Lisbon rushed out of her office, "Guys in here now!" Cho, Rigsby and Van Pelt couldn't help but notice that Lisbon seemed very upset and immediately left what they were doing and followed her into her office. "

What's up Boss?" Rigsby asked.

"I just received this text" replied Lisbon and read from her phone "I am going to take him and you won't be able to stop me" There was a heavy silence. They all knew that 'Him' was their colleague Jane and the sender Red John.

"I have called Jane and he is fine and should be here soon."

"Are you going to tell him?" the question came from Cho

"No, it's not like he will be careful and agree to stay under our protection, he is more likely to offer himself up for capture, sure that he can out smart him. We just have to make sure that one of us is him as much as possible and especially when we are away from headquarters"

One week later at a crime scene...

Jane had decided that yes, it really wasn't his imagination, a member of the team did always seem to be close by where ever he went. It had also seemed that Lisbon was actively encouraging him to sleep up in the attic. Something was going on and he was going to tackle Lisbon about it when they got back to the CBI headquarters. Right now he had just left a rather nasty crime scene which had left a very unpleasant taste in his mouth and there was an ice - cream ban singing his song in front of the neighbour's gate... and there wasn't even a queue. He would get Lisbon one, it might ease the tension he had noticed had developed around her eyes lately.

Jane didn't get the chance to place his order before the vendor thrust a piece of paper at him.

"Pick it up and step back to read it Mr Jane"

Jane startled that the vendor knew his name looked up from unfolding the paper to find a gun pointed at him. Jane stepped back and read:

'The red dot now dancing on your chest will be pointing at your team unless you walk around the front of the vehicle'

Jane looked down and sure enough there was a little red dot on his chest meaning a sniper rifle was pointed at him from somewhere. Two guns, this was not going to be his day!

He certainly didn't want anyone getting hurt and so with a sigh he made his way around the front making sure the red dot stayed with him. Immediately a black van approached and side door opened up in front of him and Jane felt himself being grabbed and pushed roughly to the floor as the door closed and drove off. Duck tape was wrapped around his eyes and then his mouth and hands. A cloth was shoved into his face and darkness fell quickly, the last thing he was aware of was the sound of the music from the ice - cream van in the distance.