The Bagstaff family had a massive plan to infiltrate all the royal houses of all of the world's leading nations and empires, placing themselves as the Heirs to those kingdoms. The first three empires to fall under the Bagstaff control were the Russian Empire in 1300 AD, in the same year, the Ottoman Empire and then the Mongol Empire also fell and came under Bagstaff control. By the start of the 17th Century the Bagstaff family controlled the French Republic, the Holy Roman Empire, the British Empire, the Portuguese Empire and then the Spanish Empire. This gave the Bagstaffs control of Europe, Africa, Australia, North and South America. This gave them the single largest and most powerful nation the world had ever known to that date when fully combined. By the year 1685 every nation fell under control of the Bagstaff Empire until they merged together in 1910, ending a cold war what had lasted for 215 years. The governments had no idea that the mass producing of military forces was a farce as was the so called 215 year global arms race. The new combined nation was called the Royal Global Earth Alliance and over time, the name was shortened to the Royal Earth Alliance.

Due to the effects of the cold war, technology grew at an alarming rate. With the discovery of steam engines in 1593 they evolved from steam to combustion engines within 65 years. However the combustion engines what was discovered was much more powerful type with a for cleaner smoke being made and it was a very economical system than the ones they failed to get to work. During this time wind power was becoming more and more standard in factory's producing cheap free power. The cold war brought a bought amazing discoveries aimed for military use but was never used in there military versions. Splitting of the atom for the planned atom bombs, advancing the atom bomb into the nuclear bomb, later warheads for missiles short, medium, long and intercontinental missiles and rockets.

The technologies blossomed in a faster way with every nation catching up all the time to the nation that invented the original design some nations decided to jump ahead and make there own true inventions. Nuclear power gave way to fusion power what made it possible to create energy weapons more common place. With aircraft came the STOVL ability aircraft the basic range version using turbofans to lift the aircraft at super sonic speeds. The main remaining technology to be invented during the cold war period the very impressive anti gravity engines. This gave way to every nation within years mass producing there fling fortress range of floating gun platforms.

The Global Empires on Earth meeting was closed to all but the members of the Royal Houses who was sent. The goal of the meeting was to end the cold war as there Governments were informed but this meeting had another goal and this was to Merge all of them together to form a single power on Earth.

They all knew that the main central family was that of The British Empire but this was for these Bagstaffs a chance to catch up on all the secrets from there Empires. The conquest period of there Empires was used to kill of every rouge cult, group and party that in time could corse problems.

Just prior to the Cold war talks the British Empire launched there latest version of the floating gun platforms. This new breed was the Camelot class flying fortress what made her unique was the ability to actually obtain orbit around the Earth above Earths outer atmosphere.

After days of hard work are it seemed hard work but it was perfectly scripted and choreographed to make it look and sound like a heated debate was on going. After 15 days of talks they sent word that there has been an out come and for all the global presses to assemble out side for a joint statement what would be read by Emperor Khan the representative of the Mongol Empire.

We are here today in this fine nation to bring an end to this Cold War we are now in. It has lasted for over 215 years and its time it ends and it ends today. The Emperor Khan raised his arms at his fellow monarchs and smiled and looked back to the crowed. What I mean by that is the birth of a single new nation under the control of a single leader. Today with the power given to us to end this cold war by any means by our Governments has paid of its took many days of debates between us to see who had the logical right to lead. So the choice went in the end to a voting system were the last Monarch would lead us. The rest will become Crowned Princes of there former Empires but they will sit on the new Joint Privy Council. I'm also glad today that I was given this honour to inform everyone that the Monarch of Earth and Military commander in chief is His Majesty King William Henry Bagstaff king of the newly renamed Global Royal Earth Alliance All hail the king long, live king Bagstaff.

William Henry Bagstaff walked down the steps to the podium walking past the now Crowned Prince Khan and raised his arms to get the crowds attention. We gathered today to change the way we all live and that we have done now is the time to heal the wounds of the past and grow and multiply spread our wings and test the limits of the human minds. We are so honoured to have been chosen by so many to this impressive new role but we will never fail and will always set our ears looking forward. King Bagstaff then bowed to the crowed and started to walk away as his aide walked over to the podium to answer questions from the reporters waiting below.

The Global Earth Alliance had advanced in technology during the 215 year cold war now combining all that knowledge and technology they were setting up the Earth space centre by 1915. By 1920 they had tested and launched rockets into outer space and deploying artificial satellites into orbit of the Earth and the following year launching unmanned satellites towards Earths moon and Mars. As it became standard practice once the artificial satellites were proven to have a military ability they started to launched military defence satellites and military observation satellites into orbit and into the solar system in general.

Due to the Bagstaff's and there vast family empire they were able to use there combined family's great wealth to buy out as many companies as they could during the great 1820s stock crash and doing so saved many business and banks from going under. By the 1860s the Bagstaff family owned 97.3% of all the worlds business. They developed radio in the early part of the 1800s in the British Empire and set up a company around it called the BBC. The public name meant British Broadcasting Company but its true name was Bagstaff Broadcasting Company.

Antony Graeme Mollari Bagstaff born 22 July 1912. PRINCE Antony was born with a genetic disease what aged his body, muscles, organs and brain how ever his brain was still that of a child. Thanks to this disease he learned fast and his brain developed along with it. It was Antony's brain development that showed him the thoughts of others and that included his Godfather Count Mollari of the Centauri Republic and it showed him that he was a very powerful Technomadge. From another planet who was expelled from his him world and its Republic because of him aiding there slaves another race called Narns.

In January 1913 his parents and godfather created a cryo chamber for Antony even though they had stopped him ageing so fast they needed time to heal the hyper ageing process his body had gone through. Before placing Antony into the cryo chamber Mollari had a telepathic flash of a vision his godson Antony was having. This flash of memory was a vision of the distance future were he saw the Dilgar scientist discovering her anti-agapic which Mollari recreated using a sample of Antony's DNA from which he made a clone and allowed it to fully grow. So he could gain the precise parts and samples he needed for the anti agapic. The cure that Mollari had given the young Prince wasn't a cure as originally thought but it made way to form a new type of nanite within the princes body this type of nanite was an organic nanite. This new evolution of the nanites was a leap beyond there old mechanical type. It was for superior to his godfathers inorganic Nanite what had limited ability and could multiply through reproduction not replication. With His parents and his godfather Mollari placing him into the cryo unit helped to strengthen his Nanites and give them time and the ability to adjust to his body while at the same time keeping Antony's brain up to date on all the things that was going on around him.

