This takes place before "The Future in the Past".

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It started out as a headache. A bad one. Brennan and Christine had been gone for 24 days and Booth had been trying to keep it together; but, day after day, his phone and computer were searched by his fellow agents and his supposed friends. He was interviewed and asked the same inane questions without fail. Had he been in contact with Dr. Brennan? Did he know where she was? and on and on ad nauseam.

They had taken away his office and put him in the bullpen. They wouldn't let him work on cases and made him do endless paperwork. He refused to quit and he refused to break. If anything, the endless questions and the endless paperwork made him more determined to stick it out. He would never allow anyone to chase away him from his job. Never.

He knew there was a bright light at the end of the tunnel and that was when Brennan was proven to be innocent of the murder of Ethan Sawyer and she and Christine were returned to him. Right now he couldn't see the end of the tunnel; but, he knew it was there. He was counting on Angela and Hodgins and Cam to keep the train on its tracks and to move him to the end of the tunnel.

He'd awoke from his short sleep with blinding pain. His head hurt and he was nauseous. When he opened his eyes he saw white flashes and there was a kind of metallic sound that was syncopated with the flashes ringing in his ears. The worse thing about the whole thing? Everything had a purple tint. He wasn't sure about what was going on; but, it scared the Hell out of him.


After his third trip to the bathroom, Booth was sure that there wasn't anything left in his stomach to lose and still his stomach insisted that there was. Staggering out of the bathroom, Booth called Cam.

Hearing Cam answering her phone, Booth complained, "Cam, I think my brain tumor has grown back."

Uncertain what Booth was talking about, Cam asked, "Seeley, what are you talking about? Why do you think your brain tumor is back?"

Clearing his throat, Booth answered, "My head hurts, I'm seeing flashes of light everywhere I look and everything looks purple."

Concerned, Cam thought about it, "Ok, look, I'm coming over there and we're going to the hospital. I think you have a very bad migraine; but, I'd like to make sure. You get dressed and I'll be there in about twenty minutes."

Relieved, Booth agreed, "Yeah, I'll be ready to go when you get here. Thanks Cam."


The next day, when Flynn realized that Booth wasn't at his desk, Flynn had someone go down to the parking garage to see if Booth's car was there. When Agent Thompkins had reported that the parking space was empty, Flynn called Booth's house and then his cell phone. Since all of his calls went to voice mail, Flynn had Thompkins drive over to the Booth/Brennan house to see if Booth was there. After Thompkins had reported that Booth's car was there; but, it looked like Booth wasn't, Flynn ordered Thompkins to break in to the house and see if Booth was in the house. After the next call from Thompkins said that Booth wasn't there, Flynn put an APB out on one Special Agent Seeley Joseph Booth. Wanted for questioning.


Hodgins had purchased a police scanner years ago and as he had got older and calmer he'd stopped listening to it. Once Brennan had disappeared, Hodgins had taken the scanner out of the closet, dusted it off and turned it on. He'd been listening to the scanner off and on for the last 24 days when his attention was drawn to an APB that had gone out for Seeley Booth.

Furious, Hodgins had tried to track down Booth; but, Booth's phone kept going to voicemail. Leaving the Lab, Hodgins had driven over to the Booth/Brennan house to find a patrol car sitting out front. When he'd approached the officer sitting in the car to ask what was going on he'd been told firmly but politely to go about his own business.

Angry, Hodgins returned to the Lab to look for Cam. When he had been told that she had called in sick, he called her.

"Cam, do you know where Booth is?"

Sounding tired, Cam replied, "Yes, he's in the hospital. I took him last night. They're getting ready to run some tests on him to see if his brain tumor has come back."

Shaken, Hodgins sat down on his chair and exclaimed, "What? Why didn't you call me? You tell me where he is. Me and Ange will be right there."


Arriving at the hospital, Hodgins and Angela found the waiting room that Cam was pacing in.

Rushing into the room, Hodgins complained, "Cam, we came as soon as we could. You should have called us last night."

Shrugging her shoulders, Cam replied, "I think it's just a really bad migraine; but, you know with Booth's history we can't take any chances. They just took him in for testing a little while ago."

Angela, biting her lips, asked, "How was he? Was he scared? I know I would be."

Smiling, Cam replied, "You know Booth, he wouldn't admit he was scared if his life depended on it. I know he is though. He told me that if anything happens to him he has some letters he wants me to give Dr. Brennan when she comes back."

Angry, Hodgins crossed his arms, "This is ridiculous. If the FBI wasn't letting themselves being manipulated by Pelant then Dr. B would be home and she'd be here for Booth. Instead they have an APB out for his arrest."

Angela and Cam, turning to stare at Hodgins exclaimed, "What?"

Blushing, Hodgins responded, "Ok, maybe I should have mentioned that earlier. I heard on my police scanner that there's an APB out for Booth's arrest. He's a person of interest."

Furious, Cam pulled her phone out of her pocket and called Assistant Director Hacker. "Listen Andrew, I just heard that there's an APB out on Booth."

Hacker, a little caught off guard, "What do you mean? I just got to work. Why is there an APB out on Booth?"

With a humorless laugh, Cam explained patiently, "I don't know that's why I'm calling you. Booth is in the hospital having some tests run on him. He's been here since last night."

Grimly looking at his watch, Hacker responded, "Alright, I'll find out what's going on and call you back."


The press being what it is, found out that Special Agent Seeley Booth and lover of the mystery writer Temperance Brennan was wanted by the FBI for questioning. Releasing that news to the public they didn't verfiy why an APB had been put out for him they just released the fact that he was wanted for questioning.

