Chapter two. Part three. Fall of the Centauri Republic.

In the Council chambers on Centauri Prime, all of the members of the Centaurum were present. They were over whelmed with the sheer state of bad news what was forever incoming. Their only piece of good news was that Lord Refa had managed to send a massive fleet to counter the Humans and Narns in the Narn Star System. Lord Refa walked over to the council com system and started typing at the screen.

"Yes, lord Refa, how can we be of surface today?" a military officer on the view screen asked..

"Well what do I always ask about? What is the state of House Refa's Fleet? Has there been any word yet from them?" replied Refa.

"There is still extreme jamming of our communications in that region of space. Those Humans are blanketing all wave bands possible" replied the officer.

One of the Lords of a less powerful House, Lord Aldom, spoke up.

"Lord Refa, they have to have some form of system for communications. How else have they managed to give out orders? We must have over looked something and it's going to cost us."

"See, people, I'm not the only one who saw that flaw in our attempts" replied Refa.

Lord Mollari started to laugh.

" Yes, yes we know you're concerned about the Republic. I also know you are concerned about the loss of our colonies and the forces needed to try and defend them. Then again, I might be totally wrong, and you're looking at saving your very own skin" Mollari smirked and scoffed.

"This war has taken us all fully by surprise. We have grown soft, lazy and content regarding our power and strength. These Humans are in every way the plague that would destroy Centauri Prime and the whole Centauri race" said Lord Refa.

"Yes, Refa. We know the prophesy as well as you, but don't you have the dates wrong? That prophesy isn't supposed to come true for at least another one hundred and fifty years." said Lord Davo.

"Lord Miro, what do you have to say on that subject?" asked Mollari.

"Even though Lady Sandlot has never been wrong, she has from time to time been inaccurate by slight amounts, but not on the scale you're saying, Refa. However, the conquest of Narn was prophesied and said if the road of the Guardian changes, it will doom Centauri Prime" replied Miro.

"What do you mean if the road of the Guardian changes? What does that mean?" demanded both Refa and Mollari together.

"That's the point. She didn't know herself. But she did say that Narn's destiny had two possible outcomes. This being the first: if the Guardians stayed true to their road, we would enjoy enslaving Narn for over a century and bring the populace to their knees. The second, however, is one we the people of Centauri Prime should wish will never come true. If the Guardians changed their road, Centauri prime would feel the effects for thousands of years. The servants of both light and darkness would have to bow to them" replied Miro, reciting the prophesy word for word from memory. He looked around the room to see the shock on everyone's faces, not sure what they had been told. He continued. "I think I should tell you that we asked the Minbari decades ago if they knew who the guardian race was, and they looked perplexed by that question. A great scholar of theirs thought the identity of the guardian might be the Vorlons, but they weren't sure, as they would never change their path. However, one Minbari came to me and said Valen had spoken of the might of the Guardian, and that before he went back to Minbar, he had spent time with them. That's all I know" answered Lord Miro with such sadness that they all knew he wished he had done more.

In hyperspace, the battered hull of the once proud Centauri warship Lady Vandeem was running on just enough power to keep it on course for the Centauri Prime beacon. The Lady Vandeem was a heavily modified Primus class Battlecruiser. One could see it had been in a fight for its very survival. Hull breaches punctured the whole length and breadth of the ships hull.

"Engineering, can we make it back to Centauri Prime?" asked acting Captain Sande.

"I'm not sure, sir. Can we at least transfer power from weapons to life-support and engines? That will increase our chances for survival greatly and if we are detected, we can transfer back to weapons" replied the chief engineer.

"Most of the weapons only have a handfull of shots left and what damage we can do won't do any good, so do it and pray to the gods we get home safely. That's an order. Helm, let me know when the engines' power and our speed has increased. I will want a new ETA to Centauri Prime. Communications, have we passed beyond their interference barrier? If not, do you have a best guess on when we can send a message for help to Home?" asked Sande.

"We don't have the strength in our transmitters to break the interference levels yet, but we should be able to send a message in about six hours if they don't increase their jamming zones" answered Renlop, the activing com officer.

Mean while near Earth, the Vorlon ship approached the planet, all the time sending out a message that they wished to meet with Earth's Government and that they wished them no ill will or harm.

"Vorlon vessel, our long range sensors have you targeted just in case you deviate from your present course. If you do, we will take action to defend ourselves" said the Commander Jenson, com officer of EAS Cromwell.

"Computer, send an auto reply stating we will not deviate from our present flight plan" requested Sebastian.

"Pilot, this vessel has just been scanned from Hyperspace by an Earth Warship. Do you wish me to take preventative actions?" asked the ship's computer.

"Negative,computer. Have the Dark ones arrived yet?" enquired Sebastian.

"They have just arrived. They are being escorted by another Earth Warship. Our historical files on this species need to be updated. Once in orbit I will activate my secondary sensors to scan the planet" informed the ship's computer.

" Justin, my sensors have detected the Vile Ones' ship. It's been escorted in via a ship in hyperspace!" announced the Shadow Fighter.

"Computer, monitor it. If it attacks, defend this ship at all costs" replied Justin.

"Justin, the Humans' ship's computer has told us to land at preset co-ordinates. Should I obey them?"

"Yes, computer, follow their orders to the letter. We should be first to arrive, and soon our mages will soon be here too" replied Justin

"I must get us ready for this encounter. Is there anything else you see before we land?"

"Negative, Justin. They are jamming sensors with ease. If I increase strength they will no doubt know it."

Aboard the Throne Ship, His Majesty was just leaving a meeting after discussing the further expansions of the whole fleet. He was walking to his quarters, still going over in his head what help the Narn fleet in its present state could use. He was almost nearing his quarters, after passing the final security check point. When he arrived, on his deck was placed a com link, due to his Gaim Body Guards wanting to be near him in case they were needed. He felt a surge of telepathic energy running through his body from His Family back home, informing him that he was needed.

"Bridge, this is King Antony. I'm going to be going into deep meditation for some time and I don't wish to be disturbed for any reason." He walked into his rest chamber and started to cast incantations to allow him to create the hyper distance illusion spell that would allow him to fully interact with people on Earth in this instance. "My daughter, I stand ready, child. Take all precautions for everyone. I'm on my way now."

A few minutes later stood their father in the circle of power on Earth.

"Father , you may leave and head to the meeting. They are all here now. The Mage has just landed" said Princess Victoria into his mind.

"Excellent, my daughter. I see you have been deep in your education. It looks like you have my skill and strength and that's good news" laughed King Antony.

"Father, take care and be safe. We cannot help you once you leave the circle. "It's too draining" replied Victoria.

King Antony started to cast another incantation around the circle that increased their abilities and strength only from within the circle. He quickly pulled his hood over his head and moved to the door, looking back and smiling at his children with pride. He quickly went down the corridor and down some steps that took him to his car.

"Drive me to this meeting with the First contact Aliens, please. Now that I am back, drive with all speed. I have to make it there before they change the outcome."

After only 5 minutes of driving in the midday traffic of London, he had arrived. 'The joys of a Police escort would take hours to get here normally' he thought as he got out of the car and walked to the secured door.

"Hello officer. Will you please let me in? This is a state of emergency."

The officer looked up and was about to press a button to ask permission.

"Officer Johnson if that is your real name, you should know who I am and that I have to be in there for that meeting."

The Police officer started with recognition. "Your Majesty! How did you get here?" asked the officer named Johnson.

"If I told you, I would be forced to have you arrested on grounds of state security. Is that under stood? No one is to know I'm here or that I went in. I want to see the shock and horror on some peoples faces" replied His Majesty.

Ralen, Justin and Sebastian were in a very heated discussion that was turning into a fight. Justin was the first to act, summoning an electrical discharge from his walking stick he used. Both Sebastian and Ralen jumped out of the way, defending themselves, both punching Justin in his mid region area. The Human security officers came running, but were flung away. It was at this moment when the doors flew open and in walked His Majesty, smiling at everyone.

