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Note - I had faction carnival today, so tired I've been almost asleep for the last five hours but I have to try and teach tomorrow so I'm not letting myself go to sleep yet. I found this in my Stiles/Derek folder which has way too many unfinished stories. My big bang is angsty and depressing at the moment, my exam is coming up, I'm applying for jobs and I still haven't watched season two.
Therefore I found something I'd started, added a couple of sentences and am giving you something stupid, fun and fluffy to make myself feel better. I know where this is going but I think it shall be a while before you see anymore, using it as stress relief for everything else. :D

I Just Had To Tell You
by Moonbeam

"Stiles, I like you. I do but I don't like you like that anymore."

Stiles stared at Faith dumbly for a moment. "Sorry what?"

"I think we should break up."

"On Valentine's Day?" Stiles asked looking at the stupid red heart plate that his very stupid vegetarian meal had come on.

"It's important to be honest Stiles, and I just don't like you anymore."

Stiles stared at her brown hair with the hot pink streaks and the stud through her nose and the ripped material of her shirt and wondered what he was doing here in a vegetarian restaurant eating fake beef and getting dumped while a table of men with dreadlocks watched them. It was Scott's fault he was even here and the stupid thing was he didn't even like Faith that much. She wanted so desperately to be cool that she did everything her friends told her was right, he didn't remember her being a vegetarian the night they met and she ate a burger with a grin.

"Faith, have a lovely life, I hope one day you stop following other people." Stiles said standing up and walking away.

He got home and took a deep breath before opening the door. Lydia was sitting on the couch looking at him. "How'd it go?"

"She dumped me. Happy Valentine's day Lydia." He said handing her a rose he'd picked up on the way home. She beamed at him.

"Thanks. Why?"

"The flower, I love you. The dumping, she doesn't like me anymore."

"So one of her friends told her she shouldn't be dating you?" Lydia asked moving over on the couch to give him some room.

"Probably." Stiles said leaving the room to change into his about-to-fall-apart lacrosse track pants from high school and a soft top. He came back and flopped onto the couch next to Lydia, she pressed herself into his side just as Danny and Jackson opened the door and came in carrying way too much food for three people.

"Stiles, what are you doing here?" Danny asked as he dumped the Chinese on the coffee table next to the plates Lydia had put out when Stiles was changing.

"Dumped." Stiles grinned opening the containers until he found the spring rolls and beamed like a chipmunk while he shoved the whole thing into his mouth.

Jackson pulled out his mobile and texted something before slapping Stiles on the shoulder. "Too bad dude."

"You sympathy is astounding Jackson. Who did you desperately need to text before offering your condolences?" Stiles said pilling a plate with food which Lydia stole from him with a grin. He rolled his eyes and started getting himself another plate. Lydia smiled in triumph.

"No one." Jackson said obviously lying.

Stiles debated for a second pressing him for more information or just letting it go and eating Chinese food while watching whatever hideously bad movies they'd decided to watch. He decided to ignore it for now, steal Jackson's phone later and get the answer without the work.

"What are we watching?" Stiles asked.

"Mega Piranha," Danny said with a laugh.

"Oh this is going to be terrible," Stiles said getting nice and comfortable.