Cloning technology and Nanite technology for Teraforming of the deserts on the Earth of which they helped to change the conditions on Earth and of the other planets and moons into a perfect liveable environment for the human race. To help increase the Earths population and for the colonization of the newly created worlds in the Sol system. With the aid of cloning and genetic engineering and the artificial incubator the Bagstaff's had increased the Earths population to nearly 500 billon of which most of them are in cryo chambers. By the time young Antony came out of the cryo chamber in 1937 Mollari was very tired of his life. All he wanted to do was pass all of his knowledge onto his godson especially now as his parents were both on the verge of death and he was the Heir Apparent to the Global Earth Alliance. By 1939 the cryo chambers were beginning to open up and sending those people to new locations on Earth and through out the Sol system.

On the Coronation day of King Antony in 1939. His speech to the Imperial House of Lords and the Senate he declared the stars were there for the human race to explorer and explorer and colonizes them we shall. For all the days that I have thanks to the disease that it is now cured I will work to expand the human race to the levels of our dreams. For we are the children of the stars and Earth will stay hidden from those out there till the children of Earth have at least grown to its young adult hood. Capable of standing on our own feet and never shall we be slaves to those if any out beyond the stars.

His speech continued to cover many topics from employment to education to health care what would be free for all but the rich to the Teraforming programs that has been started and those for the distant future. Plus the creation of a dedicated space fleet for defence, escort, science, exploration and transport role. The new navy would be called Earth Force Navy.

Research and development of Earths Hyperspace Technology started straight away and in the year 1943 they tested the first hyperspace opening (with the discovery of a submerged Vree saucer in 1938). The saucer had a fully working jump drive, gravimetric propulsion system and anti-matter reactor all fully working plus there full weapon load. They also discovered other ships on Earth as well from many races the likes of Drakh Mother ship and 3 Carriers all having full hangers and fully working weapons systems on board, A third space fighter, an Abbai cruiser, an Hyach cruiser, a Vorlon fighter, a Vorlon transport, a Shadow fighter and a Shadow scout ship all were fully intact with all their systems working sensors, computers, weapons, defences and engines. The first phase of the tests were proven to be a massive success as they sent out over 3000 automated ships to certain star systems with the goal of beginning the starting phase of the Teraforming project. These locations remained a guarded secret as it would look strange how they knew the location of so many star systems.

Sights of the automated hyperspace test programme locations. 1st. Wolf system, 2nd Proxima system, 3rd Cooke system, 4th Regula system, 5th Sirius system and 6th Orion system. These systems were giving 500 ships to each system to make sure the Teraforming projects were finished faster. They also carried components to create small orbital space stations for the aid of colony expansion and colony defence.

After hearing back via automated com channels from the remote Teraforming ships The Earth Government and King Antony all decided to start work on the next phase a manned mission to hyper space. However His Royal Highness demanded the right to command the first hyperspace manned mission. However this had to go in front of the entire House of Lords and The Imperial Senate House. So for this His Royal Highness with the leading starship designers of Earth Alliance started working on making the alterations to the chosen classes of ships to take part in the manned hyperspace test.

Using techno-mage translators and decryption computers King Antony decrypted the locations of all the majour powers and minor power planets. Plus planets that would make expansion of the Earth Alliance faster and making it a stronger power for the goal of inter stellar peace. Sol system with the aid of genetic cloning aided the growth in population but the population growth was classed as orphans and were educated at military schools all around the earth and there colonies.

First space ships to be built would be in the year 1940 they would be designed to transport colonists to and from Earth and its colonies. There primary goal to transport equipment, supplies and colonists safely. Mass production of automated starship lines started straight away to help with the colony expansion programmes. A rare and powerful speech that went through Parliament and the Senate in which they jointly decreed that there would be building and paying for 60,000 Columbus class long range exploration vessels and a similar number of shark class midrange exploration vessels.

Combat vessels would soon to follow the production of the first waves of civilian vessels.(Sol expansion period would last till 2050). Then the start of Earth Alliances galaxy expansion program will start in small phases at first and be built in limited numbers. While expanding the Earth Alliance in the Sol system Earths Parliament ordering construction of large fleet yards. With these when running at full production would start to mass produce all the warships that would be needed to start. There growth burst that Earth needed and the use of replication technology reducing construction speeds to nearly 5% of what it would normally take.

His Majesty King Antony decided he had to be apart of the test programme to test the hyper space window generators as he did most of the work on the programme. He designed his very own flag ship for this test mission. He named his thrown ship the EAS Thrown Ship 1 the thrown ship was ready by the year 1949 as was his full escort fleet of 6 Columbus class long range explorer ships. The Thrown Ship was massive and that was an understatement its length was over 859.4km, width 693.8km and depth 652.9 km. Making it a threat in its own right having more fire power then even The Kirishic Lordships warships could handle.

The first hyperspace test was set to start in 1955 giving over 10 years of Teraforming on each of the 6 systems that had the automated hyperspace test ships in them. However the manned mission didn't go easily as His Royal Highness Antony thought and his military advisers and the head of the Royal Senate and the head of The house of lords. The mission didn't go as smoothly as everyone had hoped something majour had gone wrong. There was an imbalance in the hyperspace vortex engine system. The 600 strong Royal test ships and escorts reported on entering into hyperspace an inversion in the vortex engines. This imbalance could cause the ships to explode on re-entering to normal space.

King Antony was shocked by the increase in his Psi ability to the point he could hear the minds of very person and creature in hyperspace and in normal space. He touched the minds of all the races he had knowledge of and he was able to communicate with a telepathic race called Vree who knew his race and wished him welcome to the great galactic public. Within minutes of sensing the Vree they had sent a ship to introduce them selves formally to the human race.

"Your Majesty we are picking up some kind of moving object coming closer to us reported the communications office lieutenant commander Hawk. Admiral Von-der-tan walked out of her duty office and asked could that object heading to us is that cause of the instability. The bridge engineer looked at her 'No ma'am that ship can't be causing the imbalance we met when we entered Hyper Space answered Lieutenant Steamer. "Well if not them then who" replied Von-der-tan more angrily. His Majesty stood up and looked at the com officer "Get me fleet if you please''.

