at their brother. "What-, what do you mean it has begun?!" asked Crius.

"Will you quiet down for a minute!?" said Hyperion

Cronus laughed. "Why Crius, I thought that you didn't believe in what I have said, anyway, as Coeus has said, his vision had begun. Now, our main priority is to get out of this place and to those who want answers must wait for a little while, all I can say is in the next few days, we would regain what's rightfully ours."


Crius cleared his throat. "Umm~… can you let us out now?"

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