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"Wh- Who's that?!"


"Calm down! I'm coming for you!" He quickly went to find the boy who was clutching his face. "What's wrong?"



The messenger god is now a young teenage boy. His previous body was short, but now he's shorter than before and he looks like an Asian kid. He has short black hair and a white complexion. "Wh- You! A-A human! W-Where are the others?! FATHER! APOLLO!" he yelled.

"Hermes, calm down, it's me, Apollo."

"A-Apollo?! What happened to you? What happened to us?!"

Apollo is now different the last time Hermes has seen him. The god is still handsome but he is now a boy of fifteen who has a straight, white blond hair. He also looks thinner and a bit shorter. "I-I don't know."

"Is everything alright?" A tall boy came to them who has a shoulder-length, dark brown hair. He looks like one of those beach bums because of his tanned complexion and he has a circular tattoo on his right arm.

The three boys looked at one another for a minute before Hermes said something. "So~, nice weather this evening."

"Umm, who are you?" asked Apollo.

"I'm guessing you're Apollo and this little kid here is Hermes, right?" said the lad.

"Hey!" Hermes retorted.

"Well, now that's clear I'm Poseidon, and before we start discussing this problem, let's find the others first. By the way Apollo, could you give us some light?"

"Umm, yeah, sure." Apollo held out his hand but nothing was happening. He tried it again but failed. "What? Impossible!" He tried again and again but not even a speck of light can be seen. "I-I lost my p-powers…"

"What? That can't be!" exclaimed Poseidon. He rushed to the seashore and when the salty water hits his feet, he could not feel it. It was like a part of him disappeared. He tried to lift the water but nothing happened.

The two boys rushed to him to see what happened. "Uncle?" said Apollo.

"Nothing. I can't feel it. I can't feel anything."

Hermes said "Don't worry uncle, I lost my powers too. Look, I can't fly."

Apollo sighed. "That's because you're not wearing your sandals, Hermes."

"What?! My sandals! Where are they?!"

"I found it beside you. It must have slipped from your feet because it was too big. It's also damaged so you can't use it." said Apollo while handing the sandals to Hermes.

"M-My s-sandals!" cried Hermes. Even though it was dark, Hermes has managed to see his damaged sandals. Its wings were charred and one of it was torn off.

"Boys, we should find the others, having everyone will lessen our worries. Come on." said Poseidon. The three of them went to the others gods who were still recovering from the fall. They found one of them who was lying on the ground. "Hey, are you awake." asked Poseidon.


"Are you alright? Are you hurt?" Poseidon asked again.

This time, the boy slowly opened his eyes and was surprised to see who was disturbing him. He pushed him and quickly stood up, making his head spin. "Who-, Who are you? Where are the others? What have you done to them?!"

"Calm down, you're going to hurt yourself. Look, whoever you are, you must trust us."

"And why should I? Do you know who I am? I am Zeus! Lord of the sky!" Zeus is like the others, a teenage boy who has dirty blond hair. He is not muscular like his previous body. In short, his body is just like a hormonal teenager. He also became more handsome.

"Zeus! It's me Poseidon!"

"Liar!" said Zeus, who toppled because of his migraine.

The three of them rushed to him. "Father, are you alright?" asked Apollo.

"You're not my son!...Or are you?"

"Yes, it is I, Apollo, and this here is Hermes."

"Hey dad."

"What happened to all of you? And my voice!" said Zeus, holding his throat.

"Actually, it's not just your voice, your whole body change." said Poseidon.

"But why? What happened?" Zeus asked.

"That is something we are still trying to figure out." said Apollo.

"Huh…wait, where are the others? Where's Hades?" asked Zeus

"Right here." They turned around to see a tall boy with black hair. He looks like an emo kid because of his bangs which covered his left eye and his pale complexion. Whatever happened to him and to the others did not trouble him.

Zeus was shocked. "H-Hades!?"

"Yes, and before you ask any questions, I already know why Cronus did this to us. He wanted to take back his throne so he could rule Olympus and maybe even the whole world. But in order to do that he must get rid of us, so he turned us into humans and sent us far away from Olympus. Why didn't he just kill us? Well, I my theory is that when the day comes, he wants us to see what he will do to the world while we could not do anything about it... or he'll dispose us one by one."

All of them were stunned at what he said but they are also confused because he was looking somewhere else.

"Hades, what are you looking at?" asked Zeus.

"Excuse me?"

"You're looking right past us."

He pinched the bridge of his nose. "…My vision from afar is a bit blurry."

"Are you all right?" asked Poseidon.

"Do not concern yourself. We must first look at the problem at hand before anything else."

"Alright then…what should we do now Zeus?" asked Poseidon.