"So this is how you come to my world and show manners to my Government." He raised his staff and lifted all three of them off the floor. "The more you struggle, the worse it will feel for you all, but I do hope you're not foolish enough to think that just because I'm a projection that my powers will be weak. If you do, think again fools" said His Majesty.

They started to relax after a few moments of fighting against the electrical bubble His Majesty had placed them in.

"My name is Ralen and I'm here on behalf of the Centauri to put right their mistakes and help Earth back on to its true road."

"I'm now called Sebastian but I was once called Jack The Ripper here on my home world. I serve the Vorlons when they need my services. I'm awakened and sent on my mission and my mission is to change your road and your fate."

"Well, I'm here to keep Earth on its present road of destruction and to bring suffering to the Galaxy. My name is now Justin, but I was once called Mordrid Lefay."

"So I can see you all have come to either encourage us on our present footing or to change us. You basically wish to either save Centauri Prime or destroy it" replied His Majesty.

"That's right" replied Justin. "So Earthman, What do you want?"

Before anyone had a chance to reply, His Majesty started to laugh.

"Well that's an old and very dangerous question you just asked. You can answer that question your self, Justin" replied His majesty.

Justin thought 'How can I get out of this?'

"A nice cup of tea would do; no sugar, just a slice of lemon" replied Justin.

"Wow Justin guess what. That's just what Earth wanted. Wow, that's a bit creepy. We just wanted to give you a cup of tea" laughed His Majesty.

Ralen spun round and asked

"Who do you serve, King Antony?"

"Wow, what is it with these ancient questions today? I serve Earth, of course, and the betterment of all life on the planet, small and large. I bet you can't tell me who you serve Ralen in a straight upfront answer can you?" asked His Majesty.

Now it was Sebastian's turn to see if he could shed light on this impasse. Sebastian looked straight at King Antony and asked "Who are you?"

"Well no surprise yet… another ancient question from beyond time. I'm the impasse in the road that makes new roads and new paths for people to walk on I'm the bringer of Truth" replied His Majesty.

Both Justin and Sebastian looked in shock at the answer what was given. It was the answer that both the Sheppards had been trained to fear and dreamed and hoped it would never be said.

"As you can see I know a lot about your species and your secrets. I won't go there yet, but Justin, if another one of your friends pays me a visit, ask them to knock at the door. I really don't like unwanted gifts. There was some type of bug in a jar. I hope you don't mind but I ejected it into the sun, after casting a joining incantation on it. I understand that's very dangerous of the person who made the keeper" replied His Majesty. "My honored Members of Parliament and Members of My Senate who are present, I would like to make a motion that we move this meeting to a more secured location, as in my Palace for example. There we can discuss what they really want and what their goals are apart from killing each other."

There were some small moans and lots of whispering, but the Prime Minister Sarah McLeod replied "On behalf of both Governments, I will endorse your request only if you have adequate protection" she demanded.

In hyperspace was the newly built and untested 59th battle fleet, under the command of recently promoted Marshal John Howe, who had been spending all of his time bringing the whole Battle fleet up to date with his new and untried tactics.

"Get me Admiral Khan now, com" barked the Admiral.

"Well you don't need to yell, sir. I'm here. Can I not get side tracked?" Laughed Jessica.

"Now Jess, you should know better. What help would you like, and no jokes?"

"I got a time- delayed message from His Majesty, wishing me good luck and reminding me of my training. He had some type of tactic he used to use on me in my training simulation battles when he kept kicking my ass. He always sends me pre-battle messages of advice and tips to remind me in this case" replied Jessica. "Everyone, if the Admiral cuts me off or even changes or countermands my order,s do it without question. That is an order." said Marshal Howe.

"Sir, we are approaching the Marlgot sector. Sensors aren't picking up any major fleets or heavy defenses" announced the sensor officer, Lieutenant Commander Stevens.

"All hands, battle stations. Deploy all fighters and bombers. Put me on fleet wide intercom." She waited while they complied with her order and then spoke again. " Fleet, I wish I was going to say this was going to be head turning pitch fight. I'm sorry to report our long range scans have picked up no major defenses or fleets. To be on the safe side, I'm dispatching the thirty-first scout wing forward to get some fine sensor sweeps of the system. Then and only then will we deploy what we need. Marshal Howe out."

"This is Admiral Khan to fleet. Run your defensive grid at maximum. Make sure we launch recon probes into the system before we head in, and bring auxiliary jump generators on line."

"What's wrong, Jess?" asked John with concern in his voice.

"This is one of the tactics His Majesty used on me time and time again. It took me years to find out how to beat it, and that's only because he wanted me to know how to defend against it" replied Jess.

"Then, how do we beat it?" demanded Howe.

"Have the sensors picked up any type of radiation?" asked Khan.

"Yes, it seems to be just normal back ground radiation, but it's more concentrated than usual" replied the sensor officer.

"That's their fleet location beacon. They've aligned their reactors to give off the same wave band as the back ground radiation. Even localized sensors won't see them unless you know what you're looking for" said Khan.

"With what we have seen and learned about other races' jump drives, as they call them, we have the fastest recharge system going, because we have two systems. So, we send the probes in the first wave as decoys and we use the secondary system straight away and fire spatial torpedoes into their grouped locations to scatter them. When their systems go to full power, they will become visible again. It takes around three hours to realign those systems again, and by then, John, they will be dead" explained Khan.

"So why hasn't that tactic been made standard procedure?" asked Howe.

"All I know is it works, but once you know about it, you realize it's been used all over the place. It also blinds the sensors of the ships entering from Hyperspace" said Khan.

"In other words, it's the last desperate move of a beaten man" replied Howe.

"Sir, we have launched probes and we are opening jump points. Now standing by to fire spatial torpedoes" said the Tactical Officer.

"Fire torpedoes as the jump vortexes are closing and make sure the probes are working. Reopen jump points straight away to stop escaping ships from entering hyperspace" ordered Marshal Howe.

"I'm detecting a Centauri mine field, sir! There are hundreds of thousands of them and they've just armed."

"Well, Jess, thank you for that warning. We were about to head into a massive trap."

"Sir, spatial torpedoes are reducing their numbers fast, but as soon as we destroy one they activate ten more" said the tactical officer anxiously .

"Both sets of jump engines are fully charged. All weapons at your ready. The defense grid is fully charged with secondary, reserve, auxiliary and back up systems are at your command" said each department head in turn.

"Stand by jump engines and inform the fleet. All weapons fire as they bear down on you. Don't let them self destruct" ordered Marshal Howe.

"You heard the Marshal, everyone. All jump drives jump in five seconds" ordered Admiral Khan. All the fleet ships activated their vortex drives and started to move to normal space with all guns firing.

"Bring in the one called Justin. Let's see how he can hold onto such an old name and an evil name at that" said His Majesty.

"It's about time! You have had me held for days while you ran tests on my DNA, I would guess" demanded Justin.

"For a start, what do I call you? Mordrid? Or should I call you Justin? I want to know why you think you are Mordrid Lefay. How could you still be alive?" inquired His Majesty.

It is because of my masters, young man. They saw great potential in me when they came to Earth during the Dark ages. They helped my armies wipe out my uncle's or should I say father's armies until they came and defeated us. That's when I was taken from Earth to serve them" replied Justin.

"So Justin, what can you tell us about your masters? I doubt my Governments would serve anyone without knowing their name" asked His Majesty, who already knew whom he served.

" I serve an ancient race called the Shadows. I can't tell you their real name as it's several thousand letters long. It's really unpronounceable to me I have tried, as have others, and we have all failed."

"Wow what a load of horse feathers, but let's get past that, shall we? I will ask once again: Who do you serve?, What do you want?, Where are you going?, Why are you here? Those will do for now. If you can answer those correctly, I will listen to anything and everything you have to say, How does that sound, Justin? It's not bad. You're the second oldest in this room now" said His Majesty.

"What do you mean by I'm not the oldest person in the room?" replied Justin.

"That's easy. I did say don't lie to me. You came in this room with a Shadow as many call them. They are your masters, right? They are also your protectors" replied His Majesty.