"Fleet this is King Antony the vessel approaching us means no harm it's from a race of pure telepaths. They are called Vree and yes we are new to space compared to them they have already said they can't help us as our equipment is to alien to them. But they know our race and have looked in us many times and they never thought that we were this close to entering the stars but they wish to welcome us freely to the Galactic lanes. He again looked at Von-der-tan but this time answered to the fleet what was on everyone's minds. "Fleet I would like to inform you that the people who did this to us had no option they were under the control of a servant of the Shadows. So please allow me to see if I can break the hold these Drakh have on them end fleet wide".

"Security I want these people arrested now don't allow anyone to get in your way. They are the only ones under Drakh control†. Handing a data pad to the security officer on duty, "yes Admiral you have a question for me but to answer it before you ask it to prove my point my own Telepathic abilities have grown quiet considerably since entering hyperspace Admiral". She froze in her stride as she realised that she was thinking just that and she never gave it a thought about His Majesties abilities.

"Bridge I'm returning to my quarters to relax and close my mind down so if I'm needed please come and knock at my door good night every one". His majesty then walked to the lift door and entered it and when it closed it started its magnetic motors and moved of. Admiral Von-der-tan now recovered from her shock looked at the bridge crew "We will move on to first test jump site and lets hope the engineering staff have worked out that instability problem set engines for best speed inform the fleet".

On entering his private chambers he wanted to check the minds of the minds of those who had been under Drakh control. He touched all 13 minds at the same moment and began draining the knowledge from there controllers minds. The Drakh's in question tried to break there link to there symbiotic controllers but His Majesties will was far stronger and knocked them all to sleep. "Now Drakh you will tell me what I want to know and you will forget that you and I have all had this nice telepathic chat. Your masters the Shadows are they still sleeping". "Yes our great and powerful masters will return and they will take revenge upon you for what your doing now" said the most senior Drakh Sub Councillor Shedrok. "So your masters fear me then why do the fear little old me" taunted the King. "You're the strongest mind walker to ever live stronger than even the revered Lorien" said Shedrok trying to mock the human king. "So who is this Lorien then Shedrok "he is the oldest of the old he is older than time our master's say he is beyond time". This time it wasn't Shedrok but another Drakh who spoke. His tonne changed to laughter soon you will die along with us. Sensing danger to his life he broke the telepathic link just in time as he knows the Drakh had all killed them selves.

After resting for several hours in which he got no more then 90 minutes sleep. He wanted to test out what these Drakh had said, as the Kirishic Lords had said the self and same thing regarding him. But on pushing his ability harder and further he touched another telepathic race however this one seemed warier of him they called them selves Vorlon's and they seemed a different kind of life form. They tried to close there mind to him but one stepped out of the mist to talk to him. "On my world my name is Antony I'm the monarch of my species my formal title is King Antony" said Antony to the Vorlon. "My name is Kosh and I have been to your world many times in my life I thought like so many others you would have burnt out by now". "Then Kosh your people think we are warrior's to fight the great battles" Said King Antony while testing this Kosh. "There is always a time to fight and a time grow it's our time to grow and soon your time to fight" replied Kosh not raising to the bait from Antony.

"So Kosh tell me what you can about a race called Shadows and a Lorien for the longest of moments the Vorlon's mind became heavily defensive. "So child how doses one so young know the name Lorien and the name of the Shadows" replied Kosh. "Well a race called Drakh has tried to kill me on several occasions and it really gets to them that they can't kill me". Explained his Majesty. "Now my child its time for you to start your journey as your circle now starts we will see you again we will look for you when the time is right" said Kosh. As soon as Kosh had finished his sentence he started to fade away from Antony mental touch.

Antony sat in his mediation chamber going over all the flashes of information he managed to get his mind onto before he lost the telepathic link. Even the Vorlon reactions to the names in which he had flung at them they all got reaction but none more than from the word Lorien. This figure or figures or even alliance could be something to look into. He never moved from were he was sitting and spoke to the computer "computer activate and search all records of planned archaeology digs near the no go area of Z'ha'dum". The computer replied stating "the only one starting or under way is on the Planet Ikaria what started 3 weeks ago". "Thank you computer that's all" and he returned to his mediations hoping he could find another race to talk to and learn from.

"Ma'am we have reached the test location of the jump programme should we return to normal space and send a signal to Earth" asked Captain Crux the senior sensor officer. "Yes please do" replied Yetta. "Commander Lennon please transmit a message to Earth regarding our engine problems and we will have Axillaries ready to use in a few days" replied Yetta.

At this point His Majesty walked on to the bridge in his State Uniform. "So what's the sensors got to say regarding this area of space Captain" asked His Majesty. "Well Sire we have picked up a populated star system and it looks like they are in the early stages of space travel. "We most come out of hyperspace soon so we can make the return journey as we cant come back with a failure are it will set us all back" stated His Majesty.

"You heard His Majesty" ordered Admiral Von-der-tan. "Get us back to normal space as fast as possible we wont stay long just long enough to make detailed scans of there customs and language so we can return with a proper team of diplomats to make first contact" ordered Yetta. "Once we drop out of hyperspace deploy the senor probes have them run at maximum stealth and monitor them for any mention of strange objects or sightings in the night skies. You all know the drill people so lets get to it everyone" ordered His Majesty.

"Admiral we have come out at maximum range for our sensors we have already gathered a lot of information and sir they some how have Earth TV shows on that planet. The name of the planet is Brakis and they call them selves Brakiri" said Commander Heinzmah. "Well standby to jump to hyperspace and mark this system for follow up. I wish to have a diplomatic team here within a month after we get home and that to the report to Earth. If my ship and escort are ready please activate vortex engines now and once in hyperspace maximum speed to Earth" ordered His Majesty.

While back at Earth Command tracking stations "please tell me someone that we haven't just lost the king and his person guard to some freak accident". Commodore Steven Horner the head of Orbital tracking command couldn't take his eyes of the sensor information he was getting from the jump vortex. He stood up and looked around the room and went to the intercom button and spoke into it asking "what had just happened with that vortex people His Majesty was on that test flights now get me everything we have to date. Link up with every other automated tracking system what's been deployed by the automated ships while testing hyperspace and charting it people and I want that information yesterday".

