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He walked past her, and he knew. He knew that she was the one for him. But he also knew he could never get her. Their love was forbidden. He had done too much bad to her. There would be no way she'd love him. One thing Draco didn't know was that Hermione was staring at his back when he was walking away and she was thinking the exact same thing.

He didn't want to give up. So he decided to try to do something about the matter. So he made a plan. He decided to trick her to the Room of Requirement somehow. But how? He knew she was in love with that Weaselbee... Maybe he could somehow trick that he was waiting for her there? No, he didn't want to lie. He got the best idea ever. And he decided to put it into effect.

Hermione was studying in the library when a beautiful note bird came to her. She was amazed. Who would write to her? Harry and Ron both knew where she was. They could've just come and tell the matter. She carefully opened the note and saw the text written with a beautiful handwriting. It surely wasn't from Ron or Harry. But she could see it was from a boy. She started reading the note.

Hello Beautiful,

I need to tell you that I love you Hermione. You are the one for me. I wish you wanted to meet me. If you're interested please meet me in the Room of Requirement at 7 pm. I will be there for you. Think about 'Romantic meeting place', will you?

With Love,

Your secret lover.

Hermione was amazed. Who could love her? Except for Ron and Harry of course. Secretly she wished it would be Malfoy, but how could he ever care for her. She was only a filthy little mudblood for him. Not a lover.

She surely wanted to know who her secret lover could be, so she decided to go meet him. She checked her watch and noticed it was already half past six. She needed to hurry. She couldn't meet her secret lover wearing a school uniform, could she? She ran to the Gryffindor tower and changed her robes quickly to a black skirt and a red blouse. She opened her bun and brushed her hair. She applied a little of mascara, and a small layer of lip gloss. She was ready to go.

She ran fast through the Gryffindor common room and went to the seventh floor. There she thought about the Romantic meeting place, as she was told. A door appeared in front of her. She hesitated for a moment and then crabbed the handle.

He was sitting on the couch of the Room of Requirement hoping Hermione would come. The room was very much like any living room, with colors of red and green, and also a hint of gold and silver. There was a round table where were two plates with spaghetti on. He had casted a spell on them so they would stay warm.

It was already one minute to seven. He was becoming desperate. She wouldn't come. The clock struck seven. He rose from the couch and made his way to the door. When he was just opening the door, it opened. And behind it was Hermione. Looking beautiful as always.

"You", she said, "It was you?"

"Yes", Draco confessed, "I thought you wouldn't come. "

"I was curious", Hermione told him, "I wanted to know who loved me."

"I love you Hermione", Draco said quietly, "And I know I have done a lot of harm to you, and you could never love me, but I just wanted to tell you. I wanted to try. I would've been a coward in my eyes forever if I wouldn't have told. Just could you forgive me? I know you don't love –"

He was interrupted by lips crushing onto his. He was shocked but responded to the kiss. It was a hungry passionate kiss. After a while Hermione broke from the kiss.

"I do love you", she told him, "I wished it was you. My secret lover. My dream just came true."

She pressed her lips gently back to his. They had finally found each other.