Justin sat there and laughed. " I didn't know an illusion could see so clearly, but looks like I was wrong again" replied Justin.

"Admiral Von Koyster to fleet: stand by to jump to normal space. We have finally reached our target system of Tolonius. Don't forget, we are not here to capture this system. We are to smash their industrial capability and reduce the number of ships they can throw at us. This will help open up the front for a fast victory, everyone. Fleet actual out."

"Sir latest reports are coming from the front. The only Narn System with Centauri in it is the Shu System, but they are slowly being wiped out" reported Lieutenant Archer.

"Well people, we don't want to disturb His Majesty while he's meditating on matters regarding Earth" said Von Koyster.

General Potter walked onto the bridge and looked at Admiral Von Koyster. "Stephan, I thought you might need some extra help, even though I'm like a fish out of water. However, I should still be able to help with something" hinted the general.

"All right. Get strapped in. We are just about to jump to normal space" replied Stephan.

" Out of our fleet,we have the best chance aside from the Camelot. Good luck, everyone. If he didn't think we could do this without him, he would have slowed us down or have us wait. He knows like I know that you are the best of the best. Launch all support ships for hyperspace defense. Com, hail the One hundred and first tactical fleet and inform them that they have hyperspace duty and we have deployed our support craft to blockade their jump gate. Inform me when they acknowledge us. That's our jump signal, people" said Admiral Von koyster.

"Sir, they have sent their acknowledgment of your order" said the com officer, Lieutenant Rodgers.

"Well Justin, your points do have some merit, but we the people of Earth don't wish to destroy other races for fun. We only defend ourselves from being attacked. You're a sorry excuse for a human being, Justin. You make my skin crawl at what you think is normal. If you are Mordrid Lafey, then you have answered for the reasons behind the Dark ages with your thirst for death and destruction. Your masters may be powerful, but I won't follow or aid you in your war. So please leave, and if you or any of your master's helpers return, it will mean war and you won't win."

Justin just looked back at him and started to smirk. "Thank you for the tea. It was nice, but my masters aren't as weak as those weakling Centauri you're presently at war with." Then he stood up and walked to the door. " I will see you again or in time, you might change your mind, or you may pass away. You just never know, Your Majesty."

The doors flung open and in came some guards.

"Take him to his ship and have him escorted out of Earth space to his masters' home world. Have Marshal Patton deploy the second battle fleet to escort him. You have your orders. You may leave now" said His Majesty. The door closed as Justin and the guards left. The king spoke again. "That was very interesting. That shows me that they want us to fight, and by the looks of it, everything else in sight. I just wonder what the other two have to say? If I had to guess, I would have to say that they will want us to stop for similar but opposite points to his."

"I concur with what you are saying, Sire" said the Prime Minister.

"He seemed well versed on some subjects, but he still refused to answer those questions you asked. I want to see what the others say as well" said the President of the Senate, via video link.

His Majesty walked over to his computer and appeared to be starting to type out the minutes of the meeting, or so the people in the room thought. He was, in fact, typing a list of orders, stating they had to reclaim all of the Regime for the Narns, and to get the Narns ready for peace talks. Also, he wanted to make sure Earth forces were in every single star system of the once mighty Centauri Republic. He then saved the message and sent it to every single fleet and battle officer in the Royal Earth Alliance who was close enough to Centauri and Narn areas to help speed up his program.

"Now people, who would you like to see next? Seeing them on their own has merit and it also lets us find out which of them is telling the truth. We already know what's going on. All we have to do is really find out why they are here and see if they can answer those four questions without any hint of a lie. That I highly doubt they can do" said His Majesty.

The Prime Minister cleared his throat and spoke next. Bring in the one they call Ralen to see what he has to share or hide from us." They brought in Ralen promptly.

"Now Ralen, please take a seat. We need to ask you a couple of questions" instructed the Prime Minister.

"I need these answered if you can" said His Majesty.

"Who do you serve? What do you want? Where are you going? Why are you here?" Asked the Prime Minister.

"Those are interesting questions, people. Some are very dangerous and some not so, but still some are hazardous to your health" replied Ralen cryptically . "The first question I will answer. I serve life and the Universe and all the creatures who co exist within it." Answered Ralen. "In answer to the second question, I go where I'm needed and walk where no other will walk or stand. To the third question, I'm here to protect and teach and watch over all those that follow in our wake. Now, in answer to the final question, I want to make sure all life is safe from harm and free from tyranny."

In just six days, Earth Force had liberated nearly all of the newly formed Narn Region with only a few well defended systems remaining The first assault by Earth force was against Sigma 597. That system turned out to have had zero Centauri presence, so it became a fortified sector all the same. This, however, was for the Earth Force's future defense program, set up by Marshal Von-der-tan. They needed this system for their goals for the future. At the same time Earth Force was attacking the Shu system. They were also attacking Quadrants 7, 14, 24 and 37, attacking Bental, Morbis and the Centauri Industrial system of Talonius. Tbey attacked the latter to keep the Centauri forces off balance and from counter attacking with larger forces against one system.

"Well Ralen, we can see you have some wisdom, but if you have truth and trust is another question" stated Prime Minister Sarah McLeod.

"Yes, Ralen. I think the other members would like you to kick me on my butt. They know I'm a Techno-mage like you are, but they fail to see that I'm not as weak as they think. So, would you like to show off and help Earth?" offered His Majesty.

"I wish I could, your majesty, but my job is the universe. I now see that your rule is too great and is beyond what your fellow brother and sisters do" replied Ralen with a massive sigh of regret.

"Very well, Ralen. You are free to leave Earth in a couple of days, at which time you will be escorted out of Earth space. In the meantime, please feel free to look around and be a tourist for a change. There on the desk in front of you is a bag of money as a thank you for being honest. Now I would like to see if you can earn our trust. If you pass, then everything you have said will be taken into account. So, as we say on Earth, don't burn your bridges" replied His Majesty.

Ralen then stood up and looked at the members of the council and bowed. "It's been a long time since I've had a holiday, and a paid holiday at that. That is very kind of you. Are there any places you could recommend to me to visit? As a stranger, I would love to see as much of your world as I can. How long do I have before I must leave?" inquired Ralen.

"There is a data pad at your side. It's full of all the information you may require and we even have added things that might not appeal to you, like all the dark places and war memorials and old ships kept from long ago to remind us how far we have come" replied Antony.

Ralen walked to the door, stopped in his tracks, and turned around once more. This time, he raised his staff and whispered something. A creature that looked like a dragon appeared out of nowhere and sat in front of them. As it sat there, it transformed into a table with a thank you gift and for each member present, their favorite flowers in a vase.

"If you don't mind, I have to return to my room to rest. This has been more draining than I thought it would be and I won't be able to remain for the whole proceeding unless I go rest now" requested His Majesty.

By all means, Sire. You may go and rest. We will need you to help control the last one. This one that just left is freaking out his guards, telling them what he did the last time he was on Earth" said the prime Minister.

Antony then stood up and walked to the main door, turned and looked at them all. "Then I will make sure I'm well rested and have all my strength. I'm glad I didn't duel Ralen now. I think he could have killed me" replied His Majesty with a chuckle.

"Sire, please stop saying things like that, even if it was a joke and a poor one at that" replied Senator Bush.

The Shu system was only lightly guarded, with the bulk of Centauri forces already inside Narn space, which was already destroyed. The Centauri command base in orbit of Shu launched a somewhat threatening message to the Earth Force Fleet when it arrived in system. Commodore Raven was never impressed when the best his opponent could do was to make idol threats. The Centauri's other assets in the system were seven cutter type warships with limited weapons and armor. The Centauri launched what fighters they had, which was few compared to the Commodore Raven's task force. They had thirty thousand fighters and eight thousand bombers.

To save time and to reduce losses, Raven ordered all fighters to launch their missiles in waves. Raven's fighters were out fitted with the new MK-15protertype: the new gravimetric propulsion version with standard enhanced fusion warheads. In theory, these anti fighter missiles, when traveling at maximum speed would do some serious damage to any capital ship around. After the fourth wave of anti fighter missiles to launch the sensors on board, the EAS Rougestown lost contact with the last Centauri class cutter as several explosions and EMP shock waves were felt through his entire fleet.