His Majesty walked on to the bridge in his military uniform smiling like he never worn it before. "Now Com please tell me that Earth has been tracking us and you have kept them up to date with our journey". "Yes your Majesty Earth have been informed and they are now tracking us they are some what angry that they lost us". "They lost us commander that's a laugh we lost our selves for a time there. But soon we will be home and we can all spend time with our families and friends once more". "Helm has engineering cleared us to use the vortex generators" asked Admiral Von-der-tan. "Yes Admiral they have cleared us for vortex use". "Then helm please return us to normal space and set for geostationary orbit above London".

When they returned to normal space it was 14 days late but all hands were in full health some even healthier than the day they set out for the test mission. They showed a greater understanding of there group like they had shared every storey they had ever known. The crew all seemed closer and they all shared stories of creatures what live in hyperspace and they described them close to jelly fish and squids. There speed, size and if ships approached them they defended them selves with some form of high energy weapons.

(Regarding the manned test flight this will be a storey within the storey what will be told last).

His Royal Highness and his escort fleet returned back to Earth 14 days late and on exiting from hyperspace to normal space Vice Admiral Yetta Von-der-tan Hailed Earth dome using Black secure channel to speak to Admiral Robert Mitchell. The main view screen in her office activated Yetta spoke first saying "Morning Robert sorry for waking you up like this but there's something you have to be informed about. Person or persons have tried to blow the EAS Thrown Ship up and the entire fleet". Fleet Admiral Robert Mitchell Head of Earth Force Security replied saying "You have to be joking Yetta who are what would want to do that specially with His Majesty on board. Yetta replied back "Admiral I'm sorry to have to put it so plainly he was the primary target the people who wanted him dead didn't care about collateral damage all they wanted was him dead. Robert was taken aback by that comment and after he regained his normal steady composure he replied saying "Calm down Yetta before you do your self some harm and get me into bother with the Royal House". Yetta smiled back at Robert, then replied with "His Royal Highness King Antony has put his own man on the job Erik Connery he's the one who turned down a promotion to head of naval intelligence so he could remain as head of security to King Antony. Those two have a strange and wired friendship and Erik is taking this very personally Robert".

They both continued to chat for best part of half an hour all the time Yetta refused to make a report on anything regarding the incident. But Yetta had sent Robert and the entire admiralty, Senate and House of Lords regarding the success of her mission to test not just one type of hyper drive engine but two types. They both have returned with a fully successful testing and retesting under harsh environments due to the sabotaging of there systems before deporting on the test missions.

Yetta his majesty saved Erik from a building that was testing a new type of weapon system back then it was new but now it's very standard. The prototype plasma cannons one exploded and trapped them both in Erik's office. His Majesty was there on a toured inspection and Erik was in charge of the military side of it and was a Captain just promoted as well. The rest I'm going to tell you is of high security Yetta. The explosion that trapped them had in fact caved the room in around them and Erik was severally injured and needed blood. When they were finally rescued His Majesty had stopped Erik bleeding to death and had given him a lot of his own blood to keep him alive. Since then Erik will be lucky if he's aged a day and a rare blood disorder was cured and with that gone he was cleared for his first space command.

Operation Expansion Report.

Wolf Star System Teraforming project complete and gravity realignment complete now fully ready for colonization with a start up population limit of 7.5 billion with a maximum system population of 175 billion.

Production of the Alliances largest ship yard in the Earth Alliance. Having the ability to produce more ships than the entire alliance combined. The fleet yard was 15% complete and still capable of producing 40,000 ships.

Construction work on 36 Orion trade variant class stations fully complete and with a further 10 in the last few days of construction and with the last 4 only weeks away from being complete. With crews taking out of cryo chambers and supplies been sent to them.

Construction of all 10 Orion Military variant class stations were up and running and fully manned from the crews of the ships in task force and with extra personal from cryo chambers to aide in increased military presence.

Proxima Star System. Teraforming project complete and gravity realignment complete now fully ready for colonization with a start up population limit of 12.5 billion with a maximum system population 300 billion.

Construction work on 36 Orion trade variant class stations fully complete and with a further 10 in the last few days of construction and with the last 4 only weeks away from being complete. With crews taking out of cryo chambers and supplies been sent to them.

Construction of all 10 Orion Military variant class stations were up and running and fully manned from the crews of the ships in task force and with extra personal from cryo chambers to aide in increased military presence.

Cook Star System. Teraforming project complete and gravity realignment complete now fully ready for colonization with a start up population limit of 75 billion with a maximum system population of 200 billion.

Construction work on 36 Orion trade variant class stations fully complete and with a further 10 in the last few days of construction and with the last 4 only weeks away from being complete. With crews taking out of cryo chambers and supplies been sent to them.

Construction of all 10 Orion Military variant class stations were up and running and fully manned from the crews of the ships in task force and with extra personal from cryo chambers to aide in increased military presence.

Regula Star System. Teraforming project complete and gravity realignment complete now fully ready for colonization with a start up population limit of 7.5 billion with a maximum system population of 187 billion.

Construction work on 36 Orion trade variant class stations fully complete and with a further 10 in the last few days of construction and with the last 4 only weeks away from being complete. With crews taking out of cryo chambers and supplies been sent to them.

Construction of all 20 Orion Military variant class stations were up and running and fully manned from the crews of the ships in task force and with extra personal from cryo chambers to aide in increased military presence.

Sirius Star System. Teraforming project complete and gravity realignment complete now fully ready for colonization with a start up population limit of 7.5 billion with a maximum system population of 215 billion.

Construction work on 36 Orion trade variant class stations fully complete and with a further 10 in the last few days of construction and with the last 4 only weeks away from being complete. With crews taking out of cryo chambers and supplies been sent to them.

Construction of all 20 Orion Military variant class stations were up and running and fully manned from the crews of the ships in task force and with extra personal from cryo chambers to aide in increased military presence.

Orion Star System. Teraforming project complete and gravity realignment complete now fully ready for colonization with a start up population limit of 7.5 billion with a maximum system population of 238 billion.

Construction work on 36 Orion trade variant class stations fully complete and with a further 10 in the last few days of construction and with the last 4 only weeks away from being complete. With crews taking out of cryo chambers and supplies been sent to them.