Zeus shook his head. "I-I don't know. First, we should know where we are. Any clues?"

The others shook their heads. It was hard to know anything at this time. There were no people at their location because it was hardly visited. They decided to go to the main road when Apollo tripped on something. "What the-."

"Bro, you tripped on a rock." said Hermes.

Poseidon said "That's not a rock, he's one of us!"

A handsome teen was lying down on the sand and was grinning at them. He has light brown hair and he smells like alcohol.

"Yes, and if I may ask, what are you doing Dionysus?" said Apollo who was brushing off the sand from his arms.

He chuckled. "Well, when I saw the beautiful night sky, I just thought to lay down here and relax."

"As expected of you to do. Do you even know what has happened to you?"

"Of course! By the way, have you seen Ares? I saw him running off somewhere over there." said Dionysus who stood up.

"We need to find him, and get out of this place." said Zeus.

The boys looked for him and called out his name for a while. "Ares! Where are you?!" shouted Poseidon.

"Hey, we're getting tired over here, come out already!" yelled Hermes.

"Hermes!" said Apollo.

"What?! It's true!"

Suddenly, someone yelled and they saw someone running towards them. The boy is buff and has a scar on his face. He also has black hair that is brushed back.

"Ares! There you ar-" Hermes was cut off by Ares who pounced at him and was now straddling him.

"Human! If you don't tell me where I am, I will smash your head off." said Ares who was holding a rock.

The others who saw the scene rushed to the two and pulled Ares back.

"So, you brought your friends! This would be more interesting!"

"Ares stop! It is I, Zeus!"

Hearing this, Ares stopped his struggling and asked, "Pops?"

Zeus nodded.


"Yeah, bro it's us!" said Dionysus happily.

Ares was dumbstruck. Apollo explained everything what Hades told them. "Ok then…" He still could not believe what has happened to them.

"Alright, let's get out of here." said Zeus.

They went to the main road to see if they can find somebody, but there was nothing. They decided to walk down the road until they came across a signboard. It says "Welcome to Miami, Florida!"

"Miami, Florida. The hell is that?" asked Ares.

"Florida? I think I've heard of this somewhere..." said Poseidon who was in a deep thought.

"Who cares? Where's a chariot when you need one?" said Hermes.

"The humans don't use chariots anymore." said Hades.

"Speaking of chariots, I wonder who would pull the sun up?" asked Apollo.

"The Titans would want us to see that they rule better than us. You will see the sun tomorrow just like any other day." said Poseidon.

"I thought you're getting tired of pulling that ball of sunshine. You should be more happy, and the fact that you don't have to wake up early in the morning. The thought of it even bothers me." said Ares

"How can I be cheerful in a situation like this?"

Abruptly, they heard something behind them. A car stopped in front of them and two men got out of it. They are wearing police uniforms and sunglasses hides their eyes. One of them is a fat man eating a donut, while the other is thin and looked greasy. "Well, well, well. Look what we have here Bob. A bunch of boys hanging out on the beach at this hour, typical." said the greasy man to the fat one.

"Yup, teenagers these days, can't even follow a curfew. And look at what they're wearing, Joe! Are those the new trends!? They're more like rags!" said Bob. The officers laughed at their clothes which angered them.

"How dare you!" exclaimed Zeus.

"Excuse me! This is made of the finest silk!" said Apollo.

Ares said "Yeah! And from the looks of it, yours are made from pig skin! Disgusting! Hahaha!"

The others laughed, except for Hades who muttered something under his breath. The officers were now enraged and decided to do something about it. "Not only are you law breakers but you're all disrespectful! I don't even want to know what your parents look like!" said Joe.

"Well actually this guy over here is our da- OUCH!" Hermes was cut off by Poseidon by stomping on his foot.

"Don't tell them that, they'll think you're crazy!" whispered Poseidon.

"Let's just take them and get over it." said Joe.

"You're right. But I can't believe this, eight in one night, and at the same beach! I wonder how many the others got?" said Bob.

"If I remember it was only one. Alright boys, time to get in the car, wait, there's too many of them. I'll call on Rick."

"Yeah, anyway, you boys better not get any ideas, or you'll get in more trouble." said Bob who started to eat another donut.

They just looked at the police officers when Ares broke the silence. "You've got to be kidding me! Do you think I'll just let you freaks take me in custody?! I am Ares, the god o-"

Ares was cut off by Hades. "As you say gentlemen."

"WHAT?!" the others exclaimed.

"Hades, are you out of your mind!" whispered Zeus.

"Zeus, just trust me."

"I demand you to let me out of this place!"