He moved to his command chair and asked his communications officer to hail the task force and ask for asset reports, damage reports and sensor reports and to start mopping up actions and security patrols.

"Now ladies and gentlemen, the hard work is about to start. We now have house cleaning to start. Ready all marines, med teams to shuttles and see what help we can give the locals. Get the Narns to the ships too."

The Narn liaison officer GolVol walked onto the bridge and said, "If you send this communication down to the surface, it will inform the local Narn resistance that help is on its way." He handed the commodore a data crystal. He then ordered his communication officer to send straight away.

The Narn liaison officer asked Raven if the Earthers were giving their Narn allies their Gravimetric propulsion technologies. Raven laughed and the Narn looked back at Raven with a puzzled expression. Then Raven simply said: "I see you haven't seen the plans for the G'Quan class heavy cruiser. In answer your question, my nervous Narn friend, yes and much more."

"Gol'Vol, with what I under stand, there is a batch of ships at Earth that is being built for your Government as a gift from King Antony. We came across some heavily damaged Narn ships and what we have seen of your remnant fleet, they will be a great asset to your people" said Raven.

"Captain Bush, please send a standard victory report to sector command, Earth Command and His Majesty and add the battle footage of the new MK-15 missiles in action" requested Commodore Raven. "Make sure we have as much information as possible to send, as well as the information about the limited resistance we faced from space, their station, fighters, and the new vessel we classed as a cutter. Last but not least, Captain, send my regards."

Captain Bush knocked on Commodore Raven's duty room door with a copy of his report for Raven to sign and the replies they had received from the relevant commands.

"Sir, I've just had a communique from the new Narn Government, asking that we help transport all the Narns on Shu back to their Home world. However, in accordance with the Earth Alliance and Narn Regime alliance, Narn citizens who wish to remain on Shu can stay and will be granted full Earth Alliance citizenship. So Jack, how many Narns wish to remain on Shu and how many wish to join the fight against the Centauri?" asked the commodore to captain Bush.

"I'm not sure, but if I've got to guess, I would estimate around thirty or fourty percent will want to remain and most of them will want to enlist straight away."

"Captain, get me the Narn home world and put me through to Tra-vel or any high ranking government person" ordered Raven.

"Greetings, Commodore. How may your grateful allies help you today?" replied Tangol, ShanTal's personal aid.

"I'm trying to get my head around your orders for the Shu system and why your government is handing it over to Earth."

"Well the KhaRi wished to hand it over as a buffer from a race that helps the Centauri: a race called the Dilgar. Their borders are in that neighborhood. However, your Government has refused the gift, so please ignore that and help our people to settle and be safe there once more" replied Tangol.

Meanwhile, on the bridge of the Throne Ship, Alarms systems were over whelming everyone. They took no notice of His Majesty as he walked along the corridors on his way to the bridge. As door to the bridge opened, everyone was too busy at their posts to notice his arrival.

"Stephan, what's going on? Get the dampeners firing into their main flanks' center. We have to break them. I hope you have brought some escorts, too. We have no more than twenty-four hours, and we will be putting the covers on the guns and moving for a Centauri base. However we also have to place a fleet into the Centauri system itself. I want their total defeat and unconditional surrender, people!" ordered His Majesty in a very over commanding tone than he was used to using. "Tactical, target their main space station. We will hit it with long range heavy particle cannons and if we can fire all weapons and bring it down, fire all MK15 gravimetric spatial torpedoes and have them at maximum out put. That should clear us a path. Stand by to call our escorts in and prep for our withdrawal. Now, open a channel to Marshal Fredrik Zhukov. He's had plenty of time to get into position. If you don't hear back from him, get the Camelot to meet us at Centauri Prime. It's time we end this war and we will end it now" ordered His Majesty.

Stephan looked at Anton,y trying to figure out what was going on in his head. "Sire, if we pull out now, won't the Centauri move back in and rebuild everything we have destroyed?" asked Stephan.

"Yes, you're correct, and that's why when we leave, I will place a gift here to stop your fears from coming true" replied His Majesty.

"Sire, we have multiple jump points forming all around us. This can't be right. They're reading as Vanguard class dreadnoughts. Sire, I thought they weren't being deployed this deep out of Earth space" muttered Stephan.

"Well they weren't until we pushed ahead with the next generation of warships and we have all the MK1 classes at the front lines now. There's even talk of a smaller deadlier version than the Throne Ship for mass production but that is a rumor for now" replied His Majesty.

"Commodore, we have a jump point forming. It's all but on top of us" Informed the duty sensor officer, Ensign Stewart.

"Sir, the Gilbert has hailed and is towing the Orion into place" said Lieutenant Wilson.

"There you see, Ensign. There's nothing to worry about. We have been waiting for it. You need to start checking your station's daily log reports" said Commodore Raven. Then, he smiled at Stewart, thinking to him self how many times he did the same thing until His Majesty took him under his wing and trained him.

"Now Jack, start deploying squadrons for early warning in hyperspace. I've got a very strange feeling like I've missed something, and you know how that narks me. Have a heavy frigate squadron assigned to protect the jump gate and have a carrier dispatched there too. Have all gun crews speed up the overhaul of their systems and have all fighters ready to launch in short notice. Send a communique to our reserves and have them brought up closer to assist if they're needed. Jack before you do all that, check up on when our supply ships will arrive in system."

Captain Bush was on duty on the bridge when the com officer got his attention, informing him that there was a gold channel message coming in.

"Put it through to the main screen, Lieutenant." Commodore Rhineheart appeared on screen. He was the sector quartermaster.

"Well hello there, Commodore. I wasn't expecting a message from you personally, sir."

"Well Jack, I was brought up to speed about the messages and especially the one asking for your supply ships. I think I should speak to John and you right away."

"OK, sir. I'll get it transferred immediatly. Lieutenant, transfer this to Commodore Raven's duty room."

Just then, Commodore Raven walked onto the bridge.

"So please, go ahead, Stephan. What's wrong with my supply ships?"

"John you should have had them. Even at worse case, they should have been only two hours behind your task groups' first jump into the system."

" Well that confirms my gut instincts, Stephan. I'll start to deploy my reserves in a fan operation to search out for these mysterious raiders. But, Stephan, I'm putting my money on some Centauri ships in the area, and not just the ones that jumped out from the Narn system."

" Sirs, sorry for interrupting" said the communication officer " but the hyperspace patrols have come across a massive debris field and scans shows it's our supply ships."

" Did you hear that, Stephan? That's made it crystal clear from our end. I'll order heavy escorts on all our convoys and I might just send some of our newer supply vessels as a nasty surprise for the Centauri."

On Centauri Prime, the nervous Lords of the Centaurum walked around, looking for ways to hide their fear of the events what were taking place all the time, around the once proud Republic. Refa was shouting at his Fleet commanders, trying to get ships to Centauri Prime for a take over and the search for a way to end the war, or until the Centauri have caught up in the technology difference.

"I want all remaining forces to assemble at Centauri Prime; even those in deep range secret bases. We need those ships here."

"Sire, we can't get through to them. We are hoping they haven't found them, for if they have, we have lost."

"Admiral, I won't allow you to talk of defeat. We will never fail in protecting our worlds and our people. Could we trick them into landing on Nakaleen? We all know what happened to our colonies there and what it was like cleaning it up. It was just like a blood bath" said the Emperor.

"My Lord, as I know I don't have long for this life, I will bring you the bad news you so don't want to hear. All of the Centauri Republic has either fallen or is under heavy assault. We no longer have any reserves. I ordered all forces to Centauri Prime days ago. Since that time, we have only had our forces boosted by fifteen-hundred other ships. We have some under construction here, but not enough to reclaim the whole Republic" said Lord Refa.