Brennan watching the news on her small motel television was shocked when she saw the strip of news crawl across the bottom of her television telling her that the FBI was hunting for Booth. Afraid, Brennan did the only thing she could do. She retrieved her pay-as-you-go phone from her luggage and called her contact in D.C. She had to know what was going on and she had to know now.


Angela, her phone ringing, rummaged around in her purse until she found her phone. Apologizing, she walked out of Booth's hospital room and into the hallway. Seeing the FBI agent standing by the door, Angela walked further down the hall and answered the phone.

"Angela, what's going on?"

Relieved and a little frightened, Angela turned her back on the now distant agent and replied, "OK, Sweetie, don't get shook up. I know you probably saw the news about you know them wanting him; but, it was just a big misunderstanding and it's ok now."

"You can't talk?"

"Yeah, a little as long as I don't mention names, Ok? He got sick last night and just to be on the safe side, Cam took him to the hospital and someone missed him this morning and instead of checking into it they thought he'd run away; so, they had people look for him. It was stupid. As soon as someone higher up the food chain heard about it; they, put a stop to it. There are few red faces right now, I can tell you that."

"Why is Booth in the hospital?"

"Well, Sweetie, he got a really bad migraine last night and it frightened him. He thought his brain tumor had grown back and Cam didn't want to take a chance. He had a bunch of tests done early this morning and it's ok. It is just a migraine. God knows why he hasn't had one before now; but, anyways, you don't need to worry about it. They're going to give him something to take home when he leaves and he can use it the next time he gets a migraine."

Relieved, Brennan sighed, "Migraines can be quite painful. Is he better now?"

Knowing it was best to be honest, Angela replied, "Well, he still has the migraine; so, his doctor decided to keep him until they get it to go away. They have him resting in a dark room and we're staying as quiet as possible. He told me a little while ago that he's starting to feel better. He said the flashes of light have gone; so, that's something."

"Oh, flashes of light, he sees those when he has really bad migraines. He's only had them twice that I know of; but, I do know he says that he hates the lights and the fact that there's sound with it. He says it drives him crazy. I think it frightens him when he gets them because he thinks his brain tumor is coming back."

"Yeah, I had one of those once and he's right. They are bad. Look, he's ok and you need to end this call. It's just a headache and he's not being hunted by anyone; so, don't worry."

Frustrated, Brennan complained, "I should be there."

Shaking her head, Angela replied, "Absolutely not. It's just a headache. Don't do anything rash. Now I'm ending this call."

Furious that Booth was sick and she couldn't be by his side, Brennan took the sim card out of the phone and destroyed it. Weeping, Brennan picked up Christine and hugged her child. If she couldn't hug Booth she could at least hug his child, their child.


Flynn was sitting in Deputy Director Cullen's office, sweating.

"So, instead of looking into the matter further, you just decided that Booth had run away and then you put an APB out for his arrest. Then to top it off the press gets their hands on that and they just put it on TV for all of his friends and family to see."

Staring at Cullen, Flynn tried to put a brave face on his words, "He wasn't at work, he wasn't at home, he wasn't answering his phone."

Furious, Cullen spat out, "No, he was in the hospital, worried that he was dying. You're telling me that you couldn't call Cam or Angela or anyone else to check and see if they knew where he was?"

Swallowing, Flynn responded, "They're his friends. If he had run, I would have expected them to cover up for him as long as they could."

Leaning back in his chair, Cullen glared at Flynn. "This is the way this going to go. You are going to hold a press conference and you are going to explain how you screwed up this whole thing. You will explain that Agent Booth is in the hospital and has been since last night. You will explain it was for a minor problem and you expect him to be released from the hospital today. You will then call Agent Booth's grandfather and apologize for upsetting him and you will then call his son and apologize to him too. You will then go to the hospital and apologize to Agent Booth."

Exhaling deeply, Flynn nodded his head.

Standing up and leaning on his fists as they rested on his desk, Cullen loomed towards Flynn, "If you ever pull any more bullshit like this I'll not only take you off Dr. Brennan's case, I'll transfer you to the most remote station I can find and if it isn't remote enough, I'll create one. I hope I've made myself as clear as possible, Agent Flynn. All, you've managed to do today is make the FBI look we're a bunch of incompetent fools. You won't do that again."

Shaking his head, Flynn replied, "No sir. It won't happen again."

Glaring at Flynn, Cullen snarled at Flynn, "Get the Hell out of my office."


Andrew Hacker, sitting on the couch in Cullen's office, watched Flynn hurry out of Cullen's office. "Why didn't you yank him from Dr. Brennan's case?"

Shaking his head, Cullen sat down on the chair behind his desk and sighed, "He's the only agent with enough rank and seniority around here that hasn't worked with Dr. Brennan or Booth. I need someone in charge who can't be accused of being biased."

"We could always bring someone in from one of the other field offices."

Nodding his head, Cullen responded, "Oh believe me, if we have anymore bullshit like this, I will."

"You know I saw Hank Booth give an interview on TV a little while ago. He really reamed us good."

"No kidding. Why do you think I'm making Flynn apologize to Mr. Booth personally? That old man really tells it like it is."

"Yeah, we can see where Booth gets his honesty from. Damn, Flynn pisses me off."

"Ha, you think you're pissed. You haven't talked to the Director. . . . Shit. Stay out of his way for the next few days. I know I plan to."


A little long; but, I hope you liked my venting on Flynn. What do think of this little story?