Construction of all 20 Orion Military variant class stations were up and running and fully manned from the crews of the ships in task force and with extra personal from cryo chambers to aide in increased military presence.

Finally we came across a system that is fully aware of human kind. They have for some time been receiving television broadcast signals from Earth. So for this reason I would like to strongly advise with full support from His Majesty that we send a diplomatic team there straight away. The goal of that will be to allow them full membership into the Earth Alliance as a protectorate state what they govern them selves. This system's called BRAKIS and the people are called Brakiri.

As theorised by His Royal Highness King Antony has proven that the Orion class station while they are a good size they don't have the size are strength for what is needed. The redundant plan for constructing several larger stations has begun. Construction work was started on 3 Mauryan class military space stations. Even with replication technology they were still under construction in all 6 star systems, as was the 6 Mauryan class trade variant stations in all 6 systems were also under construction. When fully operational they would take on the main trade and defence roll while the Orion class would take up a more supportive roll.

Construction work has also started in each of the 6 systems as planned on the fleet construction yards each system will at the start have enough ship yard space to start working on 3 entire fleets and service another 2 fleets.

END REPORT. Operation Expansion.



Just after sending an automated construction and teraforming force to Beta 9 and sector 49 the transport fleets sending supplies that couldn't be replicated. That's when the raids started to happen after running across an unknown vessel in hyperspace. The transport that picked up the unknown vessel in hyperspace was the civilian transport Homer was the largest civilian owned transports in Earth Alliance. It was so large that it was allowed to carry its very own defence grid what to some would be classed as over kill. The captain of the Homer was ex military and had the ship running to his military back ground standard.

"Computer please tell me that we ran covert sensor scans of that unknown ship". "Yes Commodore Homer I started the scans of the unknown target vessel before you were made aware of its location". "Who's been at the computer's interface again and changing its voice and tonne settings to sound like my ex wife again". "Computer would our weapons be strong enough against that ship in battle". "Well yes Commodore my weapons systems would be more thane a match but with the crew what operate my systems I doubt we would last two minutes". "I'll dock a month's wages from the person or person's who did this".

Homer walked over to a command screen and set it to verbal interface only. "So computer who in your own interest is the most hard working crew member and who gives the ship all the attention it needs". The computer replied with "crewman fisher". "Bridge to crewmen fisher please report to the ships main A.I. interface and reset all the ships setting to my settings now or that docking hatch if I remember correctly needs over hauling due to it opening all the time catch my meaning crewman Fisher". "Bridge this is Fisher I'm on my way there now".

"How many fighters do we have on board are did we leave them with our tenders for extra defence there" asked Homer. "Sir we left all the fighters and ammo for them at the supply tenders as you ordered". "It's ok Hawks I was thinking allowed but you confirmed what I was thinking". "Homer you can't be worried about an unknown ship". "Hawks I'm worried about a warship that's sitting just of these vortex gates beacons and there has been missing shipping in this area that's why my firm's been brought in". "So Homer what you saying the brass jockey's back home are sending us in to a trap So we are nothing more than bait to tease these raiders into an open attack". "Well Hawks looks like you got the right posting you hit the nail right on its head there son".

"Our job Hawks is to get the information the brass needs and to keep the flow of materials to the front until the military can send heavier warships and stronger transports here". "Fletch get me Belt Alliance HQ". "I'm not its owner for nothing are I should say part owner". "Agh yes Linda when Sharpie comes in ask him to prep convoys for anti raider activity and pass that on to the local Military liaison officer and thanks Linda".

"What heavy ships do I have running in this area just incase the area incase it goes sourer fast Linda". "Well Homer we have twelve Fort class patrol frigates and sixty Alexei class patrol cutters and four Avenger class patrol carriers". "Mind you Homer we do have several hundred Homer class transports in the area as well but they are protecting Shamrock Outpost but that's everything".

"That's great that's more then enough to get there interest in us people" said Homer. "Linda what drone ships do we have ready I hate to waist money but this operation has so much credits involved we will be rich like you have no idea". "We have fifteen and they all have that quantum sixty for jump gate construction†said Linda.

"Sir we are approaching vortex location point for safe return to normal space for Beta 9 sir" said Tinman the sensor officer. His strange nick name was due to him having a metal arm and leg what he lost during his GROPOS training days. "Homer to all hands prepares for transit to normal space and have all weapons at the ready just incase people homer out".

"Sir Beta 9 command welcomes us to system and giving us a priority approach vector to the stations". "People is it me are does it look a little crazy the weapons platforms are all charged. Helm maximum speed now and hail the Beta 9 C'N'C tell them we have detailed scans of an unknown ship in hyperspace close by to hear. Inform me when they get it and when they reply". "Sir they've confirmed the message and would like us to share those files incase it's the pirate ships".

"Earth Transport Homer thank you for your Intel and from what we got from the black boxes that's the class of ship what's been attacking us in this area for weeks now". "There's no need to say thanks for that it's the least we could do for you" replied Homer.

Out along the frontier of Sector 49 the lone heavy cruiser Nimitz was on patrol duty. On the Bridge sat Fleet captain Trevor Arnold. "Sir we are picking up com chatter" reported the com officer a Lieutenant Commander Steven Bell. "Com officer what type of chatter are we getting son" asked Arnold. "Sir it's a distress signal coming in from a civilian Earth transport sir" report Lt. Commander Bell.

"Helm set course to incept that target and give me as much information on that class of ship and try and get a signal to them" ordered Arnold in his normal calming tonne. Arnold looked around to see his first officer Commander Lisa Howard "Lisa it's a shame this didn't happen until we had our upgrades this was our last patrol then port for upgrades". Lisa looked over at Arnold and replied "yeah and life's not fare is it captain" then she laughed.

"Lisa have you seen the specs on those spatial gravimetric torpedoes wow if you haven't you should look them up". "BAe claim they can destroy a single Orion class militarized space station with a single hit" interrupted the weapons office Lieutenant Hammer.

"Patch me ship wide com officer please. Now all hands we can deal with pirates all day long there's been a pirate problems around hear for some time. Keep doing your jobs right that alone will see us through this bridge out".

"Com officer if you will send this to all local out posts on a secure channel have them ready what spare forces they can to assist us and send them all information we have on the transport". The com officer worked at his station for some few minutes "Sir we have received confirmation of receipt of message from all local out posts readying ships to send if we request them".