There were no more contacts or aggressive action taken in the Shu system for two days until the supply ships arrived. This time, they were escorted by three full squadrons of Yamato class dreadnaught warships. They traveled off the hyperspace beacon just enough to hide their presence and protect the convoy from attacks. At this point, sixty jump vortexes formed in front of the convoy and the hybrids moved forward to intercept the aggressors. The Centauri ships were caught off guard as the Earth supply ships set their engines in full reverse to slow them down as well as slamming the engines hard to port, moving off the beacon. Then they powered down. When that was all done, and in the time it took the vortexes to first open and the Centauri ships to head through, in that moment the Yamato ships moved forward, springing into action, all greeting the sixty Centauri Primus class battle cruisers with surrender hails.

The Centauri battle cruisers tried so hard to evade the weapons fire of the Yamato class warships, but the Centauri ships couldn't breach the shields on the Yamatos and with every explosion came new failed attempts to breach the shields, with Centauri warships exploding in every direction. They found it virtually impossible to breach and when they did they still caused no damage. The Centauri realized they were going to be ripped apart if they stayed and tried to slog it with five ships that had minor damage to their engines. They moved to ram the Earth warships. While the other twenty-seven remaining ships tried to return to normal space, as soon as they entered their vortexes, MK 15 missiles were launched at them to destroy the ships. At the same time they were firing all their weapons at the Centauri ships, on the now enemy vessels on a ramming course with the Yamatos. The already damaged ships didn't last long before they exploded, causing minor damage to the Yamatos, which resumed course with their supply ships for Commodore Raven's group in the Shu system.

The first hyperspace battle by the Earth Alliance was a victory, but it also showed that it was a very risky thing. The only reason they survived with no casualties was due to their shielding system. The Centauri fully lost their battle group: all sixty battle cruisers; most while trying to escape to normal space, but the bulk of the damage was done in hyperspace, forcing them to retreat.

"Stephan, you have to deal with this operation I have planned out and for the other two sister ships to help out. Camelot is waiting for us while Merlin and the Penn Dragon are on route they will both be ready to aid you in a handful of hours. Wait until they are close, then jump and attack. Bring Centauri Prime down to its knees and then I will deal with them in my own unfair way" laughed His Majesty as he walked to the lift door.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, His Majesty got up out of bed and requested some breakfast be made for him. It was sent to the chamber, however, when the council was starting to arrive. He went and got a fast shower and changed into different clothes. He then started to make his way to the final meeting. When he finally arrived, he found he was the third person to arrive. "I'm sorry for yesterday. Have you all had something to eat and would any of you like something to drink?" asked His Majesty.

"No, it's OK, Sire. We have just eaten" replied Senator Bush.

"Well that's more than I can say for me. I've asked for refreshments and breakfast sent to us. As I bet you would all like this war to end so we may start out looking for peaceful races to make contact with. Am I correct, everyone?" replied His Majesty.

King Antony slowly moved round to take his seat in the centre. Just as he sat down, the first of eight silver trolleys were wheeled in, with the smell of fresh kippers, toast, eggs of different types, sausages, and bacon. The variety of smells were getting their mouths watering with all the different aromas coming from the trolleys.

"Your Majesty, may I ask why you had the food brought in here? As far as I know, we just managed coffee or tea this morning" asked Senator Clinton.

"It's simple. I want to remind Sebastian of what he used to be and the joys of being Human" replied His Majesty.

At this point the remaining council members entered the room and within minutes in walked Sebastian, clicking his walking stick as he walked in the room. He sniffed the air and started to smile.

"You can't beat a typical English cooked Breakfast. Do I smell kippers as well?" asked Sebastian.

"You do indeed, Sebastian. You can help your self to some more sins of the flesh if you like" replied His Majesty.

Sebastian sat down at the place that was marked for him and one of the royal house hold staff brought him some kippers with scrambled eggs. He thanked the person who brought him the food and started to eat the plate of food. While every one else watched, he ate the food with manners on par with His Majesty. He placed his knife and fork down and picked up his napkin and wiped his mouth, looked at His Majesty and smiled.

"Thank you, Your Majesty, for that cooked breakfast. It's been such a long time and it's like it was a distant memory of another life" said Sebastian.

"You're welcome, Sebastian. Can we now move on to the matters at hand? The government which you now serve wishes Earth to stop their war against the Centauri Republic. Will you be able to answer the questions we have to ask you to see if you are telling the truth? The questions Sebastian are Whom do you serve? What do you want? Where are you going? Why are you here?.

Sebastian looked with consternation on his face. Then he looked at the council members. Finally, his cold eyes settled on His Majesty. "You have asked the four most dangerous questions in the known universe. They are a set of questions that should not be answered by any single person in a single place and you have asked them" replied Sebastian.

Back in hyperspace, near Centauri Prime, the last world that hadn't been attacked and in some cases been invaded, Stephan was awaiting the ready orders of the other Throne Ship class vessels that would be used to smash the Centauri defenses.

"Sir, we have Marshal Fredrik Zhukov on Gold channel. He's commanding the Penn Dragon" Said Commander Stubbs.

"Well boys and girls, it looks like we have to do this without His Majesties input. However, we do have his entire battle plan for Centauri prime. We are just waiting the second battle Fleet under Marshal Patton. With this type of fire power, no matter what they throw at us, we should win" said Zhukov in a hopeful tone.

"Stephan, I understand that His Majesty has given all control of the Throne Ship to you. Is that correct?" asked Zhukov.

"Yes, and he's given me a battle plan that I have to follow to the letter and if I have to call in reinforcements, I have to use what's close by. That's all I know of them, sir" replied Von Koyster.

"Zhukov to all Throne Ship class vessels: the Merlin has arrived, so deploy all fighters, deploy all bombers, deploy all escort and patrol ships for the counter strike option and have all heavy ships stay close. We are going to need all their added fire power to win this."

"All ships, activate vortex engines now. All ships into attack formation. Fighters and bombers to the rear and accelerate forward at maximum speed. Engage their fighters and other smaller craft" ordered Zhukov.

"All fighters, this is CAG alpha. You all heard the orders. Line up on your mothership's rear for initial jump protection." Within seconds the fighters and bombers started to move off to the rear of their parent vessels.

Thousands of jump points immediately opened up straight in front of the last remaining Centauri fleet. Before they had a chance to move aside, energy dampening weapons were being fired through the vortexes. This worked like nothing before. The entire Centauri fleet was hit; some with as few as 60 pulses; others as many as hundreds. Even the last Space stations were hit, powering them down and in so doing, took down the friend and foe energy mines too. That left Centauri Prime completely defenseless.

"This is Zhukov to fleet… ignore those ships and stations. We need them intact. Keep dampening weapons fully charged and full power to shields as well. It's time to stir the Lion of the Galaxy and roll it over so we can tickle its belly while our children play among its once proud lands" laughed Zhukov.

"Marshal Zhukov, if I may" asked Major Grenshi, a female Chlon officer who was assigned as Zhukov's aid.

"Now Grenshi, you should just ask or say what's on your mind" replied Zhukov in a warm kind voice.

"Let's hail the Emperor and demand their unconditional surrender. This looks like all that they have left in ships, apart from some under construction on the planet's surface" replied Grenshi.

"You heard the Major. Send our request to them, and if they haven't replied within sixty of our minutes, we will start firing on their planetary defense bases and then on their major cities one by one. Send that and let's see what happens. I really don't care if Earth Gov moves for peace. I act for the protection of our people. We'll hold our positions for now. Bring aboard as many ships as we can as a sign of good will, but shoot them again, just to be on the safe side" ordered Zhukov.

"Sire, we have just had a message from these Humans. They want us to surrender. They have the ability to power down Centauri Prime if we don't. If this is what they have been doing to our fleet, then no wonder their ships remain intact. We have sixty of their time periods called minutes to reply or they will start planetary assaults" said Lord Diro.

In hyperspace, the battered hull of the once proud Centauri warship Lady Vandeem was very close to their proud home world. Not knowing of the massed enemy fleet in their home system, Acting Captain Sande gave the order to activate jump engines and to bring them into orbit of Centauri Prime.

"Sir, we have an enemy vessel trying to form a jump vortex. Should we jam it or redirect it?"asked Commander Steven Blair.

