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Lisbon looks across at Jane as they are going through their second search, it has been a hard six months for this man as he recovered from his injuries, but he was given the all clear for active duty last week. He worked just in the office, giving his valuable insight once released from the hospital, and although that lessened the complaints, every member of the team were overjoyed to have him back in the field and back to his annoying, troublesome, brilliant self. Lisbon gave Jane a kiss on the cheek and wished him luck. She then entered the observation room. Through the window she could see Gary Kendall, who, for many years. they had known as Red John, already in place, shackled to the table. He is bound with chains at his feet and wrists. Two guards are standing against the wall behind him. Lisbon is grateful to see these precautions, she does not want any possibility of him being able to get to Jane. He has changed, defeat has changed him. Jane must have finished with the last security measure because Red John turned his head towards the door and Lisbon saw his eyes visibly light up and his posture straighten and then he smiled:

"Patrick at last you have the nerve to come see me. I have missed you old friend. You look well."

Lisbon grimaced at the use of Patrick. Jane can't bear anyone calling him Patrick now and always introduces himself as Jane. But she is thankful that it seemed the only negative consequence of his traumatic encounter with Red John. Jane walked towards the table and sits down. He leans back into the chair, crosses his legs and lays his hands upon his lap in a relaxed manner.

"Mr. Kendall sorry I would have come sooner but I had more important things to do - you know how it is!"

"Please Patrick, why be so formal call me Red John."

"Red John doesn't exist anymore"

Jane caught a flash of anger in his eyes before the man's mask dropped back into place. Jane looks at the man before him and the evidence shows that prison is not being kind to the man.

"Patrick you look well, I am so glad that I didn't cause you any permanent damage. I have to admire your cunning and you out smarted me but regret must be eating you up inside."

"Regret?" Jane raised a questioning eyebrow.

"Well you didn't kill me as you always boasted that you would. I am very disappointed in you actually and you must be very disappointed in yourself."

Jane leaned forward, resting his arms on the table and clasping his fingers together. He gives the man a steady gaze and smiles:

"Do you really think I care if you are disappointed in me?"

It was Kendall's turn to lean back and he laughs.

"Patrick I have to say this is a very good act. You come across all poised and calm but we both know it's just an act. When you think about how it felt to not be able to see, move or speak, to have your sense violently assaulted, I can only imagine the nightmares it brings. Do you remember the shave from Lorelei, how powerless you felt to prevent her intimate touches. I saw the distress Patrick, the tears. Were you thinking about your lovely wife Angela?.

Red John leans forward and matches Jane's pose.

"She really was lovely, your wife Patrick."

He stares at Jane waiting for him to crumble but Jane holds his gaze.

"I don't have regrets. I don't regret spending all these years hunting you. I don't regret becoming your toy, because it saved your attention being drawn to someone else. It is you that is disappointed that I didn't kill you, because you get to languish here in prison, while I am free to live my life how I wish and I will live it"

Kendall slowly clapped his hands together:

"Bravo bravo, that is almost convincing. Without me what do you have Patrick. Live you life!, Nonsense! The knowledge that I am still breathing will eat you up from inside like acid. You can never be free Patrick. I will rise again."

He leaned back in his chair once more:

"People like me in here."

Jane wiggled his fingers:

"Ooooo scary. Look at you! You will not (Jane makes quotation marks with his fingers) rise again. You will become a shell, the broken man you tried to make of me."

Jane is standing now, leaning with his hands on the table:

"But you didn't break me. You wanted to destroy me, either by your torture or by my killing you and being where you are now - my life in ruins."

Kendall tries one last assault:

"Kristina lied. Your precious Charlotte cried for you that night. She screamed over and over for her daddy as my knife tore into her flesh."

Jane stands up straight and looks down at the man who had tortured his family and himself. He recognised the desperation in the man's words. As if he hadn't known that Charlotte had cried for him, what else would she have done, what did this man think his nightmares were made of. Jane adopted a light formal tone:

"Well I think that was your best shot Mr. Kendall and look I am still standing. I won't be coming to visit you again. Good luck."

Jane heads towards the door and the guards release Kendall from the table and hold him firmly in their grasp as he struggles and shouts:

"Patrick you can't fool me. I will always haunt you!"

Jane opens the door and the guard outside nods to him. Jane turns back around. Kendall stops struggling when he see this and smiles. Jane returns the smile:

"It wasn't lack of nerve that prevented me from coming to see these past six month, I wanted to be sure I was strong enough to do this."

Jane pulls back and punches Kendall hard in the face. He walks away without looking back!