"Everyone I don't want to alarm you all but the transport that sent the signal is the Queen Elizabeth class Earth Civilian Transport Homer under command of retired Admiral Homer. It's classed as a privateer vessel with a defence grid on par with us and a heavy weapons grid but no missiles" said Arnold.

Commander Howard started typing at her console checking there latest information on the Earth Transport ship Homer. She looked over to Captain Arnold and said "I thought I knew that name that's the Commodores ship right sir". Arnold started to laugh out loud "do you know there's only one person who can't call him that and that's his ex wife as she claimed it was her worst years with him". "So sir what your saying is that if he can't deal with them we will have a hard time to" said Commander Howard.

"CAG, weapons and tactical officer's and yes you too Lisa I want to have a private word with you all in the briefing room in 5 minutes bring the latest on your department's. Helm keeps us heading for the intercept and sensors and com keep your eyes on those screens if you see anything report it ASAP".

On entering the briefing room Arnold informed them to take a seat as they didn't have much time. "So people I want to know if you think we are biting of to much if so say now" said Arnold. Everyone together replied "No sir the Nimitz can handle anything they fling at us". "Wow in unison everyone, now I want fighters ready to launch ASAP, prep all weapons and check the missile tubes, have the weapon lockers opened and medical packs dispersed around the ship" said Arnold. "You have your orders but being prepared for a trap is the first stage in springing it people dismissed everyone you have your orders" said Arnold. Lisa looked back as she walked out the door nodded her agreement of his plans.

They all worked back on the bridge and Arnold took his seat looked towards the helm and said "Mr Rush have we come close enough to return to normal space yet" Mr Rush the helm office looked at his computer displays and replied "In about 1 minute sir" "Reduce speed Mr Rush to standard speed".

Arnold clicked his intercom button on his command chair "Commander Davenport are the engines and reactors secured for battle" enquired Arnold to the chief engineer. "Captain the reactors have been secured and engines will be made secure as we open the vortex window once in safe mode we have 2 minutes to enter normal space" replied Davenport. Arnold clicked the switch on hearing that information.

"Mr Rush activate vortex generators and return us to normal space" ordered Arnold. "Weapons and sensors make ready locate nearest aggressive ship and engage and have our systems linked to the Homer so we don't loose sensors when we return to normal space". "Helm if you please return us now to normal space" ordered Arnold.

As the Jump vortex opened the Sh'Lassan pack leader Shranak opened a channel to his pack. "Pack leader to fleet with draw to safe distance and bring the mass driver cruiser closer for the kill shot". The pack signalled back with a single bleep to confirm his orders. "Pack leader to pack standby to target ship are ships as they emerge from hyper space as there sensors wont get a lock on us straight away and fire at will" said Shranak.

On returning to normal space captain Arnold was shocked to see a well baited trap. "All hands battle stations rig for impacts" Arnold said in his very calming voice to the ship wide intercom. Lieutenant Bashmah was already bringing the main plasma cannons to bear on the nearest target before Arnold had giving him the order.

"Tactical fire on first target to bare" ordered captain Arnold just as the enemy ships started to fire upon the Nimitz. Bashmah was very good at his job he had brought the Neutron cannons to bare on the same target what was getting the plasma cannons attention. "Sir I've got both neutron and plasma cannons firing on the nearest enemy target sir" said Bashmah.

Commander Howard leaned close to captain Arnold and said "Trevor main interceptors are taking out 93% of all in coming volleys at this rate we will be on route home in no time and you were stressing over nothing". Arnold started to shack his head and replied "yes the interceptors are working fine now but what happens if they over heat what they will as those ships are tough to kill".

The sensor officer spoke up a Lieutenant Yamokoa "Sir these attacking ships have started to fire some kind of rail gun round at us but luckily its weaker then ours sir shields have fallen to 79% due to this weapon fire". At this point Commander Howard interrupted "sensors what's that ship and is it carrying an asteroid" ."Yes commander it looks as its used as a weapon and our shields will take one hit and after that we would be dead in space".

Captain Arnold spoke up this time "get my missiles ready to launch and have my fighters engage those other enemy vessels and how long till my reserves are ready to launch and never mind my bombers" said Arnold in an enquiring tone. "Sir bombers are launching now and reserve fighters will be leaving the hanger doors in 30 seconds" said the CAG.

"Lisa take over the fighter and bomber attack while the CAG remains in the hanger incase we need him space side in his fighter" said Arnold.

"Captain I've got the particle cannons fully charged for a joint forward and rear attack sir" said Bashmah with pride. "Excellent there that man I'll put you forward for promotion your dealing with that to calmly" said Arnold. "Bashmah fire all particle weapons forward and aft" ordered Arnold. Commander Howard was looking at her screen and then said "that's 4 of there ships gone including there asteroid firing ships.

Just as Commander Howard had finished that bit of news there was an explosion onboard the Nimitz this time it was serious her missile tubes had taken damage on the port side but in the explosion fused the missile firing system.

"Sir the pack leaders ship is under heavy fire sub commander" said the packs second in command, Commander Dramilik. "In form the remnants of the pack to standby for a jump to hyperspace to regroup and then we counter attack" said Dramilik.

"Sir it looks like there powering there vortex generators" said Lt. Yamokoa. "Well then its not nice to invite us and then run away with us with bill Jam there vortex generators now" ordered Arnold. "Sub Commander hyper space generators have gone of line they are some how jamming the systems†reported there bridge engineer.

The remaining 4 enemy ships were starting to circle the now damaged Nimitz. "Sir we have an incoming earth force signal its Station Rio there ships will be arriving in about 20 minutes". Lisa started to laugh "make that 3 enemies left and remaining fighters and bombers are pressing remaining 3" said Commander Howard informing everyone.

The Commodore was on the bridge looking at the Nimitz getting kicked like nothing he thought was possible. "Fletch hail the Nimitz and inform them we are on our way full engine burn" said Homer. "All hands this is Homer I'm taking us into this fight I'm not allowing these people to die for us all weapons fire when within range full power to engines" said Homer.

"Your not going to believe this sir the Homer has hailed us but its to badly garbled but they've changed course and there heading our way with all weapons powering up". "Your right I wont believe you but today is a strange day".