"Relocate it to the orbit of Centauri Prime. Let them send their message, saying they have lost. We already know they have" replied Zhukov.

As the Lady Vandeem exited hyperspace, Sande saw the Earth warships all around his world and the once proud navy was no more.

"Hail Centauri Prime and send them all the information we carry and to let them know that they have more deadly weapons than those darn energy draining weapons they use" said Sande in a defeated voice.

"Then, my council, you have heard the threats and have seen from the reports of the Lady Vandeem what our fate is. Do we have any other choice in the matter?" asked Emperor Temgaron rhetorically. "Then it looks like my last act as being Emperor will be to sign it over to another race, as we are a conquered race. I think now, looking back, I should have killed those traitors that pushed me into power and forced Count Mollari from Centauri prime. That, I have to say, was and still is my biggest mistake" said Emperor Temgaron. "Send a message to their fleet that we surrender. All things Centauri are now Earth's. Send it before I kill myself, people, and send it NOW!"he screamed. He knew that Count Mollari's god son would be here soon to take his rightful place as leader. He also knew that his people would be classed as slaves to these Humans. They would probably be treated like they treated their slaves, and he himself would be forced to do manual labor. His thoughts spun around in so many different directions, he was making him self feel rather nauseous from it.

"That's a very interesting way in which you have been taught how not to answer a question straight forwardly. I have to ask you if you give out classes and if so can I sign up?" asked Senator Bush.

"Your Majesty, it's time we vote and your vote, as always, only counts in a draw. Please people vote 'yes' if you think we should search for peace and answer 'no' if you think we should continue this war until the bloody end" said Prime Minister Sarah McLeod. Within minutes the vote was given and there was a consensus of ninety percent who voted to end the war. The remaining ten percent stayed neutral.

"Sebastian, it looks like your three visits have worked out well. We will stop the advancing of our forces and search for a way to end this war" said His Majesty.

"Then Your Majesty will be returning back to his ship to stop the attacks?" asked Sebastian.

"Yes, my boy. We will stop the war and order our troops to stop pressing the Centauri forces" replied His Majesty.

"Then I best set way and return. Make sure you get a Psi Diplomat, as I think we might need one for this mission. Have the peace talks at the Gorash System. Send a message to Narn and ask them to send an envoy to the Gorash system for peace talks with the Centauri and inform that I will personally be there. That should gain their trust" instructed His Majesty. "While I remember, send an order from Earth with stand down orders, unless you are attacked and then neutralize the target and capture crew for interrogation."

The doors opened on the deck of the Throne Ship. There were no panicked voices and no warning noises coming from the sensors.

"Com, open a fleet wide channel." As the communications officer complied, he spoke again. "Antony to all vessels: this is no drill. Stand down your weapons and return to primary mothership for repairs. Earth Gov have chosen to seek out a means to end the war" ordered His Majesty.

"Sire, the Centauri Emperor surrendered no less than three hours ago. We smashed aside what defenses they had and what ships were left behind quickly fell at our combined fire power; but you would have guessed that as the plan went as you wrote it" said Von Koyster.

"Well Stephan, it looks like the poor Centauri haven't had their fill yet. We will have to escort them to Gorash system for talks. Then my plans for this world will come to fruition" laughed His Majesty.

" I will have to head to the Gorash system for formal peace talks with these Centauri and the Narn. The Narn are astounded that we have managed to do to the Centauri what they did to them. They wish us all the hopes of the Universe and advise us to keep an eye on them always" said His Majesty.

"Sir, we have just intercepted a message from Earth, asking for the Centauri to take part in peace talks in the Gorash system."

"Hail them now" ordered His Majesty. He watched as the Centauri diplomat appeared on the screen and addressed him formally. "I'm His Royal Highness, King Antony of Earth. If you don't have any vessels capable of taking you to the Gorash system, we will be happy to repair enough ships for you so you can make the journey in Royal Comfort" offered His Majesty.

"I'm Lord Refa. Emperor Temgaron's personal escorts were not harmed during this war, but be warned, barbarian, if any harm comes to our emperor, I will hunt you down."Refa said with a distrustful tone.

"Tsk, tsk… you have strength, but not the ability to use it. We know how to fight and I can't wait until I turn Centauri Prime into my outer Capital. I hope you really don't mind that my other ships will be remaining behind" replied His Majesty in a very sarcastic tone that made people in ear shot smirk with amusement.

"Well, Lord Refa, do you still hold on to the chances that our grand military that made us the Lion of the Galaxy can still turn this disaster around? I'm still waiting for you to turn your self over. Better yet, I wish to see the humans hand you over to the Narns so they can Feast on your bones" said the Emperor hautily.

"Sire, we still have a number of ships on Centauri Prime that can make a jump away to safety" said Mollari.

"It is all right. I will not run and hide from the mistakes my people have made and from the disaster brought to our door. I sit here and now and wonder why we started the war with the Xon and if they were just defending them selves. We shall never know the answer until we meet the Great Maker" replied the Emperor.

"Sire, we have just received yet another message from these humans, and in this one it's saying if we wish peace we must attend a conference at Gorash system, where we can hammer out all the fine points to keeping a peaceful universe for us all to live in" said Refa.

"It looks like they may be a foolish race after all, but they are also very dangerous. It's about working out what we can and can't do with them" replied Mollari.

"It looks like the Humans intercepted the message at the same time we got it. Refa, you claimed your personal staff had deciphered their langue and that's why we trusted the information you gave us" said Diro in a more than angry tone.

"Hail the Humans. State that we are ready to launch the Imperial escort wing. We will follow His Majesty's Ship to Gorash to start the talks" ordered Temgaron.

"Acknowledge their hail and inform them that we stand ready to escort them" replied Von Koyster.

"Has the one hundred and first tactical fleet reported in after their mission?" asked His Majesty.

"Yes, Sire. They reported that their area of space is free from all aggressive sorties. We thought that was a strange report, but if you understand it that's all that matters" replied Von Koyster.

It was day three of the Centauri War Armistice talks. With reports now in, the Centauri were alarmed with how fast they lost their main factory world. The mighty Centauri navy could only produce now in limited numbers around worlds that could formerly produce the parts to manufacture new ships on planetary construction yards. Communications with the Centauri started on this day, with the local Military commanders from all sides. The highest level diplomat from Earth was on route to take over the official talks. Her name was Susan Wong. Wong was more than a mere ambassador. She was a level 14 Psi Diplomat, trained to high level first contact operations and was only one of eight hundred thousand, three hundred and nine agents higher than a level 12, and the other names were hidden away for security reasons.

Her mission was to bring peace and at the same time to allow the Earth Alliance to claim the systems they took from the Centauri without any form of rebuke from them at a later time. The diplomatic meetings were served in a way that a telepathic delegation was sent to make sure that the diplomats minds weren't scanned for extra information. However, a human telepath with a rating of p10 and above was stronger than any Centauri telepath, but six fully trained p12 Psi Guardians were far stronger than their six Centauri telepaths. By the end of the day, both delegations had arrived at the Gorash system, where Earth Force had made a makeshift star base for extra security and was now being used for the diplomatic talks.

The meeting started with the Earth diplomat Susan Wong addressing the Narn and Centauri delegations jointly. She started out simply putting a test out to see what surface thoughts this would bring out and to see if she could exploit them further. During her telepathic scans, she noticed that her Psi Guardians were also doing their jobs, sending fake thoughts to their Centauri counterparts. She learned that Earth had, in fact, captured the primary ship building yard for the entire Centauri Republic and that they had enough ships left to last only a hand full of minutes at best; as long as they didn't counter attack Centauri Prime. Susan thought to herself ' If only they knew they have only the ships here and deep underground on Centauri prime.' She laughed to herself when thinking that.

When Susan sat down, the Centauri Diplomat Lord Miro stood up and addressed everyone present and bowed his head respectfully to Susan and G'Vol, the Narn representative. He began to speak of the sorrow they set in motion with the Narns and nowthe indignity at the hands of the humans. They now knew how the Narns felt.