When they got to the police station, the officers immediately locked them up. The boys were enraged and shouted at the police officers, except for Hades who just sat down and crossed his arms. The others got tired and joined Hades, leaving Zeus.

"Zeus, just give up, let's just think on how we can get out of this place." said Poseidon.

Zeus went to them and sat down. "This is all your fault, Hades. You wanted to us to follow them and look at where we are!"

Hades sighed. "Look, do you even know where we are? No. Those two fools were our only hope to get to civilization faster than walking."

"But they took us prisoners!" said Hermes.

"Do all of you want to spend the night at that place?"

They shook their heads.

"I thought so. Here, we are safe at least." Hades said simply.

"But I can't let them treat us this way!" shouted Zeus, who stood up and went to the cell bars. "You cannot treat us like this! Do you know who I am?! I am the god o-" Poseidon covered his mouth.

"Zeus, didn't I tell you to not mention who we are? They cannot know because these humans will think there's something wrong with you if you did!" said Poseidon in a low voice.

"Then what am I suppose to do?!"said Zeus loudly.

The officers had enough of the boy and one of them went to the cell. "Hey! Will you keep it down! If you won't tell us your names then you can't get out of this place! Besides, have pity for your cellmate over there!"

The boys looked at the boy who was quietly sleeping while sitting down on the floor. He is tall and lean and he has red spiky hair. He is also handsome like one of those boys in magazines, except for his clothes, which looks like the ones the boys were wearing, but a hood covers his face.

Ares decided to take a look at him closer and took off the hood. "He may have looks but I'm much more handsome than him."

"Yeah, without that scar on your face." taunted Hermes.

"You little brat!"

At that moment, the boy woke up to see Ares so close to him. They both stared at one another until the boy punched him. The others were stunned. No one ever hits Ares without a reason.

"What's your problem?!" asked Ares angrily. He stood up and glared at the boy. He was about to fight back when it hit him. The hit he took was familiar and only one being can do that to him. "…Heffie?"

The boy stood up, and putting on the hood he said "It's Hephaestus."

They were now dumbstruck, even Hades has to look at him. They cannot believe this handsome boy in front of them was Hephaestus. Ugly, crippled Hephaestus.

"Ohh~ so it was you who was missing! I've been thinking about it since we left the beach. But damn! Our gramps really changed you alright!" said Hermes.

"You forgot me?"

Everyone felt guilty except for Hades. "Not really, I saw you being taken by one of the humans here."

"Then why didn't you tell us about it?" asked Zeus.

"You never asked."

Zeus glared at him.

"Hephaestus, on my behalf, we apologize for forgetting you, right everyone?" said Apollo.

They nodded their heads.

"If I may ask, why are you here anyway?" asked Poseidon.

"When I woke up... I decided to look for you guys... but one of them found me... They said something about a curfew and brought me here... The wanted my name but I didn't say anything... so they locked me in here."

They felt guiltier than before.

Poseidon cleared his throat. "Now that everyone's here, what should we do about our situation? We are somewhere far from Olympus, we've turned into humans and worst of all, we lost our powers."

"WHAT?!" Zeus and Ares were shocked at what they heard.

Dionysus on the other hand was not surprised. "Ohh~ so that's why I can't control the vines outside this place. I was thinking of having some grapes."

"That's impossible!" said Zeus. He tried to make a lightning bolt but nothing was happening. "I-I can't believe it."

"Grrr~ That Cronus pisses me off already!" shouted Ares.

"Look we're all tired and what we need now is some rest. Let's just clear our minds for a few hours then we can think of something when we wake up." said Hades.

"He's right, we can't think straight if we're exhausted, and I think Zeus needs it the most." said Poseidon

"Fine, let's just hope that we're out of this place by morning." said Zeus.

"Good morning everyone!"

"Good morning Mrs. Richardson!"

An old lady came in with a smile on her face. She was carrying a basket which smelled of food. One of the female officers took her basket and led her to one of the chairs. "Would you like some coffee ma'am?"

"Why thank you, I would love one, but I should be the one offering here."

Joe laughed. "You always bring us the best sandwiches ma'am! It's the least we can do for you."

"Oh you! Now, who would like some? I brought ham and eggs, chicken, beef, tuna, and some fruit sandwiches." said Mrs. Richardson who was bringing out the contents of the basket.

"I want the ham and eggs!"

"Chicken for me!"

"Three fruit sandwiches! I'm on a diet."

The boys who heard the commotion went to see what was going on. "That fat pig! He already ate a box of those colored breads and now he's going to eat again!" said Ares.

"I wish I can have those sandwiches, it looks tastier than the food they gave us." said Hermes who was eyeing the food hungrily.

"Hermes, please stop, you're making me hungry." said Apollo.