"Sir we have the remaining ships in sights and we have a good solid lock" said Lt. Bashmah "Then Lt. please feel free to wipe out all those remaining ships and start to recall our fighter and bombers". "Lt. Commander Bell please get me Admiral Homer for me please and open channel when he's ready". "Arnold that ship of yours looks like its had its teeth ripped a bit there hope the damage is only on the out side" said Homer. "Well Homer they were tougher than what we thought they might have but we needed to test them and thanks for swinging round when you did as it gave us the chance to clean up" said Arnold.

Over the next two years a single expansion task force was launched from every present Earth Alliance system every week. A Expansion task force consisted of three fully automated construction and Teraforming fleets with each fleet having 768 ships in the fleet plus an entire defence fleet of 768 warships for there protection. Each system takes around ten years to fully Teraforming an entire star system and builds all the trade and defence stations that was also needed.

The primary set of systems would be the following seven. Kaplcym, Ross 128, Jericho, Shynet, Deneb, Beta Durani and Tulok. Again luck was on the Earth Alliance side with them sending military forces to each of those systems. Within a week the raids started to happen every time a raid happened every single attacking ship was destroyed and more and more Earth learned about these aggressive races. Earth's Admiralty in conjunction with the King decided to launch four full military fleets into the area but to keep them in hyper space. Knowing full when each system had enough defences to protect them selves as well maintain there missions.

Admiral Howe commanding 3rd fleet and over all mission commander had placed the 9th fleet under command of Admiral Kipling as part of joint task force Alpha. Task force alphas patrol area was to cover the routes from the Ch'lonas system. While Admiral Reader commanding the 9th fleet was task force Betas commanding officer and mission second officer and Admiral Khan commanding officer of the 11th fleet was part of beta task force. With task force Bata covering the routes from the Koulani system.

The two sets of task forces had arranged for all senior officers of the fleet to gather aboard task force actual command ships. They were gathered together to come up with away to patrol there area and while giving enough reserve assistance to the colony task groups if they were needed. After many a debated tactic the battle clacks on sounded informing them the raid was happening now. By the time all the admirals got back to there flagships they had intercepted com chatter from Ross128 Actual informing his command that they had repelled there most vicious attack so for. They also intercepted another more battle sounding message from Beta Durani say This is Admiral Martin fleet actual Beta Durani sector stand down on weapons set patrols to search for enemy patrols but we have repelled there latest wave actual command wishing every one good luck and sweet regards actual out.

Admiral Howe was on black channel to all flagships. Saying well boys and girl's looks like we've been asked to bring back a trophy for them everyone started to laugh. It was Admiral Khans calming young voice everyone heard next demanding to know what gave Admiral Martin permission to break communication black out to either task force. It was another woman spoke this time before anyone else had a chance to speak. Admiral Reader simply said there was zero direct com chatter to us it was sent out to look like he was praising his officers and sending out orders to his other officers in his command zone. Before giving anyone else a chance to rebuke her she simply said so Johnny what's your orders. Admiral Howe burst out laughing at his Christian name being used like that. We have our standing orders we follow the enemy survivors and we repay them for there very nice gift like they most send to all there new neighbours. All a sudden every admiral was saying at the same moment all ahead full, full intercept, ready all fighters for launch and charge defence grid and ready all weapons. Within seconds alarms started to bleep on the bridge informing the bridge crew that there orders were completed. Sir the navigation officer shouted we're approaching the jump location. Thank you helms men rig for battle stations and launch all fighters inform me when all ships have launched fighter. Ready jump engines for jump to normal space came the admiral in the same breath. Sir came the CAG officer all fighter have launched fleet stands ready with full fighters and reserve fighters stand ready to launch in 3 minutes and counting sir. Good, good came the admiral reply signal fleet to jump to normal space have marines ready to drop as well.

All Yamato, Vanguard and Orpheus class ships take point came the orders from Admiral Howe to all task force alpha ships. Have the heavy guns take point while the faster lighter guns act as fighter and point defence screens all fighters attack at will. All ships to remain in formation we don't want the Ch'lonas forces splitting our forces. Within a few minutes of the task force coming out of hyperspace and they started there assault on the Ch'lonas local defence forces what was being smashed into pieces with every volley from the Earth ships. Every ship was now moving away from there escorts chasing down fleeing enemy vessels.

EAS Tirpitz has broken from formation and its heading for the last Ch'lonas defence station our sensors read limited weapons on board admiral. This is Khan to squadron 939 make way to the Tirpitz encase Commodore Wayne needs some discrete aid. Rodger that Admiral the good old Jolly Rodger squadron will deal with any surprises the old Tirpitz can't handle on her own. I knew I could count on you Admiral and Schear good hunting. Commodore Wayne had launched all of his fusion missiles through the Ch'lonas debris field to hide there approach what had gone unnoticed by all his fellow task force commanders as well as the enemy forces. That basic mistake was going to make the Ch'lonas pay and pay big time. The remaining Ch'lonas forces had regrouped at the foreside of there last remaining military base.

As soon as the Tirpitz came into range of the stations heavy weapons they opened fire on the Tirpitz. Commodore Wayne was just sitting back asking his sensor officer how many hits could the Nanite shields would take before they would fail. His reply was at there present strength sir our shields will hold without failing. Sir new enemy contacts moving from behind the enemy station sir and sensors are picking up the Jolly Rodger squadron on intercept.

Inform the Jolly Rodger to slow down as there's going to be a fireworks display any moment now and as that was transmitted to Admiral Schear the Tirpitz's missiles finally cleared the enemy debris field and started to slam into the enemy space station and some of the remaining Ch'lonas fleet. With great massive thuds slamming into a solid mass and then being blinded by the explosion from the impacts and getting flung around from the shock wave currants.

Admiral Howe looked over to his sensor officer and asked if there were any more enemy ships, satellites or space stations remaining when the sensor officer replied all enemy targets have been neutralized. Now commander Stanton open communication channels to the Ch'lon send the message to the Ch'lon government asking for there surrender from there unproved attacks on our local systems what we control. Send the message in there language as well so they know they don't have the excuse of not understanding us. I do hope our files we have on them are correct Commander Stanton. Stanton's reply was fast Yes sir there language files were the first thing we had taken from there computers sir. Good, good commander now let's see how long they take to admit defeat.