"I've been appointed by my Emperor to start talks on ending this war. What I mean by that is I want to find out what you all want and how best to make amends for our combined errors. As I said, the misleading of the Narn, enslaving them and taking over their worlds were a few of the great injustices of this conflict. Also, there was the foolish mistake of entering what you humans call the Vega system and attacking your leader's flagship. Yes, we hold our hands up in surrender; yes, the Vega system was once ours, and yes, we abandoned it over twenty of your Earth years ago and we started a useless and pointless war because of it. This to us was a great injustice on our part, as those ships had no orders to be in that area of space. So we hereby state that all systems except the Tolonius system you may keep under your governments' controls and there will be a substantial compensation package set up as well." He bowed his head and sat down again, keeping his eyes on the table in front of him all the time.

G'Vol looked over to Susan and she nodded to him her agreement. Then he stood up and said "We thank the Centauri for admitting their foolish ways and we also thank you for giving our worlds back. For the compensation, we will have to see if that's enough to make up for what has been done to our worlds. I can't speak for the Humans, but for my fellow Narn, we agree on the terms, but we will hold off until the financial side is sorted. I hereby ask for a break in talks and for a continued cease fire till this meeting stops. All rise… there will be a twenty-six hour break. Enjoy your visit and feel free to look around."

Susan and G'Vol walked out of the conference room with smiles on their faces. It was Susan who spoke up first.

"Now that was way better than what I was expecting. I thought they might fight for some more of their systems, unless that Tolonius system is more important than they want us to know. All the information I've got on that system, it does look to be a massive factory world and it can throw out large amounts of ships in a very short time. Well I can say now that His Majesty will agree to their terms but I know he has something in store for them even though they surrendered to us. So I think I better head to my office and fill in my report and send it to all those that I have to keep updated." She nodded to G'Vol. It's a great deal for your people and it's only a matter of time to see what else they will give, but don't get too greedy my friend."

G'Vol looked in awe at Susan as she walked away, knowing deep down she was right. Even though when the humans first arrived he thought they were going to be just like the Centauri, but the events of the last few days had shown him how wrong he was. Plus, these humans were giving them technology, and they were helping to design their new range of heavy cruisers. There were even talks of a frigate and a dedicated carrier as well. Human weapons were very powerful, but the Narn wanted only the types of weapons that they had fully understood the workings of.

"All present, please rise" stated one of the room's sentries. All three parties returned to the meeting room the very next day.

"The people of Earth can't accept your terms, ambassador Miro. Your planetary government officials have already signed a unconditional surrender only days ago. This is what your people will do for Narn: You will pay Narn to replace every single shipand space station lost during your war. Do you understand Miro?" asked Susan Wong.

"Yes, we understand" replied Miro.

"Now for the former Centauri Republic: His Majesty is going to deal with all sides that are on Centauri Prime. We both know your former Emperor Temgaron never left your world. As such, His Majesty will be heading back there soon to start talks on what is happening there" instructed Susan Wong.

Above Narn, the Earth mobile construction ships were in the final phases of constructing ten G'Quan class heavy cruisers, five T'ra class battle carriers, twenty Thal'kar attack cruisers, sixty Thantus class heavy frigate, one hundred and thirty Shu'kar class corvettes, three hundred Talon class heavy fighter squadrons, and six hundred Frazi class medium fighter squadrons. The speed in which they were built was shocking for the Narn military, who had a hard time finding the crews for these wonderful state of the art warships.

The Centauri finally re-convened the meeting on the 6th day of the Earth Centauri war Armistice: Earth date, 1st December 2120. It was the official day that the war and occupation of the now Narn Regime ended. Just seconds after the signing of the surrender document by all three parties, the prototype G'Quan battle cruisers, T'ra battle carriers and Thal'kar attack cruisers opened jump vortexes and arrived in the system to show the Centauri that the Narn had some heavy new ships at the ready.

G'Vol in a shocked voice asked "Are those the ships your government was building for us? Now that was very fast, Susan. How many is Earth building for the Regime?"

"Well G'Vol, that's a simple question to answer. We are replacing every single ship that the Centauri destroyed and after that, the Regime can pay us to build more or you can build them. King Antony is making a gift to the Regime. It will be ready in twenty-four days. It's an Earth holiday called Christmas. It's a time of giving and His Majesty likes to give gifts, and the rumor is he's paid for a lot of those cruisers G'Quan things out side. I'm sorry. I'm not a soldier. I'm a diplomat, so I never really know the names of warships unless I'm going to be on one." Susan looked over at Miro and continued. "The fate of your world stands with others. You must hurry home to make sure it's safe for your new King. What he's going to do with your noble houses I don't know. Some will suffer. Those who have made threats or even acted against him will most certainly suffer."

"Yes, but will the right ones pay the price of our greed and corrupt ways?" asked Lord Miro.

"Well, I can tell you that he will know those who lie to him and they will suffer, but pay no heed to that. Look after no one but your self. Trust me on that" replied Susan.

Miro started to walk to the landing platforms, knowing that his world was about to change. For the better or for the worse, he didn't know and didn't care anymore. His thoughts drifted back to his child hood, watching his father bossing the household Narn servants around, and how he had thought it was the greatest thing in the world. Then he started to think of his mother and his father, both fighting over the rights of a so called female slave whom his mother had freed. In doing so, he had her killed.

"Well Captain, let's hope this change in power is for the best. If it's not, then I think we all might become our own worst fears. Most of our wealth will be used to rebuild both Narn and Earth. They will always keeping us under their thumbs, or that's how we would do it. However, these Humans are strange. They drag us here only to find that this is only part of the process" said Lord Miro.

"My Lord, we will no doubt see all things happen for the betterment of Centauri Prime. We lost the war, but let's just see what happens now. You might be heavily surprised" replied Captain Ralox.

Miro walked to his seat, with his guards taking the seats flanking him.

"This is your pilot speaking. Make sure you are ready for take off. We have started our taxiing."

"Well that was to the point. We must have been given transit clearance already" said Miro to Ralox.

"Transport Miro requesting escort and clearance for travel to Centauri Prime" said Lieutenant Davo.

"Transport Miro, you have permission to dock aboard the Royal space Yacht. You will be guests of His Majesty for the short journey to Centauri Prime. Have a safe and pleasant journey" said Admiral Von Koyster.

"Your Majesty, the Transport ship Miro has just started final docking stages. We are now ready to enter Hyper space and cleared for maximum drive speed" informed Flight Captain John Ross

"Excellent. Make best speed to Centauri Prime and make quarters near to mine ready for the Centauri delegation. I will go down and meet them in person" replied His Majesty. Within moments the Royal Yacht and their escorts had entered hyperspace and were moving off towards Centauri Prime.

The Transport Miro doors opened and standing there was Lord Miro himself.

"Greetings Lord Miro. Welcome aboard my Royal Yacht. I've had quarters assigned for you and your personnel close to mine in case you think it's dangerous aboard" inferred His Majesty.

"Thank you, Your Highness. It's a great honor to finally meet you" replied Lord Miro.

"Well, Lord Miro, thank you for being honest with me, but you have no need to suck up to me. Just relax and be normal. I know your house had no direct role except for protecting what's yours and for protecting Centauri Prime. Well I can be kind to you, so I will be kind. Your house will be safe from any actions" replied His Majesty.

The journey went faster than most for the distance they traveled. Miro was shocked that the journey took half the time it would have for the fastest Centauri ship in service or one under development.

"All passengers, brace yourselves for transition to normal space" came the voice over the speakers.

"Your Majesty, for security reasons, you should share my transport and we can journey to the Palace together" asked Lord Miro.

"Then you think my life might be in jeopardy down there" replied His Majesty.

"Not really, Sire. I mean that you may be a new target for assassins and they are very rife on Centauri Prime, Your Majesty" replied Miro.

The transport ship Miro started its landing descent to the royal landing platform at the rear of the royal palace. Once it landed, House guards from House Miro ran down the ramp with His Majesty's personal guards following them.