As the last of the officers got their sandwiches, Mrs. Richardson saw the boys from their cell looking at her basket with hungry eyes. "Bob."

The man went to her and said "Yes ma'am?"

"There are still some sandwiches here…"

"Why thank you ma'am, I would be glad to have them all." said the fat guy who was grinning madly.

She shook her head. "Not for you dear, I would like to give these to the boys over there. They look hungry."

Bob looked at the boys and he saw Hermes stick out his tongue at him. "Ma'am, trust me, they wouldn't want those because they've already eaten. Besides you wouldn't want to waste those delicious sandwiches at those hooligans. Why don't you give them to me, and I'll eat them to the last crumb." said Bob who was rubbing his belly.

"Bob Jr. Foster. Haven't your mother taught you to share your food?"

"Y-Yes ma'am, but-"

He was cut off by the female officer who brought a cup of coffee to Mrs. Richardson. "Here you go ma'am. What seems to be the problem?"

"Thank you dear. Well actually, there are still some sandwiches over here and I would like to give them to those boys. They look so thin." said Mrs. Richardson worriedly.

"Well of course ma'am, there's nothing wrong with that. I'll give it to them." said the officer.

"Oh you've done so much dear, I'll do it. Bob here can accompany me." said Mrs. Richardson who stood up and went to the holding cell.

"Maybe I should hand it to them ma'am, these boys might hurt you.".

"Oh hush now. Alright boys, who wants some sandwiches?"

They look at one another. They were not sure whether to trust her or not.

"Zeus, what do you think? Can we trust her?" asked Poseidon.

"I don't know. She's too nice." Zeus looked at her suspiciously

"Maybe she's just really nice." said Apollo.

"Tch! I bet there's poison in them." said Ares.

"This is delicious!" Hermes was eating one of the sandwiches he got from the lady. Dionysus and Hephaestus were also enjoying the food they got.

"Hey! Don't eat that!" said Ares who suddenly heard his stomach growl.

"We can trust her." said Hades to them.

Dionysus saw them huddled together and said "You guys should try it, especially the fruits."

Apollo asked "Do you still have some, madam?"

"Of course dear, here." said the lady who held a sandwich to Apollo. He took it and thanked her. The others accepted her offer and enjoyed every bite of it.

"Hey! Thank her!" said Bob.

"It's alright, I'm happy that they're enjoying my food."

"My lady, thank you again for your kindness." said Apollo.

"You're welcome. Bob, if I may ask, why are these boys here?" asked Mrs. Richardson.

"Well ma'am, we found them on the beach at the middle of the night. We tried to get their names and their addresses but they wouldn't say them." replied the officer.

"I see…how much?"

"Excuse me?"

"How much is the bail for these boys. Don't worry, I know them, I see them from time to time whenever I pass the street they live at."

"Oh that's great! Can you please tell me the names and phone numbers of the parents?"

Bob's partner, Joe, noticed the two and approached them. "Is there any problem here, Bob?"

"Mrs. Richardson knows these boys and she will give us information on them."


She shook her head "I'm afraid I cannot do that."

"But why?" they both said.

She beckoned them to come closer. "Well you see, their parents died in a plane crash. Their parents were friends and decided to go on a vacation. But sadly death has greeted them too early, leaving these boys to take care of themselves."

"Oh my…" said Joe.

"Yes, so please let me bail them out. I'll pay no matter how much it costs."

"Goodbye everyone and thank you so much. Boys, say thank you to the officers." said the old lady.

"How about no." said Ares.

Poseidon hit him. "Alright!" said Ares who was rubbing his head.

The boys thanked them and they all went their way. It was about ten in the morning and the sun was shining, which made Apollo at ease. They arrived at the park and took shelter at one of the gazebo.

"Ahh~ that's much better. Well boys, I think this is where we separate ways, all of you can go now."

The boys just stared at her and did not know what to say.

The woman chuckled. "It's alright you don't have to pay me back, just promise me that I won't be seeing you again at that place."

"Umm, thank you. We really appreciate what you did, but why?" said Apollo.

"Let's just say I'm supposed to do that."

"You're not gonna ask for our names?" asked Poseidon.

"No need."

They all looked at one another. "Well, we'll be going now, thank you again." said Apollo.

"Oh wait!" She took a pen and a piece of paper from her basket and wrote something. Then she handed it to Zeus. "Here, if you ever need me again, just visit me. Goodbye boys." she said as she went her way.

Zeus read the card. "Mrs. Richardson."

Poseidon looked at the card. "She only wrote her name. Hey lad-, she's gone!"

They looked at the direction Mrs. Richardson went but she disappeared. Hermes was creeped out.

"These humans are so weird."

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