While task force one was wrapping up there fight with the Ch'lonas Admiral Reader was taking up a ringing tactic of the Koulani system. Once all ships were in place he gave the go ahead to launch fighters and arm all weapons and prepare for emergency jump to normal space. This was a tactic that Reader had been working on in the simulators for some time perfecting. Communications officer send a secure black channel message to Admiral Howe saying time task force two we jumping in now and good congrats on your victory. Send message commander Black.

Task force two actual to all ships ready for emergency jump and all weapons fire as they bare on you Fleet actual out. All ships jump, jump now. Admiral Reader she was giving orders out very calming as she always did. Tactical bring the main guns on target baring 178 mark 309 degrees and fire on target. Helm full battle speed and communications inform my escort to keep loose but not to loose as I might slip my collar. Sensors, where's there next big gunned ship. Ma'am all enemy capital ships have been destroyed Ma'am. Well done everyone now move in closer to there next line of defences. So tactical would it be my guess that if all our ships fired our missiles we would smash there lines and force them to bring there reserves into play. Yes Ma'am replied lieutenant commander Yung-Ling then as two of us can't be wrong lieutenant commander then prepare missiles for fire. This is task force actual to all missile carrying warships you have all permission to fire all missiles at the enemy lines straight ahead and launch all missiles. Permission is granted by Admiral Reading authorisation code Delta Charlie 619 gamma launch all birds. The missiles they were carrying were due to be removed and replaced and both task forces were informed if they could use them to use them by high command.

The Koulani didn't know what they had just seen happen but all there sensors started to go of the chart they started to fire into the missiles but they were too late and over whelming missiles coming from all directions. The Koulani trap for the Earthier's had failed and they were going to pay by grouping there ships so close to there battle stations and weapons platforms. Once the first missile strike hit the Koulani line they started to move away and increasing weapons fire what was blinding there sensors when they hit a missile and it was causing a massive EMP wave. Once the pulse had hit the Koulani front row they had lost all time within 20 seconds after the first EMP wave had hit the entire Koulani fleet it was destroyed floating around in space glowing from the weapon strikes from the Combined second task force.

Communications officer open a secure black channel to Task force actual leader and send him the damage reports and losses and missile usage reports. Now open a channel to the Koulani home world stating we are demanding there surrender for the acts against our race in joint unprovoked attacks with the Ch'lonas against our border system.

Both task groups reported no ships lost but nearly 400 warships with some form of damage but in most cases the damage was only slight and minor. With a total of 18% of all fighters have either been destroyed are has some form of damage to them. That's good going people as we are new to space combat but this shows it's similar to what we've been trained for. Good luck to us all. CAG I would like the names of our falling personnel who died during this mission.

The task force's stayed in orbit of Ch'lon and Koulan for hours before they got a message saying they needed time to run it through there leaders. The admiral laughed and said more like there looking for ways to shoot us out of the stars as we make repairs and search for survivors. Tactical keep all weapons charged and targeting there majour political buildings and there military babes just incase.

Both the Ch'lonas and Koulani both sent a joint statement lot long into the 2nd Earth day for the ships being in orbit stating that they would sign an unconditional surrender straight away. They feared us they thought we were a Race called Centauri what once controlled that area of space of which they were once slaves to them. As a sign of mercy and good will and future friendship we gave them control of there own planet but they couldn't again have there own military forces for that they would have to join Earth Force. They were told that there monarch would have to come in person to make this surrender legal under Earth Alliance law.

By now the colony programme had spread into more areas during the time it took Earth Force to end the border raids it took some 5 weeks what had 35 more systems now under Earth Alliance control. Earth Force was moving out towards the galactic rim zone and towards the core worlds as well. It was at this time a ship appeared in orbit around Earth from hyper space. This ship was transmitting in perfect English say how honoured they were to finally meet the children of Earth.

They had originally come with a warning regarding a star system they where getting very close to with every passing week. They called this planet Z'ha'dum it's a planet with an ancient dark and evil race what wants to enslave every race in the known galaxy. They also said that they were once conquered by this race what they only call Shadows. They were here now to help with giving the human race the gifts of perfect gravity control, Hyperspace tap reactors, cloaking technology, quantum gravimetric shielding and engines, sensors, weapon designs organic weapons, organic bio armour and organic technology in general and finally armour technology that with the Earth Alliance Nanite armour shield would make them impervious to any attacks. They said they had been studying Earth since before life walked the lands and swam in the oceans and sea's we are the Guardians of Earth and we are called the Kirish lordship the technology has been broken down in ways you will be able to understand. It has been nice speaking with your Race my children but its time we leave before the others realise what we have done and come and strike you down for our folly. Call our name and we will come if the others ever turn on you we will never forget you and you never know we may see each other again.

The Leader of the Kirish Lords sat in the middle of his chamber aboard his ship waiting for King Antony to come see him. When King Antony entered the chamber he rose and bowed at King Antony and in return King Antony returned the bow. Yes my child I knew you would come and see me before we left your world. I have a gift for you we know you and we are friends so parting gifts are your races customs. We know you have more knowledge than any race and person including Lorain.

So I also know you cant use all that you know so what I'm giving you is the total knowledge of our species like someone did for us a long time ago. Its hard saying goodbye my son but its time for you to leave our ship so we can make our journeys but soon you will be needed to be at your best and strongest. What do you mean that I have to be at my best and I hope this isn't a long goodbye but farewell till we meet again my friend said King Antony. King Antony rose and left the Kirish Lordship ship.

Before the Kirish lords left they sent a message to all of Earth Alliance saying His Royal Highness has visited us today and we spoke to him briefly. Plus we have giving him our final gift to the human race our entire history and technology files. They ended there message then they left with kind words of departing as a parent leaves there child when they leave them to head to work. It was a very brief greeting and a gift that any race would love to have but in all the data files transmitted it says for the eyes of our children those of earth only.

Over the years the ties of friendship grew between all of Earths Protectorate powers. Not more so then the Brakiri who maintained there very own trade and separate defence force what was split up into offence and defence ability. Earth even helped the Brakiri to Teraform several of there planets in there home system to make them perfect for Brakiri and Humans alike.

A.N. I would like to say thank you to my Bata reader Susan Hilton. As she has put a lot of hard work into making my storey readable.