"Lord Miro, I think I should have warned you that I'm a Techno-mage and I'm regarded as the strongest alive now. What I have to do is for my god father as he brought me up after my parents' deaths and he saved my life."

"Welcome to Centauri Prime, Your Majesty" said Miro in a warm and pleasant tone.

"My Lord, the whole Centaurum is present and awaiting to hear the words of this Human who you have brought for us to hear."

His Majesty just looked at them and then at his men "Guards, please remain here. I'm not in harm's way, but if you don't hear back from me every ten minutes please have all of my Gaim Guards bought down" ordered His Majesty.

Lord Miro and his guards escorted King Antony to the throne room to speak to Emperor Temgaron and his Centaurum. As they got close to the throne room they heard laughter “Is this normal for this place Lord Miro†asked Antony “Unfortunately yes it's normal†replied Miro. They walked into the throne room, passing four guards who stood to attention as they both passed by. “That Your Majesty is not normal. They only do that for the Emperor†stated Miro.

As soon as they both entered the room everyone fell silent, looking straight at them

"Greetings and welcome to Centauri Prime, Sire. We hope you make this your new home or at least your home away from home" said Lord Mollari.

"I wish to speak to Lord Refa and the former Emperor Temgaron. If they don't wish to face me now, then I will have no option but to erase their houses from Centauri Prime and replace them with my own and several other house names from Earth. If you think I can't or won't do this, then think again. This will only make what happens to those that try and stand in my way suffer more. Have you all forgotten who and what I am?" said His Majesty in a force full tone.

King Antony raised his hands and his staff appeared and on the staff was the house crest for Houses Kiro, Dei, Tuscano, Mollari, Turhan, Cartagia and Refa.

"I understand that they were the seven greatest houses of them all time and you can see they are mine by birth right of my God Father, who left them all to me in his will. I also have a claim to the throne as well via birth right. Do any of you present wish to fight for the right to my claims? Say nowor forever leave it in my blood line" ordered His Majesty.

"Well, we do have some what of a problem. Many of our people were lost in the war with your people. We don't have the ships or man power to protect us for a while. So we are asking for Earth ships to patrol our space now too" asked Refa, walking into the room without a care in the world.

"You mean my territory. We have already started to deploy our ships along your borders and throughout its inner systems to stop raiders feeding on our shipping lanes. Yes Refa, you're just the person I wanted to see. For your crimes against me and Earth, I'm hereby dissolving your house and replacing it with an Earth Name. Whoever comes in ownership of your former house will, if he so wishes, take on a member of your family as his partner, to keep your former family to the life they must be accustomed to. As for your wealth, consider it a gift to me. After all, you ordered the attack that started the war and led to your once proud people now being conquered. The slave race of yours called the Golians will be freed now and given their full independence. However the Thenavl system will remain in our hands. Make it so, people and you all have my permission to leave, but please bring the Four telepathic advisors to me as I wish to see if they can keep me up to date" instructed His Majesty.

A few moments later, the four telepathic women came in. They bowed in front of him and just waited.

"Well you must know why I've brought you or I should say asked you to pay me a visit" said His Majesty.

"Well no, Sire. Your mind is closed to us. We can't read it. We hope we can still send that information long distances to you" replied all four telepaths together.

"Now I have to ask if it would alter your insight if I was also a telepath?" asked His Majesty.

"Now yes, only if you blocked us out, but you could if you are stronger than us help us enhance our strength and distance as we do have limits to our range" replied all four again.

"I will lower my mental defenses to allow your entry into my mind but at gradual levels. I must warn you: don't stray or do anything unwise to shock me . You won't like what would happen" admonished His Majesty. They started to scan him but they felt the sheer strength of his mind and what he could do. They forgot what they were asked to do by former Lord Refa for a moment, but in that split second, Antony saw what Refa had said and what he wanted them to do.

"Now ladies, what will happen to you if you try to follow out Refa's orders and burn my mind out?" asked Antony.

"You will destroy us. Even combined, we know we aren't strong enough even in your sleep to break your mental walls down" Replied Lashan, the leader of the four.

"Please tell me your names, ladies" asked Antony. The first to step forward called herself Lashan, the second was called Demoria, the third was Baltress and the fourth was called Rezell.

"In the past, it was very common for the Emperor to have at least one of his four wives sleep in his bed chambers in case of disaster" said Baltress.

"Well I have plenty of protection on Centauri Prime now that my Gaim guards have landed. However I think it would be wise to have one in the room and the other three moved closer as it's a strange world and I might need something from the kitchen" stated Antony.

"Well then you better have Rezell stay. She's the youngest and we all hate being awakened at stupid times" replied Demoria. "But you do have a servant. I should say its more like a slave woman who gets all your food and drinks and is your taster as well."

"What do you mean I may have a slave woman and tasters? That sounds so barbaric. We on Earth got rid of such things, but I don't want to break all your customs in a single night. I will see this slave to see why she's a slave" demanded His Majesty. This action brought a smile to all four ladies straight away. " Now will you explain why you smiled when I said what I did?" asked Antony in a rather perplexed tone.

"She was once our sister and Lord Refa took a liking to her and trumped up some charges against her and had her become his personal sex slave. We cried our selves to sleep for what things he did to her. She's in pain now still because of him" replied Lashan.

"Please go bring her to me and tell her I won't hurt her. I want to see if I can remove the pain and repair the damage that's been done to her" stated Antony.

"Your majesty, this is Rouvein" said Lashan. She was about the same age as Rezell; maybe a bit older or that's how she looked.

"So Rouvein, can you tell me about your self? You should know I'm a strong telepath and techno-mage, so if I can heal or remove the pain and night mares you now suffer from, I will do my best to help" informed His Majesty.

"Sire, I'm not worth your care. I'm a play toy for the savage Lords who think because I was once pretty that they can do what they want to me" replied Rouvein.

"On my world that's called rape. They tortured you and you did what they asked. No, that's worse than rape" replied Antony. "I've seen first hand what your males can do to females, so trust me, it will never happen again. If you wish to feel safe, sleep in my bed. I will sleep in the chair so you can have a good sleep and I will carry a gun for protection. You can pick one of your sisters to sleep with you and that way you know you're not alone" stated Antony. “Well sire we heard from servants of Lord Miro that you would make changes and some people would hate you for it†said Rezell. "The only people who need to fear me are the slave traders. We must get a good night sleep as we have the first shipments of Earth equipment to Centauri Prime. Plus I have to choose which of my four lady telepaths will come with me or stay here" said Antony.

"Sire, is it true that the Centaurum wishes you to marry or take a mate of Centauri blood to keep Centauri blood on the throne?" asked Lashan.

"Yes you're right and my government back home doesn't want me to be forced into marriage again. My late wife died and I'm now a widower, so at some point, I may choose to have a wife again. Yes and Earth government is looking into increasing the amount of husbands and wives a person can take" replied Antony.

"Our silly old laws state that a husband can have as many wives as he wishes but the wife may only have one husband" replied Rouvein. "Sire, you need to wake up" said Rouvein and Rezell together as they rocked him side to side to gently wake him up.

"What in the… how am I in bed ladies? I fell asleep in the chair, making sure no one would hurt either of you, or at least that was my plan" replied Antony.

"The transports will be in orbit in the next few hours. You have time to get a shower while we get you some food and bring you a selection of drinks, Sire" replied both the ladies in tandem.

"Well ladies, if you keep this up, I will be making sure I either stay or every place I go I take both of you with me. Time for my shower, ladies. Can one of you show me how to use it? It's different to what we use on Earth" replied Antony rather shyly. That caused both of the ladies to blush and both ran to show him.

"If you need anything else, you just have to ask" said Rouvein and Rezell. They winked at him, smiled, left the room and headed to the kitchen.

In the kitchen stood a human chef who was waiting on the two ladies.

"So can either of you fine ladies tell me what His Majesty would like for breakfast?" asked head chef Reynolds.

"We don't know. We were going to cook up a Centauri breakfast for him. You can cook up what ever you wish. What's left, we get to eat and I know I'm starving" replied Rouvein.

"Make that both of us are starving, so cook what you like and we will do the same."

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